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After Match Celebrations

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I?d never seen a group of girls so excited. As coach of the team I was thrilled to watch as this group of thirty-something field hockey players celebrated their grand final win over their previously undefeated rivals. The two goals to one score line had held for 15 nail biting minutes as the 11 girls fought doggedly to hold their advantage. Finally the ref had blown his whistle and had started as much squealing, hugging and stick raising as I had seen since the gold medal play offs at the last Olympics.

The girls were ecstatic and to have gone through the last 3 seasons with them it was a huge thrill to see them achieve their goal. Having played for so many years myself I know the ups and downs of the sport and when my wife Cass asked me to take on the coaching role I was more than happy to become involved in the sport once again. Although not quite like doing it yourself, this was the next best thing.

After having hugged each one of her team mates in turn Cass then charged me and jumped up open arms and legs into me almost bowling me over backwards. She squealed in my ear before planting a monster kiss on my lips and squeezed me until I could hardly breathe. The rest of the team having finished hugging each other then started to head towards us. While I may have been a match for Cass I was no match for the rest of the team as they first knocked me over then in turn jumped on top of the fast growing mountain of bodies under which I lay gasping helplessly.

Thankfully someone yelled out ?Champagne!? which was echoed in chorus by the girls who moved on to allow me to breathe once more. As the corks popped and the bottles spurted everywhere, each of us were showered in the stick sweet liquid before finally Suzie snatched the bottle and took her first guzzle. We shared the bottles as the presentations got under way - each girl presented with a championship medallion before Chris the captain and I were invited to accept the premiership cup.

The cheers went up again as we raised the cup then had it filled with champagne or the team to share. As we passed the cup around the small band of supporters moved on and we made our way back into the change rooms to continue our celebrations. The excitement was overwhelming as the hugging and banter continued at shrill pitch. Tales of the game were told and retold as we all basked in the glory of victory.

?More Champagne anybody?? yelled Tayla reaching from the bucket of ice and bottles in the corner. She held the bottle aloft - ?To the showers!? she shrilled. ?Yeah!? they all yelled back. The girls all stood, snatched for the towels and walked to the showers dropping shirts and skirts as they walked. It had been an unwritten rule of mine that I would immediately leave the rooms after I had chatted as coach to the girls after the game. It was appropriate behaviour that had never been questioned.

As I started gathering my things the first group of semi naked girls had reached the door to the showers. Suzie, leading the pack, stopped at the door and yelled out to me ?You coming Mick??. ?Yeah! You coming Mick?? chorused the group of girls behind her. I looked up dumbly not knowing how to respond. I looked across at Cass who was now naked and gathering her towel. ?Well?? she said, ?? are you coming?? ?Well ?.. ah ?. Sure!? I called back to the girls. They cheered wildly as the burst through the door into the shower room.

An enormous feeling of intrepidation engulfed me. Whilst this was possibly every red-blooded male?s fantasy come true, the reality of being the only male - naked male - amongst 11 wildly celebrating women was more than a little intimidating.

Cass waited while I stripped down to my shorts and picked up my towel. ?Come on? she said ?Its all or nothing? I stared back at her for a moment and then she nodded her head. I kicked my shorts off and stood naked in front of her. She stood up on her toes and kissed me and quickly ran her hand over my cock. A sudden rush of blood hit me as the first signs of an erection came on. ?Calm down, calm down? I thought to myself. ?Lets hit the showers? Cass said.

I was greeted with more ecstatic cheers as I walked into the showers. The whole team was under the showers. Some were completely naked ,some just wearing their knickers and some with their bras on as well but every last one had a glass in hand. It was a celebration and no-one really seemed to care who had clothes on and who didn?t.

We toasted each other and the girls told great stories of their heroic deeds as the champagne and showers continued to flow. I took my opportunities when they presented themselves to size up the girls that at times I had fantasised about in the past. Of the six naked girls all but two had brazillians while the other two had neatly trimmed landing strips. I wallowed in the beauty of their bodies. I have always loved the splendour of a woman?s body. It has been a fascination for me beyond my sexual desires. I stood staring at the girls. The shape of the breasts and the curves of their hips kept drawing my eyes away from their happy smiling faces.

?Having a good time?? Cass woke me from my fantasy world. ?Yes I am? I replied lamely. What an understatement! I was having the time of my life. ?I know you are.? Cass had noticed that while not erect, my penis was not completely flaccid either. She looked up at me and kissed me flirtingly as she tends to after a few glasses of champagne. The team all cried out in unison ?Whoooaaaa!?

Cass stopped and turned her head around to them all with a devilish smile on her face. She paused saying nothing for a moment and did something that I could not believe. She ran her hand along the inside of my thigh and then cupped my balls in her long slender fingers and ran the tips along the length of my cock before allowing it to flop back down to its natural position.

The girls all went crazy. ?Yeahhhhh!? they all screamed in delight. Between this smorgasbord of boobs, pussy and incredibly attractive and slightly intoxicated sporting bodies, Cass?s touch was enough to set me off onto that uncontrolled pathway to full and roaring erection. As I stood there now fully erect in front of the whole team I guess I was at the crossroads of either total school boy embarrassment or full blown realisation of manhood fantasy.

?Way to go Mick? called Suzie as Cass ran her fingers along me again pausing to flick her fingers lightly over the head of my cock. It throbbed uncontrollably. ?Woo-hoo!? they cried out again. Cass laughed loudly at the situation she had created. ?Just like it always is Cass ?? cried Suzie ?? you never share it around do you?. The team all laughed loudly. ?Yeah right on Suzie? Tayla screamed out.

?Well come on then? Cass said. I couldn?t believe what I was hearing. Cass grabbed hold of my shaft and call out to Suzie ?Here?s your chance to score!?. They all laughed. ?I?m on!? squealed Suzie. This had to be some kind of sensational dream. Suzie stepped towards us and while Cass still held me firmly in her hand Suzie knelt down in front of me. As the showers splashed water over the side of her face Suzie opened her mouth and Cass guided the head of my penis into her mouth.

?Oh my god!? Tayla said as all eyes were now glued to Suzie?s tongue as it danced around the head of my cock. She had taken the words right out of my mouth as my eyes rolled back into my head. An amazing moment of silence passed as all the girls stood captivated by what was happening in front of them.

It was Tayla who again broke the silence. ?Any chance of an assist?? she said cheekily. ?Well come and make you play then? Cass encouraged. I had probably fantasised about Tayla since the first day I saw her but this was way beyond any fantasy. Now, completely naked, she moved up beside me and, spreading her legs, started rubbing her shaven pussy up and down my thigh. I stared into her deep brown eyes that glowed within her perfect face that was covered with the best of her cheeky smiles. Her hand replaced Cass?s on my cock and she rubbed me in time with Suzie?s masterly tongue movements.

Cass?s tongue had now found its way to my ear as I slipped helplessly towards ecstasy. ?I want you to cum in her mouth? she whispered ? I want you to fill her mouth with your cum.? That was the breaking point. My cock burst its first wave of cum into Suzie?s mouth in an incredibly rush of delight. She pulled away as Tayla, realising what was happening, more quickly stroked and squeezed my pulsating cock. The second burst of cum splashed onto Suzies face and she opened her mouth to catch what she could.

The girls response was a mixed reaction of delight and amazement as they each clearly saw the globules of cum stretching between Suzies tongue and lips. Cum splashed spasmodically over Suzie, Tayla and the shower floor as the most amazing orgasm of my life came to an end. As this massive climax subsided so too did my energy levels and I collapsed against the wall of the shower. ?Way to go coach? Chris called. ?More champagne?? she asked. ?Yeah? the girls called again.

As the rest of the team turned their attention back to their drinking, Tayla, Suzie and Cass now all stood with their arms around me, the three of them looking up into my eyes. I tongue kissed each of them sharing the cum from Suzie?s mouth with the other girls in turn before Tayla and Suzie left to refill their glasses. ?I think maybe I should leave now? I said to Cass. She smiled and let me walk away. ?We?ll see more of you at the after match party coach? Tayla said as I left.

As it turned out she did but that story is for another time.

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