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A Mature Houseboat Experience

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My name is Karen of Larry (55yrs) and Karen, (48yrs) happily married for 16 years. We were invited by some friends with whom we party to rent a houseboat for a 4 day mini vacation. We planned the trip in great detail. We had access to a conversion van and an enclosed utility trailer for the transportation of people and supplies. We each cashed in discounts on food and beverages and even made a list of rules to insure all had fun and did not offend anyone else on the trip.

We were going with three other couples but at the last minute one had to back out with a family emergency so it left us with three couples, Tom (52yrs) and Rita(51yrs), Bob (51yrs) and Alice (58yrs) and Larry and I. Alice, a cougar extraordinaire was the eldest, orneriest, best built lady of the bunch and the leader since she and Bob, her boy toy husband had been on a similar trek a couple of years earlier. She wanted to limit clothing while on board ship so she established a dress code for the guys and the gals. Mostly bathing suits and cover ups for the most part and she mentioned games we might play to enjoy the trip even more. The one thing that she kept saying was ?What happens on the boat stays on the boat?.

Once we were established on board and untied form the dock the guys were to take a day each as ?Captain? and drive the boat to let us get some sun and swim then find a cove where we could have some private time and tie up to shore for a small bonfire each evening. The first one to be Captain was Bob. The other item of protocol was the ladies fixed breakfast and the men fixed super and we were on our own for snacks for lunch. The ?Captain?s? wife was the first mate and we each chose a menu for the day. A great system we thought for the trip but then the evening time back on board the boat was unscheduled. Alice the very first night started organizing a game for the lot of us with a deck of card and a surprise set of rules.

Alice was impressed with her experience from the last time she and Bob went on the house boat and wanted us to have the same kind of atmosphere. Little did we know till that night that it was sexual in nature. She proposed a card game with her husband Bob as the dealer. The game would be draw poker and the stakes would be the wives favors. That?s right the wives would provide sexual favors for the winners of the card game. The first announcement was that wedding licenses were null and void for the rest of the weekend. Tom and Rita expressed that that was just fine with them and naturally Bob and Alice were interested in the idea leaving Larry and I to comply. Larry came over to me and asked if I was going to go along with the idea and I asked if he wanted to. He said he would if I would and I only took a moment to say ?We?re in.? I then turned to my husband and told him that no matter what we would not jeopardize our relationship but only have recreational sex. He?d have to be okay with that and he said ?No problem, Baby?.

The cards were shuffled, dealt and the men played our hands for the fun to begin. ?First ace gets first pick? Bob declares as he starts dealing out cards to the men as each of us stood beside or behind our husbands for the game. First ace went to Tom who asked for Alice, our leading lady. Alice promptly squealed and repositioned herself behind Tom only to plant a big fat wet tongue searching kiss on him. Bob then explained that since Tom gets Alice then Larry gets Rita and I was his for the evening.

We got behind our new partners for the evening and the cards were dealt again. With three of a kind Tom won the hand and called for everyone to kiss while the men removed the bras from the ladies. I should have mentioned that we were all wearing two piece bathing suits, till this point when we ladies were all topless. I looked to my husband who was having the back of his head rubbed by Rita?s boobs. Bob pulled me close to take one of my nipples into his mouth. A moment later the cards were dealt again. This hand was won by Bob who called for the bottoms to be removed from the ladies. My husband was busy with the task at his side of the table as Bob untied my bikini bottom and let it fall to the floor. He immediately pulled me close to kiss by crotch and slide his hand up from behind running his fingers lightly along the lips of my vagina. I saw my husband getting an eyeful of this and he winked at me. Then he pulled Rita around to lick his tongue between the lips of her pussy. Alice threw one leg over Toms chair to get a full frontal face job from him till the next deal was being dolled out.

Larry finally won a hand and called for the ladies to remove the men?s suits. The room was now in a new atmosphere and no one was objecting to the extra marital sex acts. Alice was on her knees between Toms legs licking his shaft, Rita was doing likewise only popping my husbands cock in and out of her mouth. I untied Bob?s drawstring and tugged at his trunks. He lifted his weight off the chair and I worked them down across his thighs. His manhood was bulging under the material and sprang straight up as the waistband cleared it. It was enormous and hard as a rock. I quickly helped him get the suit from around his feet and stared at the wonderful penis. I wrapped one hand around the shaft it was about the size of a tennis racket grip, then the other hand to find that it was still at least two inches longer than both my hands. I looked over to his wife who was stroking her playmates penis and watching me for my reaction. She was all smiles as we exchanged winks as my lips made their way to take the head of it into my mouth.

About the same girth as my husband but definitely longer, I found that I could only get about a third of it in my mouth, but that seemed to be enough for Bob to enjoy what I was doing. Just then Alice calls out again announcing that the girls were to take their man to their bunk and we would meet later on shore around the campfire. Reminding all of us to not be shy girls and boys as we as consenting adults were on a mission to get laid. My husband and Rita disappeared into her bunk and pulled the dr*pe closed. Alice swooped by her husband Bob to get a quick suck of his penis and say ?Enjoy yourselves children?.

I lead Bob into my den of sin and he closed the dr*pe. On my back he come over me holding his weight off to start kissing and giving me some tongue teasing. The kisses then started to move down to my breasts, pausing to address attention to each sensitive nipple (both hard as rocks at this point). A short stop at my navel and then down to settle on his elbows with his face in my crotch. Kisses turned to licks, licks were accompanied by light touches from his fingers then my lips were spread and is tongue knew just were to lick. I heard moans from the other bunks so I didn?t mind letting myself succumb to Bob?s tongue and let out with my own sounds of pleasure. Bob looked up and stopped for a moment so I looked down and when our eyes met I knew I wanted him inside me.

Bob asked what I?d like and I had to swallow hard before answering him with ?You inside me?. He moved into position between my legs raising them high and wide. I grabbed each knee to help position for him to guide his long thing into me. In about 3 inches at first with a few strokes I was in a very ?Fuck Me? mood. Then he pushed in another three inches and I was very pleased once again and now I was moaning again. Then he went all in which I was not ready for because I had never had that long of a penis inside me. He began short strokes with whole thing in me at the bottom of each stroke, Then the strokes became longer and harder and faster and I was hanging on pushing my hips back to meet each thrust. I lost it with an orgasm that consumed me and didn?t realize that I was being so loud till he slowed down to a stop as deep into me as physically possible. I quivered with glee as my orgasm subsided.

Bob stretched out next to me and snuggle for a moment till I mentioned how wonderful a lover he was. He asked if I was the kind of woman that swallowed to which I nodded asking if that?s what he?d like. He nodded, kissed me and moved around to be on his back propping the pillows so he could watch me do my thing. On my knees between his legs I started licking every inch of his penis. I even spent some time down lower nibbling on his scrotum. I tasted like my juices which made me hot to please him even more. The moment of truth came as I began sucking and pumping my head to give him as much pleasure as possible. I stroked the lower half while I sucked the upper portion and paused from time to time to suck and lick its head. I heard him say ?Oh yeah, Honey, almost there? which made me give it to him with more intensity. With a groan of pleasure he let out with wad after wad of sperm into my mouth. I sucked and swallowed and licked and swallowed till his pulsating cock calmed down. We assumed another snuggle and listened for the others. Looking out the window we saw the fire being lit by a shadow that might have been Tom. We crawled out of the bunk to get back into our swim suits and head for shore with a blanket.

Alice directed each of us to return to our own mates for the rest of the evening and each evening for that matter, as she was getting the stuff out for ?smores? from her basket. My husband got under the blanket with me next to the fire and asked if I was okay. I replied that I was fine and asked if he liked having some recreational sex. He said he did and reminded me that we had discussed it some time back and just never got around to trying it out. I said ?So we both enjoyed it and we are both okay with it?? he said ?Sure thing, no regrets?. Alice made the announcement that Tom was the ?Captain? starting at first light and that the ladies would be the dealers tomorrow night. Rita cooed ?Mmmmmmmore sex!?!? Alice added that we would all rotate partners to be with someone other than your spouse. Meaning Tom and I, Bob and Rita and Alice and my husband Larry were the next matchup.

Next day up top Alice made sure we girls were all okay with wife swapping on the houseboat, to which we all agreed it was fun and exciting and erotic for all of us. That night around the table the ladies sat and shuffled the cards Tom standing at my side. Alice won a hand and called for the men to deliver kisses as they disrobed completely. Tom was a great kisser and about the same size as my husband. Alice won the next hand too and commanded the men to remove the bottoms from their lady. We stood to assist in the task and get another kiss. Tom was a great kisser and had about the same size penis as my husband.

Rita won the next hand as asked if we could just get to the bunks and fuck. She then turned with Bob?s long dong in her hand to suck it while she waited for and answer. ?I?m good with that? I added. Alice calls out ?Let the fucking begin!? ?See you all at the campfire?. Tom got into my bunk first pulling me on tome of him and immediately guided his penis inside me. He pushed in and out a couple of times then full in as I sat up slightly to get the perfect angle to receive the whole thing. I leaded back forward enough for him the brace his feet and start pumping me hard and fast. I liked this man?s style, right to the point and it felt goooooood. Tom wanted to turn us around some till we ended up with me on all fours and him sliding back inside me doggy style. Again pumping with full strokes faster and faster till he was pounding himself into me. This too felt gooooood. I was enjoying it on several levels, the excitement of a new lover, another man?s penis and style of sex was being administered to me and the fact that I was his sex chattel to be used. His hands spread the cheeks of my ass and his thumbs moved slowly to either side of my anus. He lightly teased the rim of my asshole with one thumb then the other all while pumping me with his cock. I never knew this kind of attention would be so arousing. I felt a warmth come over my body as I arched to push my ass toward his teasing thumbs.

I was soon headed for an orgasm as he pushed one thumb into me up to the first knuckle. I moaned with this new experience. It was slowly retracted only to be replaced by the other thumb. Between penetrations with his thumbs he teased the rim which drove me crazy. I reached down to play with my clit but that only took a second till my climax started. Tom sensed this and pumped a thumb in and out of my back side till I let out with a pleasurable groan. I felt his penis quiver inside me and then he emptied himself into to perfectly pleased pussy. We were the first to be dressed and out on shore so we started the fire. Bob and Rita soon followed and we had the fire ablaze before Alice and my husband appeared.

We paired up with our husbands once again and I asked how it went with Alice. He said that she had worn him out. I laughed then told him we needed to talk about something when we get home that I wanted to try with me?he was all questions till I was persistent in the fact that it would keep till we got home. Alice stood to make another announcement, ?Get a good nights sleep children, because tomorrow night we are going to have the ultimate orgy.? Rita was calling out ?Mmmmmmmore sex, I hope!?!? Al;ice mentioned a super surprise for all of us. She then reminded us of the rule what happens on the houseboat stays on the houseboat.

Next day the girls were all on the roof sunning with little to nothing on but lotion and sunscreen. We were talking like experienced hookers and the fuck word was in every other sentence. Open discussions about sex were being shared. Alice and Rita had both been poked in both holes so far this weekend and I sucked one husband off and fucked the other. The girls were asking very personal questions about my history with anal sex. I admitted that twice before Larry I had taken it in the rear but that was to avoid getting pregnant in high school. They both went on about loving the act and how it made them complete lovers for a man. Alice must have seen the questioned look on my face because she blurted out ?Rita and I have been swapping husbands for about three years now and our men have been in every orifice.? Rita mentioned that maybe Alice should tell me of the orgy to come that night. Alice said they planned to let Larry and I be the centers of attention for the orgy. Larry would have a 3-some with them and Bob and Tom would double team me.

I said with surprise ?Two men at once? Really, no kidding? Your husbands and me no kidding?? It was further explained that anything goes. I started thinking of the good sex with each of them over the past two nights and how I was going to manage to make them both happy at the same time. Alice was surprised that I had never done a 3-some, but they were both excited to be there for my first one. Rita added ?Keep the lube handy, you might need it?.

That night we pulled the mattresses from the bunks and spread them where the table sat. The table was relocated to the side of the room and turned up on its side to make the extra space for pending sex and debauchery. My Larry knew nothing yet but Alice made the announcement, like always that the two 3-somes were the plan to initiate Larry and I into the wife swapping group. Tom and Bob got on either side of me and my clothes were removed without me so much as lifting a finger. They then stripped down to naked and stood on either side of me so I took a penis in each hand and started passing out the kisses. I noticed that the other 3-some were also naked now as Larry was kissing Rita and playing with her breasts while Alice had a mouth full of his cock. We were directed to get on the mattresses beside one another like lambs being lead to the slaughter. Bob knelt next to my face and I instantly grabbed his member and began sucking. Tom spread my legs and began eating me out. When I looked over to see how Larry was doing I saw him on his back with Alice getting a tongue ride while Rita sucked on his rod.

My partners changed places to have Tom in my mouth and Bob licking me franticly but artfully. Next time I looked at Larry the girls had changed places too. I was getting and giving pleasure with reckless abandon. Bob moved around to get on his back and I moved down to suck him some more. Meanwhile Tom mounted me doggy style and started that thumb tease I enjoyed the night before. This time he only teased the rim of my ass and did not penetrate. The teasing worked wonderfully edging me toward an orgasm. I got a small one but it was cut short by Bob pulling me up to be on top of him and I gladly spread my lower lips apart for him to enter me. Tom was still playing with my anus. I felt a liquid being spread between the cheeks of my ass. He had it all over his hands and a finger was put into me back there. He finger fucked my butt hole, but I liked it and it was lubing me up for what was to come. I looked back to see Tom lubing up his penis. He moved into position behind me and spread my cheeks. Slowly his penis was pushed into my ass. I now had a man in my pussy and another in my ass. I was overwhelmed with pleasure and erotic excitement. It only took seconds for my orgasm to come over me and it lasted on and on.

Somehow I managed to turn my head to see Larry and the girls. Rita and Alice were in a 69 position and very busy pleasing each other. Rita was on bottom, Alice was on top and my husband Larry was pumping Alice from behind, doggy style. I didn?t realize the entire picture of what they were doing till Alice yelled out ?Oh Larry, Baby, fuck that ass!? I then noticed that Larry was in her back door and pumping it hard. The boys started getting into a rhythm one pushed in while the other was retracting and vise versa. It was as if I was getting two separate fucks and it made it hard for me to concentrate on one over the other?so I didn?t I just let them have me and hung on for the ride.

I turned my head again to get a look at Larry and the girls had traded places. Alice was on bottom and Rita was taking it in the back door. Rita let go with a noisy orgasm and climaxed for what seemed to be a full minute. Larry finished in her butt and they snuggled with Larry in the center to watch the men and I. Tom let go with his cum next in my ass and I had to admit I liked the feeling of that part of the experience too. He retreated to the sidelines leaving left Bob and I to round out the evening. I was rolled over to be on my back where Bob got into the missionary position on top of me and pushed that big rod of his deep into me. I lay back to receive him and took extreme pleasure doing so. Bob had his way with me and I loved every inch of it. Pounding me hard and deep I was almost ready to go ballistic again when he stopped with every inch in me as deep as it would fit and cut loose with his orgasm.

Alice advised Larry and me to go take a shower together, we did with weak legs and worn out sex parts. We moaned more than talked as we knew we were each worn to a frazzle but still could not stop kissing each other. Out of the shower we dried one another off and dressed. Heading for the shore and a campfire but we heard the others, all but Tom off the stern skinny dipping and playing in the lake water. Tom was in charge of the fire on shore, but once it was going he ran to splash in with the others.

Once home Larry and I sat in wonder as to the weekend we just experienced. We had sex with other people every night for three consecutive nights. I equally amazed that I had tried and like anal sex. Larry wanted to know what it was I was saving to tell him once we were home but guessed it before I could swallow hard and tell him. ?You like your ass played with and poked, don?t you?? He asked. ?Yes, I do? is all I said. ?And You like wife swapping too don?t you?? He again asked. ?Yes, I do? is all I said. We agreed we needed to take a break and let all our sex parts heal up and rest but that we should contact Alice for more advice on swapping wives with other.

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