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A Fivesome to Remember

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Joyce got out of bed and moved to my side and cuddled up next to me. Her husband George and my wife Lynn moved closer to together. This was the first time any of us had a four in the same bed experience. I slipped a hand inside her top and she gasped at my touch. I had known Joyce for many years and had been looking forward to this night for a long time. Although Joyce and George had fooled around a little with another couple once, this was to be their first full swap. With George approving Joyce had one experience with another woman where they had met at a motel alone and did each other.

Lynn and I had never done anything. Over the past few months we had made plans for this meeting and Lynn wanted to spend some time with Joyce this evening for her first time girl-girl. George and Lynn had a private chat and afterward she was all flushed and turned on by what they had talked about. Joyce had told Lynn that George had 9 inches. I think that is what George and her talked about and what he intended to do to her with that 9 inches. Joyce had promised me a blow job and I knew that Lynn had promised the same with George. Joyce and Lynn were in the middle of the bed and us guys on the outside. George would be only the third man Lynn would be with in her lifetime.

Joyce and I kissed and I ran my hands up and down her body. She whispered that feels good in my ear. I slipped a finger in her pussy and she opened her legs and I went deep. She grabbed my hand and pushed against it breathing hard in my ear saying oh yes. I put 2 fingers in and she fucked my hand.

I looked over her shoulder and Lynn had gone down on George. I could see she had a real mouth full. I got very hard watching her sucking George. Joyce reached down and stroked me. She murmured in my ear nice and I got harder in her hand. I am shorter than George, but bigger around. I looked over at Lynn and she was now on her back with George on top of her. I heard her gasp as he entered her and then the sounds of skin slapping against skin as he gave it to her.

Joyce is tall with long legs and I whispered in her ear now and got on top of her and went in. Her legs went up in the air and around me as she pulled me in deep. I felt her hands on my butt as I rode her. I felt her shutter and she whispered cum and gave it up to me. We kept going. I heard Lynn say oh yes and more slapping sounds and she moaned and grunted as she gave it up to George. I heard her say oh yes good.

I was in a hard rhythm with Joyce and she was moaning in my ear you feel so good. I want to taste you when you cum. I am a very bad girl. We were making a lot of noise and I glanced over and George was watching me fuck Joyce as I watched him giving it to my wife. It was just wild.

I was getting close. I whispered to Joyce you are so good and whispered now and pulled out and she quickly went down on me. The promised Blow job. She took me all the way in. I could feel her lips against my balls and then her tongue came out and she licked and I exploded down her throat grunting as I squirted and squirted until I was finished. She pulled away with some cum dripping out the side of her mouth with a smile on her face.

I heard George moaning and heard him say oh yes suck that thing and looked over just in time to see him explode and Lynn with her hands on his butt and him moving in and out of her mouth held on tight as he squirted down her throat. Cum was running out of her mouth as he pulled out she licked him clean. It got very quiet. Finally Joyce said well we did it wow. George looked down at Lynn lying next to him and said you were wonderful. She just smiled with that I just got fucked look on her face. George and I got up and went out to their patio and were having a beer together and recover time. I said it was fun and he said yes Lynn is a very nice lady. I said do you want to again in separate rooms this time? He smiled and said sounds good to me; I think Lynn would be more comfortable. I said probably Joyce too.

So we sat for a time chatting and after we had both recovered he and I returned to the ladies. They were lying in the bed naked and were both a little flushed as it seems they had not been idle while were gone.

Lynn told me later the she and Joyce had done some kissing and had talked about what they were going to do later. Lynn was both nervous and excited. I went over to Joyce and offered her my hand and she looked up to George and he nodded a yes and we headed for their other bedroom to be alone. George joined Lynn in bed as we left. I noticed he was already up and at the ready. I could see Lynn had noticed as well and noticed she had a lustful look in her eyes as she looked at his nine inches knowing he was going to do her again.

When Joyce and I were alone I kissed her and said you are beautiful looking down at her full sized boobs. Her nipples stood out and her hair hung down to her shoulders. She added I really had a good time earlier and Lynn told me she had a lot of fun with George. I pulled her close and she held on to me and whispered in my ear I want to fuck you again. Now that we are alone I want to be a very bad girl for you. She closed the bedroom door and said since I am going to be so bad I deserve to be spanked right? I said oh I have never done that. She smiled well will you? I really get off on it. I said sure I guess.

Joyce dropped to her knees in front of me and took my cock in her mouth looking up at me. I got very hard. She pulled away and turned around and raised her butt in the air exposing her pussy and looked over her shoulder and we made eye contact. I could see the wanting on her face and the lust in her eyes.

I moved behind her and with her looking at my cock entered her. She moaned and said yes give it to me and I went deep. I rode her hard and she was grunting and moaning and she yelled out spank me and I lifted my hand and slapped her butt. She said harder and I did it again harder this time. I felt her pussy clamp down and she shuttered all over and making a lot of noise climaxed pushing back against me and at her peak I slapped her butt one more time and she completely lost control of her body. She fell forward collapsing on the bed panting.

She said good, good. I was still hard as I pulled out. I lay down next to her and she reached over and stroked my cock and whispered nice cock. I have only cum that hard with George. I really lost it. She lowered her head and began to suck me again and said I love tasting myself. I looked down at this beautiful woman sucking my cock and asked are you going to taste Lynn and she raised her head and said oh yes later. We are going to taste each other. She looked up at me and said I want to fuck some more. I pulled her on top of me and she sat on my cock and went for a ride. I looked up and watched those beautiful boobs bouncing up and down and reached up and took them in my hands. She whispered pinch my nipples and so I did and she shuttered and grunting had her second cum and fell forward kissing me passionately. I was still hard inside her and could feel her pussy quivering around my cock. She whispered in my ear not done yet and so I held still and finally she relaxed on top of me and said that was the best. I flipped her over and still in her pussy went for it. I rode her hard and fast and she grabbed my butt pulling me in deep and being her bad girl I said I want you to cum inside me and reached around and stroked my balls from behind and I felt her finger slip into my butt and that did it and I exploded deep in her pussy grunting all the way, squirting and squirting pulling out still squirting all over her pussy and tummy. She looked down watching me squirt and said yes good, good. We fell apart both satisfied.

Joyce opened the bedroom door and we could hear sounds coming from the other bedroom. Joyce said it will be a while he can go a long time, so we listened to them fucking. I know Lynn very well and I could tell she was really into it with him or I should say he was really into her.

As Lynn told me later:

When George and I were alone I reached down and stroked him and realized I wanted him inside me and spread wide for him and pulled him into my pussy. He went deep and reached bottom and it felt strange and I immediately came for him. I whispered to him you fill me up. He said you are so tight. I have never told a man to fuck me before but did tell George to fuck me. I just wanted to be fucked. I opened wide and pulled him in and he fucked me hard long and fast. I heard a slapping sound coming from the other bedroom behind the closed door. George looked up and said Jim is spanking Joyce she loves that. She must be being very bad for him. I told him I am being very bad too.

He reached behind me and lightly slapped my butt and said you are such a bad girl. I was startled. No pain but my butt felt very warm and I got very wet. He slow fucked me for a long time and I can still feel that cock sliding in and out of me. He pulled me on top of him and I looked down at his face as I lowered myself down on his cock and pushed down as far as I could. I could see the lust in his eyes as I rode him. We held eye contact and he reached up and squeezed my boobs tweaking my nipples. He said I love doing you and I said I love being done and we both laughed at the play of words. We were having fun and I felt completely relaxed with him. As I rode him he reached around me and slapped my butt again and I lost it and got off shuttering all over and fell forward kissing him. I liked what he had just done and was surprised. He whispered in my ear bad girls need to be spanked and I whispered yes we do. I said I liked it.

I climbed off him and looked down at that beautiful cock and got on my knees next to him and went down on him tasting him and me. I knew I would taste Joyce later as we both wanted to do that. I liked the taste of myself.

I was surprised at how much I could get of him in my mouth. I think he was too. I was over half way down on him. He pulled out and moved me to the edge of the bed with my head hanging down standing above me. I looked up and his cock was standing out straight. I thought wow what a view. I knew what he was going to try to do and opened my mouth wide. We made eye contact as he lowered his cock to my mouth and slid in and kept sliding down my throat. He filled me up and I felt that cock in my throat going deeper and deeper until he was all the way down. I choked a little for a second and relaxed and I was ok. He fucked my mouth and it was an incredible feeling. I sucked him and he fucked me. I knew he was going too cum soon. I heard him say yes suck that cock and he grunted and reached over me and slapped my thigh and I lost it and he exploded. I could feel him squirting down my throat and my pussy was quivering as I got off with him. He pulled out still squirting all over my face and hair. I nearly passed out it was such an intense moment. He fell on the bed next to me panting and said you are incredible. I looked over to him and said I had a lot of fun with you tonight, hope we do this again someday. He said me too.

Jim and Joyce showed up at the door. Jim could see all the cum on my face and I went into the bedroom to clean up. When I came out Jim asked if I was ok and I smiled and said yes. Nothing more was said except he whispered in my ear you look like you just had your brains fucked out. I whispered back I did.

We all got dressed and took a break. The drinks were good and we just relaxed.

Joyce and I eyed each other knowing we would be together soon. I was very nervous as it would be my first time. I had watched some videos of girls together so knew what I would be doing soon. I wanted to do it ever since I watched how much fun the girls seemed to be having. Joyce had also told me about her only other experience and how much she had enjoyed herself and how much she was looking forward to being with me.

She came across the room and sat next to me and gave me a kiss. I could feel her heat as we kissed and felt my own. She whispered I am so wet. I said me too. I imagined myself between her legs as I had seen the girls doing in the videos and her between mine. I was feeling very hot. We were both ready to get wild and the guys moved to the side to watch.

Joyce kissed me again and slipped her tongue in my mouth and it felt strange kissing a woman that way. I kissed her back and slipped my tongue into her mouth and she sucked it like she would a cock. We slowly undressed each other and when we were both naked we lay down next to each other and made full body contact. She felt so soft as our boobs touched and our legs wrapped around each other. We were lost in each other. She spread her legs apart and pulled me in so our pussies were pressed against each other. We rubbed our clits together banged against each other in a fucking motion. I whispered to her I am going to cum, cum with me.

So grinding against each other I grunted and holding on to her tight we came together falling apart panting. She looked down at me with pure lust on her face and moved down and between my legs and licked my pussy. She said oh you are so wet and buried her face between my thighs. I swung around ready for her and moved my face between her thighs and buried my face in her pussy tasting my first woman.

We rocked back and forth licking and sucking each other for a long time. My face was all wet from her and I loved her flavor. I was a wild woman. I lost control and shuttered against her mouth. I felt her finger slip into my pussy and sucking on my clit I clamped down on her finger and grunting gave it up to her and flooded her face with my cum. I felt her pussy quivering against my face and slipped a finger in and fucked her with my finger. She shuttered and wrapping her legs around my head and slamming against my face went rigid and groaning gave me her cum. We fell apart both breathing hard. We moved back to face to face kissing and tasting ourselves. Finally we came back to the world and looked around at the two guys standing there watching us with very hard cocks. I thought we will have to do something for them soon. I knew I wanted to do Joyce again and maybe some other woman someday as well. I was definitely Bi for my future. Jim and left for home a little later knowing our lives had changed.

A couple of weeks later I heard from Joyce telling me I was on her mind. I knew what she meant. She had been on my mind as well, so we talked. She told me she had met a young girl on line who was single and Bi-curious and wanted to meet. I told her about you and she thought it would be fun for the three of us to get together. I thought wow. I told Joyce I would have to talk to Jim. She said ok. Jim suggested that the five of us all get together. I asked Joyce she after talking to the girl and George agreed. Jim certainly agreed. Jim and I are in our thirties and he smiled and said no young stuff in a long time. I slapped him and said I am still young stuff.

Joyce and George sat in their living room talking to this absolutely gorgeous young girl. The girl looked up, jumped up and rushed over to Lynn and gave her a big hug saying oh it is Lynn. Lynn had a surprised look on her face and said hi Jill. She turned to me and said I used to baby sit Jill when I was a teen she sure has changed a lot. She turned back to Jill and asked what are you doing here? She said oh I met Joyce online; I am visiting her and George. Lynn realized this was the girl they had come to meet. Lynn said oh.

Jill was 20 and absolutely beautiful. Long hair almost to her waist and very well built. Joyce stepped in and said yes this is the girl I was telling you about Lynn. Jill realized that Lynn was the other woman that Joyce had told her about. Jill looked at Lynn and said wow who would ever have thought we would be here together like this? Lynn smiled and said a real surprise. Finally Jill said Joyce has been telling me all about the fun you and Jim have been having with them. I am excited about joining you all. Finally Lynn relaxed and said yes Joyce has been telling us about you as well. So it was out in the open why we were all there. Jill was looking a little flushed as it was obvious that she was thinking about why she was there and what she had been planning on doing today.

We all had a drink and Joyce tuned the lights down low and we sat for a time talking. George finally made the first move. He moved over next to Jill and kissed her. Her eyes got very bright as she understood it was going to start. Her breathing had increased and George kissed her again and she leaned into him letting him know she was willing. Jill was sitting on the floor and her skirt had risen up exposing more of her legs and George reached down and stroked her legs and she opened them slightly showing even more of them. Her face was even more flushed and she gasped at his touch and said yes that feels good. Joyce moved to the other side of her and kissed her as well and her and George traded kisses and Joyce reached in and unbuttoned her top.

Jim and I just sat watching the three of them. Joyce slipped her top off exposing a pretty bra and a lot of cleavage as she was a big girl. Joyce reached behind her and unclasped her bra and her boobs fell out. Joyce whispered very nice and gave her a long wet kiss. George reached over and played with her boobs tweaking her nipples a little. Joyce whispered to Jill take my top off please. As Jill did as she was asked George stood up and started to unbuckle his pants and Lynn decided to jump in and moved over to George and said here let me help you and unbuckled his pants and they fell to the floor. He looked at her and said thanks with a lustful look on his face. George pulled his shorts off and sprung into action. Lynn looked down and said oh yes I remember you and dropped to her knees and went down on him. Jill looked over a Lynn sucking on George and said oh high Lynn. Joyce was now naked to the waist and hugging Jill boob to boob. Then she reached down and removed her skirt and Jill slid her panties off and was totally naked. Joyce pushed her legs apart and looked up at George and he nodded and pulled away from Lynn dropped to his knees in front of Jill. He looked down at the wet pussy in front of him and slipped his nine inches in.

Jill gasped and moaned oh so big as her legs spread wide and up in the air. George went deep and Jill cried out oh you fill me up as he fucked her. Jill grunted several times and gave it up to George. I had gotten undressed and George looked back at me and pulled out and I moved in. she was so tight and wet as I gave it to her hard and fast and soon she climaxed again giving it up to me as well. I pulled out and moved back and Joyce seen her chance and moved between her legs going down on her. Jill was in another world and looked down at Joyce licking her and moaned and shook all over gasping for breath.

George moved in close and Jill looked up at his nine inches as he lowered into her mouth. She opened wide for him and sucked. Joyce lifted up her head with her face all wet and looked over to Lynn who had gotten naked and Lynn nodded and Joyce rose up and Lynn went down on Jill. Jill lost it completely and shuttered and grunted and came. Lynn rose up with her face very wet as Jill had squirted for her. Jill fell back and George looked down at her and said you were wonderful. Jill had just had sex with four people.

We all relaxed for a time allowing this young girl to come back to reality. Finally she opened her eyes and said I love you all. We all sat there naked watching Jill and finally Joyce said you were a real trooper. I said you were incredible and Lynn gave her a hug and said are you ok? Jill said oh yes very ok and George gave her a kiss.

Break time.

George and Lynn were standing together and he had his arm around her playing with her butt. Joyce was sitting on the couch and I moved over to her and sat in front of her and she moved her legs apart and I lowered my head and went down on her. She really likes to be licked. I looked over and George was behind Lynn and I saw her expression change and she got very flushed and I heard her gasp so I knew George had slipped it to her. Jill was standing watching. As I worked Joyce over she was moaning saying oh yes and I motioned Jill over to me and pulled her down next to me and whispered want to join me.

Jill watched me licking Joyce and knew what I wanted her to do. Finally she nodded a yes and I moved to the side and gave her room. We made eye contact and she was very flushed and I said go ahead you will like it. With some hesitation and uncertainty she lowered her head and pushed lightly on the back of her head guiding her and she had her first taste of another woman. Jill licked and I showed her how to suck on her clit and she was into what she was doing and I moved a way to watch. Once she got past her first lick she was ok. Joyce looked down at this young girl and looked up at me and I could see the pure lust on her face as she pushed forward encouraging Jill. I moved behind Jill and looked over at Lynn and she was now on her knees with George giving it to her.

I moved up to Jill and slipped my cock in and went deep as she licked and sucked on Joyce. Jill was so tight and she grunted as I went deep. Joyce was now spread wide open and had reached down pulling Jill in tight with her hands behind her head. I could see Joyce was about to give it up to Jill and slammed into Jill her hard and fast and which Joyce could feel and Joyce lost it and grunting climaxed. Jill raised her head up with her face all wet. Joyce collapsed on the couch panting and finally leaned forward and kissed Jill saying you were wonderful. I heard George grunt and looked up and he had pulled out of Lynn and was squirting all over her butt and back. The room got quiet. The girls left going into the bathroom to clean up and do their makeup. When they returned they all looked beautiful especially Jill.

Jill was saying what a wild night. I have had a great time with the four of you. Lynn said to her you have been wonderful and very sexy. We all have enjoyed you. I could tell that Lynn wanted Jill to do her. Jill got the hint and figured out that Lynn wanted her do her baby sitter. Lynn was sitting on the couch next to Joyce and Jill was sitting on the floor next to me. I whispered to Jill Lynn wants you to do to her what you did to Joyce. Jill leaned back against me and kissed me and whispered to me I know I can tell. I asked how about together and she just nodded a yes.

While we were whispering to each other I had slipped my hand under her skirt and was fingering her. Her eyes got very bright and she was very wet and turned on. I took my finger out and sucked on it and said you taste good. She flushed at my comment. We both moved over to Lynn sitting on the floor in front of her. I whispered to her I want to watch you lick your babysitter. Be a bad girl for her. She said I am being a very bad girl tonight. I pushed her skirt up to her waist and Lynn spread her legs a part looking down and making eye contact with Jill whom she had taken care of many times when she had been much younger.

I whispered to Jill now eat her up and pushed on the back of her head guiding her to the right spot. Jill leaned in and tasted her second pussy ever. Lynn shuttered and spread wider giving her full access. Jill dived in having done this to Joyce knowing what to do. Joyce and Lynn were kissing and Joyce was playing with her boobs as Jill licked her. Jill was on her hands and knees with her butt in the air doing Lynn. I looked up and Lynn had her eyes closed and her face was very flushed. Joyce got up and went into the bedroom and came back with a strap-on in her hands.

The strap-on had a dido facing in both directions. Joyce moved over to Jill and slipping one of end into herself strapped it on. She moved behind and getting on her knees slipped the other end into Jill. Jill rose up for a moment and looked back and with a surprised look seeing who it was fucking her. Joyce fucked Jill and herself at the same time. Jill went back to Lynn and us guys stepped back to watch the three girls doing each other. What a scene it was.

Lynn opened her eyes and realized it was Joyce doing Jill and lost it and shuttered and thrusting forward holding Jill in place quivering against her face gave it up to Jill gushing on her face. Joyce was really into Jill and herself and grunting and gasping for air riding Jill hard climaxed falling forward on top of Jill panting. Jill with face still buried in Lynn gave a muffled yell and twisting on the dildo in her went over the top and climaxed with both Joyce and Lynn watching.

Joyce pulled out of Jill and removed the strap-on and slid to the floor and Jill joined kissing her. Lynn was still spread eagle on the couch and finally joined the other two on the floor. Lynn said well that was fun.

The evening was over and as we were all getting ready to leave Lynn invited Jill to our home sometime and she agreed.

The End

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