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A Night on the Couch

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My wife Markie makes me crazy. She is adventurous, beautiful and seemingly ageless. I've always thought it strange that her name is Markie, because more than anyone she reminds me of a brunette version of Markie Post of "Night Court" fame. She has that petite, innocent, girl-next-door look, and her breasts look a little too large for her frame. They actually have their own life, their own movements, and they follow their own path as she walks. But, like her star namesake she is tall enough and leggy enough that they never make her look heavy - just busty.

But what I love most about her truly is her mind. Please understand, I don't mean that in a Valentine's Day, trying-to-say-something-to-save-my-ass whipped husband kind of way. I truly love her mind! It is eclectic, exploratory, more-than-slightly clairvoyant, and can be downright devious. She really doesn't ever sit around thinking and pondering on the devious part, it just happens. And, luckily for me, she usually just runs with it. Although that can be a bit of a challenge to keep up with, it makes me one very lucky man without too many unfulfilled fantasies.

Let me give all of you an example:

Recently Markie and I were with some friends, a couple we have grown very close to. We planned to meet them at a local club, after which they invited us to a private party. By the time we got there, there were about eight other people in the room, all working on each other in one way or another. There were our friends, another very sleek-looking couple in their thirties we hadn't met, a not-so-appealing couple who had spent a little too much time in the cookie aisle, a single man (who had obviously been hand-picked for his appearance and attributes) and a recently divorced woman we had met about one year prior to seeing her again at this party.

Neither Markie nor I were really ready to jump into the fray yet, but we were truly enjoying the sights and sounds of everyone around us. I sat down on a sofa and she came over and started giving me one of her exquisite blow jobs. While there is no such thing as a bad blow job, hers are exceptional. You can find out more about that for yourself, later, when we bump into you in a club or other meeting place. She got me so hot we both had all our clothes off within ten minutes. She stayed there as long as I could stand it, watching a room full of people having all kinds of great sex, getting this wonderful treatment from my beautiful bride. Then she moved onto the couch, sat on my lap, and slid me inside her. I was in heaven and as we moved together, she kissed me intently (just a little secret - I get even more turned on by her kisses than her blow jobs - they are soooooo sexy).

So, as we're having our own little party there, minding our own business, sex noises coming from all over the room, we weren't really paying attention to anyone else. Then I noticed that two very pretty hands, with beautiful red nails, were wrapped around Markie's large breasts. The friend who had invited us, a very petite blonde who is sexier than hell, and frequently suspected of being a lesbian with a husband, was fondling Markie's breasts and rubbing her big breasts all over Markie's back and neck. I had no idea where her husband was, but figured someone in the room was keeping him busy. Marc's a really nice guy, very much a gentleman, but in great demand at events like these because he is .... large. No, that's a lie, he's huge. So, the three of us continued having the best time with our own private party.

Our friend, Shelley, was moving up and down in unison with Markie, her fingers pulling gently on Markie's nipples, and all the while she kept her head on Markie's shoulder, kissing her neck, her ears, and she started making noises like she was really hooked up with us. Then she started to say dirty little things to Markie. I could barely hear what she was saying she was talking softly in her ear, but I could hear her when she wanted me to. Shelley sort of growled at Markie, saying, "Mmmm, that feels so nice. I wish I had a big fat cock of my own so I could fuck you from back here. You'd like that wouldn't you?" Markie was getting really hot; Shelley kept humping her back and talking with her head on Markie's shoulder.

Well, it was everything I could do to hold back while these gorgeous women went for each other, grabbing and kissing and talking back and forth while Markie continued to ride up and down on me. I could hear their murmurs to each other, watch their lips less than a foot away, and got caught up in their excitement. Just then I felt someone crawling over the back of the couch beside me. It was Marc, Shelley's husband. He sat on the back of the couch, so close that he was pushing my head over to the side with his big thighs. So, I just kind of slid over a little, and he was sitting up above me directly in front of Markie and Shelley.

Shelley started humping Markie's back even harder, pushing her forward with every thrust. She started talking in Markie's ear again, "Look at that poor thing, he's been fucking everyone in the room again and it's all soft and droopy. You know how much he loves your mouth, don't you? Why don't you take that big soft cock in your mouth and get it hard again for him?"

It was true. He did love Markie's mouth and she was one of only a few people who had ever been able to take the entire length of Marc down her throat. She smiled and leaned forward and began licking the tip of it. He shifted on the back of the couch, put one leg on either side of my head; his big balls were touching my shoulder and my head on his thigh. Markie leaned forward, held up his weighty cock and as her cheek touched mine, and her beautiful face disappeared from my periphery, she slid the head in her mouth.

I could hear her familiar soft little moans as she adjusted her mouth to his size. Even soft it was quite a mouthful. Soft clicking, wet slurps, the struggled breaths as Markie worked his head into her mouth. I guessed, knowing her technique that the top of his helmet was probably against the edge of her pallet now, waiting at the gate to heaven.

The four of us were becoming a very compact center of activity. Marc on the back of the sofa, me on the seat, Markie on my lap (her big breasts against my bare chest, her face next to mine) and Shelley holding on to Markie, her head on Markie's shoulder, her face so close to mine I could feel her sweet breath as it touched my face. Although I couldn't see Markie's face anymore, I could feel her cheeks brush mine as she slid her mouth up and down on Marc's cock. That was stimulating enough, but driving me utterly mad were her soft moans and her light, wet sucking sounds an inch from my ear.

Shelley, taking advantage of her proximity now made absolutely certain that I heard every lewd comment she was using to spur on my gorgeous wife. And, I could hear Markie's reaction, the words heightening her arousal as she worked to relax and take Marc's cock down deep into her throat. There it was, that unmistakable guttural sound she makes as she pushes a cock past her soft pallet and down her throat. Even though the normal reaction is to gag a little, her lust forces her on and she ignores her normal instinct to pull back. It caused Marc to groan also, a sound I have heard Markie elicit from many men as I watched their cocks slide past her swollen, pouting lips. She is amazing, a source of pride and endless fascination to watch - if I could see her - which I can't. And I swear I can almost hear her giggle, knowing that she is driving me mad.

Shelley pushed Markie further onto Marc's balk, and as she did so Shelley's face came close enough for me to kiss, but Shelley wouldn't let me. Leaning forward, closer with every push on Markie she lets her lips come maddeningly close to mine, pouts her lips a bit, then pulls away. She repeats this over and over again, and as I'm pushing harder and harder into Markie, trying to steal a kiss from Shelley, my wife can feel the signs of my rising excitement. She knows I'm getting to the point of no return where all I want, all I can think about, is my path to an orgasm. As I start to push harder up into her, I hear Marc's cock slide from her mouth, and I can see her amative eyes staring at mine, which are half-closed as I move closer to my climax.

"Where you goin' baby? Are you getting ready to come? No, no, no, we're not done with you yet." With that said, she leaned forward like she was going to kiss me and bit my bottom lip. She held onto it and said through her clenched teeth, "Slow down."

I didn't, of course. I pushed up into her even harder, the light bite being a bit of a turn on. So, she bit down very hard. That was a definite show-stopper.

"Owww!! Damn it that hurt!" I yelled.

"I told you to go easy. Sorry, let me make it better. She leaned forward, slowly opened her lips, and delivered the sexiest French kiss I had ever received from her, her tongue searching for and playing with mine. About two seconds after her lips touched mine I began to freak out. Markie's kisses, even in the hottest throes of passion are slightly cool with a hint of mintiness, sweet and smooth. Not this kiss. Her mouth was hot, very hot and slightly salty, with a hint of male locker room. As much as I wanted to kiss her, I started to pull back. She sensed it instantly, grabbed a handful of my hair at the back of my head, and pulled me hard toward her. She opened her mouth even wider, her tongue searched out my taste buds and delivered every new sample she wanted to share.

Her lips remained locked on mine for at least two minutes. The unfamiliar tastes subsided and eventually I quit fighting her as her kisses grew more familiar. My desire rose, and I started pumping up into her again. Markie pulled a couple inches away from me, stopped to take in my reaction, smiled, and then went back to sucking Marc's cock. Within minutes, she was back with another kiss. I knew why moments after she kissed me. This time the taste was the same as the first, but now there was something very slippery, like lubricant, on her tongue. It took a minute for my panicking brain to comprehend, but Marc had obviously given her a mouth full of pre-come she wanted share. She stayed there kissing me until it was all gone, leaned back, smiled and her face disappeared again onto Marc.

I couldn't stand not seeing her face anymore, and at that moment made the biggest mistake of the night. I turned my head so I could see what she was doing. If I had thought hearing her would make me go insane, I can't imagine what made me think this would be better. It was like watching fellatio on an IMAX screen. Inches from my face, that huge cock kept disappearing into Markie's mouth. And it was straining for release. From where I sat I cold see every bulging blood vessel. It looked like a giant straining rope as it disappeared wet and shining into my lover's mouth. I could tell he was close and Markie was not going to disappoint him. She picked up speed, he began moaning and swearing and pushing into her face. The only thing she likes more than giving a great blow job all on her own is having her face fucked and she was definitely reacting to this one. Her vagina tightened around my cock as she squirmed around on my lap. Marc's thighs were so tight that I could see every muscle in his leg. Then he started screaming, literally screaming. Markie held her face very still as Marc bucked and pushed for fifteen to twenty seconds, then opened her mouth wide and slid all the way to the very base of his cock, letting her throat muscles spasm against the head of his cock as his orgasm concluded.

Shelley was voicing her approval in her own inimitable way, and knowing Markie well (the four of us have fucked often enough to know each other's preferences) knew it was time slide a long finger into Markie's ass. Markie, her mouth still completely full of cock, moaned her approval. She continued to rock herself toward her own orgasm which came almost immediately. She rocked and moaned, her vagina pulled at my cock trying to squeeze my orgasm from deep inside. She was extremely vocal as she came, but none of us could understand a word as she refused to let that big fat penis fall out of her mouth. It was as if she was having a clitoral, vaginal, anal and esophageal orgasm all at once. I was going to follow her. As my moment was building, she began ever-so-slowly letting Marc slide inch-by-inch from her mouth. At the moment when I could hold back no longer, I threw my head back and began to shout my usual "Auuugggghhhh!" As I reached the highest point of my climax, without the slightest warning, she kissed me.

Every alarm in my mind went off simultaneously. Marc's load had been huge. Her mouth was full, and she was sharing any and all of it with me. I didn't want to taste it, but I couldn't help it. I was so turned on, so over the edge that I explored my lovers mouth and found myself lapping up the completely foreign tastes as if I hadn't eaten in a week. As my orgasm subsided, I heard Shelley giggling to Markie, "That was hot!! I think he likes it!"

As I recovered, Markie laughed along with Shelley, "I think he did too, but he'll probably never admit it once the hormones and adrenaline are no longer in control of his mind. Listen sweety, I've done everything I can do to help you have some fun." She lifted up Marc's big member, almost soft now. She took her finger, lovingly scr*ped a bit of come that had flowed over onto my chin, and spread it across the head of Marc's penis.

"If you want any more of this, you'll have to work for it yourself. I just want to watch."

Shelley chimed in, "Oh, me too. I want to see that!" She then grabbed Markie's hand and pulled her off my lap toward another part of the room. "You two figure out what you want to do and let us know. Right now Markie owes me somethin'!"

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