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A Royal Affair

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A Royal Affair

If I did not live through what I am about to share with you I would have thought it to be pure fairytale.

Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is William, my wife Katherine (she likes to be called Kate) and we live in a fairly decent sized city in "Middle America". Now if those names ring a bell with you well you haven't heard a thing yet. You see, my wife Kate has a best friend and her name is...… Meghan! Here's whats even more weird about the three of us.... Kate is a beautiful brunette with light-brown locks that flow to just past her shoulders and I am a "ginger" with curly red hair and I at times even go with a short beard and mustache. I hope you all see where I'm going with this...… Meghan on the other hand is a pretty woman with dark brown flowing hair much like another well known "Meghan".

Kate, Meghan and I are all in our mid forties and have been great friends since I first met Kate back in high school. Kate and I dated off and on through high school and even in college. We reconnected after college and got married in our mid-twenties. Meghan got married a few years later to an absolute asshole that nobody liked but you know how they say love is blind, well, it took nearly ten years for Meghan to finally see what everyone else saw in her ex before she finally got a divorce from him. It took a few years for Meghan to find her current husband and as soon as she met him, everyone said he was her perfect match. They married about three years ago and here's the kicker, his name is..... Harry! Harry isn't a red head, instead he's got thinning dark brown hair and slender build. I hope that you see the uncanniness of the names of our group of four! We have a Harry, William, Kate and Meghan. One guy has thinning brown hair, balding at the top and the other guy has curly red hair and at times even sports a beard and mustache. With the ladies, you have one that has long flowing light-brown hair and the other dark-brown almost black hair.

When Meghan married William the four of us began to have a running joke between our circle of friends and amongst ourselves that we were our town's version of Britain's "Royals"..... it's just that in our case, even though William is married to Kate, our William (me) looks more like Harry than the actual William, and Harry is married to Meghan, but our Harry actually looks very similar to Prince William. To be honest with you, the ladies somewhat resemble Duchesses Kate and Meghan, it's just funny that the guys kind of sort of look like William and Harry, it's just that the names are "backwards" so to speak.

Two years ago, the four of us were going to attend to a Halloween party for couples. It was held at an upscale hotel in our city and it was a party that Kate and I had gone to a couple of times in the past. Because of the prizes that are given out for the costume contest, people go all out on their get-ups and really spare no expense and go to extreme lengths to try to win the cash or trips that are awarded. About a month prior to the party, the four of us were sitting on the deck of the home Kate and I live in discussing what could we do for costumes. I guess with all the jokes and the playful bantering that the four of us endure on a regular basis, the obvious wasn't so obvious. Then after countless suggestions all getting shot down, Harry finally suggested that the four of us go as the Royals, William and Kate and Harry and Meghan! Initially Harry's suggestion went over like a lead balloon. But as the night wore on, and I think the alcohol had something to do with it too, Harry's suggestion began to gain more consideration. By the end of the night, after too many suggestions getting shot down, the one suggestion that never got blown out of the water was Harry's suggestion to go as the Royal Four!

Just before we called it a night, the four of us agreed to go as the Royal Four. With that, Kate asked what would we do about the "wrong guy" being married to the "wrong woman"? We all laughed at what my wife brought up as an issue with the other three of us saying that just for the night, we'd swap partners so that at least going by looks, "William" would be with "Kate" and "Harry" would be with "Meghan". The four of us had a good laugh at the possibilities and then Harry and Megan headed back to their home. Over the next two weeks, the ladies did an amazing job at tracking down make-up artists and even getting costumes to complete the rouse for the night. Harry and I had a blast watching our wives efforts to make the most of this so we could pull this off. After all, there was a thousand dollar top prize for the best "non-scary" costume. The way we saw it, if we won, not only would it be a hell of a lot of fun, but the four of us could split the thousand bucks!

Halloween arrived and the four of us headed to the salon Kate had coordinated the four of us to get our make-up done at. We arrived for our session and about an hour and a half later, thanks to a decent amount of make-up, at least on the surface, the four of us began to transform ourselves into the Royal Four. We headed to the hotel where the party was held and checked into our two room suite. Harry and I carried our costumes and it was kind of funny to see people's reactions as we walked through the hotel lobby. People stopped and stared at the four of us looking very much like the Royal Four. Just after we checked in to the hotel, Kate realized all the stares we were getting and so she suggested to make the most of the rouse the wives should swap making it look even more convincing like we "could have been" the Royal Four. We got to the elevator and the four of us had a good laugh as we all realized all the stares that we got.

When the elevator door closed, Kate swapped with Meghan again and she was again by my side. When as the elevator climbed to the floor our room was on, Harry suggested that to make the most of the make-up and costumes that we'd soon be putting on, the four of us should maintain the "swap" of the partners. The elevator filled with laughs as it finally came to the right floor. When the door opened, there was an elderly couple there at the door and the expressions on their faces said it all.... the four of us were indeed getting mistaken for the Royal Four. We exited the elevator and began walking down the hallway. As soon as the door to the elevator closed, the four of us erupted in a round of loud laughter realizing that we just might be able to pull this thing off.

The two couples changed in their respective bedrooms and when Kate and I finished we made our way to the "living room" of our suite. I was wearing a tux with all the regalia that you see the "real" Harry wear. Kate on the other hand was wearing a full length evening gown that was likely a bit fitter than what you would expect the "real" Kate wearing at a formal function. Her dress fitted her figure nicely showing off her curves and sexy shape. My Kate has a very sensual figure with her voluptuous and full 36C's and thin waist and nice round hips. Although I have seen the "real" Kate wear some beautiful dresses, my Kate's dress definitely was way sexier than any dress I had ever seen the "real" Kate wear. Since I saw my wife getting dressed, I knew that under her dress was a lacy thong panty and matching shelf-bra set. Her sexy underwear made her dress even more stunning knowing what little she had on underneath. Her dress was accompanied with a tiara and even a satin sash that dr*ped from her left shoulder to her right hip. Kate even went so far as to don a pair of elbow length white gloves that completed the "royal" look. Not only did she look sort of like Kate Middleton but thanks to her sexy dress and shapely figure, I saw her as a sexier version of Duchess of Cambridge.

I had just finished putting the last of the regalia on Kate when Harry and "our" Meghan exited the room. Thanks to his tux and his royal regalia, "our" Harry was almost a dead ringer for Prince William. Kate and I had to give him a double take seeing how much he looked like the real Prince Harry. Right behind him was "our" Meghan. Meghan with the dress she wore looked more like Meghan Markel than only moments earlier. The make-up artist even went so far as to put "freckles" on her face to match that of the royal version of Meghan. Like my Kate, our Meghan is curvier and bustier than Meghan Markel. Although Kate's dress was fitted, our Meghan's dress was so snug on her that it left little to the imagination. It completely showed off her 34D's and clung to her lower half so tightly that it showed off her panty-lines. It was very clear that she was wearing only a G-String under her dress. Meghan is a beautiful woman but the last time she was dressed even similarly to this was when she got married. So needless to say, her sexiness definitely got my attention. The four of us took some selfies then we got ready to leave our room.

I got to the door first and out of habit, Kate was right next to me. Just before I opened the door, Meghan playfully chimed that she and Kate needed to switch, after all, I was supposed to be HER husband for the evening and Harry was supposed to be Kate's. The two ladies gave their respective husband's kisses on their cheeks and then swapped places. The ladies slid their arms though the arms of their "play" husband for the night. I opened the door and we headed to the elevator. When we got to the lobby, there were a number of people that stopped and starred at us, some people even took pictures. The two ladies played their roles to the max as they gave people their version of the "royal wave". We all had an absolute blast as we made our way to the ballroom where the party was held.

When we arrived at the ballroom, we made our entrance and we were welcomed at the reception desk and when we made our entrance over the P.A. system they announced the arrival of "the Royal couples". Many in the ballroom turned and as we made our entrance we were welcomed with a fair amount of applause. We began to mingle with others and the evening began with like many other parties that the four of us had attended together, except this time I wasn't with my wife Kate, I was with her best friend Meghan. Throughout the night, the four of us played up the roles we were portraying seriously trying to pass things off as if we were actually real couples. Everywhere we went, Kate was holding Harry's hands or had her arm in his and Meghan did the same to me. During dinner, the two ladies played it up completely acting as if the guy they were with was their actual husband. As the evening drew on and the music began we even danced with our "partner for the night", The four of us were really trying to sell the whole getup that we were really the "real" William and Kate and Harry and Meghan. I must admit that initially seeing my beautiful wife in the arms of Harry made me a tad bit jealous but when I realized that in my arms I had a equally beautiful woman in Meghan with me, my jealousy wasn't so bad.

When the dancing began, Kate headed to the dancefloor with Harry and I led Meghan out there. As we began to dance both women began to dance rather seductively. I know Kate can heat things up on the dancefloor real quick and Meghan is equally as hot out there. It didn't take long before both ladies were bumping and grinding on Harry and me. As things with the ladies got more intense, my dick began to harden. At first I though nothing of it but as Meghan got closer and danced more seductively I began to worry that she'd soon realize that I was rock hard! Meghan was rubbing her chest all over me and she even was shoving her ass into my crotch area. As she shoved her ass into my crotch, I tried to position myself in a way that she wouldn't feel my swollen cock. I was having a blast with Meghan and every time I saw Kate with Harry, it looked as if those two were having a great time too.

At one point they played a slow song and as soon as I heard the music I kind of froze. My mind raced through "Do I continue to dance with Meghan...? Do I let her press her body against mine....?" Just before I was going to step off the dancefloor I looked over at Kate and she had her arms around Harry's neck tightly embracing him as they danced. I felt a hand on my chin and it was Meghan bringing my attention back to her. She reached up with her arms placing them around my neck. Soon Meghan and I were dancing together with our bodies press firmly together. I could feel Meghan's breasts pressing against my chest and she leaned her head onto my shoulder and we enjoyed the closeness of the dance. As we danced, at one point, I felt Meghan's leg slide between mine. I firmly felt her leg pressing against my swollen cock. Her leg remained there for a while then she turned her head to look at me then whispered, "Is that because of me?" I coyly admitted that it was and Meghan nestled in even closer. My reaction was if she was cool with it then I'd enjoy the "ride" too. I pressed my body closer to hers and her hands pulled me in closer still.

Meghan and I slowly spun around and I now could see Kate and Harry. Kate was pressed against Harry almost as snuggly as Meghan was on me. I could see her face and her eyes were peacefully closed as she seemed to be very comfortably nestled against her "pretend" husband for the night. Harry's hands were low on my wife's backside resting at the top of her ass. His hands weren't actually on my wife's cheeks but they were considerably lower than what I'd consider "normal" for someone hot being me! From the looks of the two ladies, Kate and Meghan really were comfortable with Harry and me. I wasn't sure what to make of it, after all, we all decided that we'd make the most to sell it to everyone that Harry who was dressed as William was actually with the woman looking like the real Kate and I was with the real Meghan.

It had gotten to the point where the winners of the costume contests was going to get announced so everyone gathered on the dancefloor near the stage. When it got to the category that the four of us were eligible for, they announced that Kate and Harry had won! They got to the stage to receive their prize and as the emcee handed the envelope to Harry. Everyone clapped and cheered for them. Harry held the envelope up and he and my wife took a bow. As they were getting ready to leave the stage, the emcee teased them saying, "C'mon Prince William and Duchess Kate, give us a kiss!". Harry and Kate paused with them both looking directly at Meghan and me. Meghan pulled on my hand and I looked at her, she smiled as if to say that she was ok with my wife kissing her husband and I smiled back. Meghan and I joined the cheering crowd and started to chant, "We want a kiss!" Caught off guard, Harry and Kate froze unsure of what to do. Kate leaned over and gave Harry a peck on his cheek. Apparently that wasn't the kind of kiss the audience wanted! Echoes of boos resonated from the crowd suggesting that they wanted more than an innocent kiss on the cheek! The emcee added to the situation by saying, "Awwww, c'mon! Prince William and Duchess Kate, give us a real kiss!". Again, Harry and Kate looked at Meghan and me and we joined the crowd wanting them to give a more passionate kiss.....

Harry and Kate stopped and looked at the crowd that cheered them on. Kate spun her back to the crowd as she fell into Harry's arms. He leaned her almost as if he was "dipping" her and planted a huge kiss on my wife's lips! As soon as Harry's lips met Kate's, my wife wrapped her arms around Harry's neck adding to the passion of the kiss. They kissed for several seconds getting the crowd to cheer them on even more. When they finally broke their kiss, the two stood side-by-side raised their hands to the crowd and took a bow. The applause from the crow got even louder as they left the stage. As I watched my wife walk with Harry, his hand dropped to her ass cheek looking as if he gave it a little tap and squeeze. I blew it off seeing it as the two of them playing up the roles for the night. When they returned to Meghan and me the two were still beaming from receiving the top prize for the category. I noticed that Kate was a bit flushed in the face but I really wasn't sure what the cause was. When they got back to Meghan and me, Meghan gave the Harry and Kate hugs to congratulate them. The awards presentation continued on giving awards for the remaining categories but all of a sudden it seemed like everything else in the room ceased to exist.

Meghan looked at me then Harry and Kate. She held my hand tightly and told her husband and my wife, "Well, since you got to kiss my husband, can I kiss yours?" looking directly at Kate. Kate replied back, "Of course!" Meghan pulled me to her and planted a huge, wet and juicy kiss on me! Our lips connected and almost instantly Meghan slid her tongue between my lips and into my mouth! The instant her lips hit mine a surge of electricity ran through my body. Then as if that wasn't enough, when I felt her soft and wet tongue on my lips then reaching into my mouth, my dick responded by getting rock hard! I felt her arms around my neck as she pulled me to herself and we kissed like we were an actual couple. In the moment that Meghan and I were kissing I completely forgot that Kate was right there watching me kiss her best friend. When we broke our kiss, I tried desperately to hide the fact that Meghan completely lit me up! Even in the darkened ballroom Kate saw that I was a tad flush from my kiss. Kate's response was a simple, "Wow!!! That was actually really HOT!!!"

Meghan and I collected ourselves for a moment when Harry all of a sudden upped the ante saying, "That's not fair!!!! Kate gave me one hell of a kiss..... but she didn't slip me the tongue! I think that is only fair that if William got a kiss like that, I should get one too!" Kate looked a bit stunned at what Harry said and her look of shock got even more pronounced when Meghan and I told her that we agreed with Harry! Kate responded by wrapping her arms around Harry's neck and planted a bigger kiss on him that she had just given him on the stage. Unlike the kiss she and Harry shared on stage only moments earlier, this one got intense real quick. Meghan and I watched as our respective spouse kissed the other with unbridled passion. Kate and Harry slid their tongues into the other's mouths and they really seemed to be making the most of their kiss. They had been kissing for a few moments when Harry's hand fell to my wife's ass cheeks and I watched as he completely felt up my wife's ass right there in front of me. Kate and Harry continued to kiss and feel up each other and all of a sudden, Kate's right hand dropped to Harry's crotch area and landed squarely on the bulge in his pants. Kate gripped Harry's cock, gave it a tug then she peeled herself off and away from Harry! Watching my wife not only kiss another guy but then get felt up and even grab another guy's cock for some reason didn't make me a bit jealous..... instead, I found that watching my wife with Harry was actually very erotic!

Following the scene that Meghan and I just watched, I decided to repeat what Harry had done moments earlier. "Now I feel like I'm getting the short end of the stick...… Meghan is an amazing kisser but I didn't get to cop a feel of her ass, and she surely didn't grope my junk!", I playfully let out. Kate responded to her best friend, telling her to go for it! Meghan launched herself at me locking our lips together and no sooner after our lips met did if feel her hand on my swollen cock. I dropped one hand to Meghan's ass cheek giving it a firm squeeze but as I lowered my other hand to grab her other ass cheek, Meghan intercepted my hand and brought it to her chest. Meghan placed my hand on her tits and I took her lead and began to caress and massage her breasts as we kissed and I felt up her ass. Initially my eyes were locked on Meghan or closed as I allowed myself to feel the passion between Meghan and me. But after a few moments, I reopened my eyes and out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Kate and Harry were at it again and like me, Harry had his hand all over my wife's tits too! The four of us made-out like teenagers at a high school dance oblivious to anyone around us. Eventually when we stopped groping and kissing each other, with Meghan and I finishing moments before Kate and Harry.

At least for me, the reality that I was just making out and feeling up my wife's best friend right in front of her threw me for a loop. I looked at Kate and I could see in her eyes some of the same feelings that I was going through at that time.... "What have we done.....? What are we doing...…? Have we taken this thing too far....?" The four of us paused for a moment when Kate made a comment that sort of brought us all back to reality. Things between us calmed down and about thirty minutes after that we were heading back to our hotel room. We were still with our "play partners" as we walked through the hotel and as people stopped us and took pictures, it seemed like the two couples began to get friendlier and closer again. We got back to our room and Harry and Meghan headed off to their room and Kate and I to ours.

We undressed and put on casual clothes and headed out to the living room of the suite. Kate was wearing a cotton women's pajamas with a button-down top and matching cotton sleeper shorts that the hem landed maybe four inches below her ass cheeks. Because we anticipated going to bed later that evening, Kate had on no underwear beneath her pajamas. I had on a white fitted t-shirt and long cotton pajama pants. Kate and I made a round of drinks for us and not long after we exited out room, Harry and Meghan came out of theirs. Meghan was wearing a one-piece sleeper that was basically an oversized and very long t-shirt that went to just above her knees. Harry was wearing a loose fitted cotton shirt and long cotton pajama pants similar to mine. Meghan asked Kate and I to make them a round of drinks so we did. The four of us sat around the table in the middle of the living room sipping on our drinks talking about the party we had just been at. Over the next half-hour, we talked about everything that happened at the party EXPECT the 900lb gorilla in the room..... the four of us making out with the other's spouse.

Just when it seemed that we'd be going to bed without talking about the four of us making out, Kate surprised me by bringing the issue up. For the next several minutes we all talked about what went on earlier that night. All four of us talked about how much fun it actually was making out with the other's spouse. That led our conversations to have a seriously sexual undertone to it. The more we talked about things regarding sex, I noticed that both Kate and Meghan their nipples were showing through the tops they had on. I admit that my dick was swelling as well with the sexual undertones of our discussion. I even noticed that Kate had begun to squirm in the way she was sitting..... one moment her legs were crossed in one direction then she'd uncross them then recross them in the other direction. From being with her for years, I knew that was a sign that she was getting wet between her legs and she was getting hornier by the minute. Our conversation started to center around the make out session that we had shared with the other's spouse and that's when things got real interesting.

At one point, Meghan brought up the fact that Kate had gotten a chance to feel up Harry and she didn't get a chance to feel me up. Kate looked over at me and saw a decent sized "tent" in my pajama pants so she told Meghan that she was more than welcome to cop a feel of my swelling cock. Meghan made her way to me sitting next to me. She reached over and with one hand pulled the waistband of my pants out and she slid her other hand in my pants grabbing my cock! Meghan grabbing my cock seemed to be what set the rest of the night off. After Meghan grabbed my cock, Harry playfully demanded that he get felt up by Kate so "all things be equal". Over the next ten minutes or so, things got more and more intense as the play between us got hotter with each round of "one upping the other".

This little game went on for a bit when the wives decided that it'd be easier to accommodate this game if they switched places. Kate was now sitting next to Harry and Meghan was next to me. Eventually this game of our resulted in Harry having one hand in my wife's top caressing and massaging her breasts and his other hand in her shorts touching her between her legs. Because of her shorts, I couldn't really see what he was doing but it sure looked like he was fingering her. Harry taking things to that point is what really got things to go places where I never thought Kate and I would ever go...….

Meghan was soon pulling the waistband of my pajamas to the point where my dick was now fully exposed. With no hesitation, Meghan leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth. Her warm and wet mouth slid up and down on my shaft bobbing her head up and down. I ran my hand through her hair letting my hand ride the back of her head as she took my cock in her mouth. I closed my eyes to relish the wonderful feel of her mouth on my swollen cock. My head leaned back onto the back of the loveseat we were in and Meghan made the most of her mouth on me. She had been bobbing her head up and down for a minute or so when I opened my eyes to watch that beautiful woman sucking on me. I reached for her shirt and pulled it up wanting to expose her ass. When I had her sleep-shirt pulled up to just below her tits, Meghan released my cock form her mouth, sat up and pulled her shirt off revealing what I had already discovered..... she had on no underwear under that shirt. I was now looking a this amazingly beautiful woman completely naked.

As I starred at Meghan completely naked out of the corner of my eye I realized that not only was she naked but so was Kate. I was looking at my wife standing if front of Harry with her top on the floor and she was stepping out of her pants that were on the floor. In the blur of the moment and the craziness of the situation I really wasn't sure if this was real or was it a dream...…. Honestly, I have always found Meghan a very attractive woman and I have on occasion wondered what it'd be like to have sex with her. So at that moment, I decided that if it was a dream, I surely didn't want to wake up!

I pulled my pants off leaving me in just my white t-shirt. Meghan climbed on to me and began to grind her pelvic area on my stiff member. As she ground herself on me Meghan shoved her amazing tits into my face smothering me with her firm yet cushiony mounds of flesh. I pulled Meghan to me and smashed my face between her tits. As she ground on me, I could feel the wetness of her pussy as she let her lips glide along the shaft of my cock. She rode me like that for a few moments until I asked her if I could fuck her. As soon as I got those words out of my mouth, Meghan reached for my dick and began to ease me into her. I felt the head of my dick at the entrance to Meghan's pussy and in that very instant I stopped..... My mind raced with the reality that I was about to fuck my wife's best friend and my wife was right there in the same room. In that moment of pause, I heard the moans of Kate coming form the other loveseat in the room. I looked over Meghan's shoulder and there was my wife with Harry deep in her pussy! My wife beat me to the punch and was already fucking her best friend's husband. Seeing that Kate was already getting fucked by Harry, I pushed my torso to Meghan and felt my dick pop into her wanting pussy.

Meghan's pussy is tight and extremely wet. I felt my dick slide into her and I was quickly buried balls deep in her. From what I could see, Harry looked a bit longer than me but where he's longer than me, my girth looked considerably wider than him. With my dick completely in Meghan she let out a moan followed by a sigh. I pulled my cock out leaving only the head in her. As I pulled inch after inch out of Meghan I could hear her gasp for air. I was under Meghan with her legs straddling me yet squeezing me to hold her on me. I leaned in to kiss her and we shared undoubtedly the most intense and passionate kiss we had of the night to that point. As we kissed I continued to pump away at her fully enjoying the feel of her inner walls of her pussy against my dick. I reached for her tits and began to caress them as we kissed and fucked! Kate is a great lover but fucking another woman for the first time in far too long was something I wanted to take full advantage of.

We kept up at it for a while when Meghan pulled herself off of me. She got up of me and got me to change my position on the love seat. Instead of sitting in the seat with my back against the backrest, Meghan got me to lie down on the seat. She pulled one of my legs over the backrest and then she turned herself around so she was now facing my feet. As she began to climb back atop of me I was able to catch a glimpse of Kate and Harry. Harry had my wife on her back plunging his dick in her with complete and total reckless abandonees. In that moment of Meghan and me repositioning ourselves, I could hear the distinct sounds of my wife letting out moans of ecstasy.... this time though, it wasn't me fucking her!

My head was turned to the side as I watched Kate getting fucked by Harry when all of a sudden my view was blocked by Meghan's milky-white inner thigh. She was lowering herself onto me placing her pussy right over my face! I reached up with my arms to pull her to me giving me full access to run my tongue over her pussy! I ran my tongue through the folds of Meghan's pussy and accumulated a decent amount of her juices on my tongue. I closed my mouth and drank it all up! WOW, first taste of a pussy other than Kate's in over twenty years..... I WAS LOVING IT! For the next several minutes, everything around me ceased to exist as Meghan and I were engaged in an amazing 69. I lapped up Meghan's pussy giving her the periodic lick of on her clit. As I licked this beautiful pussy, my dick was getting sucked on by one hell of a cock sucking master...… I could hear Kate as she got fucked but all I really cared about was doing my best to drive Meghan over the edge before she got me to cum!

After several minutes of Meghan and I giving the other oral pleasures, I reluctantly pulled my mouth from her pussy so I could tell her I wanted to go back to fucking her. All to eagerly, Meghan dismounted me and I repositioned myself on the loveseat getting back to where I had my back against the backrest. In the few seconds it took Meghan and I to reposition ourselves, I could see that my wife was now riding Harry "reverse cowgirl". I could see her pussy was taking all of Harry as she ground herself effortlessly on him thrusting her hips forward and back then bouncing up and down. Seemingly wanting to match or outdo her best friend, Meghan pushed my legs together then straddled my legs looking to impale herself on me also assuming the "reverse cowgirl" position. Meghan guided my dick up into her pussy and she quickly let herself slide down my shaft taking me fully in herself. Meghan began to bounce on me and with every bounce she let out a moan or little scream.

The four of use went at it like that for a few minutes when I saw Kate dismount her new lover. She stood up and turned to him telling him something in his ear. Harry and Kate went to the sides of the loveseat they were in and lifted it bringing it close to the one Meghan and I were in, almost to where the two seats touched. As soon as they got the chair repositioned, Harry resumed his place in the chair and Kate went back to taking him in her. The two ladies were now so close they could touch. Meghan reached up first and cupped my wife's breasts in her hands. That caused Kate to press her chest forward but allowed her head to fall backwards. With Meghan now focusing on Kate's tits, I took control of our fucking motion and began to do most of the "in and out" work. Meghan started to lick and suck on Kate's tits as I fucked Meghan all the while Meghan was massaging my wife's tits. After that went on for a bit, Kate pulled her head back up and the two ladies began to kiss each other. As the two ladies kissed, they both reached for the other's tits and caressed and massaged the other. I was still in utter disbelief as to what was going on..... Never before had Kate ever expressed a desire to have sex with someone else especially another woman!

I had been fucking Meghan for a while when I felt my urge to blow my load. If it were Kate, I'd not hold back and do my best to deposit every last drop in her as deeply as I could, but this wasn't my wife.... it was her best friend. I gripped Meghan and held her on me pausing my thrusts wanting to hold the impeding orgasm for a few more moments.... after all. I was balls deep in one hell of a sexy woman with a tight pussy! I let out that I was ready to cum anxious to see how Meghan would take it. She dismounted me leaving me in a tad bit of angst as I was THAT close! Meghan made her way to Kate and gave her a deep kiss. The two ladies took turns slipping their tongues into the other's mouths as they kissed then Meghan pulled away from Kate. She put her face next to Kate's ear and whispered something in my wife's ear. Kate nodded her head yes and Meghan gave her another passionate kiss. This kiss was short and as soon as the kiss ended, Meghan turned to face me. She grabbed my dick and again straddled my lap preparing herself to get impaled again by my cock.

Thankfully, the time between Meghan pulling herself off of me, kissing my wife and telling her what she did it gave me some time to "back off of the edge" of my orgasm. Meghan eased my dick into the entrance of her pussy and again eased herself down onto me. As soon as she got all of my dick in her, she wrapped her arms around my neck and began to grind and thrust away on me. The feel of her pussy totally engulfing my cock was amazing so to increase the pleasure, I gripped her hips and started to press and pull my dick to and from Meghan. I had only gotten to pump her two or three times when she put her head next to mine and seductively told me in my ear that she wanted me to completely relax, "William, I want to make you cum! I want you to sit here and take it!!! Don't move at all.... and when you cum, I want you to unload everything you go deep in me! I want to feel your warm cum fill me up completely!" As soon as she finished saying that Meghan got face-to-face with me as she continued to grind herself away on me!

I was looking Meghan in the eyes when I began to feel the urge to cum build again and before long I was on the edge again. I mouthed to Meghan that I was about to cum and her efforts to send me over the edge intensified. As my eyes began to roll into the back of my head her hands moved to the sides of my head holding it firmly yet tenderly too. She leaned in to give me a kiss and that was what finally sent me over the edge. Meghan bit my lower lip pulling it to her. Her hands squeezed my face then she resumed kissing me. My first surge of cum began to shoot into Meghan and at that point she broke her kiss and put her face nose-to-nose with me. "Fill me up William, give me every drop you got!", Meghan tenderly told me! As each surge flowed from my dick into Meghan it was as if she could feel my dick pulse with cum because she somehow managed to time her thrusts with my subsequent surges of cum getting launched into her.

I finished with the last surge of my orgasm depositing my cum in Meghan. Sensing that I had finished, my lover leaned in to me planning another sensual and passionate kiss on me. I know that this wasn't my wife that I had just had sex with but the passion that Meghan and I shared seemed more intense than just a "fuck between friends". As we continued to kiss, my limping dick began to ease out of Meghan but that didn't stop us from continuing with our swapping of tongue and lip service to the other. When my dick finally eased out of Meghan she proceeded to grind her pussy on me looking to get what last bit of stimulation from my dick she could. Things between Meghan and I started to settle down and the more things with us slowed down, the more I could hear what was going on around us. Meghan peeled her face away from me but then gave me a final tender kiss on my lips. When she finished with that, she crawled off of me sliding to my side. With Meghan off of me, I was able to see with my eyes what my ears already told me... Kate was STILL getting fucked by Harry.

The last time I laid eyes on Kate with Harry, she was riding him reverse cowgirl and she was largely dictating the pace and action between them. Now, Kate was on her back, legs wide open and Harry was banging her missionary style. The sound of their flesh slapping against the other filled the room. Kate had been fucking and getting fucked by Harry now for at least fifteen to twenty minutes. Meghan snuggled next to me and she whispered in my ear, "I love to watch him fuck!" What Meghan said didn't quite hit when she initially said it. Meghan and I sat there and watched Harry continue his assault on Kate mercilessly fucking her! As they kept going Meghan chimed in that Harry has incredible stamina. I began to wonder how much longer he was going to last.....

Harry pumped away at Kate for a couple more minutes when he began to tense up slowing his pace considerably. Meghan leaned to me and tells me, "He's gonna cum! I love watching him fuck other women then cumming in them!" It took a moment for it to register in my head, but there was that phrase again.... "I like/love to watch my husband fuck other women!" Just then, Harry asked my wife where she wanted him to shoot his cum..... Kate looked at him and told him she wanted him to unload himself in her!!!!! Harry gave Kate one last thrust then held himself against my wife as hard as he could. As Harry began to moan and let out that he was cuming, Kate begged him to fill her up much like how Meghan had begged me moments earlier. The sight of my wife having sex with her best friend's husband AND letting him cum in her was found to be strangely erotic and not the least bit of jealousy filled me at all.

When Harry had finished shooting his load in my wife, he climbed off of her. He gave my wife a kiss on her lips then fell into the loveseat next to her. Kate leaned into Harry putting her head into the nook of his neck laying back to catch her breath. Kate's legs were slightly opened and I could see how the area around her pussy was now a shade of pink. As she sat there with her legs slightly opened, I could see a glob of Harry's white goo begin to seep out of my wife. Meghan apparently saw it too and she anxiously let out, "Oh my, look at all the beautiful cum dripping out of you..... we can't let that stuff go to waste!" Megan crawled herself between Kate's legs and began to lap up her dripping pussy! OMFG..... Never had I ever thought I'd see my wife have sex with someone else.... and especially having a lesbian affair! But watching my wife get her pussy eaten out by another woman was better than an porn video I had ever seen OR the wildest fantasy that I ever imagined.

Meghan climbed between my wife's legs and initially Kate was somewhat taken back my another woman between her legs. Clearly unsure of what to do, Meghan used her hands and arms to further spread my wife's legs open. Meghan dove in and it looked as if she began lapping up the cum dripping form my wife's pussy. Kate's head was in the arm of Harry and as Meghan started to eat my wife out, Harry reached down and began to caress one of Kate's tits. It didn't take long for Kate to fully get into what Meghan was doing to her because after not even a minute, Kate lifted her leg up placing in on the armrest of the loveseat she and Harry were in. Kate looked down at her best friend between her legs then smiled as she closed her eyes to relish the pleasure she was on the receiving end of. Harry used his free hand to bring Kate's face to his and soon he and Kate were again engaged in a passionate kiss. Even with her mouth occupied kissing Harry, pleasurable sounds of moans periodically immersed out of Kate's mouth as she allowed Harry and Meghan to send her to levels of pleasure unknown to her.

The three of them went on like that for a while when I recognized the familiar signs that my wife was on the verge of an orgasm. Kate's breathing became labored and with every breath she took in, Kate paused holding her breath then desperately exhaling only to quickly take another breath. It was about this time that Harry broke his kiss with Kate and instead focused his oral pleasures on my wife's tits. Meghan brought a hand to my wife's groin area and I can only assume from the motion of her hand that she had sild a finger or two into my wife. With all the stimulation that Kate was receiving I knew it'd be only a few moments more till she erupted in an orgasm. My cock was nearly back to full erection so I began stroking myself as I watched my wife get pleasured by her best friend and her husband. Kate began to erupt in her orgasm and even though she bucked and shuttered, Meghan pressed harder into my wife trying to send Kate further and further into complete and total sexual bliss.

As my wife began to scream that she was cumming, the fervor that Megan seemed to continue to lick and finger Kate intensified getting her to scream even more. Harry now had both of her tits getting either licked or massaged and all of that sent her into a level of ecstasy that I had only seen in porno flicks...… believe you me, until I saw my wife like that, I thought orgasms like that were only in videos...…!

When Kate finally finished her orgasm Meghan pulled herself from my wife's crotch licking her lips and making a "Mmmmmmmm" sound! Meghan got to her feet and Harry crawled out from under Kate leaving her alone on the loveseat. Kate was busy trying to catch her breath when she noticed that I was stroking my cock as I was staring at her. Kate called me to her and I joined her on the other loveseat. Kate gave me a kiss on my neck and replaced my hand with hers. She told me that she wanted her and I to go to our room where she and I could make love. We stood up and told Harry and Meghan that we'd be going to our room. They smiled and stood there as we made our way to the room. I don't really know why but when we entered the room, I forgot to close the door to the room.

Kate and I immediately got into a 69 in the middle of the bed and as I ate my wife, I realized that some of what I was tasting was the leftover cum that Harry had deposited in Kate only a few minutes earlier. Even though the realization that I was tasting another guy's cum was something I thought I'd never do, what Kate was doing to my dick got me over that real quick. I continued to lick and suck on Kate as she sucked my dick with total recklessness. We went at it like that for a while when Kate took her mouth off my dick to tell me that she wanted me to fuck her! I reluctantly peeled myself away from Kate and as I reposition myself to begin fucking my wife, I notice that she and I had an audience. Harry and Meghan are at the door watching my wife and I. I pulled Kate to her knees and set her on the bed so she is facing the door. Seeing our friends there only seemed to ignite Kate even more.

My wife is now on all fours facing the door and I get in from behind her. I got the head of my cock right at the edge of my wife's pussy and slowly push my way in. I have had sex with Kate with her filled with my own cum so the feel of her "sloppy wet" pussy is nothing new to me, the only difference is now the extra lube is Harry's cum not mine! I eased myself into my wife and soon I was balls deep in her. I pulled partway out then push myself back in. I gazed at the amazing sight of my wife's ass in front of me and I can see how with each pull out, her inner pussy lips are trying to maintain its grip on my dick! In and out I go and Kate begins to moan with every thrust. After several thrusts, she looks back at me then turns her attention to the door. With her right hand she reaches to the door and calls Harry and Meghan to her. Harry makes his way to the bed and I see that he is almost completely hard. He gets to the edge of the bed when Kate reaches out for his cock and begins to pull him to her. Harry gets pulled to the bed and as he got within reach, Kate pulled his cock to her mouth taking him in her!

For the next several minutes, as I pumped my wife from behind, I watch in amazement as she is also sucking on Harry at the same time. My mind is racing to try to understand how the lady I'm married to and had never expressed any sort of desire to have sex with anyone else now not only has had sex with someone else, but she's also had a lesbian experience and now is in the middle of a threesome! OMFG...… This night was turning into one hell of a night! I fucked Kate from behind for several minutes as she kept sucking on Harry. As I looked around our room, there was Meghan behind us leaning against the headboard of the bed fingering herself as she watched us.

I was on the verge of blowing my second load of cum for the night when I pulled out of Kate. My wife took Harry out of her mouth then spun around so she was now facing me. Without saying anything, Kate flipped over onto her back and pulled my dick into her mouth. I leaned towards her to make it easier for her to suck on me and then I watched as Harry made his way between her legs. Harry grabbed the head of his dick and eased himself into my wife's pussy again! We went at it like this for a bit when Meghan cried out that it wasn't fair and she wanted in on the threeway action. Kate was a bit reluctant to climb out of the middle but she did. Meghan offered her pussy to me first facing her husband. I eased my dick back into the beautiful Meghan and as soon as I got in her, she took Harry in her mouth. For the next several minutes Meghan was in the middle of the "spit roast" between Harry and me. Like Kate before her, Meghan cheerfully flipped between Harry and me letting each of us fuck her as she sucked on the other.

Meghan was in the middle of the threeway when Harry pulled out exclaiming that he felt that he and I should now get a chance to be the one in the middle of the two ladies.....! The debauchery between us was going places that I never thought possible. Harry dislodged himself from Meghan and Meghan cleared the center of the bed. Harry took her place laying on his back. I pushed Kate to take advantage of Harry's swollen cock and my wife quickly impaled herself on Harry. As soon as she had gotten all of Harry burred in herself, Meghan mounted her husband's face. I had always fantasized about what it'd be like to be where Harry was and it looked like before long I'd get my chance. The two ladies took turns riding Harry's dick and face until they finally got Harry to blow his load. When Harry blew his second load for the night, he shot his globs of goo all over Meghan's tits, face and some got into her mouth! Harry's fresh goo was lapped and shared between the two girls as the laughed and truly happily shared Harry's cub between them.

No sooner did Harry climb off the bed did Meghan call for me to take his place. I got to the center of the bed and Meghan was quickly lowering herself onto my throbbing dick. With Meghan sitting on my cock, my wife climbed onto my face feeding me her pussy. It was at that very moment that I thought, "If I died at that moment, I was already in heaven!!!" Over the next several minutes, I got a chance to alternate between fucking my wife and Meghan. I lost track as to how many times the two switched places but I know I was fucking Meghan when I was ready to bust my load. I gripped Meghan's hips and gave her one last thrust as I deposited my goo into my wife's best friend. Surge after surge of my cum flowed into Meghan and when my dick limped out of her, Meghan fell to my side opening her legs allowing my cum to seep out of her. My wife who had just climbed off my face made her way to Meghan and all of a sudden began lapping her friend's pussy up! I now had seen everything that I had ever fantasized about with my wife...…. Kate was now fulfilling my greatest fantasy as I watched her eat another woman's pussy! AND IT WAS BETTER THAN I EVER IMAGINED!!!!!!!

Kate shared some of the cum that she lapped from Meghan's pussy and then Harry and I got to watch our wives make out with each other on the bed. When the two ladies had finished, Harry was well on his way to being hard again and I wasn't that far behind. The four of us were all lying on the bed huddled in a mass of naked flesh all intertwined together. When things had kind of settled down, Harry and Meghan got up and headed to their room. With Kate and I alone, we started to make out and were soon having some amazing sex...… In between the sounds that Kate and I were making, we could hear the sounds of Harry and Meghan going at it in the next room. For the remainder of the night, the two ladies took turns changing rooms and husbands. At one particular point, the four of used ended up all in Harry and Meghan's room sharing their bed amongst us four.

I really don't know how many times we had fucked each other that night before we passed out. When I did pass out from utter exhaustion, laying in my arms was Meghan. Apparently Kate had fallen asleep in the room with Harry. When we woke sometime in the middle of the following day one by one we all took showers washing off remnants of the carnal desires from the night before. As we all sat around having coffee and room service we all had a laugh in wondering of the "real" royal four had ever done what we did the night before...…

That afternoon as we all had lunch together, that's when I discovered that Harry and Meghan had been involved in the swinger lifestyle for a while and they had talked Kate into giving it a try..... Kate figured I'd be open to it after all, I had confessed to Kate that I had at times fantasized about having sex with Meghan. The three figured that if things got started with a simple kiss, things would easily escalate to where the night before went. Thankfully, since that night, Harry, Meghan, Kate and I have spent several more nights together..... sometimes its all four of us together, sometimes the couples swap partners and spend the nights apart. Either way, when Kate and I get back together, we have some of the hottest sex!

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