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A weekend at the cabin

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This past year had been a hectic one for us. My job had kept me so busy that we had not had a chance to get a vacation. My wife was talking with several of her friends and decided that with fall almost over what we needed was a long weekend getaway with a few friends. Usually we would go camping but one of her friends suggested that we rent a cabin at this camp a couple of hours away. She said that the cabin has several bedrooms with seperate baths for each room and a full kitchen as well as fireplace in the living room and a hot tub on the deck and a great view of the lake on the back porch. So Vi called and found that due to a cancellation that there was a four bedroom cabin available for the upcoming weekend. After a few calls back and forth she had it setup with three other couples to join us for the weekend.

Besides Vi and I the other couples joining us were, Jodi and Jay, Nichole and Stephen, and Jennifer and Richard. Although we had not set this up to be anything more that a group of friends hanging out together and sharing a few activities like horseback riding, hiking and doing the confidence course what happened made it a weekend to remember. To make sure that we had enough time to relax and enjoy ourselves we decided to take off Friday and Monday and make this a four day weekend. We decided to meet at our house around 9 Friday morning and head out around 10 so that we could be at the cabin around lunch time. Check-in time was noon so we figured that our schedule would put us there right on time. Since the weather was extremely warm we were not surprised to see everyone show up in shorts and T-shirts. We flirted with each other as we loaded up everything in the back of the van. When we finished packing, the girls took off in the SUV while the guys rode in the van.

Now to say things were not already sexually charged would be like saying that water is not wet. Let me explain. Vi is 5'4" 140 lbs with long curly hair. She works out and is extremely well fit. She was wearing white shorts over her well tanned and well toned legs that would make a man drool and fall to his knees. The dark blue T-shirt was well contoured over her 36DD twins and tailored to her well defined abs and waist. Every time she wears that combination I just want to attack her right then and there. Jodi is 5'6" with shoulder length golden brown hair. Although not as well toned as Vi, in that tight T-shirt and ass hugging shorts she was still looking pretty hot. Nichole was the youngest of the women and at 5'5" was the little hottie of the group. Her long black hair and bright blue eyes would make a man desire her but her nearly perfect body gave even the most limp dick a hard on. Round out the group was Jennifer and while not a slender as the rest had a cute face and was a lot of fun. She was also the most open and outgoing so she was always one to include in any fun you wanted to have.

All of the flirting and seeing the way the ladies were dressed had all of us guys pretty worked up. I think we were all semi-hard already so naturally sex was the major topic on the way up to the cabin. We talked about who we would like to do and the different experiences we had along with the different places we had done things. We talked about the different women we had been with and which one had done what. Needless to say we were all pulling out stories to try to top the others of our sexual adventures.

The ladies too were focused on sex during their ride. They started off by discussing the bulges that they saw in the men’s shorts. Everyone agreed that Richard seemed to be the most well-endowed and that Jay and Stephen were the best built. Vi told them that I got hard fast and stayed hard for a long time. She said that it didn’t take much for me to get aroused. Jodi said that it took Jay a long time to get fully hard but usually was never more than semi-erect. Jennifer said that Richard not only got hard but that his 8 inch cock was also about 2” thick. Nichole said that Stephen was about 7 ½ inches long and about 1 ½ inches thick. Vi said that it had been a long time since she had been filled with such a huge dick other than her brown sugar vibrator, as I was around 5” and 1” thick.

Vi told them that when she was younger one of the things she liked to do was to suck different guys dick. She said that she had sucked a lot of them and that although she didn’t swallow, that she had never had anyone complain. She said that although she occasionally still thought about doing it and even though I had said that I would be ok with it as long as I got to watch she had not done it since we had been together.

Rachel said that she liked giving head ok but that she really enjoyed eating pussy. Since none of the other women had ever done this before they asked her a lot of questions. She told them that one of the things she liked best was to eat a woman’s pussy just after being fucked by a man and filled with his man juice. She said that the taste of pussy and dick mixed together was the greatest taste ever.

Jodi said that she too liked sucking dick. She said that she could suck a dick so hard that it almost pulled the guys balls through his cock. She also told them that she liked getting fucked from behind and occasionally in the ass. She said that the only time she ever seemed to get Jay really hard was when she used her 8” dildo and used it to fuck Jay in the ass while he was fucking her.

Jennifer laughed and told them that they were all just too tame. She said that she liked to do it all. She said that she had fucked both men and women, sometimes more than one at a time. She said that there was nothing better than getting fucked by two men and either eating pussy or having her pussy eaten by another woman all at the same time.

When we pulled up to the cabin it was easy to see that the ladies topic of conversation was along the same line as ours. As we unloaded the van we played grab-ass with each other taking the opportunity to get in a little friendly groping.

Since it was a little cool the ladies asked if we would go round up some firewood for the evening while they started lunch. We had a two o’clock appointment to ride horses so we wanted to eat and get settled in before we went. The ladies made sandwiches for lunch and put on jeans while we scoured the woods for kindling and some logs to cut up for the fire. By the time we finished we were hungry and ready to eat.

I picked up my sandwich and started to devour it. Vi looked over at me with a glint in her eyes and teasingly said, “Why don’t you eat me like that?” I told her that if she tasted as good as this sandwich that I just might later tonight. This got a laugh from the whole group. Jay said that if I wasn’t up to it that he would be glad to help me out. Vi looked a little surprised at the comment but the look in her eyes told me that she was considering the offer. Jodi said that if we were going to start some group thing that she didn’t want to be left out. I looked over at Jodi and laughingly said that the only thing anyone was going to be riding this afternoon was the horses.

Since several of us were familiar with riding and the trails were well marked we told the guide that we wouldn’t need him. He reminded us to be back in 90 minutes and to walk the horses the last 10 minutes when heading back to the barn. We all agreed and headed out down the trail. We all tried to stick together but the horses different temperaments had some of them wanting to take off and others dragging behind.

I guess the stable boys knew that the women with the big boobs would have the most bounce they wound up with the slowest horses. Jennifer, while well endowed was well experienced with riding horses. Nichole was fairly comfortable with riding too and had both wound up with a couple of rather spunky horses. Steven, like the other two women had only ridden a couple of times and was glad to get one that was fairly calm. The rest of us had a mixed bag but we managed to stay together fairly well during the first part of our ride.

As we were riding down the trail, Jay rode up along side of me and said that he hoped that he wasn’t too out of line with his comment earlier. I laughed and responded by asking him if he really wanted to eat Vi’s pussy. He glanced back at our wives riding beside of each other and said that yes he really did. He said that he thought that Vi was one of the sexiest women that he had ever seen and that he had fantasized about her for a while.

I asked him about Jodi and he said that sex with her was almost non-existent. He said that while they still loved each other the sexual excitement wasn’t there. He said that they had talked about it and if the opportunity to have sex with other people came up this weekend that they had agreed to try it to see if that would help jumpstart their sex life again. Jay looked back again and I turned to see what he was looking at. I realized that he was watching Vi’s boobs bouncing up and down as she rode. From the look on his face I could tell that he was hoping that one of them would bounce out of the white silk bra that was holding them in. I noticed that Jodi’s were doing pretty much the same thing.

Then I heard Jennifer calling to us from down the trail telling us to hurry up. I gave my horse a slight kick and took off down the trail. As I rounded the curve the woods opened up to a beautiful cove on the edge of one of the lakes. Jennifer, Nichole and Richard were already off of their horses and letting them get something to drink. As I climbed down to do the same, Nichole said, “So you like to eat pussy too?”

“Don’t all men?” I replied.

“No. Just some men..” she paused, then continued, “…and some women.” She then went on to tell me that she and Jennifer had been lovers a while back and still had an occasional fling. When I asked what Stephen thought about it she said that while he didn’t really like it, he was open enough to let her have her fun. She said that she told him that he should try to open up and have some fun this weekend. She winked and said that she sure planned on it.

As the rest of our group arrived we helped them off of their horses and took their horses over to the water to get something to drink. Jennifer and Richard pulled some cold drinks out of their backpacks and offered the rest of us a drink. We sat there for about 10 minutes finishing off our drinks and then decided that we needed to get going so we could be back on time.

Vi being a bit of a light-weight drinker was already starting to get a little bit of a buzz. The alcohol had warmed her up and she stated that she was getting hot. This gave everyone a little laugh. Jay offered to help her back on her horse and as she was climbing on put his hand on her ass to give her a push up. I could tell that she must have liked it because she turned and looked at him with that million dollar smile of hers and said thanks. She wiggled her ass in his hand and then sat down in the saddle.

Stephen helped Jodi get mounted (this was only the first time that day) and with the rest of us saddled up we headed out. With Jay and Stephen helping out and paying close attention to Vi and Jody that left Nichole, Jennifer, Richard and me to lead the way. And since Jennifer and Richard had the most experience they took point.

I was rather pleased with the way we were paired up because after the comments that Nichole had made at our rest stop, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. As the horses headed back to the stable, (they knew where they were going better than we did) I told Nichole how I had been thinking about what she had said. I said that I guess that meant that she liked both men and women. She said that she did. I asked her if she had ever been with a man and a woman at the same time. She said that she had been with both Richard and Jennifer once. She said that Jennifer got all jealous and that she hadn’t done him since. I asked her who on this trip did she want to do the most? She surprised me by saying me and Vi. “Really?” I asked. She responded by telling me that she thought that Vi was beautiful and that from my reaction to her she knew that she turned me on. She said that she was surprised that she could get that kind of reaction from me because I was so into my wife.

I told her that I thought she was beautiful from the moment I first met her and that I had told Vi that I would love to eat her pussy and fuck her too. She said that she was flattered to know that she could create such a desire within me.

It wasn’t long before we were back at the stables and headed back to the cabin. We decided that to help us relax after the ride that we would get into the hot tub while we took turns cooking dinner on the grill.

Back at the cabin we went into our rooms to put on our swim suits. Vi asked me what Nichole and I had talked about. I gave her the highlights of the conversation and then asked her what the four of them had talked about. She said that Stephen had told them some of the same stuff that Nichole had told me but what Jay told her had surprised her the most. She said that Jay had come on to her and pretty much said that he wanted to have sex with her. I asked her what she said. She told me that she hadn’t said anything but that the thought of it had certainly intrigued her. I reminded her that we had decided that this weekend we were in an “anything goes” mode. I told he that if the opportunity arose for her to have sex or anything else with anyone here that I was good with it. I reminded her that this was supposed to be a weekend where we let ourselves run free. She told me that when Jay was talking to her she had looked over and noticed that the bulge in his pants was growing and it made her wonder if she could make him get hard. I told her to go for it and that if I was there to see her when it happened all the better.

After changing, I got the grill started while everyone else got the drinks and hot tub going. As I looked around the room I noticed that while the men were checking out the women, the women were doing the same to the men. From the way Jay kept looking at Vi I pretty much figured that she was going to get some of that tonight.

I looked over at Nichole and caught her looking at me. Her green two piece suit was really nothing more than a couple of strings and band aid sizes patches of cloth. Her nipples were already hard and about to pierce through the little green triangles covering her firm just right for the hand sized breast. Just seeing her like that caused my manhood to start growing. Nichole must have notice because she licked her lips, flicked her tongue in the air, and nodded in my direction. I almost dropped the steaks and figured I better concentrate on what I was doing before I ruined dinner.

Once everything was cooking we all got into the hot tub. While big enough to seat all of us it still made things rather cozy. With us sitting so close together and the alcohol flowing it wasn’t long before the men and women were “accidently” feeling each other up. When the timer went off for me to turn the steaks, I turned to climb up out of the tub. I guess that someone had untied the string on my suit because as I stood up out of the water my suit started sliding down my legs.

This brought some woo-hoo’s from the ladies and caused me to turn a nice shade of red. I tried to be causal about it and figured that since that had already seen everything I would just act like nothing had happened. I stepped out of my swimsuit as I stepped out of the hot tub, my manhood showing in all its glory. The ladies then began to tease the other men asking them why they didn’t have the nerve that I did.

With the attention off of me for a minute I managed to turn the steaks and potatoes and then headed back to the hot tub. When the women noticed me coming back they began to whistle and tell me to dance and shake that thing. I obliged and gave a quick little sexy dance that caused my semi-hard cock and balls to bounce around like a pinball during the middle of a fast moving game. As I got back in the tub I reached for my suit to put back on but Nichole snatched them away. When I tried to get them back she passed them off to Jodi in an old fashioned game of keep-away. I tried several more times but after being unsuccessful I figured, what the hell and settled back in totally naked.

With the women paying so much attention to me the other men decided that they needed to get in on the action and within moments had stripped bare. Now the women started grabbing things other than our swimsuits. It wasn’t long before all of the men were sitting in the hot tub with raging hardons and the women still in their suits. I could tell that the women were turned on because their nipples were so hard that they looked like erasers poking through their tops. Before it could go any further the timer on the steaks went off and I got out of the hot tub to take care of the food.

I asked if everyone was ready to eat or should I put the food in the warmer and everyone laughingly shouted “Warmer!” Nichole offered to help me with the food and went into the kitchen to get some trays. I glanced back over to the hot tub and saw Vi leaning against Jay. The way her hand was positioned I could tell that she must be playing with his cock. I notice him fondling her breast, sliding his hand under her top. Vi saw me looking and I mouthed to her to go for it. I told her to go ahead and take her top off to give Jay better access. She whispered something in Jay’s ear and a moment later he reached behind her and freed her big beautiful 36DD’s. Jay gently caressed her breast and then leaned over and began sucking on her nipples.

Watching my wife with another man was more of a turn on that I thought it would be. I was so intent on watching them that I didn’t realize that Nichole had returned until she tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I was going to let the steaks burn. We quickly got the food off the grill and headed inside. After placing the food in the warmer I turned to head back out and nearly stumbled over Nichole. She was down on her knees and grabbing my cock to steady herself pulled me right into her mouth.

With her lips pressed together she gently slid my manhood into her warm wet mouth. It was an incredible feeling. This was the first time in 17 years that another woman had sucked my dick. And while I thought Vi was great at blowjobs, the feeling of someone else’s mouth on my pole caused me to get weak in the knees. Clearly Nichole was an expert cocksucker. She flicked her tongue underneath the mushroom shaped head and then slid her lips all the way down my shaft. She reached around me and grabbed a cheek in each hand and proceeded to lick and suck my cock, several times bringing me almost to the brink of explosion but stopping it just before. Just when I thought I couldn’t take it any more she stood up and kissed me on the mouth. I could taste my pre-cum on her lips. She began to grind on my extremely hard cock and I thought that I was going to cum all over her stomach.

I reach around and untied her bikini. With one quick tug her top came off and I saw her magnificent tits for the first time. Her pinky sized nipples were rock hard and I began to flick my tongue across them. Nichole pulled my head in close as I devoured her luscious breast. Her smell was tantalizing and I knew that I had to taste her pussy. I picked her up, set her on the counter and pulled off her bikini bottoms. She leaned back and treated me with a wonderful view of her completely bare pussy. I could see moisture at the edges of her tight little lips and could see the slight bulge of her excited little clit. I leaned over and took a deep breath of her scent. A hint of sweetness mixed with womanly desire. I ran my tongue lightly up her slit. As my tongue touched her clit I gave it a quick little flick causing her to jump. I repeated this several times before I began to probe her love tunnel with my tongue. Her pussy was delicious and I was in heaven. I began to eat her using my fingers and tongue to give both of us pleasure. She squirmed and squealed with delight at my attentions. Suddenly I felt her tense up and with a gush flooded my face with her love juice. I gave her a couple more licks and she grabbed my head pulling it into her crotch and nearly drowned me as another wave came rushing from deep inside of her drenching my face with her delicious nectar. With that Nichole collapsed back on the counter gasping for breath. Although I still hadn’t cum and was fully engorged, the satisfaction I received from giving her such pleasure was enough to hold me off for now.

After a couple of minutes Nichole was able to catch her breath. I helped her down off the counter and we headed back outside to see that we weren’t the only ones having fun. All of the women were now naked and it looked like the orgy had started without us. Vi was sucking Richard’s cock while Jay was eating her pussy. Stephen was pounding Jodi and Jennifer was licking Stephen’s dick and Jodi’s pussy lapping up the cum being pulled out on every strike.

Seeing that I still had a hard-on Nichole placed her hands on the floor opening up her well soaked hole for me to fill. I teased her by rubbing the head up and down her slit. I slid the head back and forth across her now swollen clit causing her to quiver. As I placed the mushroom head at her welcoming hole, she started pressing back toward me. Her love muscles gripped my throbbing manhood with the strength of Atlas. I could not believe that she was this tight. From what I could see sliding in and out of Jodi it certainly seemed like it would have stretched her out a little. It was the tightest pussy I had ever been in. It felt great! As tight as it was her lubrication was flowing so I was able to easily pump her. It only took a couple of minutes before I felt that familiar tingling and exploded deep inside of her. It felt like I pumped out gallons. I thought I would never stop. When I finally did and pulled out she turned around and cleaned me up with her tongue. She then reached down and scooped up with two fingers a huge glob of my man juice that was running down her leg and popped them into her mouth. The way she was licking and sucking her fingers was so sexy that I leaned in and joined her, kissing her and licking her fingers.

After finally cleaning off her lips and fingers we went outside to join the others. As we climbed into the hot tub I got to finally see my wife enjoying two other men. She looked over at me and smiled and I told her that she looked so hot and sexy and that I was really enjoying watching her. It didn’t take long before she had Richard cumming and I watched as he sprayed stream after stream of his milky white fluids all over my wife’s face and tits. With that Jay must have pushed her over the edge and I watched her shudder and gush of her tasty sweet nectar began to flow from her swollen pink lips.

Knowing how she likes to be fucked after being eaten to orgasm, I wasn’t surprised when she turned and told Jay to put his almost fully erect cock into her and see if she could get it completely hard. He placed the mushroom shaped against her lips and using his hand slid the head up and down across her slit, paying special attention to her clit. She shoved back and for the first time in out time together I watched as another mans cock got to experience the silkiness and warmth of her love canal. She ground herself against him and after a few minutes I saw that look on his face that told me he was about to explode. He gave a couple more pumps and emptied his load deep into my wife.

Since he hadn’t lasted very long she wanted more and motioned for Richard to take his once again hard 8 inch cock and let her have it. Since she was already slick with her and Jay’s juices, Richard’s monstrous beast slid right in spreading her lips wider than I have ever seen. As he began to fuck her she started to moan and telling him how well he filled her pussy and how much she needed it. I watched in amazement as my wife fucked this man like a wild woman. He kept pounding her harder and harder pulling out more of her and Jay’s mix with each stroke. I watched her tense up and clench her legs together as she came for the second time of the evening. He kept pumping and I watched as his cock seemed to get even longer and harder as he fucked my beautiful wife. Vi was in heaven. By this time everyone else was finished and she was the total center of attention.

Now one of her favorite fantasies was to have sex with another man while I was watching her with a crowd of other people. And she was living this dream out to the fullest.

Richard was such a stud. After cumming that first time it seemed like he could go on forever. After several more minutes of burying his cock deeper and deeper into my wife I saw her tense up again and watched as wave after wave of pleasure racked her body. Apparently that was all it took for Richard because he leaned forward, grabbed her tight and pulled himself deep into her pussy and released his second load of the evening. Once everyone could get to their feet we decided that it was time to clean up and head off to bed for the evening.

As we climbed into bed I could not believe that Vi was anything but spent. But she reached over and grabbed my dick and slowly began to stroke it under the covers. She thanked me for giving her such a wonderful day and told me that she couldn’t believe that I would give her such a wonderful present. She kissed me and told me that she loved me. I told her that I loved her and how much I had enjoyed watching her suck and fuck other dicks. I told her how hot and beautiful she looked doing it and how excited it made me. She kissed me deeply and told me that she wanted to show me how much she appreciated the gift I had given her.

With that she slid the sheets down and began to lick and suck on my cock. I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to get it to go down form all the excitement we had had that day. As she pressed her lips down over the throbbing purple head she fingered my ass and turned so that her pussy was now in my face. I breathed in deeply and smell her well fucked pussy inhaling the fragrance of her cum mixed with that of two other men. It was intoxicating. I gently reached my tongue out slid them across her swollen lips. She shivered and pulled away. I knew that she was sensitive but having that freshly fucked pussy in my face was too much for me and I just had to taste her, As she engulfed my cock, I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close, burying my face into her crotch. I stuck my tongue into her hole and realized that she had on wiped herself off. She turned around and looked at me as she realized that I knew what she had done and told me that she wanted me to eat it all out of her.

With that being said she went back to sucking my cock and playing with my ass. So I dove right in and began to clean her well filled hole. I was surprised at the way it tasted. I was used to her cum but there was a slight tanginess and the texture was a little different. I swallowed my first taste and then began to probe her deeper and deeper sucking up every last drop of fluid. When she began to squeeze my head with her legs and shudder I knew that she was cumming again. As she filled my mouth with her sweet juices I drank down every last drop. She started to stop sucking my dick but I began to pump her mouth so she began to finger my as faster and faster causing me to explode in her mouth. When she tried to pull away I buried my cock deep down her throat and made her take everything I could give her. When I finished and let her up she turned around and kissed me feeding me the load that I had just dropped in her mouth. She held our heads together as her tongue pushed every last drop in my mouth. Having already eaten other men’s cum from her pussy, I figured what the hell and swallowed my own. With that we were totally exhausted so we quickly cleaned up, climbed back into the bed naked and drifted off into a blissful sleep.

This is part one. If you like this and want me to continue please let me know.


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