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A Hotel Fantasy

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We turned into the tree-lined drive and drove slowly as the rocks crunched under our tires. I led you into the lobby where a tall woman with her hair tied back broke the silence by greeting us warmly. She told me everything was in order and asked us to follow her. We entered the small room she beckoned us into as she closed the door behind us. I turned you towards me and ask you to trust me; you nodded your head in agreement. I reached down to the table next to us and took two large pieces of cotton and placed them on your closed eyes. Then I took a light leather mask and tied it around your eyes securely. Then with the help of the women we undressed you completely and walked you to another location.

You could hear the music blasting long before we entered the room. My hand in yours we entered the cool loud confines. I took you to a place and asked you to stand there quietly. My hands caressed your face you felt tense and relaxed at the same time. Then another set of hands found your cool flesh. They rubbed your back, shoulders and neck. Then you felt a third pair of hands on you and a forth and soon you lost count.

Hands caressed every inch of your body?some small and smooth but most large and callused. The attention they paid to your body was a varied as the hands themselves. Some where gentle and teasing, others were gruff and demanding. They found your tender spots; you?re ticklish spots, and each of your erogenous zones. You melted your soft flesh into some, retreated from others, but each and every touch sent you closer to that ecstasy.

My voice softly in your ear invites you to return the touch. Your hand reaching out not knowing what the tips of your fingers might find. You reach around you feeling and touch the burly arm of someone. They step back you go searching again and this time your fingertips find a chest hard and smooth. They move your hand away from them to search for another target. You feel something warm and soft against the back of your hand turn it over and feel the unmistakable heaviness of a breast resting softly in your palm.

I take your hand and walk you forward. My hands invite you to sit down; you feel the crisp cool sheets under you. I pull you back onto what you now know is a bed head resting on fluffy soft pillows as the hands caress you once again. This time the caressing goes on and on. The fingernail that before scratched lightly at your nipple now has twisted and turned it into hard nub. The fingers that had barely touched you clit now find themselves nuzzled deep into your folds spreading you sweet sticky nectar across your puffy lips.

Soon fingers are replace with lips. Tongues flick and lick their way across your body. A soft pair of lips tasting of lipstick touches yours. You gasp at your unexpected probing response and smell her sweet flowery perfume before you quickly turn your head away. A stiff cock bounces off your cheek and you instinctively wrap your lips around the head. You slowly draw it into your mouth till its entire length is engulfed. Slowly you suck your first cock of the night drawing it completely into your mouth and then surrendering it slowly.

Someone starts returning the favor by trailing a line of soft kisses across you belly to your warm wet pussy. Expertly they devour you, not soft licks or tender probes but a ravished hunger. Pulling at your lips and folds, sucking your clit, invading your musky opening with the tip of their tongue. If this would be any more ambitious or done with any more fervor it would be uncomfortable but as it is now it just sends you over the edge again and again.

The twisting and turning caused by your orgasms causes the cock that you were sucking to pop out of your mouth. A hand guides your face around and another cock pushes past your lips. This one thick and short it stretches your lips completely. Soon a hand guides your head to a third cock to service. You start to suck these 3 cocks rhythmically keeping a cock in each hand and one in your mouth. Two different people take your nipples and each one receives attention in its own way. Another mouth presses against your pussy lips continuing were the first one left off. Hands wander over your skin as you lose the ability to do anything but respond to what is being done to you.

Suddenly you feel the first rewards of the night as one of the cocks you are holding explodes in your hand. Streams of jism land on your shoulder, neck, and breast and as you hear his low moan of thanks the cock you are sucking fills your mouth. Soon those cocks are replaced by others whom you satisfy who are replaced by still others. By the end of the night you have been flipped and turned and used in every way possible. Innumerable cocks have found their pleasure with your body.

You have been fucked on the bottom on the top from both sides. The cocks in you have been small to frightenly large and have both slammed into you with enraged passions and tender softness. Three times you have been made into these unknown men?s personal Oreo as you have been double stuffed with cocks in both your pussy and ass. Your crotch is just one sticky mess with cum leaking from both holes. You have had loads sprayed on your face, your neck, your breasts; it clings to your hair, a glob still burning your eye. Your body has been pleasured countless times in indescribable ways. You have become the sex toy you dreamed of. Irresistible to men and resistless when it comes to men.

Occasionally you were given a short break and were cleaned up and washed off with a soft warm wet cloth carefully dried off. Again this happens, each time it is the same flowery perfume of the women who met us in the lobby. The music grows softer as she arranges you again on the pillow. Then slowly you begin to catch a distinct womanly aroma. You feel the soft hairs brushing you chin as a warm wet pussy finds your mouth. Not thinking, not caring, you hungrily suck on it. Even thou your mouth has been filled with cum from many men tonight, despite the distinctive taste of the women, the cum you are licking out of her is mine, your lovers. A taste you have experienced hundreds of times before a taste you will never tire of a taste you are slightly jealous to know she now shares.

She disentangles herself from you takes off your blindfold so you can see it is the same lady that helped me blindfold you in the lobby. You are the only two in this now trashed room. She takes your hand and leads you into a bath where she meticulously cleans you from head to foot. Each detail is expertly done. Toes and fingernails are manicured and polished. A new pair of dangly earrings set off your hair that has been washed and pulled back stylishly. You are dressed in a pair of thong panties, a floor length, silk, back-less, peignoir and classy spiked heels. When everything is perfect she leads you to another room and opens the door to let you in.

You find me in bed. Fresh fruit and champagne chill on a nearby night stand. A small fire illuminates the room with a golden hue and crackles seductively. You walk towards me as I hold up a remote and ask if you like to watch a movie. A movie were you are the star performer. Before you get a chance to answer the TV flickers on with pictures of our arrival at this hotel. You step towards the bed, kick off the heels playfully, flick your shoulders so the spaghetti straps of the gown fall loosely as it puddles around your ankles. I reach out and hook a finger into the top of your thong and ask evilly if you would mind if I just chewed these off as you fall into the bed with me.

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