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I found out about the monthly fashion show strictly by accident. Sally, my wife, Steve (a recently divorced neighbor) and I had driven to my long time friend’s house in Sacramento. Her name was Mary. I had met her about 10 years earlier. Mary had the most consistent and reliable line on an Item that Sally and I liked to use on the weekends.

Steve was visiting with us at the time we needed to leave to make our pick up from Mary. We asked if he wanted to come with us into Sacramento. It was about an hour ride from our home in the mountains. I was surprised when he said he would love to come along with us.

Sally changed into one of her not to conservative outfits and announced she was ready to go. The three of us crammed into my little Nissan pick up and headed down the mountain. I was driving with Sally in the middle and Steve on the outboard passenger side.

We made pretty good time down the hill. When we arrived in Placerville I needed to stop and get some gas. Sally said she wanted a coke and a bag of chips. I handed her a twenty dollar bill and told her to have the clerk put the balance on pump 3. I opened my truck door and let Sally out my side to get her goodies and pay for the gas.

Steve got out and came around to my side of the truck. He asked if Sally ever got nervous when in public when she wore some of her revealing tops. I told him no, she rather enjoys the looks she gets, especially from other guys. The looks and stares she gets make the high point of her day.

When Sally came back outside, I began filling the tank. We all got back into the truck and continued on the highway to Sacramento. We got just to within 2 miles of Mar’s place when the truck started to sputter, then it died. I tried everything I could think of to start the truck again, but nothing worked.

I finally called Mary. She had a couple of guys spending the weekend with her from out of town. She told me she would send them to help me get to her place. Mary’s friends came out to us in about 10 minutes. They had a tow rope to hook me up and tow me to Mary’s.

We introduced ourselves. Their names were John and Billy. Steve and I set the tow rope in place while they looked at, and spoke to Sally. I couldn’t blame them. Sally looked extremely good in the top she chose to wear. It was a red close knit lightweight summer top. It fit loose in the front and was cut low enough as to give a good peek at her tits when she moved.

I suggested that Sally ride with Mary’s guests to give me more room to maneuver while being pulled. Steve said he would ride with me and keep me company. Sally now went from riding in the middle in my truck to riding in the middle of theirs.

It was a little hectic being pulled to Mary’s through some busy streets, but we made it ok. Steve and I disconnected the tow rope and pushed my truck into Mary’s drive way. We then went inside to say hi, and see if our product had arrived. It was there thank God! I really needed some at this point.

We funneled into Mary’s bedroom and filled my pipe with the crank.

Surprisingly it seemed to calm me down a little. After 15 minutes or so, I decided to take off the alternator and have it checked. The car battery was dead and a bad alternator would cause that to happen.

After taking the alternator off, I went inside to filmy pipe again. We smoked until the pipe was empty. I picked up the alternator and took a short walk to Chief Auto Parts. It was about 10 blocks away, but I figured the walk would calm my nerves. I didn’t want to be stranded with truck problems in Sacramento.

When they checked the part, the clerk said it was working as it should. I was disappointed, but walked back to Mary’s determined to replace the alternator and continue to work on the problem. I threw the alternator on the front floorboard and went inside to tell Sally the news.

That’s when I saw that Sally had started trying on some of Mary’s clothes. Every time we came for a visit Mary let Sally go through her closet and look for new items. Mary and Sally are both different sizes. So, it was either let Sally have them, or some one else later.

She had on tried on a yellow top that did little to hide her tits and nipples. Both Mary’s friends, John and Billy, were sitting on the couch and Steve Mary’s wooded rocker when Sally came out to show Mary how the top fit. John and Billy both whistled, and I saw Steve’s mouth drop open, as Sally came out.

I told Steve and Sally the parts store said the alternator was working the way it should. I was going to reinstall it and look into the problem some more. I filled the pipe one more time and we all had a couple of hits. Then I went outside and installed the alternator. John came out front to see if he could give me a hand. I told him it was an easy part to install and I really didn’t need any help, yet.

John said Billy had a crush on Mary, and he thought Mary had one on John also. John came with Billy from San Diego for the weekend to see what might transpire. He told me that Sally was really hot and he enjoyed her company while I was gone to the parts store. John said Sally had tried on three tops while I was gone, and she liked the yellow one the best. He added Steve liked it the best also.

John told me Steve had mentioned a fashion show the guys and girls put on for each other about once a month in Grizzly. He went on telling Steve said Sally was the big hit of the show most of the time. Steve told John how the guys would bring outfits for the girls to model. They would have a real party with lots of liquor, pot, and crank. I told John I had not heard of a monthly fashion show up there. If something like that did go on, I’m sure that Steve must have exaggerated.

After the alternator was installed, John and I went inside to get something to drink. Sally was talking to Steve. Billy was in the kitchen with Mary. She asked me how I liked the yellow color on her. I told her I liked it against her hair color and she looked good in it. Sally said there was another yellow top I might like even better. She went into the bedroom to try it on.

When Sally came back into the living room, I thought I would have a heart attach! She had put on the other top, and it left nothing to the imagination! In fact, both of her nipples poked through the material. I figured Mary would not appreciate Sally walking around her house dressed like she was.

I mentioned something to Sally about it, and she came back telling me I always wanted her to show off her new tops when we were here. I agreed, but then told her about Billy having a crush on Mary and driving all the way from San Diego just to spend the weekend. It didn’t seem to faze Sally in the lease. I could tell her nipples were hard as rocks. She had the constant attention of Steve and John while I was working on the truck. She really liked it, and told me so. She added that I shouldn’t complain since it was my suggestion in the months prior she come out with the outfits on!

I really couldn’t say much after that. Sally was right! I had put pressure on to try on the outfits and parade around. It really turned me on to see everyone’s reactions, including Sally’s, when she came out in front of the guys. Anyway, she got sort of mad at me and went into the bedroom to try on some others.

I went back to work on the truck. It was starting to get to be late in the afternoon. Either I got the truck running soon, or we would have to spend the night. About 10minutes later, Sally walked out to the truck with Steve .Steve wanted to know if he could help. Sally wanted my opinion on the tan top she was wearing.

I didn’t mean to sound snide when I told her it was much better then the last yellow one. I guess it must have come out that way. She swung back on her heels and went directly inside leaving Steve and me standing alone. Steve eventually went back inside while I fiddled with the truck. Finally I was about to give up for the day when I decided to take a break and try to work on it after getting a drink.

When I went back inside, I didn’t see Sally, John, or Steve. I figured they were out back ay Mary’s pool. She had a small Dough Boy, but it was enough to cool off in the summer heat. I went into Mary’s bedroom to get my pipe and load it.

I opened the door and walked in. There was Sally with John pulling down her top on her right tit and kissing it. Steve was lying on Mary’s bed with his zipped down, cock out, masturbating.

Steve jumped and tried to cover himself. John made no move except to continue on playing with Sally. I immediately go a hard on. I spoke up and told them I didn’t think Mary would approve of this as long as Billy was here. Steve looked as if he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. I guess he really did! John eventually stopped and thanked Sally, then me! I told him Sally is her own woman. She can do whatever she pleases. The guys both came into the living room with me.

Sally came out again with another change of tops. I began to wonder when she was going to run out of her size. This time she had on what appeared to be a very fancy night gown. The kind nightgown bought at a bridal shop.

I liked the night gown the best of all the outfits she had tried on. It had more class than any of the others, and I told her so. Sally didn’t take offense at my statement this time, although I wanted it to sound a little snide. Steve and John seemed to like the gown as well.

I went back to work on the truck before it got dark. Mary and Billy got in his truck to go to the store for more beer. I needed to get a flash light and a small mirror. It was getting to dark without those items. I went back inside. Once again, there was nobody in the living room. I figured they were in the bedroom with the pipe.

When I opened the door and walked in, Sally was standing next to the bed. Steve was lying down in his favorite position, cock out, masturbating. John was standing next to Sally who was stroking his dick trying to beat him off.

I liked the night gown the best of all the outfits she had tried on. It had more class than any of the others, and I told her so. Sally didn’t take offense at my statement this time, although I wanted it to sound a little snide. Steve and John seemed to like the gown as well.

I went back to work on the truck before it got dark. Mary and Billy got in his truck to go to the store for more beer. I needed to get a flash light and a small mirror. It was getting to dark without those items. I went back inside. Once again, there was nobody in the living room. I figured they were in the bedroom with the pipe.

When I opened the door and walked in, Sally was standing next to the bed. Steve was lying down in his favorite position, cock out, masturbating. John was standing next to Sally who was stroking his dick trying to beat him off.

I just finished my dinner when my daughter showed up. She said she was in a hurry and asked when I was going to be ready. I said was ready and just needed to say good by to Sally before leaving. I asked Mary where Sally was. She said John, Steve, and Sally had gone out back to the pool.

I knew this was going to be interesting since Sally didn’t bring a swim suit. I told my daughter to go out to her car. I had no idea what to expect from Sally this time. I had not realized Sally had put on a swim suit of Mary’s. I was still glad I had my daughter go to her car and wait. Sally had on a swim suit, but her right tit was hanging out!

I said by to Mary and Billy and went out to leave with my daughter. As we drove back up the mountain, I started to feel the pressure of my cock against my zipper. I was starting to wonder what was really going to go on at Mary’s tonight.

With my daughter driving it took about an hour and a half to get back home. It had cooled off quite a bit in the mountains and I made a mental note to be sure and wear a jacket tomorrow when we went back down the hill to Mary’s. I told my daughter we would have to leave early in the morning. I wanted to have as much of the day to fix the truck as I could.

I got some more tools I thought I was going to need and put them in her car. I wanted to have everything ready when we got up top leave. I pulled an extra battery out of one of my other vehicles in case I needed to replace the one in the truck. The more I thought about the truck the more I thought it had to be the alternator.

We got up early and drove down the mountain to Mary’s. It was Monday so my daughter had early classes at Sacramento Stare. She dropped me off at Mary’s about 7:30 then proceeded to school. I told her I’d call if I needed her to come back.

I walked into Mary’s house and found everyone awake already. It didn’t surprise me since John and Billy had brought lots of crank. I found Mary in the kitchen with Billy fixing breakfast for everyone. I asked where Sally was and she told me she thought she was in the bedroom.

I opened the door to Mary’s bedroom and walked in. Steve was still asleep in bed, and Sally was nowhere to be found. I heard the water running in the shower and figured she was taking her shower. I went out to the truck with my tools and the battery I brought to start fixing it. I had opened the hood and installed the new battery when Mary called out saying breakfast was ready.

I went back into the bedroom and there was John and Sally just coming out of the bathroom. It was obvious they had taken a shower together! They were both dripping wet and kissing each other when I walked in on them.

Sally got a little excited and tried to cover up before she dried off. I told her not to worry about it. She had always been free to do what she wanted. When she did, she always told me about it anyway and never lied.

After breakfast Sally told me John had taken what looked like a 40 dollar bag and lined it up for her. After she did the lines she said he asked her to join him in the shower, which she did. She did say she had a problem with Steve earlier in the morning. She said she woke up and he was sucking on her tit and playing with her clit. She felt uncomfortable since John was also sleeping in the bed. It turned out all three slept in the same bed that night.

After breakfast I decided to drive the truck back to the auto parts store and have them check the alternator one more time. As I thought, the alternator was bad and needed to be replaced. I bought a rebuilt and installed it right on the spot. The truck started right up, and I knew I had solved the problem. The battery would now charge, and we would make it back home.

I walked into Mary’s and told everyone the news. The truck was fixed and we would be leaving soon. It was just after I told everyone the truck was repaired that Sally asked if John could come back to the house with us. She said Billy was going to stay two more days at Mary’s. We could bring John back tomorrow or Wednesday. She said that Steve and she had told John about Grizzly Flats and he said he would like to see it for himself.

I noticed Sally had put on another of Mary’s revealing tops. I took Sally aside and asked her if that was the only reason she wanted John to come along.

She said she thought he was nice, had quite a bit of crank on him, and he was a good looking guy. I told her it would be ok and went to find John and let him know.

I talked to John and told him we would take him back to our place. I asked if he had found out any more about the monthly fashion shows. He said he yes and the next one was to be tomorrow. He said Steve had told him the fashion shows went on about once a month like I thought. There were usually about 10 to 15 guys and four or five girls. The way Steve laid it out to John, it sounded like it was a drug and sex party more than a fashion show.

John asked if I wanted to smoke a little. I asked Sally and since she did, I told him to go ahead and fill his pipe. We smoked a total of three pipe loads. I then packed the truck and fixed a spot in the bed for Steve to ride, so John could be up front with Sally and me.

Sally said she wanted to change tops again since we were going to be driving home. I told her to hurry since it was already past 2 o’clock and we wouldn’t be home until after 3:30.

Sally put on a grey silk type of top that was cut below her belly button in front and had a gaping hole in the side. The top didn’t hide much unless she was going to wear a sweater on the ride home. I got Steve settled in the bed of the truck and John, I, and Sally got in front. My truck was a floor mounted stick shift so Sally had to put her legs to the right side of the gear shift and her feet had to share the passenger floor board with John’s.

With three of us in the front it was crowded. We barely had enough room. The ride down to Mary’s didn’t seem that crowded. Steve was a lot thinner than John so now it seemed that we were packed in closer. I noticed that John had put his arm around Sally in order to get a little more space.

I snuck a glance at Sally who was leaning against my right shoulder trying to make more room also. I saw her top was almost completely open in the front. Only a little of her left tit wasn’t showing. I thought I had seen John pulling at Sally’s top when he had his arm around her. The entire right tit was uncovered, nipple and all. That was from John’s hand pulling the material off her shoulder and to the right.

I let Steve off at his place and John, Sally, and I pulled into our driveway just after 3:30. I asked Sally to show John around our place while I started the bar-b-q and got more wood for the stove. I knew it was going to get cold that night. It was already chilly, and the sun had just now gone behind the trees. I got the bar-b-q started and wood for the stove brought inside the house.

When Sally was through showing John around, I told Sally I wanted to take a quick shower. I was in and out in about 10 minutes. By then Sally had changed into her new red night gown, and John had filled his pipe again.

I had bought Sally the red night gown the week before at a bridal shop I passed by. The bridal shops carry a better grade of lace, and things seem to fit her better. I didn’t realize how thin the material was until we started to eat dinner in the kitchen. The lighting in the kitchen was the brightest in the house. The light shown right through the material showing off her tits. Sally asked John how he liked the night gown. Of course he did, who wouldn’t? We finished dinner and Sally and I cleaned up. I started a fire in the stove to keep everyone warm, and John filled his pipe one more time. I asked John if he wanted to walk down the street to the post office. I had to get mail. He said he would so we took off for a few minutes.

While we walked, I told John tomorrow was supposed to be a work day for me. I was going to call in sick after I left the house and go by Dave’s. If the fashion show was still on for tomorrow, I wanted to take some photos while it was going on. Dave had an upper loft the used for storage. It overlooked the entire house and part of his back and side yards. I could take a bunch of photos from there and no one would be the wiser.

John assured me from what Steve had told him it was set for tomorrow. After we returned with the mail it was almost 9:00 PM. I told Sally I needed to go to bed and get some sleep. It had been a hard couple of days at Mary’s fixing the truck. Besides, I had to go to work the next day. I went into the bedroom and crawled under the covers, leaving John and Sally alone for the time being. I closed the bedroom door, but not quite all the way. I could still make out some of their conversations.

John began asking Sally about the fashion show. He said Steve had told him about it when they were at Mary’s. Sally acknowledged there was one set for tomorrow at Dave’s place. She said she would call in the morning after I left to make sure it was still on. She then asked John if he wanted to see a piece of black lingerie she got from Lance at the last fashion show. I didn’t hear him answer. He must have nodded his head. I heard Sally go into the hall closet and pull something out. She said she was thinking of wearing it to the show tomorrow, but wasn’t really sure.

I was listening as intently as I could, trying to pick up on pieces of their conversation. I did near John say he liked it, meaning the one Lance had given her last month. He then asked her why she wanted to wear on from last month. He went on to say Steve told him each guy brought one or two outfits for the girls to try. The guys also got to fit the girls any way they wanted. John thought that was a nice touch.

I heard Sally tell John if he wanted to come it wouldn’t be a problem, especially since he had brought a lot of crank. I reached down and started to rub my cock in anticipation of what was to come tomorrow. It didn’t take long for me to get hard and stiff. It was all I could do to control myself from shooting my load all over the sheets.

Since John did not have any outfits to bring to the show tomorrow. Sally offered to le him go through some of her stuff to see if there was anything he liked. He rummaged around and picked one out. He said if he fit it the way he liked he wanted this one with the buttons down the front.

Sally asked him how he would fit it way he liked. I guess he must have handed it to Sally. I heard John tell Sally to put it on and he would show her. She asked him to look for a second top while she put the on the first one and buttoned it up. When Sally said she was ready, I could hear John walking. He then stopped and I heard Sally giggle as he fit the top.

Sally said something about John being really nasty, but he came back and said that was the way he enjoyed seeing it on a girl. Sally said she might as well have nothing covering her the way he fixed it. That was the idea John told her. It makes it easier to feel her tits and gives me easy access.

Sally told John if this was the way he wanted it worn then that’s the way the girls would wear it for him. That’s the nice part about the fashion show she added, the girls were very cooperative and never complained. Keep looking for another one she told John. She wanted to check on me to see if I had fallen asleep yet. I closed my eyes and heard the door open slightly, then close completely.

I got out of bed, opened the door a crack, then I went back under the covers. I heard Sally tell John I was out like a light. Then she asked if he found another blouse or piece of lingerie. He said he was working on it, just to give him a minute. Here is one I like, and he said he knew just what to do to have it fit the way he liked.

Sally took it and put it on. What would you do? It’s just a plain white tee shirt. Give me a pair of scissors I heard John say and I’ll show you. Sally walked away then returned. Here are the scissors, what are you going to do? John told Sally to stand still and he would fit it right now. John said he always liked the bottom half of a girls tits showing out from under a top. He thought it looked real sexy and loved the idea.

Sally had to agree. I think it feels as sexy as it looks she said. I like the idea of the bottom of my tits showing. I bet the other girls would like it too. You can have these two to take with you tomorrow. There will be about four or five other good looking girls there. We should all have a lot of fun. The fashion show lasts from about 11:00 in the morning until about 4:00 in the afternoon.

I overheard John asking Sally if I was upset because they took a shower together this morning. She told him that she was free to do what she pleased as long as she told me about it when she got the chance. She said she was just embarrassed when I walked in and caught them kissing before drying off. She added if I was upset I wouldn’t have brought him back to the house with us.

Sally asked if he wanted to play some cards before calling it a night. By then it was almost 10:30 and it had been a long day for both of them. John said he would play a couple of games before getting some rest. He asked if Sally wanted to smoke a little more crank before it got to be too late and filled his pipe. He handed it to Sally and shuffled the cards. They decided to play Spades as it was quick and required a little skill.

John took out the 2 of clubs and dealt out three hands. The third hand was set aside. They decided the first person to get 50 points would be the winner. Ally said we had some Sex Scratchers. They are like lottery tickets, but have a sexual overtone. Some are good, and some are just stupid, but they are still fun.

At the end of the hour, about 11:45, John had 45 points and Sally 42 points. It was a close game from the very start. Before they dealt out the next and possibly last hand, Sally asked John to throw a couple of logs in the stove as she was getting chilly. She said she was going to change and then make them a couple of drinks.

I heard Sally’s footsteps coming down the hall and the bedroom door open. Once again I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. She walked over to the bed and looked down and checked to see if I was really asleep. She opened the closet doors and I heard the hangers moving as she searched for something. Then she left and closed the door again. I got up and opened the door again ever so slightly. I still wanted to try and hear what was happening.

Sally took off the tee shirt John altered and put on a different top. Probably not much warmer, but it at least covered her belly. She told John this top was given to her by Dave a couple of shows ago. He had cut small holes in the fabric so some skin showed through as well as her left nipple. She told John she liked the top and would wear it when Dave came around for a visit.

John and Sally finished off the pipe and started on their drinks. Sally dealt the cards, and as the person behind, got to bid her hand first. She bid a total of 8. That left 5 tricks for John to bid, but he bid 6. That meant someone would be put back and loose points. Either of them could win the game. As it turned out, Sally actually got 9 tricks and John went back. Sally had beaten John. She grabbed the Sex Scratchers and told John to look through them and tear one out.

He did just that. John picked a scratcher card called “69 in a line.” The ides was for Sally to choose one of the three rows. If she revealed a 6 and a 9 she would win. The prize would be a sexy 69. She chose the middle row and scratched off the coverings. There were no 9’s. There were two 6”s but that didn’t count.

I could tell by her voice Sally was disappointed. She told John that sometimes happens with these scratcher cards. There is no winner. They both decided to play again, this time to 30 points. John shuffled the cards and dealt out the first hand. Around 12:30 they were ready to deal the final hand. The score was Sally 28 and John 19. It seemed Sally was going to win again, and she did.

This time she told John she would pick her own scratcher card. She found one called Ladies night. There were eight areas to scratch off. If the female sign showed up, she would win that prize.

Sally rubbed off the coverings on the top row and they were all losers. Next she worked on the bottom row. The first two were losers. The third was a winner and the last one a looser as well. John wanted to know what she won.

Sally read the card to John. You have won a long, leisurely oral sex for yourself, not by you but for you. I could hear the sound of Sally’s zipper as she took off her pants and thong, then laid back on the couch. I heard her tell John to hurry up and not make her wait for her prize.

I thought about getting up and going into the other room to check it out first hand, but thought I’d better not. If I did go out there they would both know I had been listing. Instead I just rubbed harder on my cock and jerked off over the side of the bed knowing what John was doing with Sally.

A little while after shooting my load, I heard Sally coming down the hall again. This time she crawled into bed and fell asleep. I figured she had given John a pillow and blanket and he would sleep on the couch.

I woke up the next morning bright and early. This should be a good day for me. Sally thinks I’m going to work, but I’m not. Instead I’m going to Dave’s and see if he will let me have access to his loft. I want to take photos of the monthly fashion show with nobody knowing I’m there.

I made coffee and had some toast. John was waking up as the coffee finished brewing. I fixed him a cup and took it in to him. I asked him how he slept last night. He said he never slept any better and felt completely rested. I told him Sally was still asleep, but would probably be getting up sometime soon.

John knew I wasn’t really going to work today, and he was the only one except for Dave. I would need his help for my photos. Being a working stiff, I was not supposed to know anything about the monthly fashion show. It was just a stroke of luck that I overheard Steve telling someone at Mary’s about it.

I went into the bedroom to say goodbye to Sally before I left. She was a little grumpy and not quite awake but I said goodbye anyway. Walking out the front door, I told John I would most likely be home around 5:30 or so this evening. I drove down the mountain the 20 miles to the local market in Pleasant Valley. I used the pay phone to cancel all my appointments and free myself for the day.

I wondered what everyone would say if the discovered I was going to take pictures of the fashion show today. Something I wasn’t even supposed to know existed. It took me about 30 minutes to go back up the mountain and get to Dave’s. He was a real good friend of ours and one of the first people we met when we moved to Grizzly. I pulled up in front and he came outside to meet me.

I told Dave I had found out about the Fashion shows when I overheard Steve telling some people about it when we were at Mary’s for two days. I asked him to let me up in his loft. I explained I wanted to take some photos of the show and the outfits the girls would be wearing. I didn’t want to offend anyone, but at the same time I didn’t want anyone to know what I was doing.

Dave told me to park my truck down the street so nobody would see it and to climb up in the loft and see what I thought. I parked my truck, but before I went up and checked out the loft I thought I would walk over to my place and sneak around a little.

I knew if I made it to the garage, I go from there up the hill. Then I could hide behind the trees and just about see into the entire house. I still had around three hours before the fashion show was due to start. I figured I could spend about an hour and a half checking my place and still have lots of time to get settled in at Dave’s I gained entry to the garage by using the rear door. I put my ear against the door leading into the kitchen to see if I could hear anything. I didn’t hear a thing. I went back outside and climbed the hill behind our house and sat down behind a group of trees. I had purposely left the blinds open when I left incase this opportunity came about.

I saw John in the kitchen thumbing through the Sex Scratchers. I assume he was checking them out to see what games were left. Sally and I had used about half the scratchers already. There were a lot left, but I didn’t know how good they were. I saw John tear a couple of tickets out of the book. He must have founds something he liked.

A few minutes later Sally came out of the bedroom and into the living room. It was about 9:00 AM so it was still early for her. She began talking to John. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but I did see john had the scratchers in his hand. They must be talking about the two he took from the book.

Sally poured herself a cup of coffee, and went back to the bedroom. I could hear the water running for her shower. It was hard to see in that window as the sun was coming up over the house and sort of blinded me. As a cloud came by and blocked the sun I saw both John and Sally naked about ready to shower together again. I was sure John had given Sally a couple of big lines. I’m certain she wouldn’t shower with anyone unless there was a reason, like having gotten high.

The sun came out from behind the cloud and I couldn’t see inside the bedroom again. In what seemed like 20 minutes but probably half of that, I saw John in the living room combing his hair. Sally came out a short time later. She had dressed in her black wrap around short skirt and a very sexy black sleeveless sheer top outlined with red ribbon. She looked really hot and I’m sure John thought so too.

I don’t think Sally had been dressed more than five minutes when I heard a car pull up our driveway. It was Steve, the guy who came with us when we went to see Mary. He went to the front door and knocked. John opened the door and let Steve in the house. I guess the fashion show had everyone excited. There was a lot of activity going on for this sleepy little community.

Sally came back into the living room and gave Steve a big welcome hug. Jolene’s blue mustang convertible came up the drive way not two minutes after Steve went into the house. She got out of her car and opened the door and went inside. It looked like she was already dressed for the show. She was wearing a brown fish net top and a brown skirt. She looked really good! I could see Sally introducing John and Jolene. Then out of the blue, Jolene stepped up and gave John a big hug as well.

I saw John pour Jolene a cup of coffee. Then both Sally and Jolene went into the bedroom. I was just about to sneak back to Dave’s when the girls came out of the bedroom. And back into the living room. It looks like all four of them are going to play cards until it was time to leave. I saw John pull out the two scratchers again placing it on the card table. It was apparent this card was going to be the winning person’s scratcher for the winning prize.

They were playing Spades again. I saw John fill his pipe and hand it to Jolene who took three mighty hits before passing it to Sally. I wanted to be back to Dave’s place by 10:30 so I would have enough time to settle in before anyone arrived. That meant I had about 45 minutes before I had to start walking back.

Both the girls looked real good. They both knew what was going on and had dressed accordingly. It took4 deals before a winner was decided, and it was Steve by the looks of it. He held up the scratcher John had put on the table. It looked like one I had scratched before called “4 Play.” The card had three columns and the player needed to scratch off one square in each column.

The first column was the speed, the second the act and the third the place. There was a bonus square that was to be removed after the first three were decided. If a number 4 appeared, then everyone was a winner. If not, just the person doing the scratching. I know why John picked this card. Printed on the card were the words, “everyone’s a winner.” There would be no loosing cards scratched this morning. Steve scratched his three spots and the bonus spot. He won a Slow Nibble on Someone’s chest. He promptly took Jolene into the den n and collected his winnings If the bonus number 3 had been a 4 then both guys would get to get both girls one or maybe two at a time. That didn’t happen, and John was still a looser. Even though the scratcher said everyone wins.

I needed to get going to Dave’s if I was going to have a chance to take my photos. I set out walking and got there in about 15 minutes. My watch said it was 10:30 AM just like I had planned. I found Dave and let him know I was going up in the loft to get organized.

Thankfully I had brought a couple of large hand held mirrors. I positioned them so I was able to take a photo off their reflection, giving me more coverage of the main floor.

I had just finished getting myself all set up when people started to arrive. There was Lance and his brother Willy. Billy and Ray from over at Buck’s Bar. Big John and Little Pete along with Frank all arrived about the same time. A few minutes later Marylyn and Sue came in the door. They had caught a ride over here from Aaron. Both those girls knew how to dress for this party!

Marylyn chose a blue short skirt with a blue button down vest which she left unbuttoned. She had real nice tits and never minded showing them off.

Jolene was slightly more conservative to start out. She chose a white long sleeve almost sheer blouse that had buttons down to her belly. She didn’t have real big tits, but they were well known for their quality.

The next girl to show was Linda. She was born and grew up here in this little community. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the fashion show wasn’t her idea to begin with. She wore a pink sleeveless teddy with matching panties. She had pulled the straps of her teddy down her arms by her elbows exposing both her tits for all to see. And what I sight they were, absolutely magnificent! The thing I liked most about Linda was she was only about 20 years old.

I could tell from the start I was going to have fun. I may be restricted to the loft, but my God what lovely tits were here and coming. I'm a tit man from the get go. I can never get enough tits! John, Sally, Steve and Jolene were the last persons to arrive.

Sally introduced John to all the others while he filled his pipe and handed it to Linda. I thought to myself that John knows a good thing when he sees it. I counted 15 people at Dave’s now, 10 guys and 5 ladies. That made for a manageable group, with neither sex being really outnumbered. Sally told the girls that John had a couple of outfits, one that he had altered to suit his tastes. It seemed like the other four girls wanted to try John’s outfits on first.

I saw Sally being surrounded by Billy, big John and Aaron all at the same time. I heard them talking about her sheer top and how much they liked it. Aaron finally asked how the material felt. She responded by telling him to feel it for himself and see. I got the camera and took a picture of the three around Sally with Aaron feeling her tits. About a minute later, Aaron had Sally sitting on the couch. As she leaned back, Aaron pulled her top down and pressed his lips against her nipple. I got a good photo of that!

I leaned over the loft a little to catch John latterly chasing Linda around the floor. John had latterly pulled Linda’s top down below her right tit even farther. His lips were sucking away as he felt her up and down. I knew he was having a good time and most glad he was invited.

I knew Linda had quality tits, but I made a mental note to remember to ask John what he thought about them. Looking down on the room I saw that John’s pipe had been emptied and Sally moving toward where it had been placed on the table. When Sally got to the table she picked up the pipe and walked over to John. She asked John which girl was going to try on his outfits first, John said he didn’t know. Sally laughed out load and told him she knew. She had last night!

John said she was right and then took the pipe and filled it back up again. I was taking photos of some of the other girls when I saw John and Sally locked in another embrace. This time Sally only had on her panties and John had taken off his shirt. He was holding Sally against the dinning room table with his arms pulling her into him. He was sucking on both here tits, first one then the other. It looked like Sally was enjoying it and pulling his head closer against her tits as well

I couldn’t believe Sally was standing there naked except for her thong style underwear with John mauling her in front of everyone. John stopped fooling around with Sally just long enough to fill his pipe. Dave came by and took his place! Dave brought Sally around to the other side of the table and began to feel and suck her tits as well.

I really began to feel my cock get hard. I knew I would never be just a spectator again. I wanted to participate in all the fun from now on. John handed Sally and Dave the pipe. They each took two giant hits before giving it back. They both sat down on the rug and relaxed for a few minutes.

I had not expected to see Sally passed from guy to guy being mauled like she was. She looked as if she enjoyed the attention she was getting though, which I guess is a good thing. When I looked down to see where Sally was and who she was with now, I could not find her. I had no Idea where she had gone. The last I saw of her, she was sitting down on the rug with Dave and John.

While trying to locate Sally, I saw Big John had Linda on the couch. She was sitting astride him wearing some other guys outfit. She changed and now had a tiny thong and a sleeveless shirt that Big John had rolled up over her tits, giving him total access to those nice melons of hers. I wasn’t positive at first, but as I checked them out more closely, I could see he was fucking at the same time. Big John was a lucky man. She was about 1/3 his age!

I still had not located Sally. I got up and looked out onto the deck and the spa. There she was outside at the spa with Ray and Lance. Ray was fucking her doggie style while lance was standing in front tweaking Sally’s nipples. What a sight. All I needed was a couple more guys and there would be an actual gang bang with Sally being the recipient. I suppose I should be careful what I wish for. There were three other guys out there and no girls except Sally.

It was about 3:30 now, and I had lost track of Marylyn, Sue, and Jolene. There were about 5 guys I really had not seen since I started taking photos. I was concerned with Sally most of all and what she was doing. She looked like she was having fun so I guess it couldn’t cause any harm at this point.

Slowly everyone was getting dressed and starting to leave for home. About 4:00 PM Jolene showed back up and took Steve, John and Sally back to our place. I don’t know where she was all that time. I don’t think she left and went anywhere. She just got busy I guess.

When everyone had left, I climbed down from the loft. I checked my camera and saw I had taken 97 photos of various people and situations. I couldn’t wait until I got home to download them and check them all out really good. I especially wanted to view the pictures of Sally.

I pulled into the driveway about a half an hour before my normal time of 5:30. I walked into the house and was damn near blown over. There was Sally and John fucking each other in the living room on our roll a way. Sally had John pull it out just for their quick pleasure. I told them both not to panic and dug for my camera. I wanted a memento of this one first hand, with all their knowledge.

Later they moved into the bedroom where I got another photo of Sally getting fucked like a dog by John. John said he wanted a copy of the last photo of him with Sally doing it like a dog. He gave me his address in San Diego, and asked me to mail it to him as soon as possible. Since it is a digital photo, it will be waiting there for him when he back home. I assume he wants to post it on his wall and masturbate to it. Maybe I should cover it with a protective film of some kind.


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