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A Treat At The Beach pt 2

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A Treat At The Beach pt 2 by: Cknthisout

In part one I told you about how I had gone to the beach and met this beautiful young woman that invited me back to her room and wound up with her, her mom and her boyfriend. Here's what happened next.

I was laying there with cum running out of my ass and all over my chest as Lisa started telling me about the fantasies they had. She said that she and Liz had been sharing boyfriends since she was old enough to date but that this was the first time that John had participated. She then told me that watching John fuck me had her so horny that she needed to fuck someone and that she wanted that someone to be me. I told her that I needed a few minutes to clean up and she offered to help. We went into the bathroom and I stepped into the shower. Lisa followed me in and as the water began to wash over the front of my body Lisa got down on her knees and took my semi-hard cock into her mouth and began to lick and suck. As she teased my cock with her tongue it responded by getting stiffer. Shw swallowed as much of it as she could and began stroking it with her tightly clamped lips. When she pulled back to where she only had the head of it in her mouth she began twisting her head back and forth while stroking my shaft with her hand. She played with my balls for a minute and then stood up and passionately kissed me. I could taste my cock on her lips and tongue and was exctied by the taste. As our tongues danced in each others mouth I reached down between her legs and began to play with her silky slick clit. I rubbed it back and forth and when she pushed forward slightly I plunged my finger into her wanting wet hole. I could tell that she was enjoying it from the way she was moving. I stroked her g-spot and teased her clit bringing her to the edge of orgasm. I pulled out my finger and popped it into my mouth once again enjoying the flavor of such a beautiful young woman.

I looked over and saw that Liz and Jason (Lisa's boyfriend) were into a 69 and that they were both enjoying what they were doing. I watched Liz's head bobbing up and down on Jason's cock and saw as she was fucking his ass with her finger He really seemed to be getting off on it as he was bucking and pressing his ass hard onto her hand driving her finger deep inside of his ass. Knowing that this is what had happened to me earlier I too started getting off to the specticle. It was truly an amazing sight.

As I laid there watching I felt my cock twitch and could feel the pre-cum oozing out of the tip. Lisa must have been watching me because I suddenly felt her tongue lick the the clear liquid droplet from the crack in my mushroom head. Her tongue wrapped around my glans and pushing down with her lips she covered my manhood with a condom. She then climbed on top of me and placed my cock at her love tunnel opening. She moved her hips forward and backward lubricating the top of the condom with her womanly fluids. and teasing me to no end. I couldn't stop twitching. After several times of going back and forth she centered on top of me and shoved down with such a force that i was quickly buried inside of her up to the hilt. She was tight and wet.Her vaginal walls had my swollen member in such a tight grip that i thought we would be stuck together for life. But then she started rocking back and forth. As she rode me she slowly loosened up and within minutes was riding me at a full gallop. She would pull up bring her lips to the bottom of my cock head and then slam back down as hard and as fast as she could. I had never been fucked so hard. I was throughly enjoying the experience. I was able to find her rhythm and was soon thrusting back against her plunges. Our pelvises we slamming together and every time they met my crotch was covered with another gush of her fluids.After several minutes of this I was almost to the point of not being able to take it any more when she bore down on me and began to grind against my cock. She let out a scream, flung back her head and gripped my legs as she leaned back in exctasy. I could feel the muscled squeezing and pulsing around my cock. With her leaning back it was pressed up against her g-spot and I could hold it no longer. I exploded deep inside of her. I could feel the condom strain at the load I was emptying into it.

After we finished cumming Lisa leaned over and kissed me telling em that this was the most amazing sex she had ever had. She reached down and removed the condom from my softening cock. Seeing all of the cum she decided that she was going to clean me up and proceeded to start licking up every drop. I decided to return the favor and pulled her around to where I could clean up her drenched pussy and began to do so by sticking my tongue deep into her well opened pussy and licking around the inside. She moaned her approval and spread her legs to give me better access. Using my fingers to gather up some of her lubrication I spread it around her brown hole and began to tease her with my finger. She responded by pressing back onto my finger causing it to pop into her anal opening. She pumped it a few times before I pulled it out and teased her a little more playing with her clit and ass.

As much fun as I was having with Lisa I couldn't wait to get ahold of Liz again. I looked over and saw that she and Jason were watching us. I winked at her just before Lisa turned around and kissed me. Something was different and I suddenly ralized that she had our mixed juices all over her lips. I felt her tongue probe my mouth and opened up my mouth and then tasted something warm and salty, yet sweet. I swallowed it down with the understanding that I was drinking down my own cum mixed with hers. Never having done this before I paused a minute to savor the flavor. It was not bad and in a way I enjoyed it.

With that, Liz told Lisa that she wanted some of me before I was all used up. She kissed me and I could taste Jason's cock on her lips. Although similar to mine it was slightly different yet somewhat exciting. Liz wasted no time and quickly impaled herself on my cock. She did not use a condom but instead chose to ride me bareback. As good as Lisa felt on my cock Liz was ten times better. Her pussy was soaking wet and although not as tight as Lisa still was able to grip my cock firmly. This time I decided that I was going to be the one doing the fucking so I rolled her over and began to slowly stroke. After having cum several times I knew that it was going to take me a while before I could cum again and I wanted to fuck Liz for a long time. I reached down and cupped her breast in my hand tweaking her nipple between my thumb and fore finger. I leaned over and took her other nipple in my mouth licking and sucking it like a starving baby. As her nipples grew the fluids coming from between her thighs began to flow down her ass and soak the bed sheets. I lifted her legs and took her even more deeply. She moaned and kept say "YES!" "OMG. YES!" I was certainly enjoying this pussy and she seemed to like the way I was fucking her. I moved around and straddled one of her legs while holding up the other one and began to pound her drenched pussy even harder. She began to scream with pleasure and then clamped down on my like a pair of vice grips. Her pussy began contracting and as she squeezed me tight she began cumming with pulsing waves of pleasure. I kept pumping letting her enjoy her monstrous orgasm. Finally her legs relaxed and they dropped onto the bed. The bed was soaked with her juices and so were our legs. I still hadn't cum and now I wanted to fuck her in the ass like they had done to me.

I rolled her onto her stomach and lifted her ass up into the air. It was covered with her cum and I used that to lubricate her anal opening and began to push my still hard cock into her. She looked back and smiled and told me to enjoy. I pressed a little harder and with a little pop my cock slid into her brown opening. I could feel her relax her muscles as she told me to continue. I pressed on going deeper and deeper into her backside. Once I wa s fully inside of her I began to fuck her ass. Gently at first as to not cause her injury but the more I pumped the more agressive she got and it wasn't long before I was slamming her ass as hard as I had her pussy. i felt her clench up again and knew that she was having another oragasm and with a few more pumps I felt that familiar swelling in my loins and let her squeeze my load deep inside of her.

By this time we were all somewhat exhausted and decided that we would clean up a little and get a little rest. I was going to head back to my room but the girls told me that the fun had just begun and that they wanted me to stick around a little while longer. I agreed and fell asleep between the two of them with Jason laying on the other side of Lisa. When we woke up, well that's another story and I'll continue that in part 3.

A Treat At The Beach pt 2 by: Cknthisout

Please let me know if you like this and would like to read part 3.

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