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A midsummers night

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We arrived at the river around 10pm. It was one of those summer nights when it stays about 80 degrees all night long and makes sleeping nearly impossible. We had agreed that going out swimming was a great idea. We intended to go skinny dipping but wore our suits just in case there were people around. It was a popular spot especially for younger people. It was right off the road but very secluded by tall pines. By the over-pass the water flowed quickly over the rapids spotted with large rocks but down the path a bit the water was more calm and perfect for swimming. There was also a small island that we liked to swim out to and lay on the sand. As we came down the narrow path we were a little disappointed to hear voices ahead at the small beach. "Well maybe they'll go soon and we can enjoy ourselves more fully" I said in a low voice as we emerged onto the sandy river shore. The voices turned out to be two guys who couldn't be much more than 21 or 22. They were rough housing and talking shit on the beach in the way guys do when no one else is around to see them acting immature. They were both only wearing their swim shorts, one was tall and melado with a muscular lithe build, no body hair at all, and a boyish face with close cropped black hair. The other, only slightly shorter, was a country boy with a farmers tan, a strong build you get from working outdoors all day, a sweet innocent face and curly blonde hair that he obviously usually kept under a baseball cap. They stopped their antics as soon as they saw us, looking embarassed, and the melado guy said "hey, thought we were all alone out here." I know my wife, Julia, noticed right away how attractive they both were, especially the taller melado one with his light chocolate smooth skin and well defined abs. "No worries" I replied "We come out here to swim a lot at night and don't expect to have the whole place to ourselves" I said, lying, wishing they weren't there so we could get naked and have some nice outdoor sex on the beach. I looked over to where they had a blanket and some backpacks and noticed they had a small cooler with some beers poking out the top. "you guys old enough to drink?" I quipped. "Well I am anyway" the melado boy replied sheepishly, "and I'm close enough" the other said grinning broadly. "Well do you have any extra?" Julia said a little demandingly, speaking for the first time. " hell yeah" the blonde replied as his face broke into a wide grin. He went to the cooler and pulled out four coronas and passed them out. "I'm Jacob, and this is my wife Julia" I introduced us. "I'm Keith" the melaldo guy offered as he looked at the blonde boy "and this is Connor". I started laying out our towels and took my shoes and shirt off as Julia drank her beer and drank in the two young handsome guys, while making small talk. I pounded my beer and noticed Keith and Connor had done the same while Julia still had half of hers left. "C'mon" I said goading her "I want to get in the water and cool off". She swilled the rest and pulled off her shirt revealing her black string bikini top. Now Julia doesn't have large breasts by any means but they are firm and perky with perfect good sized pierced nipples you could discern through her bikini top if you were paying attention and I know both of these guys were. Besides that she has smooth olive skin a slender petite build with a perfect stomach and those perfect abs on a girl that only pop out a little when she exerts herself. Unlike many very slender small breasted girls she had a nice full round ass, not too small and definitely not too big. she was 25 years old and looked 18. I knew they were admiring her from the looks on their faces and when the blonde Connor noticed me watching him looking at her he looked down, embarassed at being caught gawking. I smiled to myself. Julia, trying to not obviously enjoy the attention she was getting, pulled her long silky raven black hair from it's ponytail, let it fall onto her shoulders and back,turned her ass towards us as she began shimmying out of her "look at my ass" jeans and bent over easliy to get them off each foot. At this point Connor turned and went to grab three more beers, but Keith admired her unabshedly as I walked over and took my second beer from Connor. Julia walked over and put her jeans by our towels showing off her perfect tight ass in her black bikini bottom that always seemed to ride up a bit making her cheeks poke out the bottom and giving her a sexy little wedgy. "sorry there's only three left" Connor apologized to Julia obviously inferring the the men should get the rest of the beer. "That's ok I'll just have his" she said grabbing the last corona out of my hand. I was a little irritated but also taken by surprise and enjoyed her frisky attitude. As the three of them drank their beers down I moved behind her and began rubbing her shoulders which she always loved for me to do. She finished up her beer, looked at me brazenly as she did so and said "what do you think about that?". "Well..." I began and quickly hooked the knot of her string bikini top, pulled it loose and had her top in my hands in less than a second. "hey!" she yelped and I saw that fire in her green eyes that I knew could possibly explode into something I defintely didn't want. But I noticed she didn't try to cover her perfect perky pierced tits, which I was sure these two young guys were surprised to have revealed to them so suddenly, and I decided to venture further. "Well We did come here to skinny dip and I'm sure these guys won't be offended, will you guys?" I joked tossing her bikini top to Connor in an attempt to embarass him further that definitely worked. "Hey none us of us have tops on either!" Keith offered coyly. This seemed to pacify her, and more. I Came up behind her and put my hands on her waist toying with the ties to her bottom, but she reached down and squeezed my wrist in a way that let me know not to try it. "Well I don't know about you guys but I'm goin' in" I said and headed for the water at a brisk pace. I waded to my knees and dove in savoring the fresh water that was only very slightly cooler than the air around it. I came up,turned to see her wading in and was only a little surprised to see she hadn't recovered her bikini top from Connor and put it back on. She dove in and came up flipping her hair back and letting the water run down her smooth olive skin in the bright moonlight, her wet body impossibly appearing even more appealling than it had just a minute ago. Keith and Connor were still on the shore looking unsure of wether or not to join us and consulting in low voices. "Are you guys going to come in or what?" I said in a raised voice. "It doesn't look like you've been in for a while!". This was all the urging they needed to wade in. They swam up beside us obviously unsure of how close to get to my half naked, wet wife. "Didn't those hurt?" Connor said his gaze on the small barbells in her hard nipples. "Well duh." She replied condescendingly "But only when I got them done and while they were healing" . As all of us were quite obviously taking stock of her nipples I noticed how hard they really were and knew this attention was really turning her on. " I love them" I said reaching out and tweaking one. She pulled away and dove underwater swimming out further. I felt my cock stirring in my shorts and realized I had been slowly getting hard for a little while now. "Let's swim out near the island" Keith suggested and we headed in that direction. As we got close I said " How about a game of marco polo?" "Sure!" Keith and Connor replied, almost simultaneously. I looked at Julia and could tell she approved, but was also curious as to where this was going. "So who's going to be "it" first?" I asked. "You!" Julia said pointing at me. " Ok, I'll Give you 30 seconds" I said closing my eyes. I listened to the sounds of water rippling as the three of them moved off in different directions. After a minute I called out "Marco" I heard three "polos" in reply and tried to discern which voice was which. "Don't go too far or this won't be much of a game" I said. "Marco" I called again and listened closely. I heard one of the two guys reply from not far away on my right and dove in that direction tackling him and pulling him under. When I came up I saw it was Keith and was surprised at how strong he was as he pushed me back under. "You're it!" I said when I came up. He closed his eyes grinning and waited a few moments for us to arrange ourselves before he called out marco. I knew he wanted to tag Julia and it only took him a few more calls before he had a hold of her. He got her by the foot and pulled her under the water and towards him. I wondered, and hoped briefly, if he had his hands on her under the water. She came up sputtering a little as he held her around her waist pressed against him definitely longer than he needed to. She pushed back against him irrerverently with her ass and freed herself swimming away. "Ok" she said closing her eyes and we all swam into different positions. After a few calls she managed to get Connor from behind in a bear hug and tried to dunk him unsuccessfully. As I watched her wrestling with him I began to get really turned on watching her rub her bare tits on his back and my erection was starting to be obvious even through my swim shorts. Just as she pretty much gave up he flung her around scooped her up in both arms, one hand cupping her ass and the other arm under her back his hand coming up and cupping her bare breast. Held held her that way for just a moment before tossing her in the water ungraciously. She came up looking a little bit irritated but something else as well, and I knew that look, she was getting horny as hell having the three of us man-handle her topless in the river at night. This went on for a little bit all three of us getting more and more bold with our hands when we were "it" and caught her, and finally once I was "it" I decided to covertly slip out of my shorts and when I managed to get my hands on her I stood up pulled her up out of the water to me rubbing my exposed hard cock against her ass. I ran my hands up her midsection and cupped both of her breasts pinching her nipples hard and making her yelp a little. She didn't seem very surprised though and moved her ass up and down against my aching cock as I grasped her by the neck with one of my hands forcing her head back. Connor and Keith, on the other hand, did seem a little taken aback and stood and stared at us. I couldn't help but notice a sizeable bulge beginning to rise In Keith's shorts even though he was a good 15 feet away. Connor was keeping himself lower in the water, probably to hide his hard-on. I kissed her neck as I pinched both her nipples lightly and whispered in her ear " let's go closer to shore" "Ok" she replied. We walked towards shore until the water was up to our knees and I stopped, my half erect cock rubbing her hip, my hand on her ass inside her bikini bottom. I turned her towards me and asked in a low voice "Do you want me to invite them to join us?" "Yes!" she replied eagerly with a glimmer in her eyes. I turned back to look at them, standing further out in the water, looking unsure of wether to follow us or run away. " Don't get all shy on us now guys." I said tauntingly and motioned for them to come over. Keith started over immediately and Connor only seemed to have to think about it for a second or two before following. Julia used one hand to encircle my cock as they approached and stroked it firmly while cupping my balls with the other. I grabbed her ass and squeezed it hard as I whispered in her ear "enjoy this and don't hold back." Once Keith and Connor got in close enough to us she let go of my cock and put a hand on each of their chests running her fingers over their pecs and down their hard stomachs, lightly brushing and squeezing the now very obvious bulges in each of their shorts. I circled around behind her and pulled her ass againt me as I slid one hand down the front of her bikini bottom. She let out a small moan as I brushed her clit lightly toying with it . "What a hot body" Keith murmured as he reached out and took her tits in his big hands squeezing them lightly and playing with her barbells. Connor agreed with a "yeah!" as he reached around and slid his hand under her bikini bottom gripping one of her ass cheeks "and a perfect ass" he added, seemingly unconcerned that his hand was rubbing my cock almost as much as her ass. Enjoying the moment she pulled them both closer to her by their cocks she had ahold of through their shorts and slid her hands into the back of each of their shorts feeling their muscular asses. They both caressed her torso slowly from her flat stomach up to her slender neck. Keith slid his hand into the back of her bikini bottom cupping an ass cheek and squeezing it gently before sliding his hand down further and pressing his fingers against her quickly moistening pussy lightly as he raised his other hand to her mouth extending his middle finger and touched it to her lips. She hesitated just a moment before parting her lips and very slowly taking his finger all the way into her mouth cradling it with her tongue and then slowly withdrawing it. I could tell this really got them going. All the while I gently toyed with her clit under her bikini and could feel her wetness building but didn't penetrate her with my finger even as Keith withdrew his hand from her backside. Connor reached down her front between her legs on the outside of her bottom and pressed against my hand forcing me to rub her harder. She let out a light moan at this and reached over pulling down the front of both of their shorts and freeing their cocks. Keith had a nice really big cock, it was the color of milk choclate, long, smooth and thick, bigger than anything she had had before, probably around nine inches and Connor was nicely sized himself a little shorter but maybe thicker with a nice big head already oozing pre-cum. She took one in each of her small hands and began pulling on them slowly. Keith bent down and took one of her breats in his mouth nearly covering the whole thing with it. He sucked slowly on her nipple and Connor following his lead leaned and took the other rubbing his lips on her hard pierced nipple and flicking it with his tongue. It was an amazing turn on watching two guys sucking on her tits while her hands were busy stroking their big cocks to full erection. I slid my hand out of the front of her bikini and pulled the knots on each side letting it fall into the water freeing her ass and pussy to the night air...and us. I spun her to face me, making her let go of their cocks and kissed her hard as Keith dropped his shorts into the water, came up behind her and pushed himself against her, his big dick standing up and rubbing in between his stomach and her perfectly round ass and lower back. "I love your dimples" He said lowly as he reached around cupping both her breasts and Connor dropped his shorts into the water as well. She turned her head as far around as she could and Keith kissed her slowly as he rubbed his cock against her, already making her slick with his leaking. I lowered myself to my knees in front of her as I kissed and licked my way down her stomach to her clit and she writhed simultaneously against my mouth and Keith's body and hard cock pulling me hard by the hair against her sex. She took Connor's eager cock in her hand as he kissed her neck and made his way down to her breasts. All four of us were aching with lust as I stood up. They both backed up very slightly, anticipating what was coming next, and what all three of us wanted; our cocks in her willing mouth. Every guy wants a hot willing girl on her knees in front of him. Now Julia is one of those girls that genuinely enjoys sucking cock, I mean actually takes pleasure in it and doesn't just pretend to. I put my hands on her shoulders and gently pushed her to her knees with me in front of her Keith on her left and Connor on her right our three hard cocks dangling unashamedly in front of her. She looked up at me as she grasped my balls with one hand and slowly took my dripping cockhead in her mouth. She didn't take it in far but focused on my bulging circumcised head taking it slowly in and out of her mouth caressing it with her tongue. Keith and Connor stood close on either side Keith's hands at his sides as she reach over and cupped his balls with her free hand, his big cock still growing and Connor stood stroking his thick cock slowly, both their eyes glued on what she was doing. She proceeded to slowly slide me most of the way in and out of her warm mouth a few times, guiding my cock into her mouth by the balls with one hand while still holding Keith's balls in the other and then backed off slowly letting my now wet cock dangle in the warm night air teasingly flicking my cockhead with her tongue. " I think you guys might be horny" she said grinning sarcastically as I rubbed the end of my cock against her lips before pulling back slightly. She turned to Keith sizing up his long thick cock as she let go of his balls and slid her hand up Connor's thigh slowly to grasp his nice pair and said "That is a nice cock.". She didn't put her hands on it and kept them on Connor and I's balls, but opened her mouth invitingly, extending her tongue slightly. Keith understood and guided his member into her mouth gently with one of his hands around the base of his shaft. He slid it in and out gently a few times not going in more than a third of the way and then withdrew it. "You like that?" Keith asked in a husky voice "Yeah" she replied "I love sucking cock". He brought up his hand and put his thumb in her mouth making her suck on it then slid his big cock back in a bit further this time holding her small chin between his thumb and fingers. He pulled out after a few strokes getting a little deeper with each and gently slapped her outstretched tongue with his big dripping cock which made her laugh a little. "I don't want to hog you" he said looking in Connor's direction. She turned towards Connor and wrapped her lips around his big head still cupping his balls and using them to pull him closer to her. After a moment she took him deeper and starting sucking him faster and harder than she had Keith or I. After a minute he put his head back and closed his eyes. He let out a kind of whimper and I thought he might cum right then but she stopped moving with his cock deep in her throat and then slowly pulled him out until he was dangling his head just touching her wet lips. He was breathing heavily and Keith was rubbing his big cock on her left shoulder as she lowered herself a little further and all three of us stepped in a little closer our cocks all hovering inches from her mouth. She went from one to the other sucking our cockheads and rubbing them together on her lips and tongue driving all three of us crazy. Seeing her on her knees with three big wet cocks hovering over her and each getting their turn in her eager mouth was more of a turn on than I had ever expected it to be. She slid down between Keith's legs and took both his balls in her mouth sucking them gently with his big cock lying across her face. "fuck" he exclaimed almost breathlessly grapsing the back of her head and pulling her mouth hard against his balls. He let go after a moment and she slid under Connor and did the same ending with her mouth sucking on my swollen shaved balls. As she pulled her mouth from between my legs Connor pulled her by the hair to face him and fed her his cock more roughly than I would have expected from an innocent looking country boy. She let out a moan muffled by his cock as he grabbed her by the back of the head and shoved his cock further and further into her mouth with each stroke. Keith dropped down to his knees behind Julia while Connor was fucking her mouth and moved one hand down her stomach and between her legs rubbing her clit and I knew he had started fingering her from behind with his other hand by the noises she started making. I reached down and slid my middle finger into her slick pussy and felt Keith's fingers moving in and out rythmically. I helped him for just a moment before withdrawing. After shoving his cock in her mouth all the way to his balls a final time and holding it there a moment Connor grasped her hair and pulled her mouth off his cock roughly. It was throbbing and every vein stoud out. She breathed heavily with his thick cock out of her mouth. As I took Connor's place in front of her Keith pushed at her upper back and pulled at her waist to bend her over slightly and I watched as he grasped his rock hard cock with one hand, the other tight against her sexy little belly button and lower stomach and I knew he was about to take her from behind with his bare cock. I pulled her mouth to my aching cock and she looked up at me with lust filled eyes as she slid it in her mouth. Surprisingly Keith took his time and didn't shove it home right away. He rubbed his big head up and down on the outside of her wet hole, teasing her as he squeezed her ass with one hand and guided his cock with the other. He sent it lower and slid it between her legs so that his long shaft rubbed her lips and clit as he pulled it back and forth between her legs. I pulled my cock free of her mouth for a moment letting her take it in her hand. "That big cock feels good rubbing against me" she moaned in pleasure as she started rocking her hips back and forth. Connor Had kneeled as well and reached his hand over to the back of her head pushing her mouth back onto my dick as he was kissing and sucking her nipples greedily. He reached around and squeezed her free ass cheek while Keith rubbed his cock between her legs. I pulled my cock from her mouth sensing she had something she wanted to say and she exclaimed "fuck me with that thing already!" No sooner had she said it than Keith lined up his cock with her wet pussy and drove it home deep into her; both his hands locked on her waist. She let out a primal moan. Keith started moving in and out slowly at first and she started to grind herself against him moaning with pleasure. After a minute or two she was pretty much fucking herself on him and he barely had to move. Connor stood up his cock still hard as ever and I stood aside for him. He parted her lips with his cock cupping the back of her head in his hand and began pulling his cock in and out with building intensity. Julia reached up both hands to Connor's chest and took his nipples between her fingers pulling on them. Keith let go of her waist and leaned back giving me a better view. She was grinding herself on his big cock with such a rythm that it surprised me. Keith slapped her ass hard on one side and then the other eliciting moans muffled by Connor's thick cock while he fucked her mouth eagerly. I stood back and watched for a moment enjoying the site of my wife taking on two hot guys. It looked almost impossible that she was able to bury the full length of Keith's huge cock in her small pussy. Connor's thrusts into her mouth suddenly became uneven as he gasped and said "ok, I've got to stop or I'm gonna cum". He let go of her head and quickly pulled his cock,dripping with saliva, from her mouth. "So what, isn't that the point?" she asked petulantly and grabbed his shaft pulling him to her, rubbing the end of his cock on her lips and cradling it on her tongue as she stroked it firmly. This pushed him over the edge and he let out a moan as his cock spasmed and shot a stream of hot cum on her lips and tongue. Julia quickly took him in her mouth and as he spasmed again and shot more cum into her mouth and throat. She slid him deep in her throat and cupped his balls squeezing them while she used her mouth to milk the cum from his cock. He moaned loudly again and twitched violently. As she slowly slid him in and out droplets of cum appeared at the corners of her mouth. After a moment she pulled him all the way out and licked the cum from his cockhead which was throbbing with his racing heartbeat. She squeezed his cock firmly at the base and ran her hand all the way down forcing the last bit of cum to form on the end of his cock. She licked it off and smiled up at him. "shit!" he said out of breath and as his swollen cock started to go down she cupped his balls pulling on them lightly. He held his shaft and rubbed his cock against her mouth playfully. She had slowed down riding Keith's cock, focusing on Connor. Keith was caressing her ass as he glided in and out her wet pussy gripping his shaft tightly. He pulled out of her with a slight exhale and slapped her ass playfully with his cock. "Maybe we should go back to the beach?" I suggested. "Sure" Julia answered grinning. As we made our way back to the beach we let her get a little ahead of us so we could admire her naked body from behind as she walked. "First one to the blanket gets to fuck her next!" I said glancing at Connor who looked like he wasn't sure if he was ready for that just yet, having just cum, but we raced anyway. We passed Julia quickly and Connor was a bit ahead of me as we approached the blanket but I dove and tackled him to the ground. We wrestled in the sand for a few moments not caring that we were naked, wet, and our half hard bare cocks were rubbing on eachother. I managed to get up off the ground before him and slapped his ass hard before racing to the blanket. "looks like you're the winner" Julia said as she sauntered up with Keith not far behind watching her walk "but why do you think I'm going to let you fuck me all wet and covered with sand?" she said looking at me defiantly. "I didn't plan on asking permission" I replied dryly as I pushed her down onto the blanket a little more forcefully than I had intended. Keith and Connor stood watching obviously enjoying the scene as they both took their cocks in their hands and began stroking them slowly. Julia moved as if to lay on her back and pull me on top of her but I stopped her and said sternly "I want you on all fours slut" I hesitated wondering if I had gone too far but she obeyed instantly getting on all fours and arching her back raising her tight round ass in the air seductively. I slapped it hard with both hands as I knelt behind her and she let out a startled yelp. I spread her ass cheeks with my hands and bent down running my tongue from her wet clit slowly across her moist hole up to her tight little asshole where I lingered for a moment teasing it gently with my tongue before pushing it inside just a little. "Yeah" she murmured letting out a low moan. I moved my tongue down parting her lips and slowly penetrated her with it as far as I could as she pushed herself against my mouth. I fucked her with my tongue as Keith came closer and laid down on his back pushing himself under her, from her front, head first, until her tits hovered over his face. He began licking and sucking them greedily, playing with her hard pierced nipples. He reached up over her back and grabbed her ass cheeks from me spreading them even further as I licked up and down her slit and ass. I righted myself pulling my tongue from her pussy and brought my swollen cock up to bear rubbing it on her clit for a moment before slowy penetrating her with my hard cockhead. She moaned as I slid in deeper and Keith gripped her ass tighter still teasing her nipples with his mouth. She pushed back against me roughly sending my cock all the way in her and began fucking herself on my dick. Connor stood watching the three of us and pulling on his big cock with one hand while holding his balls in the other. Keith let go of her ass and slid one hand under her and between her legs to rub her clit while I fucked her, it turned me on even more when I felt his finger rub against the shaft of my cock as it slid in and out of her. After a little of this I felt him slid his finger into her pussy along with my cock, which thrilled as well as startled me at first. He began moving it in and out counter to my rythm. Having his finger rubbing the underside of my cock inside of her gave me an amazing and new sensation, so much so that I had to grasp the base of my cock and squeeze to stop myself from cumming on the spot. "fuck yeah" she exclaimed and I knew she was getting really hot and maybe close to orgasm herself. She reached for Keith's swollen cock making me pop out of her in the process but couldn't quite reach it. He grabbed her hand putting it on his chest not letting her get a hold of his cock. I was surprised when I felt Keith's hand grasp my shaft and guide my cock back into her eager pussy. Before letting go he slid his hand back further and gave my balls a rough squeeze that hurt and felt achingly good at the same time. Connor couldn't contain himself any more. He walked over in front of Julia and dropped to his knees straddling Keith's stomach, his large swollen cock dangling close to her lips begging to be sucked again. "back for more?" she said huskily grinning up at him mischeviously as I gripped her ass with both hands plunging my cock in and out of her roughly from behind while Keith rubbed her clit and fondled one tit. "I thought you might like a second course" Connor said smiling down at her as he directed his cock towards her mouth and began rubbing it on her lips as it oozed slightly. But before Connor could get his cock into her warm willing mouth Keith reached up from under her and grabbed her by the back of her hair jerking her head back and making her gasp in pleasure. "Suck his balls" he said roughly and before I think it even registered with her Connor had positioned himself and lowered his balls into her mouth letting his thick cock lay across her face dripping pre-cum on her. She obliged and sucked on his balls taking them both in her mouth and then alternating between the two while Keith held the back of her head keeping her pressed against Connors nice shaven balls. Keith shimmied himself futher under her letting go of her head as Connor's hand took over for him and postioned himself so that he could reach her clit with his mouth. I realized my balls would be slapping him in the face and pulled back so only the first few inches of my cock penetrated her just as his mouth engulfed her clit. He licked and sucked on her vigorously as I popped the head of my cock in and out of her pussy making her moan with each thrust. I wet my thumb with saliva and grabbed her ass with both hands easing my thumb into her tight asshole gently loosening her up. I felt Keith's tongue and lips begin to rub the underside of my shaft and head as he licked and sucked her clit and the sensation was amazing. Connor had lifted his saliva covered balls from her mouth and Julia exclaimed "That feels fucking amazing, don't stop either of you." With that I thrust my cock all the way in her and feeling the base of my shaft and balls mingle with Keiths hungry mouth and her wet pussy was intense. She lowered her head and slid Keith's neglected, pre-cum drooling cock, which was now easily within reach, between her lips. He moaned deep and low which felt amazing with his mouth pressed against the base of my shaft and balls right where they entered her pussy. I kept my cock deep in her only moving in and out slightly now. Connor grabbed the back of her head and pushed her down forcing Keith's big cock deep into her throat. He let go and she came up gasping and breathing heavily for just a moment before he forced her down again and Keith grunted heavily. I had my thumb deep in her ass by now and I knew she was loving it. Connor lowered himself so that he could line his cock up with Keith's and he held them both together by the base with one hand. Julia starting sucking them both alternating between the two big swollen heads and pushing her tongue between them. She managed to get both together a little ways into her mouth. I felt Keith's mouth leave the spot where my cock penetrated Julia and wondered if he was going to move until I felt his lips wrap around both my balls and take them in his mouth, his tongue rubbing them all over. A few moments of this was all I could take and I gasped loudly as pulled hard at Julia's ass thrusting roughly against her and I came explosively deep in her pussy. I shot stream after stream of hot cum in her as my cock spasmed and I twiched violently. She felt my orgasm and raised her head slightly gyrating her ass against me. Keith kept sucking on my balls the whole time and I knew he could feel my cum leave them as I delivered it into her. She pulled her mouth off of their cocks and said hoarsely "that was so much cum I could feel it filling me." As my orgasm subsided Keith released my balls and I said somewhat sarcastically " you may want to move before I pull out of her unless you want all that on your face". With a chuckle he pulled his cock free from Connor's grasp and slid himself out from under her. They stood and both watched as I slowly pulled my swollen cock out of her and a big stream of sticky white cum followed. "That was really hot" she said. We were all sweaty, breathing heavy and sand covered. "lets take a quick dip to cool down and rinse off" I suggested and we all agreed that it was a good idea, although I could tell by Keith's rock hard nine inch cock and swollen balls that he was dying to cum. We waded into the river and dove under washing the sweat, sand and cum off of us. We walked out thigh deep and I pushed Julia in Keith's direction knowing he was dying to get his cock in her again. He pulled her to him and up to his mouth kissing her roughly. He slid his hands down her back and cupped her ass which was red from being handled so much, squeezing it hard. They kissed for a long moment before he lifted her by her thighs and spread her legs around him. She locked her arms around his neck and he lowered her slowly impaling her on his thick aching member while his big hands gripped her perfect ass firmly, holding her up. She moaned loudly taking him inside of her. Connor and I watched intently and I felt my cock coming to attention again already just watching them. He started moving her up and down on his cock more vigorously and she got louder quickly, enjoying the big cock being thrust into her. I noticed Keith had buried one of his big middle fingers deep in her ass and was fingering it while he fucked her. I moved in behind her and slid my hands between them squeezing her breasts my cock rubbing against her ass and his hand as he lifted her up and down. He slowed and pulled his finger from her ass sensing what I wanted. I licked my hand and used it to wet the head of my cock mixing with my pre-cum, then postioned myself to line up my cock with her tight ass as he held her impaled on his cock. She unhooked one arm from around his neck and wrapped it around mine as I pressed my slick cockhead against her ass, hoping she was sufficiently ready and wrapped an arm around her midsection helping to support her. Connor had moved closer obviously wanting to see what we were going to do. I slowly slid the tip of my cock in her ass and she gasped with pleasure. The sensation was intense. I slowly tried to penetrated her ass further but she said "It's too dry". I withdrew my cock slowly not wanting to hurt her and trying to think of how to lube my cock better. "Here" Keith said and he lifted her pulling his cock from her pussy. I caught his drift and holding his cock aside slid my cock into her knowing there was more than enough wetness in her gushing pussy to meet our needs. I withdrew my cock now slick with her juices all the way to my balls and guided Keith's dick back into her as his hands were occupied holding her up by her ass, which was an oddly arousing act. She let out a throaty moan as he lowered her back onto his cock. With that I guided my cock to her ass and slowly slid it in to the hilt . She sucked in her breath sharply and Keith and I were still as she exhaled slowly. The sensation was amazing and we intuitively let her do the moving. She slowly started to gyrate her hips back and forth, only a little, which would pull one of our cocks out of her slightly and push the other in slightly deeper. I reached up and turned her face to me kissing her deeply then moving my hand down to her free breast. Keith leaned down and sucked the nipple that I offered up to him. She started moaning almost continually it seemed. With each thrust I realized I could feel Keith's big cock through the wall of flesh inside her that seperated us, stretching her pussy to it's max. She went back and forth between kissing Keith and I in between letting out moans of pleasure at being held between the both of us as we fucked her. At some point Keith and I had started moving as well and we were doublefucking her vigorously now, her small frame moving up and down and back and forth between us. One cock going in as the other came out, sandwiching her between us and grinding the whole length of our bodies against her. she had gotten so loud I started to worry that anyone within a half mile would hear us. But she tensed up suddenly and gasped as I felt the muscles in her stomach where I held her go tight. She let out a scream as she came and I felt her ass tighten around my cock and spasm almost hard enough to push me out and I knew her pussy had tightened around Keith's cock as well. She moaned loudly, spasmed strongly several more times and shuddered violently. As her breathing evened out I felt copious amounts of warm fluid running down my balls and legs. At first I thought maybe Keith had cum as well but there was way too much and looking down I realized she had squirted all over both of us, which is something she achieved rarely. "You squirted!" I exclaimed and she giggled girlishly. Keith and I started moving again slowly. "I'm so almost there" Keith breathed heavily and I realized I was as well. "Oh no, no more of that" she said, disappointing us slightly, and With that she unwrapped her legs from Keith's waist slowly pulling our aching, ready to burst, cocks from both her holes almost agonizingly and lowered herself to her knees between us letting our cocks rub along her tight body all the way down. looking up at us, licking her lips she took our cocks, slick with her juices, one in each hand and started stroking them. She turned her mouth to me first but I grasped her chin in my hand turning her mouth towards Keith's waiting cock. "He hasn't cum yet" I said "take him first". Connor kneeled down beside her and pulled her hands away from our cocks holding both her wrists in one hand. She let out a whimper of pleasure at being dominated like this. Taking the cue Keith slapped her tongue with his thick chocolate cock before feeding it into her open waiting mouth slowly at first while I grabbed and pushed the back of her head making her take it a little deeper with each stroke. After just a few moments his breathing grew ragged and he twitched grabbing the back of her head from me roughly and shoving his big cock most of the way into her throat for a few thrusts making her gag slightly before he pulled it all the way out, quickly and gleaming with wetness so his swollen cockhead was barely an inch from her open mouth. He gasped "fuck, I'm going to cum!" and just as soon as he got the words out a thick jet of hot cum shot fom his spasming cock into her mouth. He pointed his cock lower moaning hoarsely and shot two more huge jets of pearly white cum onto her neck and tits. I thought he was surely done but he spasmed again and raising his cock spewed another hot stream just as Julia took him in her mouth eagerly looking up at him as he twiched and let even more cum flow. She slid his cock further into her throat and swallowed deeply milking the last of the cum from his throbbing member. He drew a few deep breaths and his orgasm finally subsided. She kept him in her mouth tonging his now ultra sensitive head and let out a long "mmmmm" and Keith's eyes rolled back in his head as pulled his softening cock from her mouth not able to take any more. I had been stroking my own cock and was close to cumming myself as I took his place in front of her. Looking down at her, her mouth and chin dripped with copious amounts of Keith's cum while more had run down from her neck and breasts making it's way onto her stomach and between her legs. I said "Do you want to taste some more?" "Yes!" she replied eagerly her eyes burning with lust. Connor had moved behind her now, on his knees, pulling at her waist making her bend slightly so that he could guide his thick cock into her from behind. He rubbed her sex with his swollen head and she moaned as he impaled her arching her back to accomodate him better. I wondered if he had his cock in her ass or pussy with passing curiosity. She grabbed my shaft with one hand and balls with the other pulling my cock to her mouth as she moaned but Connor pulled her hands away roughly yet again, one wrist in each hand and held them out to each side behind her using them to pull her hard against his cock while he fucked her from behind sliding himself in and out making her bounce against him. I put my hand on the top of her head and slid my cock into her waiting mouth, her moans increasing my pleasure. I stood still and the bouncing motion of Connor fucking her hard from behind slid my cock in and out of her mouth deeply. I felt my orgasm coming and from Connor's grunting guessed he was close as well. I pulled my cock from her mouth and she gasped saying "Cum in my mouth, I want to taste it" I was happy to oblige moving to slide my cock back in, but in that moment hearing those sexy words come from her mouth sent Connor over the edge. He let go of her wrists, grabbed her by the waist, let out a loud and gutteral moan and shoved his cock deep into her and held it there. She gasped loudly arching her back and throwing her head back. There was no mistaking that he was sending streams of hot cum deep inside my wife as he twitched several more times moaning and gasping. Julia reached back grabbing and spreading her own ass cheeks and shoved herself against him hard taking his cock in her as far as it could possibly go almost sending Connor off balance. He exhaled raggedly and laid his head on her back still gripping her tightly to him by the waist. Smiling at me she let go of her ass and reached up gripping my upper thighs, one hand on each, and took my cock back in her mouth looking up into my eyes and sucking me with abandon. I couldn't take any more and came with more force than I remember ever doing before. She slid my cock into her warm mouth further and swallowed as I came her eyes never leaving mine. I sent several more spurts of cum into her which she swallowed eagerly before I slowly pulled my aching cock from her mouth smiling down at her and squeezed the remaining cum from my shaft which she licked off the end of my cock breathing heavily. I wiped some cum from her cheek that had managed to spill out with my finger and slid it into her mouth, she sucked it clean and grinned as Connor finally released her, slipped his cock out of her and stood up his big cockhead still oozing cum. I saw his still warm cum running down the inside of both her legs as she turned to him and took him in her mouth slowly sucking and licking the remaining cum mingled with her own juices from his throbbing cock . She grinned up at us with a devilish look covered in our cum. We all stepped in closer to her our cocks wet and gleaming in the moonlight dangling over her and she took turns sensually licking and taking each of our aching spent dicks into her mouth and sucking them lightly as they softened, fondling our balls with her hands. As I reached down and caressed her cum covered tits and neck, Connor sweetly pushed her hair behind each ear and bent down to kiss her slowly sliding his tongue into her mouth not caring that her saliva was mingled with all of our cum. Keith ran his hands down her back gently then stepped back and reached down smacking her ass playfully. "I have a feeling if we hadn't shown up here tonight you guys would've been sucking eachother off instead of Julia doing it" I said, breaking the silence and they both grinned but had nothing to say in reply. I turned towards the water my body aching with pleasure and said " last one in is a rotten egg!" and we all raced for the river and dove in.

the end.

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