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A Joint Fraternity-Sorority Initiation

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A Joint Fraternity/Sorority Initiation It is the start of your first term at college. Your name is Arnold. You have decided to join one of the fraternities and are making your way to the sports field where all prospective members were told to meet. When you arrive you see lots of guys but are surprised to find lots of girls there also.

You walk around trying to spot someone in charge from the fraternity but are unable to do so. You then spot a really gorgeous looking girl just in front of the stage and podium. She has a great athletic figure, long dark hair and dark brown eyes. She looks friendly enough so you walk over to her and decide to strike up a conversation.

"I was supposed to meet here to join the fraternity" you say to her "Do you know if I'm in the right place?" She turns to you and replies "I was told by the sorority, if I want to join, I should come here. It seems strange that they are holding the meetings in the same place. By the way, I'm Frances." "Nice to meet you Frances, I'm Arnold." Conversation between the two of you flows easily and you continue chatting away as if you've been friends for years, when suddenly the sound of somebody on the microphone draws your attention.

"Hello, I'm Chris and I'm the head of the fraternity." A girl next to him leans towards the mic and says "...and I'm Claire and I'm the sorority head." Chris continues "Thank you to all of you who have attended. If you haven't already guessed, this year's fraternity and sorority initiations has been organized and will be held jointly! You each will have several tasks which you must complete to be allowed to join. You will be given an envelope with instructions for your first task.

These tasks can take place anywhere on campus or in the local town. There will be members of the fraternity and sorority along the route to help (or hinder) you. Once you have completed the first task you will be given another envelope with instructions for your next task." Claire takes over on the microphone, "You will have to carry out the tasks as a pair. Each boy will be paired with one of the girls wishing to join the sorority. When your name is called, come up to the stage and get an envelope and meet your partner." When your name is eventually called you get your instructions from one of the fraternity members. You nervously wait to see which girl you are paired with. Suddenly, someone from behind you puts their hands over your eyes, and you hear a girl's voice say "Hi Arnold, guess who?" You spin round and are delighted to see that Frances is standing before you. "Hi partner" you say with a smile. Spending all day with Frances is going to be great.

You hug each other and Frances excitedly says "Open the envelope. Let's find out what we've got to do." You open the envelope and read it, turning red as you do so, "With your partner go to the Holiday Inn, room 102, strip naked, and apply body paint that you will find in the room to each other in a creative design, then come back to the main room for the judges to review. You must cover almost your entire body with paint as that is all you get to wear when you come back to see the judges. Remember that scores in each area are cumulative when you reach 50 you get to join." Frances looks at you with a little surprise on her face then you see the look on her face change and she says, "Well I'm game if you are. Sounds like fun; I'm actually a good artist so maybe we can have some fun with this." You glance over at her, again struck by how pretty she is, and how sexy her body is, and then you say, "I'm not sure. I mean we hardly even know each other. Now we have to strip?" Her answer causes you to blush again, "Well judging by the way you have been checking out my tits and ass it won't be a hardship for you. Come on Arnold it will be fun." You can't resist that and you head off to the designated room with her. You are walking just a little behind her and your realize that you are getting a big boner from watching her tight ass in front of you, and thinking about how her tits will look naked. By the time you get to the room you are hard and ready to rock n' roll. She unlocks the door and goes in. Inside the standard hotel room are body paints the note said would be there, and nothing else.

Frances walks in and lies on the bed, "Well how do you want to do it, me first, you first, or both at the same time?" Your cock is like a stiff log in your pants and you are sure that she will notice your hard on at any moment. You sure don't want to show her that you are all set to fuck her brains out, so you say, "Let's do you first." She smiles and says OK, and then pulls her t-shirt up and over her head. Her tits are encased in a low cut white bra and look to be perfect firm orange sized globes. She unsnaps the bra and pops her tits into full view. Her nipples are pink, slightly erect, and centered perfectly in pink round aureoles. She cups her tits and say, "What do you think, should we paint them as flowers?" You realize after a few seconds that she is talking to you. You are not the most experienced guy in the world, and in the presence of naked tits you have lost your ability to speak. She laughs at the funny look on your face and then gets a more serious look as she notices the large bulge in your shorts. "Oh, I see the problem. How about we take care of that first and then we can get down to some painting action. Come over here," she says to you and she crooks her finger at you in a come hither motion.

You waste no time moving towards her and she unhooks your shorts and pulls down your shorts and underwear in one motion. You cock springs up hard and dripping, ready for action. She grasps it with her hand giving it a couple of tugs, "You're a big boy aren't you. Let's see if we can take some of that tension out of you." She lowers her head to engulf the fat head of your cock and you moan in pleasure as she swirls her tongue around the fat head. Using her hand and mouth she pumps up and down your cock, bringing you ever closer to climax. She stops for a moment taking her mouth off of your cock, stroking it with her hand. She looks up at you and says, "Arnold, you can touch my tits if you want." You say, "Yeah, I would like to" and she thrusts her firm tits towards your hands. You grasp her firm breasts and roll the pink nipples between your fingers, she lets out a little moan as you touch her nipples and you can feel them stiffen into hard little points. Her mouth engulfs your cock again and you moan, "I'm going to cum." You expect her to pull off your cock, not wanting to take your load in her mouth, but then she surprises you and she grasps your tight ass and pulls you deep inside her mouth just as your cock starts to spew. You can feel your cock shooting streams of cum into her mouth and she gulps them all down. You have never felt anything like the intensity of the orgasm that her mouth gives you.

As you finish shooting your load she says, "Well that was fun but we have to be back there in twenty minutes we don't have time for more now. Let's get started. You need to help me paint my body all over green, and then my tits, and pussy will be flowers. We can paint you as a bee as you have a nice stinger", she pats your semi erect cock as she says this, "and we will go as a matched bee and flower." You do as she asks and you are quickly mesmerized by the sexy, smart, fun girl that fate has paired you with. As you paint the green paint up and down her back, she focuses on painting your body with yellow and black stripes. As she rubs the paint on your cock it swells back to full attention. She doesn't say anything this time; you guess she likes your stinger in an erect state. She is indeed an artist and quickly directs the transformation of the two of you into a flower and bee. As she adds the yellow and orange paint to her firm breasts, capped with pert nipples you can feel your "stinger" swelling and getting ready for some action.

She looks at the two of you in the mirror, you black with yellow stripes, her green with large orange and yellow blossoms in just the right places. "Well I think we look great. This ought to be worth full points." You don't know quite what to say to her, your cock is standing out hard and stiff, you mumble, "Well I don't see how I can go out like this." She looks at your boner and says "You're right we need to do something about that, don't we?" Then she reaches for the yellow paint and she smears the black tip of your cock with the yellow paint drawing even more attention to your rock hard cock. She admires her handywork and then says, "Perfect, now we are ready." "Ready", you explode; "I can't go out like this. Everyone will see..." "Your stiff cock," she finishes for you. She taps the tip of your cock making your cock twitch with excitement. "Don't you see that is the purpose of this whole stupid initiation, it's all about sex? They expect us to be screwing in here like bunnies instead of working on the painting. We are not only going to show them that we did a superior job painting, but that you're ready to go. Don't worry your stinger will get plenty of chances later. Let's go and get our points." You made your way back with Frances to where the upper classmen were waiting to judge you. You can hear the laughs start as soon as you walk into the room, but you hold tight onto Frances's hand and stride up to the judges. "We are ready to be reviewed," you boom out so everyone in the hall can hear you. You hear some jackass in the back yell, "Nice boner." But then you smile as you hear a female voice say, "Yeah, it is a nice boner!" The two leaders, Chris and Claire walk around the two of you looking your over from head to toe. Chris makes quite a show of studying Frances's "flowers" giving her stiff nipples a good look. Then Chris looks at Claire who nods back at him. "Well I have to hand it to you two pledges; you have done a perfect job, 10 points for both of you." Then he leads clapping that causes the whole room to erupt in claps, and cheers.

You and Frances run out of the room laughing to yourselves.

You and Frances head back to room 102 to shower off the paint. When you arrive at the room, a guy and a girl are waiting for you.

"I'm Jack from the fraternity and this is Cindy from the sorority. Okay, we are here to inspect you after your showers. If you have any paint remaining on your bodies, you will be penalized. You have fifteen minutes to get clean starting ... now!" the frat brother says authoritatively as he checks his watch.

Frances dashes into the bathroom with you close on her heels. She quickly turns on the faucet, checking the temperature with her fingers. You grab two wash cloths off the shelf, a bar of soap off the counter, and the shampoo out of the little basket near the sink. By the time you have collected everything, Frances is stepping into the tub. You step in, put the toiletries down on the shower shelf, and pull the curtain closed. She is already rinsing off the paint from her body. You grab the soap and lather up your hands with lots of suds. You start rubbing your hands and the bar of soap across her shoulders. She stands there, enjoying the touch of your fingers on her wet skin. You slide your hands all the way down her back, covering every inch of her smoothness. You work the suds over her butt; she moans lightly as you work lather on it. Down her legs you go. When you reach her feet, so turns to face you, and you rub the suds up her legs. You take special care to soap up her tits generously. You briefly tweak her nipples, causing her to close her eyes and moan. You continue on, the clock ticking away in your head. She rinses off the soap, grabs the bar of soap out of your hands, and shifts in the tub to let you into the spray.

You start rinsing off the paint as she lathers up your body. The feel of her fingers sliding along your body is extremely pleasant. Frances is thorough and playful. She tweaks your butt on the way down, and after you turn around, she scrubs your groin until you are very hard. As she finishes getting you soapy, she leans in to kiss you. Her lips devour yours, and the friction on your penis from rubbing into her belly has you supercharged. After thrusting against her body a few times, you break the kiss and get the shampoo bottle. She gets her hair wet, and you lather up her head. You take a handful of shampoo suds and carry it down to her mound. You gently massage the lather into her bush. Once you are convinced that her pubes are paint-free, you rub her pussy lips and lightly rub her clit. She catches herself on the walls of the shower and sighs. You want her to be just as frustrated as you are.

She quickly washes your hair. Each of you take turns on the final rinse. You nab a towel from the rack, handing it to Frances. Then you grab another for yourself, and step out onto the shower mat. You both dry off quickly and wrap the towels around yourselves. You exit the bathroom, back into the hotel room.

Jack looks over Frances and Cindy looks you over. At one point, Cindy lifts your cock and looks carefully at your groin. She nods curtly and then strokes you for a couple seconds. She grins at you when you get hard. You look over at Frances and see Jack spreading her pussy lips apart. ?Just part of the inspection,? he says smiling. He finishes his observations, confers silently with Cindy, and addresses both of you, ?We find you clean, but you each lose 1 point for being late. It took you 22 minutes to complete the task. Now, proceed to room 17 of the student union to get your next task.?

Just as you and Frances are leaving, another pair arrives, painted abstractly using bright colors. You head to the student union.

You quickly make your way to room 17, expecting to find someone waiting for you. Instead you open the door to find it empty.

?You sure we've got the right room?? you ask Frances, but even as you are finishing your sentence, she walks over to a desk and lifts up an envelope, waving it at you to show you are in the right place.

She peels it open as you watch her, a mixture of nerves and excitement coursing through you as you wait to hear what the next task will be. You struggle to stand still as you watch her silently read the note inside it, a smile spreading across her face as she takes in the new orders.

?Well? you finally blurt out, ?are you going to share it with me, or do I have to guess??

?Sorry, that was rude of me wasn?t it? she answers as she looks back up to you, her smile now aimed directly at you. ?OK, let me read it for you.? She pauses as she takes a seat, and you slide into one opposite her, and with both of you comfortable, she begins to read the note.

?Your next task is to get to know your partner very well. You have twenty minutes from the time you entered the room to study each other as fully as possible. At the end of that time, you will be summoned to another room for testing.? She pauses as you both look at the clock on the wall, realizing that it is not actually showing the time, but seems to have reset to exactly noon when you entered the room, meaning you have been here for 4 minutes already. Quickly Frances continues.

?However, this is not the normal task of finding out about each other?s favorite books, films and so on, or about what you are studying. Instead you should concentrate on more physical things. We suggest you get to know your partner's body as fully as possible as you will be required to pick them out of a line up to past the test.? As she finishes reading, you look at each other, wondering exactly what this test is going to involve.

?I have a feeling we are going to be doing this blindfolded? you inform her, ?otherwise it?d be so easy to pick each other out, especially as we have already seen each other naked.?

?Yeah, I think you?re right, sounds fun doesn?t it?? she grins at you. ?Suppose we better get started, we?ve already used up five minutes. I think the best way to start is to get naked, again? and before you can reply she is already stripping off her clothes right in front of you.

Even as you watch Frances strip once more in front of you, you stand and begin to remove your own clothes. As you slide out of your underwear, your cock is at full attention yet again, but after the events of the day so far, you are no longer concerned about Frances seeing you in this excited state.

As you stand back upright, she has stepped closer to you, and looking into each other's eyes, you feel her hand slide around your stiff cock.

?I think the best thing to do would be to feel each other, get to know the bumps and bulges? she tells you as she lets her hand slide slowly down your length. ?And remember, we are probably not going to be able to see anything, so maybe we should close our eyes, I'm sure it will help.? With that she shuts her eyes as she continues to feel your cock, now with both hands. Her fingers run softly around the head, examining its size and shape, making you breath hard with the pleasure of it.

?Well, aren?t you going to get to know my body then?? she suddenly asks as she opens her eyes to look at you.

?Oh yeah, sorry, I was miles away? you say as her words drag you back to the task at hand, having previously been marveling at the feel of the way she was caressing your cock. As she once more closes her eyes and rubs around your hard shaft, her hands now sliding underneath to your hanging balls, you let your own hands slide onto her breasts.

You cup them both, trying to judge their size, and when you are happy that you could do so if needed, you let your hands slide around them to get a good idea of their shape. Next you move onto her nipples, twiddling them between thumb and forefinger to guess their length, and then as you give them a firm pinch, you try to mentally measure how much they extend.

By now Frances has let her hands travel all over your cock, and seemingly satisfied with her knowledge of it, she lets her hands wander around to your ass, cupping each cheek.

Finishing with her breasts, although it is an effort to drag your hands away from them, you slide your way downward, taking in the shape of her waist and stomach, and then finally your hands are running down to her mound, trying to feel the way her bush is shaped. As your fingers push further between her thighs, you feel the lips of her pussy, again taking in their shape and the way they react to your touch, and the reaction that shows Frances?s enjoyment of your attention.

Suddenly the door to the room is pushed open, and the pair of you stands still as you both look towards it, hands still all over each other.

?Time?s up you two? the girl there informs you, not even seeming to blink at the sight of you both with hands touching each other so intimately, ?If you?d like to come this way, and don?t worry about your clothes, you won?t be needing them.? Having already paraded in front of your peers in nothing more than paint, you are not surprised at this, and taking Frances?s hand you follow your guide from the room.

The hall you are led to gives you a good idea of what is about to come. On either side of the room is the audience, which it seems has been divided with the girls on one side and the blokes on the other. In the middle of the hall six mattresses have been laid out in a row, with enough space between them to walk comfortably around.

Your guide takes you past the mattresses and the watching crowd, who you hear make various comments about yours and Frances?s naked bodies, until you are at the head of the room, where Chris and Claire are seated behind their judges table.

?Ah, Arnold and Frances, yes, you will be pleased to know you have the top score so far, you two seem to be really getting into the spirit of the tests, well done? Chris tells you as he looks from his clipboard to your faces, making no attempt to hide the way he examines Frances?s body up and down, taking in her nice firm breasts. ?OK Claire, why don?t you tell them what this test is all about then.?

?Well you two, I hope you took the time to get to know each other?s bodies,? Claire begins, then pauses as she gives you both a knowing grin, clearly sensing you have well and truly got to know each other during the day so far. ?For this test, you will each be expected to pick out your partner from the five others who you will be shown. Well, when I say shown, as I?m sure you have already worked out, you won?t actually see each other.? At this point, she dangles a blindfold which she has picked up from the table.

?So,? Chris says, taking up the talking, obviously they have done this routine before as they switch from one to the other so flawlessly, ?which of you wishes to go first in finding your partner??

?Oh, I almost forgot to tell you the last, and most important rule,? Claire suddenly adds just as you and Frances turn to each other to decide. You both turn back to her to hear what the new rule is, seeing Claire grinning wildly, clearly enjoying what is a rehearsed speech. ?Not only will you be blindfolded, but you aren?t allowed to use your hands to feel for your partner. You can only use whatever part of your body you pick from the hat? and with that Chris pulls a hat from beneath the table, inside which you see a number of folded papers.

?So, which of you wants to go first?? he asks as he pushes the hat across the table.

?I?ll go first, I?m sure I will be able to pick Frances out with no trouble? you tell Chris and Claire with confidence, and as soon as you do so, Claire passes the blindfold to you. Just as you are putting it over your eyes, you see someone come up to Frances and begin to guide her away.

With your sight taken away, you can only stand and listen, hoping for clues as to what is in store for you. Behind you are the sound of people moving around, and you are sure you can hear clothes being removed, followed by the obvious sound of people getting onto the mattresses that you saw as you walked into the room. It seems like forever, but is more likely only two or three minutes before anyone speaks again.

?OK, looks like we are ready now then Arnold, so if you?d like to pick what part of the body you will be using to find Frances.? As Claire gives these instructions your hand is taken and you feel the hat being positioned beneath it. Reaching in you take a slip and pull it out, holding it for someone to take from you.

The slip of paper is removed from your hand and you hear it being unfolded, from the size of it you guess it was A4 size when fully unfolded. There is a cheer from the room, and you assume the paper has been held up for everyone to see.

?Well, to find your partner Arnold, you are only allowed to use??

You can?t help but smile as you hear that, wondering if there were actually any other alternatives in the hat, what else could you possible use. Maybe that was just to add to the suspense of the task you think to yourself.

You feel someone take your hand and you let yourself be guided back towards the centre of the room, taking small steps as you go, your blindfolded state making you very disorientated, especially as you are so aware of everyone watching you.

?As you will have seen when you came into the room,? Claire speaks up from beside you, ?there are six mattresses laid out in a row. You are standing by the first, so consider this number one and the one furthest away as number six.? She pauses, and you nod your understanding.

?Good. Now, you may pick to start at any mattress you like, and you can then use your tongue to explore the person on it. You may not touch them with any other part of your body or you will forfeit the task. Once you decide if it is Frances or not, you may move on to the next person, we will guide you from one to the other. Any questions?? You shake your head, eager to begin. ?OK, where would you like to start then??

?Number three? you tell her, and your hand is held once more and you are led further down. As you are brought to a stop, hands guide you down and you kneel, feeling your knees brush against the mattress as the hands remove themselves.

Carefully you place your hands on the edge of the mattress for balance, and begin to lean forward, poking your tongue out as you do. The tip comes into contact with bare skin, and you feel the body shiver as you do, obviously the body?s owner enjoys the feel of your tongue. It is easy to work out that she is lying down on the mattress, so you have perfect access to the whole front of her body.

You run your tongue around as you work out where you have come into contact with the body, quickly realizing it is their stomach. You think about this, trying to decide what part of Frances?s body you would be able to tell easiest with your tongue?

You let your tongue trail across this girl?s stomach, but you cannot tell if it is Frances?s, so slowly you let it run upwards. You pass her belly button, pausing there to tease her slightly as you run your tongue around it a few times before continuing upwards. All the time you can feel the girl almost holding her breath in anticipation.

The way you are moving, your cheek is the first thing to brush against the underside of her breasts, and immediately you realize that this is not Frances as these breasts are nowhere near as firm as your partner's, and so rather than waste more time here, you lean back up.

?Number five next please, this one isn?t Frances? you tell the room. Beneath you there is a little moan of disappointment from the discarded girl, obviously she was looking forward to having your tongue explore some more.

You allow a hand to guide you again, walking you first up the room and then pushing you to your knees. You suspect you have been directed to the same sort of region again and so quickly lean forward, expecting to come into contact with a stomach. You almost call out in shock as your tongue runs across what is clearly someone?s foot. There is a loud roar of laughter all around you as the audience sees your shock.

?Well, you didn?t expect us to make it too easy for you, did you?? Claire laughs from above you as you begin to ease your body up the side of the mattress, trailing your tongue along a slender leg that could be Frances?s, but then could just as easily not be.

You feel the girl shift slightly, the leg beneath you slides across the mattress, and you realize she has parted her legs for you as you travel closer to her thighs. Your tongue moves over her knee, and up onto her thigh, but still you cannot decide if this is Frances or not.

Another inch higher and your tongue flicks across the edge of the girl?s mound, causing an immediate reaction as she cannot help but gasp softly and her hips lift briefly off the mattress. The moment your tongue touches her you know that this also is not Frances as this bush is much thicker than your partner?s.

You begin to lift your face away from the sweet smell of pussy, although at first the girl tries to lift her hips upwards back against your tongue. However tempting it is to dive back in, you know there is much more on offer still, and as you move your body back up, you announce that this isn?t Frances either. There is a moan of disappointment from beneath you as the girl realizes she is not going to get any further attention.

?Number four next I think? you tell Claire, and she directs you once more along the room. Having done this twice already, you easily kneel down beside this mattress, and waste no time in leaning over, wondering where you have been left this time. You soon find out as your tongue pokes out and rubs across her nose, and you feel her suppress a giggle as you do.

You move down slightly and your tongue moves onto her waiting lips. As your tongue passes over them, the girl?s tongue swirls out to meet yours, engaging in a brief spell of tongue wrestling before you drag yourself away and downwards.

You leave a wet trail down her neck as you bring your tongue to her breasts, running over them, straight to the waiting nipples. They are already stiff, and as you lick across them, you realize that they are about the right size to be Frances?s. You lick across from one nipple to the other, taking in the shape of her breasts as you do, and still you think that this could well be Frances.

Beneath you this girl is beginning to breath more heavily as she enjoys your attention. Slowly you become more convinced it is Frances, but decide you need to be more certain. After one final lap at her erect nipples, you ease yourself along the floor, trailing your tongue across a firm stomach. Lower still you go, until your tongue slides into her bush, a bush you are sure you felt earlier as you were exploring each other.

You sense that she is holding her breath waiting for you to go further, and determined not to disappoint, you let your tongue slide through her bush and onto the lips of her waiting pussy, a pussy that is already damp with excitement. Without hesitation, you push your tongue against her, feeling the lips swell and part with pleasure, and she is unable to suppress a loud groan as you enter her. Your taste buds almost explode as her sweet juices flood into your mouth, and her hips push up against your face.

You flick your tongue in and out of her, hearing her moans as well as a gradual increase in the sound of the audience?s enjoyment as they watch this X-rated show. As her moans grow, so do the sounds of those watching, cheers of encouragement now being shouted out all around you as you sense her approaching orgasm.

With one final push of your tongue, she cannot help but scream out and lift her hips high into the air. Your tongue is coated with her - juices as they flood freely from her gaping pussy, and you lap at her, trying to taste every drop. Slowly you let your tongue come to a rest, and follow her back down to the mattress, until you feel her body come to a rest.

?That?s Frances? you announce as you sit back upright.

To be continued?

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