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You've read my stories about massages, all our friends at the VA hospital in Temple, and a few others. Most of my stories are pretty much based on fact and actual circumstances. Some of the stories on here are so much BS it's pathetic. Writers just keep adding words and fantasy to make the story longer. I sit back and reminisce about real stuff in our life then decide to tell about it, like the following.

We're retired and have no kids to nail us down. We sometimes go for quite a while before we meet someone and party.. Sometimes things happen. Happen like the following event.

We had kept busy all day Saturday in our yard. By three PM we decided to call it a day, shower and take a nap. At about 6:30 we were astir and feeling pretty good. I suggested we go to our favorite night spot, "The Rendezvous" and have supper. Mary was all for that, but we sat and had a few cold drinks first to get in the mood. We didn't dress up, just nice casuals. I wore a printed U.S. Navy t ee shirt, shorts, and nice clean sneakers. Mary also wore shorts which really accented her nice ass and a nice loose fitting top with no BRA.

I've described this small bar before, but for you newcomers I'll do it again. It has a dance floor with one of those mirrored globes hanging from the center of the ceiling.with small spot lights shining on it to throw numerous little globes of light all over the place. They turn this on after the small combo gets set up and ready to play.

We arrived about 7:30 and the waitress recognizing us asked if we wanted our favorite table way in the corner. We sat at the bar as she was getting the table ready when lo and behold our friend Paul comes in with a date. They were going to have supper also so we invited them to sit with us. Paul is the chap we met at Hanks house for the rained out picnic. Paul is featured on my previous story "SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER". Mary was more than happy to see him as he took her out of this world on our last meeting. He had a lovely mature lady with him. He name was Bea. She almost resembled Bea Arthur.

We were seated and had ordered cocktails. We ordered our meals, had a lovely dinner, and then started chatting about our life style. He had met Bea on SLS so we didn't have to be too careful about what we spoke. Before this evening on a previous date with Bea , Paul had told her about our Saturday night tryst that almost came not to be. Oh she said, that narrative at you home got me so excited and horny. I didn't think I'd have the opportunity to meet y'all. This is so nice.

We were on our second after dinner cocktail when the band started playing. The place was filling up very nicely. People were looking around for a place to park. The lighting had gone down and the globe was spinning. There was one couple looking around and I said to Mary, "isn't that Max and Sellma", she looked and smiled and waved to them. We asked them to sit with us and they did. They weren't going to eat, just have a good time....We introduced them to Paul and Bea. We told them they were a couple we got together with at a massage party. UNEXPECTED MASSAGE 2. Bea says "you give massages" and Selma says, "you bet"

So now we know we're all among friends who are on the same wave length. After three drinks Mary is in the mood for whatever. Paul says he hadn't had the opportunity to dance with Mary and they get up and enter the dance floor. So I took Bea out there for a whirl. Man did she feel nice and with my hand on her back I knew she was also braless, Paul would also realize this dancing with Mary. It didn't take Bea long to let me know she liked being close. I was lightly scratching her back thru her blouse and she said lookee her, and her arms were full of goose bumps. Oh, that feels so good. I kind of got in between a bunch of people and felt her braless bosom. She had lovely titties and her nips were at full attention. She said Paul told her all about that Saturday night and that I had grabbed his cock as he was screwing Mary. She says she gets horny just thinking about it.

I commented that Paul was well endowed and Mary enjoyed him. Yes, he is that, she said. I told her that the other gent at our table named Max was pretty well gifted himself.. Wow she says, I really fell into something this evening didn't I......With this talk and closeness we were really rubbing together and I was putting my knee into her crotch. I had a really nice boner. As we walked back to the table I noticed Paul had quite a bulge in his slacks also.

When we got back to the table Mary wanted to go visit the lady's room. I noticed her blouse was unbuttoned a little and her lipstick wasn't perfect. Bea went with her and while they were gone I asked Selma to dance. The dance floor was now really crowded so dancing close was normal. When we got out there in the crowd I kissed Selma and told her how glad I was to see her. She responded by reaching down and grabbing my cock. Ohhhhh she says, naughty boy. Yea I told her I can't dance with a nice woman without getting playful. I told her that both Mary and Bea were braless. You haven't checked me yet have you??? OMG, no heavy straps on her back either. So naturally I got hold of a very nice tittie thru her blouse. She says, keep dancing like you are, and she undoes the top of her blouse so I could put my hand on her bare titty. OMG, they're the same one's I carressed a couple of weeks ago. You gonna do it again tonight, she says.

We get back to the table just as the lady's are returning from the lady's room. Max and Paul are sitting there all smiles. Whaat's so funny...........Nothing, we've just been telling each other some pretty good stories. Well Max, you were at the last massage party and made Mary go to heaven and back a couple of times while I carressed your sweet woman. And Paul, you damn near fucked up a good Saturday evening.

Somehow or another the seating arrangement got changed and I was sitting between Bea and Selma. Mary was between Max and Paul and both her hands were either in her lap or someone elses lap. Another round of drinks arrived and this crowd was getting a little tipsy and a little playful. I know that Mary had her hands on two damn nice peckers by the expression on her face.. Our table was in a nice dark corner and a lot was going on that couldn't be seen by others. I almost came in my shorts when I saw Mary's blouse completely undone and her friends were playing with her titties. There's nothing she likes better than two good looking males fondling her tits, especially if they're both just good friends.

I put both my hands under the table and found two lovely sets of legs spread wide open. When Bea went to the lady's room with Mary she had taken off her panties in anticipation. Selma never had any on to begin with.. I pushed my hands up to their pussies and they were both as wet as could be. Selma was shaved clean and Bea had just a trace of pubic hair. Now they were both groping for my pecker by going up the leg of my shorts. The waitress came back to see if everything was OK, took one look, got a big smile and wondered if she could join the party. She knew she couldn't but thought it was a good idea.

Max wondered if we could go somewhere more private. I said we live a short way from here and have a nice sized house. Paul says I guess we're going to Charlie's house. Paul knew the way of course, Max and Selma followed us home.

As soon as we got in the house I started the blender to mix dacquiries. We had several two litred bottles of ginger ale and a fresh fifth of bourbon. Had plenty of beer too.. We all got seated at the dining room table. I put some good music on the stereo. The talk almost immediately went to how we all met, what we did with whom, and the atmosphere got pretty horny. I looked at Mary and commented that she got all buttoned up to come home after having her titties out at the Rendezvous...She stood up and took her blouse off and Paul immediately started playing with her titties, and so did Max. This opened the door and before long we were all sitting there naked.

Max said Paul, I hear how you were lying behind Mary rubbing your cock between her cheeks while Charlie sat in a chair next to the bed watching. He says that your wang is so great that he could see the head coming out the front by her pussy... Well, he ought to know what he saw....Max said he'd like to try that.........looked at me inquisitively and I said go for it if Mary is willing. Mary had a big smile on her face which said nothing but YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS.

What about you other ladies. Hell says Selma, I'd like to see that too. Bea says me too. We go into the BR and Mary lays on the edge of the left side of the bed on her right side. The rest of us stand nexto the bed. I said Mary, you have to pretend like your sleeping and Max will come in. So she's laying there naked, covered up to her thighs with a sheet. Nice music coming from the radio, lights turned down dim, and the four of us on the side of the bed.

Pretty soom Max comes in and he already has a boner, and a nice one at that.. By now we're all feeling each other up, kissing, and messin' around. He lays next to her facing her back. I hand him a warm bottle of baby oil to rub some on her back, arm, cheeks, and crotch, to make everything nice and slippery..Bea reaches down and is massaging her shoulders, arms, thighs and titties. Paul does the same as I'm playing with Selmas nice round ass. I reach down between her crotch and she is all juicy. Paul is behind Bea and fondling her as she works on Mary.

Max sidles up tight to Mary and with his left hand he is rubbing her tummy and titties. He must have gotten his pecker between her cheeks as his hips are slowly going back and forth. This is hard to believe, but we all see the head of his cock protruding past her pussy as he thrusts forward. She's beginning to breathe a little raspy now with all the hands on her and that sausage sliding between her crotch.....

She now does exactly as she did with Paul. She lifts her left leg a little and puts her hand down there to feel his manhood gliding back and forth...She changes her posture just a little and cups her hand so his knob is bumping against her clit. She's now beginning to moan groan very audibly. She then lays a little further onto her back and with her hand makes the head enter her. We all saw it and we damn near all came from that sight. Now he has picked up her left leg and she is more on her back than on her side and he is ramming that thing into her for all he's worth. I would guess he had ten inches and all but two inches was disappearing into her.. By now Bea was directly in front of me bent over rubbing both Mary and Max. I work my boner up the crack of her ass and enter her pussy very nicely. It's much tighter than I thought it would be and I had to be slow and gentle. To my left Paul if entering Selma.

The roomis now filled with all sorts of moaning, groaning, yes yes yes,,,fuck me hard, and everything in between. I have my hands on a beautiful set of titties and screwing for all I'm worth. Max is really giving it to Mary as she has a thunderous orgasm that lasted and lasted. I looked at her face as she had that orgasm and the look was awesome. Mouth half open, eyes open and looking at the top of her head. I thought she was having a seizure. But she comes back to and is again thrusting back at Max. I can't hold it anymore and empty a massive load into Beas pussy. When she feels that she lets go moaning, half crying, screaming, and all sorts of noise. This sound is setting off Paul and Selma and they're cumming all over themselves.

But Max and Mary are still going to it. Bea whispers to me what did you do to Paul that time he was fucking Mary. I said watch this. I got on my knees next to the bed, put my right hand on Mary's ass and smear her juice and oil all over her ass. I feel Max dick plunging in and out and I grab it by the base near his balls.with my thumb and forfinger. I can't reach all the way around like this so I squeeze hard till my fingers meet. This must've acted like a cock ring on him and his dick expanded even more. Mary felt it and started screaming yes, yes, yes, That feels good, not knowing why his dick felt bigger.. I held him like this for a short while and could feel my middle finger bumping her ass. I tried several times and finally felt her ass hole...Then I hung onto his dick and put my finger in her anus. This brought out the loudest scream yet and with me holding him like this he let out a growl and started to have and orgasm the same time she did.

Now th whole part of this that really lights my fire is that I felt two human beings orgasm at the same time. With my finger in her ass I felt every contraction, every one, and I felt his dick explode and pulsate. I released my finger (cock ring) and just held his dick. I felt his dick pulse, pulse, pulse, all the way to the end. By this time Selma was looking in herr and squeezing and jacking my dick. I got another hard on and took her to the other side of the bed .She laid down nicely, I crawled between her legs, sucked on her clit, moved up and sucked her titties, kissed her, and then stuck my tallywacker into her waiting pussy.

The moaning and groaning had stopped on Mary and Max's side of the bed and was starting up on our side. Paul and Bea came over and did all they could with their hands and mouths to make our experience memorable. The temperature in the BR must have gone up a few degrees as we were all hot and sweaty. The bed was a mess. and we were all fucked out

We have two baths in our house so we all took a shower, wiped each other, sprayed deoderant, and powdered each othe with baby talc.

Now we're all sitting at the dining table and not much is being said. They vocalized enough in the Bedroom. We're all downing our favorite cool stuff and just thinking. Paul says that was one helluva party in there. Max looks at me and says "what in the hell did you do anyway". He couldn't see of course, so I said let Selma tell you on the way home. He says, whatever it was it was awesome


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