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A LAte NEw Years....

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A Late New Years?

Another work of Fiction brought to you by Sweet Angel

As she prepared to go out with Roy for another night of swinging good times, she thought briefly what a good idea a late new years party was. After all, she preferred the actual holidays with Just Roy and the rest of the family. She wasn't ready to mix those moments with their swinging lifestyle. Roy, being the ever loving and understanding husband didn't press her to do otherwise in anyway. He knew that if she was ever going to want to, it would have to be by her own choosing and nothing else. So in a way, this gave them both what they want. Maybe they would even through a similar party themselves in the future.

Tonight Roy had asked her to wear her mini skirt, the really short one, without panties. He loved the easy access he would say, but she knew it was more then that. It was because it was also easier for others to access and for her to be slutty for him if she felt like it. She also wore her lowest cut white top with Roy's favorite white lacey bra, but for the drive wore her really tight pants that drove Roy wild. She would surprise him later by putting on the mini.

She was nervous about the party and just who all was going to be there. She had read the guest list over and over looking for names she knew. There were a few, but not many and some of those she hadn't ever considered playing with. Then there were all the names she didn't recognize. What if they were all nasty ppl to her and she didn't like any of them? She knew Roy would understand if nothing happened, but she also knew he would love it if anything happened. She decided then that even if it was just with Stacy, she would make sure they played tonight.

The drive down was much the same as the other times they had driven down. They both made small talk until she got the nerve to ask him the one question that weighed the heaviest on her mind.

"Babes, what are you wanting to happen tonight?" She asked, almost sure she already knew the answer. She knew him better then anyone and sometimes even better then he knew himself.

"Baby, what I want tonight is for you to have as much fun as possible." He replied, much as she expected. She thought to herself, I do know this man too well and she smiled to herself.

"No, I mean be more specific and be HONEST Roy. Don't hold back because you think your going to hurt my feelings either." She said looking directly at him.

Roy looked at her, and for a moment she thought he was going to repeat what he had already said. But he didn't. He surprised her when he said, "Ok babes, but remember, this doesn't mean it has to happen, just that I would like it if it did."

She braced herself, wondering just what he was thinking. She knew he had a very over active imagination and was prone to thoughts of the lifestyle.

"I know it doesn't mean your telling me to do it. I just want to know what you would like. Your always asking me and I usually don't know. Now I am asking you. So tell me." She said, still preparing to hear the most outrageous of things.

"Well baby, there are going to be a lot of ppl there tonight and that includes single males as well as bi females and cpls. Although an orgy is an interesting thought, I think I would much rather see you take on as many guys as you can handle. If you end up wanting to take on some of the females too, great, then that?s an orgy. But the gang bang I would have to say if the thing I would want to have happen the most." She couldn't believe it. She expected him to say something like he wanted to try eating every woman there or something. In the back of her mind she had known he might say what he did, but it wasn't the first thing she thought he would say. Even the part about the gang bang being higher on the list then the orgy surprised her.

"But what if the guys don't want me?" She asked.

"TRUST me babes, even in those tight pants instead of your mini, they are going to want you. You?re hot and I am not the only one who thinks that. You know it and I know it." He replied. She smiled and just said ok. They went back to making small talk for the remainder of the drive. In the back of her mind she kept thinking about what Roy had said. Could she really do it? She did after all out last two guys more then once before and she did want to try a gang bang. After all, she did like men more then women. But how would you even start something like that? How many would it be? Could she really do it?

By the time they got to Stacy's, the party had already begun. There were two other cpls and 3 single males there already. As Stacy hugged her and thanked her for cumming, she whispered in Tina's ear, "There are about 10 more ppl cumming and a nice selection of men for us."

Tina hugged her back and smiled at the thought of having so many to choose from. She had put her talk with Roy out of her mind. She didn't want to over think it and ruin her mood.

They made drinks and went down to the pool room. She had her favorite, a snow cone and Roy was drinking pop. He didn't like to drink alcohol in case something did happen. She preferred it that way too. Good man that he is, he doesn't need to drink in these settings.

It wasn't long before the entire guest list was there and the party was well under way. She figured no better time to surprise Roy with her mini he had requested, minus panties of course. What a horny pervert he was. She asked Stacy to go up stairs with her to help her change. Stacy was more then happy to help as she was truly bi and enjoyed Tina's body so much. Once upstairs, Tina told Stacy what she planned and they had a good laugh over what they thought Roy's reaction would be. Once she had removed her pants and panties, Stacy began to move closer. She new that it wasn't discussed first with Roy, but she did want Stacy?s touch. Stacy was the only woman to truly be able to make her feel good and she wanted it. Stacy had now moved in face to face with her. Before she knew it was happening, she was looked in a passionate kiss with Stacy and Stacy?s hand had found its way to her bare, wet crotch. She spread her legs just enough to give Stacy's fingers access. In a matter of minutes Stacy had brought her to her first orgasm of the night. She felt a twinge of guilt, but knew that Roy wouldn't be mad at her. He had after all told her that if she wanted girl on girl with out him in the room she could have it.

Once Stacy had finished getting her off, she dressed and they returned down stairs. She felt pretty good and even a little euphoric from the drinks and from Stacy?s very talented fingers. Once Roy saw her, she knew he was pleased. He smiled as big as he could and hugged her tight.

"Damn you look good baby! Hot as hell in fact. Are you wearing panties?" "Nope, you asked me not to." She replied.

She looked at him and couldn't believe how excited he had become from just seeing her dressed this way. Oh how this man loved her.

They had a cpl more drinks and were shooting pool when she decided to surprise him even more. She moved in close to him and whispered in his ear. "Baby, anything you want to happen tonight can."

Roy stared at her in near disbelief. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. Had she really said it or was he just imagining it?

"So if I wanted you to fuck every guy here you would?" He asked.

"Well not Bruce and not that other fat guy, but the rest, yeah." She said.

"You know you don?t have to do this if you don't want to?" he asked her.

She replied that she knew that, but she wanted to make his night for a change.

"Baby, it makes my night every night that you are still mine. Only do this if you really want to." He managed to get out of his nervous mouth.

"Roy, I love you. Believe me, I really do want to see if I can handle all six of you. You know I have wanted to try a gang bang anyway and I guess tonight is as good a time as any."

It was her turn to take a shot on the pool table and she figured it was also a good time to show Roy she was serious. She stretched herself farther across the table the necessary to make her shot, pulling the rear of her mini well above the bottom of her cheek and exposing her surprisingly hot and wet pussy. It did not go unnoticed. However, to her surprise, Stacy was the first to reach for her. She decided to just let things happen. She did prefer things that weren't planned after all.

As she remained stretched across the end of the pool table, Stacy once again began to use her talented fingers on her clit. Oh this woman was good. It wasn't long before she could feel the rumblings of her second orgasm of the night. She had been moaning and cooing with her eyes closed, enjoying what was happening, when she felt something brush against her lips. She expected to open her eyes and see Roy standing there, but it wasn't. It was the taller, muscular single guy. He had his shirt off and she could now see how built he was. She didn't much care if a man was built that way, but this one did look good. She looked around for Roy and found him standing at the other end of the pool table with a camera in hand. Big surprise there, he wanted to take pics. She smiled at Roy as she reached for this mans beautifully hard cock. She began to stroke him as she licked and kissed the head and shaft of his fully erect cock. MMMMM how she enjoyed sucking a mans hard cock. It gave her such a feeling of power to be able to please a man that way, not mention the pleasure she got from feeling it in her mouth and from swallowing his cum. She looked up at him and as he smiled back at her, she opened her mouth and took him in. Oh how good it felt to have a hard cock in her mouth. And Stacy's fingers were doing very well. Reaching areas she hadn't been able to reach upstairs. She could feel her orgasm welling up inside of her and edging her closer to exploding in orgasm, when she felt a warm moist tongue begin to ream her tight asshole. She had only ever let two other ppl touch her there, but she knew Stacy wouldn't hurt her, so she just relaxed and let herself enjoy it. As she began to orgasm, the cock in her mouth began to twitched giving sign that he was about to cum. All at once the thought crossed her mind that she didn?t' even remember the mans name and the thought seemed to make her even more excited. Then he shot his full load in her mouth. Instinctively she began swallowing and kept sucking to drain every last drop from him. His knees began to shake and his hips began to quiver as he shot time and time again. She never missed a beat a stroke or a drop. Wow, Roy was right, stroking while sucking does make a man cum faster. Once he back away from her, Stacy stood her up and walked her into the play room. She wondered just who and what was next, but didn't care as long as it felt good and made Roy happy. Stacy laid back on the futon and pulled Tina down to her. They kissed passionately for a time while many hands rubbed and caressed all reaches of her body. God it felt good. All the hands, all the attention. She stopped thinking and decided to just enjoy. Stacy guided her down to the place Tina hadn't been in a month. She knew what Stacy wanted and realized that she had been wanting to do it almost as much as Stacy had wanted her. She kissed lightly around Stacy's already wet with excitement pussy. Stacy twitched with anticipation as Tina began to lick her already throbbing clit. Wow, this woman really does get off pleasing me. She is totally soaked, she thought to herself. Tina starting licking Stacy harder and toying with the entrance to her drenched pussy. Stacy began to moan as Tina sucked her clit and worked in first one, then two then three fingers, each time pushing those fingers a little farther in. Stacy began to shake and quiver and push into Tina's face. In a matter of moments Stacy was gushing orgasm into Tina's mouth and on her chin. "Hhmmm, not as good as men?s cum, but not bad either." She laughed to herself. Then Stacy looked at her and said Thank you sweetie, that was great, but I think you have other ppl waiting for you now. Stacy got up and before Tina could roll onto her back there was another cock in front of her. With out a thought, she reached for it and began to stroke it as she looked to see who it was. It was another one of the single males, but she couldn't think of his name and once again that very fact began to get her excited. She opened her mouth and took him in as far as she could. Fully hard he was about the same size as the muscular man, but not as thick. She was slowly sucking and stroking this beautiful cock when she felt hands on her hips. She wanted to look, but decided not to stop sucking this cock until he either came or told he was ready to fuck her. It wasn't Roy though; it was one of the husbands from the other cpls there. As he placed his cock against her aching pussy, she instinctively pushed herself back into him. She loved the way it felt when a man entered her. She didn't know how to describe it, but to say it made her feel great. The harder the cock the better. The man in her mouth began to pump his hips to meet her stroking and bobbing. He had been warned to be very gentle when touching the back of her head. He softly slid his hand through her hair and gently grabbed her ponytail. As he began to fuck her mouth faster, so to did the man fucking her pussy begin to fuck her harder. God it felt so good to have both of these cocks in her. She couldn't wait for them to cum. Just the thought of it made her begin to orgasm. As she began to orgasm, the man who was fucking her mouth shot his load. Not much of a load, but still quite tasty and satisfying. She continued to suck this cock until she had every last drop of cum from it. As she sucked the last drops from the soon to be limp cock in her mouth, she felt the pounding thrust of the man fucking her. She heard him cry out as with one final thrust, he shot his cum deep inside her. That did it; it pushed her past the brink. She began to orgasm yet again. She had lost count how many times she had cum already, but didn't care. After the man pulled out of her she turned to sit up right. Another of the married men was there and he reached for her. At first she thought about pulling away, resting for a minute, but then decided against. She was glad she had. He lay down on the bed next to her and told her to ride him. With out even thinking about it, she straddled him and guided him in. MMMM she thought as she felt him enter her. Not quite as long as Joe, but close. She smiled at the man and began to work her hips back and forth. She knew the exact movements to make to get herself off quickly and did so immediately. When she opened her eyes after cumming, she noticed the other single male standing on the bed next to her, rubbing her breasts and stroking her back and neck. He was comparable to the man under her, only not as thick. She reached for hi cock, staring at it the whole time. She took him in her mouth and began to suck him like he was the first cock of the night. She could tell he was enjoying by the sounds he made and the movement in his hips. As she continued to grind the massive cock inside her and suck and stroke the cock in her mouth, she felt once again the warm moist feeling of a tongue on her ass. She turned to see Roy had joined them and instantly she knew what was about to happen. She began to quiver with anticipation. Roy didn't waste anytime. He tongued her ass until he felt her orgasm and then moved in behind her. Oh much she wanted this. Ever since her first DP she had wanted to try sucking while getting one. Now her fantasy was about to come true. Roy guided her down towards her ride. The man in her mouth moved with her, making sure not to push to far into her mouth. Roy went to reach for his cock only to find her free hand already there. She guided his rock hard cock to her anxiously awaiting ass. She thought to herself that she was so very glad they had tried the new medication he had gotten from the doctor. It made Roy?s' gorgeous cock so much firmer and fuller. As soon as Roy had penetrated the outer muscles of her ass she began to orgasm. Not just from her already throbbing pussy, but from her ass as well. God how she loved this! And the feeling of the cock in her mouth at the same time made it all the better. Why oh why had she waited to try this? Oh my god she thought, I'm about to lose it. And lose it she did. She began to buck wildly into both cocks as she sucked feverishly on the one in her mouth. On and on the orgasms washed over her until she felt she could orgasm no more. But she was wrong, very wrong. The man she had been sucking began to shoot his hot sweet cum in her mouth, and as always the feeling and taste made her orgasm even harder. Feeling her pussy drench even more, the man she was riding began to cum, shooting his over sized load deep inside her, feeling as if he were shooting near a gallon. This pushed her to the very brink of multiples. Just then Roy shot his cum deep deep in her ass. That was it! She completely lost control and began to thrash into both cocks still in her and slip into ecstasy filled multiple orgasms. Wave after wave rushed forth from her soaked pussy. She collapsed on the man under her as Roy laid down on her back. Roy started to move, to pull out of her and she stopped him saying she needed a minute. Roy asked her if she had had enough fucking and sucking and she turned to look at him and said not yet. He smiled and pointed to two men standing in the door way. One was the muscular man she had sucked earlier and the other was the only other husband she hadn't fucked. She let Roy pull out of her ass and move away. Although she tried to hide it, she knew that both men knew she had cum just from feeling him pull out. She moved off of the man under her and laid on her back. It was then that she saw it. The man she had sucked first that night was huge. She didn't remember him being that big when she was sucking him, but looking at it now, it had to be 10" or more. No wonder it had been so easy to stroke him off with her hands while sucking him. He looked at her and said that he truly enjoyed the blow job, but now he wanted some of that hot pussy. She could only blush and smile and spread her legs. The drinks had all but worn off, but she knew how much Roy loved it when she talked dirty and slutty. She looked at the mans cock and told him, "Then get over here and fuck me!" With out so much as another word the man moved to between her legs and began to tease her by rubbing his fully erect, beautiful cock against her clit, She wasn't about to be teased at this point, so she reached for him and guided him directly to her throbbing pussy. He entered her fully with the first stroke. "OH MY GOD!" she cried, "Yes, mmmmmm, yes!" As he began to pump into her slowly, the remaining husband moved over above her head. She instinctively reached for his cock and began to stroke. Her jaw hurt a little but she wanted to suck this one too. Secretly, she wanted to suck them all off. But her neck was getting sore. she had after all been sucking cock for what must have been hours. She spread her legs far and pulled them up, giving mister muscles more to pound into. It seemed that was the sign they were waiting for. The man she was sucking grabbed her ankles as mister muscles began to fuck her hard. He pounded her repeatedly. With her ankles being held, her hands again free, she reached around the man in her mouth and guided him to begin fucking her mouth. He didn't need much guidance and in no time he was fucking her mouth nearly as fast as muscles was fucking her pussy. Much to her surprise, she felt mouths on both her breasts. She tried to look, but couldn't see who it was. Then she thought to herself that it felt so good, she didn't care who it was. The feeling of her breasts being sucked and squeezed combined with the wonderful feeling of both men giving her all they had was so intense that once again she began to orgasm. Still they pumped and pounded. Still they filled her as much as they could. She passed through one orgasm only to work up to the next in mere minutes. Not since Joe, her first black cock and her last hour plus long fuck had she felt so filled. She felt the next rush of orgasm begin to wash over her as she felt the man in her mouth shoot his sweet cum into her mouth. How many loads had that been now. 3, 4, maybe more? And she still wanted to suck Roy. Fortunately he was smaller then most of these and there fore easier to suck. Mister muscles continued to pound her pussy relentlessly. God how good a damn hard long fuck feels, she thought to herself. Then she felt her ankles get released from the grasp of the man at her head. She breathed a sigh of relieve as it was hard on her hips to be held that way. She could tell by his pace that muscles was no where near done. She looked and saw that it was two of the other wives who had been sucking her breasts. She smiled at them both as she continued to enjoy the much needed hard fucking she was getting. Just then she saw Roy standing above her head, camera in hand. Big Surprised she thought as she smiled at him. She reached for his cock and started stroking. No matter how good all these other cocks felt or taste or look, this was her favorite. She looked at muscles and said I need to change positions. He gave her a huge smile and said not a problem. She turned herself over onto her knees and told Roy to lay down. As Roy positioned himself with her between his legs, muscles entered her again. She hadn't expected it that quickly and it made her catch her breath. She laid her head down on Roy's nearly hard cock and let muscles work his way back up to a good hard, deep pace. After one more orgasm, she took Roy into her mouth. God this is the best yet. Sucking my favorite cock while getting fucked my favorite way, HARD AND DEEP! It took Roy a little longer then usual to cum for her, but she knew it was partly because she had to keep stopping every so often to rest her jaw and cry out with pleasure. After about 20 minutes of this, Roy shot off in her mouth. MMMM the best tasting cum in the whole place she thought as she sucked him until he was soft. Then she surprised him, she laid her head between his legs and let muscles fuck her as hard and deep as he wanted. At this angle he was reaching farther then even Joe had. She knew she would be sore for days after this, but God it felt so good. Every now and then she would lick and kiss Roy's cock and caress his balls. Stopping now and then to suck gently on his balls and shaft. All the while muscles continued to pound away at her. Finally Roy became hard again. Was it her attention to his gorgeous cock? Was it him seeing her getting fucked harder and deeper then ever before? Did he even know how hard and deep she was getting fucked? Either way, she didn't care; she loved him and loved pleasing him, so she began to suck him again. Then she noticed Mister Muscles beginning to pump harder and groan louder. She knew this meant he was about to cum and she wanted it desperately. She didn't have long to wait. In an instant she knew his load was nothing small. He pumped so hard and shot so deeply in her that it drove her forward. She nearly choked on her tool in her mouth. The shear pressure from his cum made her begin to orgasm again. He seemed to cum forever, emptying shot after shot of hot cum deep inside her. Then muscles quivered and shuddered and pulled out of her completely soaked and dripping pussy. Oh how good this had been. But Roy was still hard and she just couldn't suck anymore. Sucking off six guys in one night was absolutely her limit. She wanted him to cum for her again though. She needed for him to be the last one to cum in her. She looked at him and said, "Baby, I just can't suck anymore."

Roy smiled and said that?s alright baby, I don't need to get off again." She knew he would say that, but she wasn't going to let him out of it. She looked into his eyes and said, "Your pussy can't take anymore cock tonight, but your ass would just love to be filled again." Roy smiled at her, leaned down and kissed her and said, "No doubt about it, you definitely know what really gets me going." He moved to get behind her and she surprised him by rolling over on her back. He looked at her a little confused and asked, "I thought you said my pussy was too sore for anymore fucking?" She smiled at him and simply said, "I want you in my ass, and it?s the inside that can't take anymore, not the part you hit while we are doing anal this way. Roy smiled hugely and helped her spread her legs. He tired to guide himself in slowly, but much to his surprise, she grabbed his cock and placed it into her ass. With one gentle thrust, he was fully in her ass as deep as he could go. Her orgasms had her ass so relaxed and lubricated that she needed no more coaxing. He started slowly as he always did. She loved that about him. He was so patient and understanding. Always taking care not to hurt her. After a few minutes, she began to moan a groan loudly. She hoped Roy knew it was because she was enjoying it and not just for his benefit. He did know, he must have known because he began to pump into her harder and faster. Each stroke deeper then the last. She felt another orgasm coming on from the feel of him pounding against her clit while he filled her ass. She cried out, "Yes Baby, Yes! Oh Roy! Fuck your ass harder! Yes Roy YES YES, OH GOD YESSSS!!!!" She knew she was driving him nuts and she loved it. She knew all the right things to say to him and to do to him. He continued to fuck her ass like it was the first time and the last. He pounded harder and harder. He had not ever been able to fuck her really hard, but it seemed he was fucking her harder now then ever before. She felt him begin to shake, heard him begin to growl and she knew he was close. This made her that much hotter, pushed her that much closer to her own orgasm. All at once they both let go and crashed through their orgasms together. It had been so long since they had truly cummed at the same time. God how good it felt. Roy kept driving his cock into her ass, shooting more and more cum with each thrust until he finally collapsed onto her shaking like he always does after he cums. He whispered to her, "Thank you baby. That was awesome. This has been the best swinging night ever!"

She smiled at him lovingly. She was exhausted. She could hardly move to get up to go to the bathroom even, but as she did rise to go, she turned and looked at Roy and said, "I told you I could take on more then just 2. You do know I took on six tonight, right?" Roy smiled back at her and in his devilishly perverted way he said, "I know how many you had and I knew you could take them all. In fact, later I can show you the pics I took and the video that we all helped take." She looked at him with mild surprise. She had been so much into the pleasure she had been receiving that she had forgot about the pics and didn't even realize the video camera had been running the whole time. As she stepped out of the play room, she looked at the clock on the far wall. She couldn't believe it, it was 4:30 in the morning. When things had started, it was only 11:00. She knew because she had looked at the clock as she was taking muscles into her mouth at the beginning of things. 5 and a half hours of sucking cock and getting fucked and she only got to eat one woman, Stacy. She smiled and thought to herself, next time, I'm making it all girls to start with. After she returned from the bathroom, she asked Roy if he realized how long it had been. He only smiled and said babes, I know, I was amazed at all the cock you could handle. They laid there next to one another, cuddling closely in the dark on the bed that just hours ago she was beginning her longest sex session ever. She fell asleep in Roy?s arms, the way she loved to do. She could smell all the sex in the room and it filled her mind with memories of the night. She woke some hours later to Roy gently playing with her clit. She winced a little and said baby, not there yet, but I think your ass could take some more. Roy rolled her onto her side with her back facing him and gently entered her as yet again. This time was different though. He fucked her slowly and lovingly and with all the tender care in the world. God it felt so good. God did she love this man. She lay there pushing ever slightly back into him to meet his every pump. Roy continued his slow loving pace for nearly 45 minutes before he began to pump harder. She knew the signs, she knew what was about to happen. One stroke, two strokes, three and four, then the thing she had been waiting for, he shot his cum in her ass again. Surprisingly enough, it was a good sized load. She felt it shoot far up into her ass and, as the feeling of cock shooting in her always does, it made her go into her own orgasm. Roy slowly stroked each drop out into her orgasm soaked ass. As he was about to pull out, she stopped him by saying that she wanted to fall asleep with him in her again, just like at Joe and Audrey's. He smiled big and told her he would be happy to, but he might wake up hard again. She looked over her shoulder at him and said, "Well then I guess you'll just have to fuck your ass again then." In what seemed like no time they both fell back to sleep. They awoke the next morning to the sounds of a woman having an orgasm. She woke first and got up to go to the bathroom. She saw that the woman getting off was one of the other wives from the night before getting fucked by Stacy and her strap on. She thought that it might be fun, but she did so enjoy the feeling of the cum shooting out of a real dick inside her. When she returned to the room, she saw that Roy was awake. He smiled a her and asked what she would like for breakfast. She grinned evilly at him and said, "Can I have a shake for breakfast?" Without another word, Roy laid back and she moved to him. She sucked him slowly, lovingly, gently. Working him up to what she wanted cumming in her mouth. He asked her if she would rather have it in her pussy and she told him, "I do, but I think your pussy needs some more rest. That was more cock and more fucking then I have ever had in one night. And mister muscles was huge and took forever!" Roy smiled and said, "Yeah I know, it took 1 hour and 27 minutes for him to cum in you. At least that?s what the counter on the camera said anyway." They smiled at one another, kissed deeply and passionately and lay there listening to the other sounds of pleasure in the house. What the other wives didn't get the night before, they were surely getting now. She thought back on last night and could only smiled and sigh. How long would she make Roy wait to do this again? Would she do this again? before she even finished the question in her mind, she answered herself. Hell yeah she would do this again. Just as soon as she could in fact. She loved the gang bang just like Roy had said she would. Maybe next time she will let it be an orgy. Even better, she would arrange it for them. That way she knew it wouldn't be anyone she didn't want Roy to fuck, much less anyone she didn't want to touch.

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