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A Night To Remember

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Patrick had no idea what to expect as he arrived home from work that evening. Earlier that day, his wife sent him an email saying that she had planned a special surprise for him to show him how much she loved him and to be home promptly at 7:30 for a night he would never forget. His wife had never done anything like this before and Patrick spent a good part of the day trying to guess what she had planned.

For the past year the both of them had begun to get involved with the swinger lifestyle. Surprisingly, they found that the experiences they had with other couples actually brought them closer together and their sex life improved dramatically with each other. Patrick had wondered if that night would involve the same erotic experiences that they have come to enjoy over the past year.

As he walked up to the front door he noticed that all the lights in the house had been turned off except for the dim flicker of a candle that he could see through the window. He opened the door and walked over to the candle where he found a note that read, ?Follow the candlelight upstairs to claim your surprise.? He then realized that a trail of candles had been set out leading upstairs. He followed the candles up to his bedroom and slowly cracked open the door.

To his surprise, his wife was laying on the bed with two other beautiful women, all dressed in nothing but black thong panties. The room was filled with the glow of candlelight, which flickered shadows against the curves of their tight bodies. They all smiled at him seductively while he stood there admiring the scene in disbelief.

?I decided that you were due for a night of ultimate pleasure,? his wife said as she slid off the bed and took his hand, urging him to come with her. ?We are all here for you tonight, so just sit back and enjoy yourself.? His wife gently laid him on the bed and slowly began to unbutton his shirt.

He looked over at the other two women who had begun to help her undress him. They were incredible. One was a beautiful blond with full, perky breasts and a tight ass. He could almost imagine the skimpy bathing suit that she wore which now left dark tan lines that outlined her hard pink nipples. The other girl was Latin with long black hair and full pouty lips. She looked so much like Catherine Zeta Jones that he had to look at her closely to make sure it really wasn?t her. She had a tight round ass that she lifted in the air as she leaned forward and started to gently kiss his now naked body. He grabbed her ass and caressed the blond?s breasts as all three gently kissed and stroked his whole body. He could feel the throbbing in his cock as he began to get the hardest erection of his life.

His wife lifted up her leg to straddle his chest. She took both his hands and held them down firmly on the bed above his head. He could feel the moistness of her panties against his chest as she began to rub herself against him. She leaned down and deeply kissed his lips as the other girls started to take turns immersing his fully hard cock into their mouths. Then the blond began to suck gently on his balls while the Latin girl took his cock deep into her throat. He could feel the vibrations of the Latin girls moans through his whole manhood as his wife came up behind her and began to rub her erect clit. Just as he felt he was about to explode, the Latin girl lifted her head up and slowly slid her body against his until their lips met. She began to beg, ?Please fuck me,? and deeply kissed his mouth. As her tongue twisted with his, he remembered how good her tongue felt on his cock and thought how badly he wanted to fuck her.

He looked over at his wife and the blond girl whose bodies were now pressed together as they rubbed their bare breast against each other. His wife looked back at him with a smile and then moved towards him. She took the Latin girl and laid her face down next to him on the bed. Her ass was raised in the air awaiting his hard cock. His wife whispered, ?Do you want to fuck her now?? and gently caressed her firm ass. Patrick got to his knees behind the girl and slowly slipped his cock into her wet, tight pussy. She began to tighten her pussy around his cock as he thrust harder and harder into her opening. ?Faster?, she cried as she had already begun to reach orgasm. She screamed in ecstasy as the waves of her orgasm covered his manhood.

?My turn?, the blond said playfully as she grabbed him and pulled him on top of her. She spread her legs up around his shoulders and dug her nails into his back as he thrust his dick into her. His wife had moved up behind him, gently sucking his balls as she watched his hard cock slip in and out of the blond girl pussy. Her pussy was so tight, it felt as if it were her first time. As he fucked her, the Latin girl began to kiss her lips and then moved down towards her breasts. The blond began to scream in pure pleasure as she felt the full of his cock deep inside her little pussy. Feeling her begin to cum, he also exploded with heavy groans and collapsed beside her.

While he recovered, he watched as his wife went down on the Latin girl. Her fingers thrust deeply into her pussy as she sucked on her clit, flickering her tongue against its tip. He began to again grow hard as he watched them and came up behind his wife. He guided his cock into her and began to give her what she had been waiting for. She could hardly focus on sucking the Latin girls clit as she began to lift her head and moan loudly. The blond girl sat on the Latin girls face as she grabbed her ass and buried her tongue hard into her pussy.

?Give it to me in my ass,? his wife said as she reached behind to guide his cock into her. He gently pushed his cock into her in slow thrusts until she was able to fully take him inside of her. He couldn?t believe how badly she wanted it as she began to beg for it deeper. Her ass clenched tightly around him and he could feel her begin to come as he slid his fingers into her pussy. She moaned in pleasure and then her whole body began to twitch from the aftershock. She rolled over and watched as the other two girls made their way over to him.

He laid the Latin girl down and moved into a 69 position as he thrust his tongue into her wet pussy and his cock into her mouth. His wife and the blond stroked his body and watched while the Latin girl began to come again hard. He also began to cum again and tried to pull his cock out of the girl?s mouth, but she held it in her firmly and begged for him to give it all to her. She took all of his cum in her mouth, swallowed and then began to suck it for more.

The four of them collapsed in exhaustion and lay together on the bed for a while before they fell asleep in each other?s arms. Patrick couldn?t believe that his wife had planned such an incredible night for was a night he?d never forget!

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