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A Trip to the Redwoods Pt.1

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We had been talking about taking the next step for a very long time. We had looked on many swing web sites. We finally found one that had all ages and sizes. We sent out many letters and found too many that just wanted to exchange pictures or just wanted to talk about swinging. Then there was the times we went for coffee and drinks with a few and found some just were not a match. Then we finally met Anne and Mitch. It was a great meeting right from the moment we sat down to the time we left. I was sold when Anne started caressing my leg under the table and by the expression on Lin?s face Mitch must be having a case of roaming hands. We laughed and joked and had a great time and didn?t hesitate when they asked us to go on a picnic with them in the Redwoods.

I had some last minute things to take care of at the office so we could get an early start for trip. I picked you up and we head up to the Redwoods. On the drive up to the Redwoods, we always admire the beauty of these Giant trees. It is a warm day but with all the tall Redwoods, it is always nice and cool. Our drive up to our special spot is always fun. We never seem to be able to keep our hands off each other. You lean over and whisper in my ear that you are not wearing any panties. You know how this drives me crazy and I know Mitch will be very happy to find out you are ready for play. Of course now I want to play with you as I drive and you know how hard that is. The road is winding and I have to keep my eyes on the lookout for all the turns. But I am going slow enough that I can do all this with one hand while I let my other hand roam up and down your wonderful legs. Moving all the way up your leg till I get to your special spot. I can feel how your getting wet. Mmmmm I love how excited you get when we are together. While I?m playing with you I can feel your hand start to roam up and down my leg. I?m wearing shorts that allow your hand to move up to find that I too have not put on any underwear. Your touch always excites me.

Then you ask me to raise the steering wheel up a little. As soon as I comply you lay your head in my lap. Giving me little kisses and bites on my bare leg. I find it harder and harder to concentrate on the road. You are such a tease. Soon you unzip my shorts and take my cock out. You take it right away into your warm wonderful mouth. As much as I love the feel of you in my lap I tell you to be very careful. I would hate to go off the road because you drove me crazy at the wrong time. You look up at me, smile go up and down a few more times, a couple of licks and a kiss before putting me back in my shorts. It?s never boring driving up to the mountains with you.

We arrive at the special spot that Anne and Mitch told us about and we get out to enjoy the beauty of it all. The first thing I do is take you in my arms and give you a nice long kiss to let you know how much I enjoyed your little treat. I love taking a walk in the woods with you. We walk up the path hand in hand following the markers that Anne and Mitch have left for us. We chat and enjoy the moment and this special time we have together before meeting our new friends. We do not go far until we find the grove we were looking for. Anne and Mitch were there already and have a couple of blankets laid out as well as some food items. No one else is around. They have found a great place because the trees have shed lots of needles and that makes for a nice bed of soft needles. I spread our blankets out and then I open the picnic basket that you have prepared. You have packed fried chicken and potato salad. You are such a good cook. I enjoy everything you make and do for me. Anne was thinking of other things when she made up here basket. Their foods laid on their blankets were bananas, strawberries, gr*pes, whipped cream and some chocolate sauce. We brought the main course and they brought the dessert.

We all sit down and are totally enjoying the setting and the company. We start to eat and it?s like a scene from that old Tom Jones movie. You can tell by the way we?re eating it?s not food we have on our minds. You have such a special touch that drives me crazy and I know Mitch will be a very happy guy at the end of the day. I watch you as we eat. Seeing a little grease and crumbs on your lips gives you a very exciting look. I know Mitch noticed this too. We are in the woods and do not have to worry about how we look. I dip my finger into the potato salad and offer it to Anne. She takes my finger into her mouth and lick every inch of it until she has all the salad in her mouth. That did it and we all started to remove our clothes and feel the cool damp air against our skin. I always love the sight of a nude woman. I can see how the cool air is making the women?s nipples grow hard. I want to take those hard nipples into my mouth and lick, suck and bite them until I hear Anne moan with pleasure. I lay Anne down onto the blanket and our outdoor bed of needles and watch as Mitch follows suit. The feeling is soft yet with a little bit of pain from the ends of the needles. I soon make you forget about any pain by placing my mouth over Anne?s nipple and running my hand down her body until I reach her sweet hot wetness. I take her nipple deep into my mouth and push my thumb deep inside of her pussy as my finger slowly slides into her tight ass. You get wetter and wetter as you watch me and Mitch works on you at the same time. I move my hand in and out of Anne?s sweet pussy and tight ass. Licking and biting on her hard nipple makes her sooo hot that she reach her first climax and cums hard all over my hand and the blanket. As soon as this happens I move down to take your clit into my mouth, so I can make Anne cum a second time. I am soooooooo hard now and Anne wants to feel my cock in your mouth. Now I lay on my back and look up at the beauty of the tall trees reaching up to the sky. My cock too is standing straight up as Anne slowly move her lips around it. First, she just take the tip into her lips. Then she slide her lips down one side then up the other. When she reachs the tip again she, only take in just the top half of my cock. Using her tongue to make me wet and a little precum is at the top. The air feels cool where her lips have made my cock wet. The warmth of her mouth and the coolness of the air are driving me crazy. She can feel this as my balls grow tighter and she now play with both my balls and ass. Now she takes all my cock into her mouth and goes all the way down to my balls. Everytime she moves up the cool air rushes around my cock and she then goes down on me again. Ohhhhhhhhhhh what a wonderful feeling. Anne is soooooooooo good. It drives me crazy and she can feel me getting ready to cum. Anne wants me too not, only to cum into her mouth she want to feel my hot cum all over her body too. My first shot of cum does go into her mouth and then she moves back and lets the rest go all over her beautiful breasts and body. She lays down next to me and I rub my cum into her body like it was a special massage oil.... What a wonderful afternoon we are having. I never want it to end. We hold each other close. Enjoying the day. We talk about our week and how we wish we could spend more time together. When we get together again hopefully time won?t fly by. We hold each other close and start kissing. Anne has such soft lips and our kisses start the fire in both of us. We?ll share more of this story another time.

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