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A Weekend of Pleasure part 3

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Betty had just announced that she was ready for a drink and the rest of us chimed in yes lets have a drink! I walked toward the cabin bar asking what will you all have? As I turned around and looked the sight I saw was awesome! My wife well tanned blonde hair smaller breast gently bouncing as her nude body walked with her left hand gently exploring and touching Betty's tanned body with much bigger breast bouncing as they walked I was looking at Betty's reddish tint hair watching my wive's hand squeeze her breast while her other hand was holding Bob's dick.

And Betty and Bob were making sure to feel all of my wife that they could as they walked toward the bar!

As they arrived at the bar and both woman leaned forward letting their breast touchagainst the bar my wife repliedlook honey Betty's are bigger than mine and you can touch them as much as you like this weekend and by the way we are both playing with Bob's dick right now!

We enjoyed the drinks I made and the playing and talking continued. Betty and Bob told us they were fasinated with my wive'spussy peircing and both asked if it hurt when she got it and if we liked it?

Yes it is sexy and hot and there are times it adds pleasure the orgasm!

Betty then said that all the earlier fucking had made her hot and sweaty and she wanted to shower before any more fucking!

Next thing you know we are all four stepping into the shower at the same time and grabbing and holding onto naked bodies to keep us from slipping and falling. Showers with others are very erotic and stimulating! Your bodies are wet and slippery from the water and soap and as hands are rubbing against your nude body your nude body is rubbing against other nude bodies and at times you are not even focused on whose body is touching yours just enjoying the pleasure of another body touching yours!

As we are showering soapy and wet fingers are going everywhere and mine and Bob's dick's are beginning to throb and swell again!

We make our way to the bed as we are all touching and feeling each other! Betty lays my wife down on the bed and begins to move in closer to her pussy so she can play with my wive's clit peircing! Bob and I are playing with and kissing my wive's breast as we watchBetty begin to lick and suck her pussy! It is not long before Bob and I are taking turns with Betty licking and sucking my wive's clit and pussy! Betty is commenting look how big her clit is getting and how good she taste! At this point Betty has her face buried into my wive's pussy Bobhas his fingers buried into her pussy and my finger is moving into my wive's ass as she begins to buck and orgasm wildly!

My wife moves up to Betty and kisses her deeply as she lets her fingers move to Betty's wet pussy my wife is telling us that she is going to eat Betty's pussy and suck her clit! Boband I are also giving all our attention to Betty now along with my wife! My wife lets her fingers open up the folds of Betty's pussy so she can get a better look and lick of Betty's pussy! As the three of us take turns licking and sucking Betty's pussy we are bringing her closer to orgasm! My wife now has her face buried into Betty's pussy while my fingers are working deeply into Betty's open and wet pussy Bobhas slipped a finger into Betty's ass bringing her to a convulsing orgasm!

The two woman now turn their attention to Bob and they are both have his throbbing dick in their hands as theymove in with their hungry mouths each licking his swollen hard dick with their wet tongues taking turns letting their mouth's open and taking the head of his dick into their mouthand with each turn they take more of his swollen dick into their mouth! Before long they are both deep throating Bob's hard dick and fingering their each others pussy! They then take their pussy soaked fingers and plunge them into Bob's ass! Bob is not wanting to come but with two hot beauties sucking his dick and finger fucking his ass he is shooting sperm into both of their waiting mouthsas hungrily swollow all he has to give them!

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