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A Week at the Cabin

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A single female that wanted to be initiated into the lifestyle contacted us through our SLS profile. Lauren was just out of a boyfriend relationship that had been her first real sexual experience. Her profile showed a beautiful girl, age 22, articulate and mature of thought. My husband and I exchanged emails and phone calls with her and agreed to show her the ropes. We are in very good shape, being outdoor enthusiasts, in our late 40?s. I?m 5?3? with 36D?s and hubby is 5?10? with eyes that attract the girls.

We had a 10-day vacation coming up at a remote cabin, so invited Lauren to join us for a week. She enthusiastically accepted saying that she loved the outdoors. We said that meeting at a neutral beautiful place should be very sexy and that she would be free to leave anytime she wanted. We got to the cabin a day before Lauren to get ready (place recreational sex aids all around!). We were thankful that trees mostly screened the cabin and area around it from others. It didn?t appear that the nearest cabins had any occupants anyway.

When Lauren showed up, she was even more beautiful than her profile picture: 5?7? with long brown hair, very nice curves and wonderful perky breasts. I melted and my husband naturally fell in lust. Her profile said she was straight, but our telephone conversations showed that she was receptive to female contact at least. I had hopes!

She arrived just before dinner dressed in jeans and a tank top. Shawn and I were dressed for fun in the sun ? shorts and sandals; he had a polo shirt on; I was in a bikini bra. After enthusiastic greetings, hugs, and cheek kisses, during which Lauren showed no signs of nervousness or reserve, I invited her to bring her luggage into the cabin. We had previously told Lauren that the cabin was one bedroom with a King bed, but there was also a sort of den/loft. I invited her to put her clothes in the closet there and showed her the day bed under the bay window. She was delighted by the entire cabin and didn?t lose any enthusiasm on seeing the arrangements. In fact, she was quite chatty. I was getting wet just being with her. I told her to get settled in while I helped Shawn with dinner. Just as I was about to shout for her to come on out for dinner, she showed up. Both of us gasped. She had changed into a yellow French-cut bikini. Shawn said he was ready for desert; I playfully slapped him with the back of my hand but Lauren just said ?thank you,? and walked over to give us a 3-way hug. Feeling her skin, I just melted with desire. As he turned back to the grill, I noticed Shawn?s shorts were bulging.

During dinner, we chatted about general things ? backgrounds and interests. As we were finishing, Shawn brought it up: ?What do you want to learn about the swinger lifestyle??

Without hesitation, ? Everything . . . I think.? After a pause, ?Sex feels SO good and I just want to find out more about sexy fun.?

?Do you enjoy masturbating? Shawn wasn?t wasting any time.

?I love to.?

?With toys?? came from me.

?I have a vibrator that looks like a cock.?

I asked, ?Did you and your boyfriend experiment much??

?He liked to play with my breasts and eat me in addition to having intercourse in different positions, if that is what you mean.?

?What about sucking his cock, masturbating in front of each other, using your vibrator in front of him, sex in the shower, public sex, multiple partners, dressing for sex, that sort of thing?? I asked.

?I tried sucking his cock, but he always wanted to screw me, so it never lasted very long. I?d watch him stroke it to get erect, but not really masturbating with each other. I did like to dress in ways that would tease him ? like this!? her hands swept over her bikini-clad body. ?What I?d really like to know is how to have fun ? I mean really make it last and really had a lot of fun.?

?Well, first of all,? Shawn said, ?swingers use the graphic words like ?pussy,? and ?fuck? for fun and sexual arousal; not to be vulgar or for shock value.?

?And,? I added, ?most swingers love to take time to flirt, tease, and just be sexy ? sexy play. Most love to watch and be watched doing all kinds of sexy things.?

?What kinds of sexy things would you be doing tonight if you were with swingers right now?? she asked.

I let Shawn answer because I knew he wanted to take things in a particular direction: ?Before we get to that, is your pussy shaved?? (Shawn loves to shave!)

?It is bikini trimmed, as you can see,? as she stood up.

Most swingers like your pussy shaved or trimmed so that hair doesn?t get in the way of playing,? I said as I stood and pulled my shorts down to show her my landing-strip mound; the closely trimmed hair ending above my slit. After a few seconds, Shawn stood and pulled his shorts down to show that his cock and balls were shaved with a larger landing strip that came down to the root of his cock.

After surveying us for a few minutes, Lauren quietly pulled her bottoms down to show trimmed pubic hair. She said, ?I wax the bikini line, but haven?t done more.?

?Would you like it if Shawn and I showed you how to get a sexy shave??

With that, we were party on. Shawn and Lauren cleared the picnic table and got the shaving equipment while I prepared some warm, moist towels. No one put their bottoms back on and I removed my bikini bra before coming back outside. Shawn had Lauren lay on the picnic table, lower legs hanging down and legs spread slightly. He kept up a running description on the art of shaving, explaining the ?best? ways (according to him ? that is, the way to achieve maximum hornyness) to trim with scissors, use of warm moist towels, proper moisturizing shaving cream and razor, etc., as he applied each step. I couldn?t stand it. As Shawn started to trim with the scissors, I offered to help her see what was going on and got on the table behind her, lifting her to a reclined sitting position. She lay back against me, her warm smooth skin against my naked breasts. It was all I could do to keep my hands off her firm 34D tits. I wanted to lead into girl play slowly to see how she would handle it. Shawn took his time, taking every opportunity to rub her mound and between her legs a bit more than necessary at each step, especially applying the shaving cream. Speaking of cream, I was so horny and wet watching this and offering comments of my own. As Shawn shaved her lips, he spread them slightly, ran a finger up and down her slit, and pulled her already tight lips even tighter. When he shaved the top of her slit, he pinched her clit between his fingers and pulled it out and down. Lauren watched and giggled through most of this, moaning slightly when he ran a finger inside her lips. She let out deep moans and leaned back hard against me as he pulled on her clit. I thought for sure she had cum.

?It looks like you just got very wet,? Shawn said. All she could do was nod. Shawn cleaned the saving cream off of her now bald pussy and applied a liberal amount of moisturizing lotion, again playing with her lips and clit more than necessary. She was so far gone, that I took a chance and worked my hands up under her top and lightly tweaked her very hard nipples, just as Shawn rolled her clit between his fingers. This time she moaned loudly and her whole body went rigid and shook. I desperately wanted to finger my pussy, but didn?t want to turn loose of her hard nipples.

?That must have been a great cum,? I said.

?Oh, my god, I have never cum like that without being penetrated! I really want to be fucked now.?

?And I want to fuck you now also,? Shawn said as he stepped back so we could see his straining hard-on. It was as rigid as I had ever seen it. ?But time enough for that later. Why don?t you see how your bald pussy feels??

She slid her hand down until she encountered her smooth mound; across her outer lips, up and down her slit and between her legs. ?Play with yourself if you?d like, ?I said. ?As a matter of fact, I?ll join you. Shawn, come around here and hold Lauren up.? Shawn and I swapped positions (I just had to see her tight shaved cunt!); Shawn positioned himself where his cock was firmly up against her back and removed her top in the process. As we moved around, she started playing with her pussy more, sliding her fingers deeper up and down inside of her lips.

When I got around where I could get a good view, ?Oh my god, sweetie, you are so wet! We will have to let Shawn clean you up with his tongue after a bit.? I said, while wanting to lick her dry myself right then.

?Mmmm, I get very wet when I?m horny and I am VERY horny now,? she said and slid a finger inside. By now, I was fingering myself as I watched. Shawn was squirming against her back as he watched both of us.

?Slowly, Honey, make it last,? I admonished and reached out with my free hand to still her hand. ?You know, it is getting dark, maybe we ought to continue this inside.? Still I made no move to quit fingering myself, nor to remove my hand from hers. I knew Shawn had more in mind inside. He sat her upright and moved off the table to my side. I gave him a deep, wet kiss while gently stroking his cock. ?Kiss Lauren for me Sweetheart and help her off the table.? He stepped in to her; his cock slid up and over her mound, and kissed her deeply; she tentatively rubbed his cock against herself. As they broke the kiss, Shawn helped her down and said ?Another second of that and I would have cum!?

Lauren said, ?Please let me make you cum!? But he just smiled, winked and said that could wait. We gathered the dinner things, and went into the cabin. While putting things away, I took every opportunity to tease Shawn, pinching his nipples or stroking his cock. He would, in turn, pinch or suck on a nipple, or quickly slide a finger inside. I told Lauren that it was OK for her to do the same, ?just enough to keep him hard but don?t make him cum.? Soon, both of us were teasing him and he us. Soon I tried coping a quick feel of her breast, butt, or mound; and once or twice, she did the same. When we both happened to reach for Shawn?s cock at the same time, we started laughing and stroked it together. I saw that she was leaning forward to kiss Shawn, so I did and we three kissed together.

Later when Lauren and I were in the tiny kitchen alone, she said that the kiss had been very nice; she enjoyed it very much.

?You know that I am Bi, Lauren.?

She nodded and blushed a bit, ?I know . . . The only thing that I was nervous about thinking of this week, was the prospect of being with you. I am enjoying this very much ? the three of us playing together just now was better than I ever thought. I want Shawn to fuck me so bad I can hardly stand it. But I also think I?d enjoy playing with you more too.?

I moved in and hugged her tight. Looking up, she was still smiling, so I gently pulled her mouth down to mine. We only kissed for a few seconds, but it was a full-on kiss. I broke it, not wanting to scare her, but continued to hold her. She smiled, leaned forward on her own and initiated a deep kiss. I let my hand slide down over her firm butt and in between her legs until a finger brushed her pussy lips. As she slowly broke the kiss, she pinched my nipples. I squeaked a bit and grabbed at hers. Soon, we were laughing and grabbing at nipples, hair, bellybuttons, pussies, anything we could get our hands on.

Shawn came in, wondering what was happening. His erection was gone, so I commented to Lauren that perhaps his cock needed some more attention. She reached for it, but I whispered for her to suck it. She went down on one knee and took his already growing member in her mouth. I got down along side of her and started giving her cock-sucking instruction, swinger style: telling her what Shawn liked while I moved him between her mouth and mine. I had her suck on his shaft while I licked the root and his balls. Shawn then said that he was going to cum if we didn?t stop. Lauren said that was the idea, but I made her stop anyway, telling her that this was part of playing ? it would get better. She was very disappointed, and not inclined to stop. Shawn told her that he loved being brought to the brink and then backing off; it made him cum so much harder later.

In the living room Shawn had lit candles and set out white wine. He told Lauren to sit on the over-stuffed chair and watch. She could masturbate, but she shouldn?t cum. I got on the couch at an angle where she would be able to see what was going on, and spread my legs. Shawn is very good at giving oral, and especially loves an audience. As he sucked my clit and ran his tongue up and down, in and out, I told Lauren what he was doing and how it felt: ?Oh, baby, you have got to feel his tongue in your hole. It is SO silky and rough at the same time.? And ?His fingers are stimulating my G-spot; I am getting so close to cumming.? She moved over and started sucking on my breasts while watching Shawn eat me. I told Shawn, ?Fuck me baby so our little slut can see up close what it looks like.? Shawn moved up and positioned his cock between my legs. ?Suck his cock a few times and put in my pussy, please.? I told Lauren.

She did, ?You are so going to love having his cock in you,? as she opened my lips and positioned his head at the opening. As he slowly pushed inside, she only gave up her grip as the shaft disappeared. ?Oh, god that looks so good; I want it inside of me so bad!? she moaned. Shawn and I smiled at each other ? time for another planned event. He slowly thrust in and out only a few times and withdrew. I?m sure Lauren must have thought that NOW it was her turn. Not so. I reached behind a cushion and withdrew a rabbit vibe.

Holding it up for Lauren to see, I told her that this was for her. Of course we knew she had only had a simple vibe before this. Shawn got between her legs and slowly licked her pussy. Ever so slowly, her went deeper and more vigorous until her clit was hard and juices flowing. He was careful to go slow so she wouldn?t cum. I took over and inserted the cock portion and turned it on low. I fucked her with it for a bit before turning the rabbit ears on against her clit. It was so sexy to watch her as the rabbit ears wet to work. Her head rolled back as she was consumed with the pleasure. I began moving the cock portion around inside of her, keeping it low, away from her G-spot and careful to maintain contact on her clit. Shawn moved up and offered his cock to her open mouth. When I could see that she was completely lost in pleasure, I withdrew the rabbit and substituted my fingers and tongue. And almost came myself! Her juices were flowing freely and oh, so very tasty. All three of us were consumed by lust at that moment. Shawn and I had talked this over and had wanted her to get so very hot and keep her on the brink for a long time, driving her wild. I couldn?t help myself, however. I just had to make her cum and taste her white cream. I really got lost in eating and fingering her tight little cunt. It wasn?t until later talking about the evening?s fun that I learned that Shawn withdrew from her mouth to watch.

I felt her cunt clamp down on my fingers and quickly withdrew them to substitute my tongue. And was instantly rewarded with the most wonderful tasting cum ever! I had to hold on to her hips as she bucked and convulsed in a powerful orgasm. As her first wave subsided, Shawn pushed me aside and thrust into her. He was kneeling on the floor, his rod pumping upward, right into her G-spot. I massaged her clit with a wet finger. She came again with the same bucking and loud ?Fuck me hard.? Shawn was moving at light speed. Later she admitted that she felt more pleasure, more lust, more orgasms than she ever thought possible. Sweat pouring off of his face and body, Shawn withdrew and shot all over her body. I have never seen him shoot so much. I rubbed him against Lauren?s belly. He didn?t get soft, so I stuck him back into her pussy. His cock-head gets ultra sensitive when he cums, so he convulsed with the sensation of going back inside. He couldn?t move, the head was that sensitive.

I went to work licking cum off of Lauren as she regained her senses. I took another chance and kissed her with Shawn?s cum on my mouth. She eagerly accepted and probed with her tongue to get more cum.

We took a break to rehydrate and talk about what had happened. Lauren was fine with everything and eager for more. We had blankets around, but she seemed to be quite the exhibitionist. Now that the ice was completely broken, she continued to play with herself and both of us. When someone recounted a particularly delightful moment, she would straddle our hips and give a big wet kiss. When she straddled Shawn, she ground her pussy against his cock.

Shawn said that he very much enjoyed eating her pussy. She said that was so amazing to her ? in her experience guys only ate pussy long enough to get her wet before fucking her. Shawn assured her that oral was in itself a delight. I said that went double for me; her pussy tasted better than any I had ever eaten. She was so delighted that she wanted me to eat her some more right then. I said only if she returned the favor. She did hesitate, but only briefly. I pushed her onto the couch and crawled up her body to give her a kiss, then slowly kissed and sucked my way down it. When I got to her mound, I took my time, kissing and licking all around, not touching her cunt. I then repeated the process in reverse back up to her waiting mouth. Next I invited her to follow my example. As she licked and sucked her way down my body, I was on fire. What she lacked in experience was more than made up with the knowledge that this was her first time. Maybe I imagined it, but I thought she had to work herself up to actually touching my pussy with her tongue. I kept encouraging her: ?Oh that feels so wonderful; yes right there; oh keep that up; a little farther down . . .? When she finally brought her tongue down over my slit to my clit, I shuttered with a small orgasm.

Before she got me too worked up, I switched us to 69 with me on top; Shawn was happily stroking another erection as he watched. As soon as we were in position, I dove right in to the most delightful pussy ever. I don?t have any idea how long we enjoyed each other ? it was both an eternity and no time at all ? I came at least two times and I?m sure Lauren came three or four times. I was taking a bit of a breather, enjoying Lauren?s fingers and tongue, when I caught Shawn?s eye and motioned him over. He knelt between Lauren?s legs and gently slid his cock into her. I resumed licking/sucking on her clit as he fucked her slowly. Her attention to my pussy intensified as she approached and had an orgasm. Shawn pulled out and went around to my end. I felt Lauren place his cock at the entrance to my hole and he fucked me as he had Lauren; she continued on my clit as I had on hers. In almost no time I had a powerful orgasm, followed almost immediately with the feeling of Shawn hot cum filling me. I collapsed down on her face, exhausted.

We went to bed around three or four in the morning ? three of us in the King bed.

The rest of the week was like that. We wore robes when it was cool in the morning; nothing the rest of the day. At breakfast that first morning, Lauren was asking about, and wanting to try, more fun things. All reservations about girl play were gone. The most fun was teaching her about anticipation. Shaving her each day was always an anticipation event. One evening we brought out porn movies; she had never seen any. We played touchie-feelie as we watched, but wouldn?t allow her to cum for the longest time. I remember one scene involving a couple much the same as our ages. As a birthday present, the female ordered a cute young stripper to their home, which of course led to very hot sex. Lauren loved the scene and kept commenting on how art imitated true life. She loved all of our toys; I think the rabbit was her favorite, especially when I showed her the multiple speeds and vibrating options. She certainly preferred real cock over the strap-on ? we only used it once. My favorite, a double head dildo, seemed to become a favorite ? at least she initiated play with it on several occasions.

She delighted in waking us up in the morning by performing oral on both of us, then sitting on Shawn?s cock while eating me. She also loved ?getting caught:? initiating sex when the other was not around so she could get caught in the act.

Still, we had surprises for her: a sex swing outside that we spent much of one morning on; marathon 3-way sex in the shower and in the creek behind the cabin; toy shows and play; and my favorite, squirting. I can?t control it, but know when it is going to happen ? the first time was on our second full day. Lauren and Shawn were eating and fingering me at the same time. Lauren then had to know how to do it. I couldn?t really teach her since I don?t know how to control it myself. She never quit trying.

Other surprises: I brought along all of my swinger party clothes and we spent an evening giving Shawn a ?dressed for sex? fashion show. Owing to our differences in height and bust size, some didn?t work too well on her, but things like ?school girl? and naughty lingerie worked well. She had never heard of cream pies but loved eating them from me once she learned and having Shawn and I eat from her. One evening she had to watch, without participating, as Shawn and I played with another couple. When we went to bed that night, she was so horny that she came almost as soon as Shawn entered her ? and kept coming. The next to last evening we surprised her when three men showed up. Along with Shawn, they gangbanged first me and then Lauren; she watched and then got her first mouth-pussy DP. We aren?t into anal and had talked about the pros and cons before the gangbang. I noted that Shawn was the only one that she let fuck her bareback. Although all four guys had similar cocks, she loved talking about their differences. The last night was just the three of us.

That was last summer. She lives six hours away, but we get together now and again.

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