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A Life Changing Experience - Wont Ever Go Back

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My name is Monica and my husband, Jeff, and I have been married for 6 years. We meet at a time when I was dating ‘one going nowhere guy’ after another. I was just not clicking with anyone and actually could not really pinpoint why I was always left unsatisfied but just knew that something was missing. Anyway we meet one year at a New Year’s Eve party being hosted by a mutual friend. We both had dates so not much happened that evening other than a brief introduction. The following week I received a call from Nancy the host of the party and she said that Jeff wanted to meet me and she was asking for my permission to give out my contact information. I told to go ahead give the information to Jeff.

Well the following week I received a bouquet of roses with a note attached that told me that he enjoyed meeting me and would like to get to know me better. He went on to say that if I was interested that he would have his driver pick me up on Saturday at 8pm. Then the note stated that if I accepted we would go to Maggie’s, one of the finest restaurants in town, and then we would go dancing at jazz/blues (my favorite) club afterwards. He also stated that if I accepted that I was to wear a sheer dressy blouse, a shelf bra that would allow my nipples to be exposed, a micro skirt that was to be no longer than covering the tops of the stockings that he requested with garters and at minimum 4” heels. Jeff finished his requirements stating that he does not allow any of his ‘dates’ to ever wear panties of any kind. He finished by stating that any of this was offensive in any way that he apologized in advance and that I could simply call his secretary and leave him a message that I would be unable to make our meeting.

Wow, I thought this guy is really being presumptuous. But instead of calling I was intrigued and decided to think about it for a day or two. Not only was his note and method of delivery so different but from meeting him at the party I knew that he was very successful and much older than I was. At the time I was 23 and I later found out that Jeff was 18 years my senior. Even though Jeff was older and obviously very successful he was also, I found out, a tri-athlete and in great shape. Everyone has always told me that I’m pretty and I have always known that I turn heads and get stares wherever I go. I’m 5’8”, 139#, have waist black hair, hazel eyes, measure 35dd/23/32, and keep myself shaved and have a clit ring. I realize that my clit ring would probably scare my parents if they knew as I had a very conservative upbringing but there is just a little wild streak that I have.

Anyway, I digress. I was intrigued and decided to see where this was going. I made an appointment at the spa for Saturday for a pedicure, manicure, massage and facial. I then went shopping and purchased a very sheer white chiffon blouse that buttoned up with the required white lacy shelf bra as instructed. I then bought a micro skirt that was black, with a white pinstripe and matching jacket. I decided that I would show this guy. I have to admit that for the entire rest of the week I could not get this guy, or more likely what my outlet would be saying to the world out of my head. Seemed like the entire week I was constantly wet and horny as could be.

As Saturday approached I did not sleep at all Friday night and when I did wake up on Saturday I put on my sweats and went to the spa to unwind and begin getting ready for my date. On the one hand the spa was so relaxing but I was so horny about the date. After all after that kind of invitation I had no idea what lay ahead. When I go home I finished getting ready with a shower and put on my ‘outfit’. At the appointed time the doorbell rang and a well dressed gentleman was at the door and took me to the car and held the door as I got in. I’m not sure but I think that I noticed that the driver got a good look at my pussy as I got into the car. The driver informed me that Jeff was arriving shortly from a business trip and that we would be picking him up at the airport. As we made our way to the airport I helped myself to some champagne that was open. When we arrived at the airport Jeff had just arrived and we went directly to Maggie’s from there. I, of course, had on the requested outfit as described in the invitation with the jacket to the suit added. I left it unbuttoned so that it would be open and that a hint of my breasts could be seen as the jacket was open with the sheer blouse. I felt that this would be classy enough and I could always take the jacket off if appropriate later.

When we got to the restaurant the Matre ‘d showed us to our booth. As we walked everyone seemed to stop their conversations and watch us. We were seated in an elevated booth. Jeff sat next to me and I was seated so that I was facing the rest of the room. Even though the table had a table cloth that hung down I was still certain that the booth was elevated enough that any unsuspecting voyeur could see that I had on garters and stockings and probably could tell that I was without panties if I allowed it. We had a marvelous dinner and conversation. The charisma and magnetism possessed by Jeff was very relaxing and at the same time captivating. Our conversation easily flowed to all topics and of course to sex. Jeff was so comfortable with himself and who he is that it seemed so natural when Jeff placed his hand on my thigh under the table as we were ordering our cocktails and complemented me again on my outfit and thanking me for accepting the invitation for the evening. As the waiter was taking our order Jeff’s hand very casually stroked my inner thigh by the knee. As he began moving his hand up my thigh to my stocking tops I noticed that across the room was a gentleman having dinner with his wife and from the way he was seated his wife had her back to us but the guy was looking directly across the room under the table and I’m sure he could see Jeff’s hand on my thigh. I first I flinched and was a little nervous but when the waiter asked me a question it brought me back to the moment. Jeff continued to stroke my leg and I began to become more interested in playing with the voyeur across the room. As I watched him trying to have a conversation with his wife I noticed the control that I was having over him and began to get very wet with this new found power. I opened my legs some, not to allow or encourage Jeff’s advances, but to see the effect on the voyeur. I swear that when he saw my pussy that I saw a bead of perspiration on his brow.

We continued our relaxed conversation and it was clear to me that this man that I was with was used to being in control and in having things his way. By the time the waiter came back for our dinner orders Jeff had discovered that I had a clit ring. His fingers played with my pussy as we casually talked and I have to admit that he had complete control over me. However, I discovered that as I was losing control to Jeff my voyeur was watching everything and I had a lot of control over him. I was having so much trouble attempting to order my dinner that I finally gave up and asked Jeff to order for me. I’m sure from my reaction that the waiter suspected something if for no other reason Jeff’s hand was in my lap and the table cloth only covered so much. Throughout dinner Jeff, without ever missing a beat on the conversation, played with my pussy off and on seemingly nonchalantly as he wished. Between the main course and desert, when I felt that I was about to cum and needed a break I excused myself to go powder my nose. I was certain that I could smell a musky smell of sex. As I slid around the booth to leave I once again knew that my voyeur could seem my skirt ride up my legs and had a clear shot of my pussy. I made a point of walking next to his table and actually bumped him with my hip as I made my way to the powder room.

When I returned to the table we finished desert and Jeff asked if I would like to go dancing. I was so captivated by this man I felt I was hypnotized. I of course said yes and off we went. When we got to the club and got out of the car Jeff stopped me by taking my jacket off of my shoulders and then my arms. He stated that it would a little crowded and stuffy in the club and that I might be more comfortable and cooler without my jacket. God was I ready for this. I wasn’t sure. Thank goodness it was dark and even darker in the club. I was certain that my nipples were plainly visible to anyone that cared to glance.

Once we were inside it was very crowded but we found a small table right next to the dance floor. This was great but here I was with a skirt that was basically too short to sit on and a top that plainly and clearly showed my nipples to the world. Needless to say they were very prominent and they were so large they were achy. After getting our drink order Jeff asked me to dance which we did. The dance floor was very crowded and after the first couple of songs the band played a slow song. We immediately fell into rhythm and in doing so Jeff placed both hands around my waist leaving me with no option but to put my arms around his neck, by now I was objecting at all. Shortly after we began this song Jeff allowed one of his hands to drift down to my ass and he gave my ass a gentle squeeze. As he did so it pulled me into his thigh and I could feel his cock begin to get hard. Feeling no hesitation from me by the end of the song Jeff’s hand had found its way to the bottom of my skirt and I could feel his hand on my ass itself. God I was getting so wet, I’m sure that my wetness could be seen on pussy and upper thigh. Just before the end of the song Jeff actually found my pussy and stuck his finger in my pussy. I nearly passed out. The song ended and we went back to our table. As we sat out a couple of songs I noticed that across the dance floor there was another table with a couple of black men drinking and having a good time dancing with the crowd. As we were enjoying the music Jeff once again as natural as we have been doing this all of lives placed his hand on my thigh. In this setting there was no doubt that any advances by his hand would be clearly seen by the entire club. I was so turned on from being a complete state of arousal for the past several hours through dinner that I no longer cared. Anyway up until that point it had always been a fantasy of mine to maybe some day fuck a black cock.

When the band’s set ended Jeff made sure that we had drinks and excused himself to go to the men’s room leaving me there alone. Shortly after he left one of the black men across the dance floor came over and introduced himself to me as Chet. He complemented me on how pretty I was and that he enjoyed watching me dance with my dad. I immediately informed him that Jeff was not my dad but my date. Chet stated that my date was a very lucky man and hoped that he knew how to treat such a fine woman as I was. I told him that he was very much a gentleman but that this was our first date together. God, what was I thinking. I just told a perfect stranger that on my first date that I was allowing my date to play with my pussy in public for all to see. At this point it was seeming to me that Jeff was taking along time to return from the restroom. Well the band started another set and Chet still had not left so he asked me to dance. I was so horny and a little drunk so I thought that dancing a couple of dances with Chet may sober me up some before Jeff returned. I accepted.

After the first song the band rolled into another slow number and Chet just put his arms around me and kept dancing. Chet was so much bigger than Jeff that when I put my arms around his neck I was certain that my skirt was now not covering even my ass. Thank goodness for very dark room and crowded dance floor where everyone was hip to hip. As I danced with Chet he had no hesitation in playing with my ass also and if I had felt Jeff earlier getting a hard on let me tell you Chet was really packing a huge cock. So it was true about black men. When the dance ended I told Chet I needed a break (not from dancing but from the sexual tension). As we got back to my table Jeff walked and apologized for taking so long and I introduced him to Chet. Jeff thanked Chet for looking after me and asked if he could buy Chet a drink and asked if Chet would like to join us. Chet said that he had a friend to join us also. So there I was with Jeff, Chet and now Phil.

We all sat down when Phil came over to join us and we sat out a few dances and chatted. All the while Jeff had his hand in my lap and on my leg near my pussy all just a natural as could be. Both Phil and Chet keep watching Jeff’s hand near my pussy and I’m sure they could see how wet I was. I even felt like there was a wet spot on the chair that I was sitting in. For the next couple of hours I danced with all three men for what seemed like continuously. Whenever we took a break Jeff would immediately placed his hand on my leg and I don’t think the two black men ever made eye contact with us. Chet and Phil never made any advances to me until I danced with them, then they seemed to freely feel that they too could play with my ass and pussy. On a couple of occasions as I was dancing with one of the black men I would notice Jeff at our table having a very intense conversation with my ‘other date’ that wasn’t currently dancing with me. I was in heaven.

When it came time to leave the club we said our good byes and I just assumed that all that was left was to hope for a second date. When we got in the car Jeff asked if I would like to go back to his place for a nightcap which I readily accepted as I did not want the night to end. When we got back to Jeff’s house we went into this wonderfully decorated and appointed home. Jeff made me a drink and we sat on a love seat. While at the bar Jeff had remotely and electronically dimmed the lights and unbeknownst to me had put a porno flick on the big screen in the media room where we were headed. Now I have never had the interest, desire or opportunity to get into porno films but was not offended at all. At this point I was so worked up nothing would have shocked me. As we sat and just visited with the porno film on in the background Jeff did not make any advances at all. It was just so easy to be with him. When Jeff excused himself to go freshen our drinks he left me there along with the porno video playing in the background. The video was basically some white gal being thoroughly fucked by two very large black cocks like I have never seen or imagined. The gal that was being fucked crazy seemed to be in seventh heaven some where. I have to admit that it was making me so horny that as long as Jeff was out of the room I found that my hand was fiddling with my clit ring and playing with my clit. I was so turned on I could not remember the last time that I was this horny.

As I was ‘busy’ and chatting with Jeff in the other room at the bar he asked me if I would come over to the bar. I sat at the bar and continued to chat some and the conversation turned to sex. As Jeff came around the bar he asked me if I was into bondage then followed up with asking me to describe any fantasies that I may have had in the past. As he approached me with the freshened drink he came up to me while still seated and gave me a wonderful kiss. I swore I melted at this man’s touch. As he kissed me he used one hand to play with my nipples that had been aching all night and with the other hand he played with my pussy and complemented me on my clit ring. As he leaned into me he whispered into my ear:

‘Do not say a word. Be perfectly still’.

With that he kissed me again fully on the mouth. I began melting and he held me up. When he finished kissing me he took a piece a material out of his pocket and proceeded to blindfold me. When the blindfold was secure he took my hand and began leading out of the room. I could not see a thing. When Jeff stopped leading me, he turned me around and began to gently nibble on my neck while unbuttoning my blouse. God I was about to cum. After he had completely undress me except for my garters, stockings, and heels he gently pushed me back onto what felt like a large bed. As he positioned me in the middle of this large bed I felt him tying my wrists and ankles to the bed. At this point Jeff kissed and licked my entire body but waited for what seemed like forever to touch my pussy. I was so wet and wiggling all over the bed I could not stand the buildup and wanted so badly for him to fuck me. When I finally felt my pussy being penetrated I did not care at all that it was a dildo. It felt larger than any cock I had ever fucked but slid easily into my dripping pussy as I was so wet. Jeff seemed to know me so well. Every time I was about to explode he would withdraw the dildo or change what he was doing. I have never been kept on edge like this man could keep me on edge. As I thought he was about to fuck me for real, I felt him get off of the bed and he stated that he was going to go to the bar to freshen his drink and would be back in a moment. I could not believe it. I was left there tied to a bed, about to cum like never before and with no way to relieve myself. All of that alone almost made me cum.

After what seemed like an eternity Jeff (was it really him) returned and without any words began eating my pussy but never letting me cum. God this man was good. After just a few moments of Jeff eating my pussy I felt another mouth on my left nipple. All I could think was ‘Oh my god’, but don’t stop. I was about to say something when Jeff stopped eating my pussy and came up to my head and whispered in my ear:

‘Again, do not say a word, you must remain perfectly still and allow your body to be worshiped the way it is meant to be. Enjoy.’

With that he kissed his way back down my torso to my pussy. Just as he began licking at my clit and pussy and the second person was still sucking on my nipples I felt a large semi erect cock being laid across my lips. Ummmm, but god this was a huge cock. I could barely get it into my mouth. Now I have never had more than one lover at a time in life but had always fantasized about a 3some and here I was with what I thought was 3 cocks at once. About the time I got the cock in my mouth near full erection the one eating my pussy entered me and the other two cocks stopped what they were doing and pulled back. In the process of pulling back they both placed their cocks one each in my bound hands. God I was in heaven and about to cum like never before. As I was adjusting to all of these new sensations I felt the bed move and then a familiar but not so familiar smell of a pussy began to fill my senses. With this kind of intense smell I knew I was about to explode. But the smell was apparently not from me as I said I felt the bed move and then I felt a pussy touching my lips and mouth. I instinctly began to eat my first pussy. Why had I waited so long for this little pleasure in life.

For the next several hours Jeff untied me but would not let me remove the blindfold and I was fucked by each cock no less that twice in my pussy once in my ass and swallowed several loads of cum. I of course came more times than I could remember and the other pussy that was in the room was a squirter and I got to receive several her loads of cum. As they were winding down I was so relaxed and I did not realize that they once again retied me to the bed as the gal eating my pussy for the first time in my life. Another first for me. After I came one last time the gal got off the bed and the room. At this point I realize that I was completely along and not a soul was in the room.

After a few moments Jeff came back into the room and first removed the blindfold and untied me. He held me for the rest of the night. To this day I do not know who the other parties were and Jeff won’t tell me. I believe, and wonder if the other cocks were Chet and Phil from the dance club. I have no clue who the other pussy belonged to.

Oh by the way – I never left since that night either. Yes Jeff introduced me to the swinging lifestyle and I have absolutely no regrets. Jeff loves to see me fuck other cocks and he shares me with other men often, but those are additional stories for another time.

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