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The annual sales convention is always a great reward for all us sales rep?s throughout the state. Well this year?s event, held in February was by far the most interesting, fun and erotic time I ever had at a convention. Most of us guys have been coming to these conventions for several years, we have come to know each other fairly well, and I guess you can say we are like convention brothers. Normally us guys will visit the strip clubs, get a few lap dances and on occasions even have girls sent up to our rooms. This year?s event was held in Reno at a Casino Hotel. It was about ten PM on a Friday night and a few buddies and I go to the sports bar to check it out. While the four of us are sitting at a table having a drink this guy walks up to us and says hello and ask if we were with the convention and offered to buy us a drink. Not thinking much of it we accepted his offer and invited him to sit down. He places his PDA on the table and begins a conversation on how fun it must be to be out on the prowl. We laughed and asked him what he was doing in Reno, he answered that he brought his wife up her for some adult fun preferably X-Rated if things worked out. We tuned in our antennas a little sharper as we asked him how he does he go about that. He said he has been trying to talk his wife into bringing someone into bed with them, guy or girl it did not matter he just wanted to explore his fantasy of watching her with another. I half jokingly asked him how was it going for him so far, my buddies chuckled lightly, but not this stranger. He got a serious look on his face and said his wife was from a very strict family and she is a very stuborned woman, however today for some reason she let herself relax and actually got tipsy. In fact; though I have never seen her this way before, but I think it?s fair to say that she flat out got drunk. We all just sat back and said ?wow?. He then picked up his PDA and asked us if we wanted to see a few pictures of his wife, of course we said yes and he flipped a few buttons and handed the device to me and said it?s on slide show mode so just pass it back to me when you guys are done. This lady was hot, she looked to be in her early thirties with dark hair and the body of a twenty year old and this was easy to tell for she was naked in every picture that appeared on the screen. Most of her pictures were of her posing in some provocative position except the last on in the slid show and that one was of her lying asleep naked on the bed. I felt my dick getting hard and was a little reluctant to pass this guy?s PDA onto my buddies for I was thoroughly enjoying the show. Soon her pictures had made their way around the table once and as we passed it around the table again the stranger who we almost forgot was there spoke up. He said tonight may be his lucky night, though she will never know it, with that I asked what he meant. He paused for a moment then said he wanted to have some guys come up to their room and do his wife while she was drunk and passed out. He said that last picture of her was taken just before he met us here at the bar. We all looked at each other and then back at the stranger and one by one said ?OK? I reminded my buddies that we still have our other two friends at the other bar. As the stranger heard this he must have feared that this was a sign of us backing out fore he quickly said bring them along. The four of us got up and I asked him what room are they in and with that we walked over to the other bar. When we got to the bar our two buddies were sitting at a table with two sales rep?s we met last year and after a few minutes of us telling them the story of what just happened all four of them wanted in on the play. So now eight of us are on our way to this stranger?s room to help him out with his fantasy by fucking the shit out of his hot little drunk wife. We knock on the door and the stranger opens it and steps back as the eight of us walk into the room. He becomes a little nervous when he realizes the amount of guys now lining up to have their way with his semi virginal wife. I don?t waste any time as some of the other guys begin getting un-dressed I climb on the bed and roll his hot little naked wife over from her side onto her back, spread her legs and begin licking her little hairless fleshy mound until my tongue slips through to the insides of her moist pink pussy. A couple other guys follow my lead and start sucking and nibbling on her firm round breast. Then her titties quickly vanish in a swarm of hands and mouths, so fast that I barely got a look at them, but from what I did see; she had the perfect shape breast to go with her little dark pink nipples that were the size of a quarter. Her legs we lean and shapely like that of a dancer and I could feel the firmness of her inner thighs as I continued prying her legs open to gain deeper access to her tasty little slit. I hummed and she moaned as I worked her clit over with my mouth while inserting my fingers into her tight wet hole. When I came up for air one guy was knelt down by her face with a huge hard on that he was rubbing across her lips, lubing them up with the pre-cum that flowed from his cock. He tipped her head slightly to the side, placed his thumb on her chin, opened her jaw and penetrated her mouth with the tip of his erection. He stroked his shaft feverishly until his balls welled up and shot off a gushing strand of cum into her mouth, this really got things going. I got up to take off my clothes and noticed the husband taking pictures with his PDA. He moved in for a close up of the cock that was sliding up into his wife?s little twat, for this guy who had taken my place between her legs had a dick that must have been nine inches long and it was stiff as a steal pipe. He had a hold of her legs that were spread around his waist and was pumping her so hard that I thought it was going to wake her, but she just moaned in her sleep as he filled her full of sperm. This type of play continued for about a half an hour as one guy after another pounded her pussy, molested her tits and jacked off on her mouth and face. I figured if she hasn?t woke by now with the way she has been man handled it was time to take this to the next level. So I climbed back on the bed, rolled her onto her stomach and propped her ass up with some pillows. I then dipped my dick into her cum drenched pussy, and when it was good and slippery with all the jizz we spent in her; I slid it up her crack and penetrated her tight little ass hole. Her moans intensified as my swollen erection went deeper and deeper into her rectum with thrust that were long and deliberate. Soon my body begins to spasm and my balls exploded as I filled her sexy heart shaped butt full cream. Others followed my lead and over the next half hour; everyone took turns ravishing her ass while her husband took pictures of the wide variety of cocks between his wife?s sweet little butt cheeks. By the time we were done she was a cum soaked mess, there was male sperm everywhere. Her face and tits were glistening with jizz and cum was running out from both holes between her legs and soaking the sheets of their bed. A few of us stuck around and took pictures of him with his device as he cleaned her up with warm wash clothes trying to hide the evedince of the train he ran on his wife . He said it would be best if she didn?t know what we did tonight and asked us not to say anything to her if we happened to run into her thought out the remainder of the weekend. We agreed and then left for our rooms sexually content and proud of our handy work. The next day about mid afternoon me and one of my buddy were sitting at the bar having a beer when we saw our unconscious hostess from last night walking towards us, wow, is she fantastic looking or what I say to my buddy. She had on a short but classy skirt with bare legs, strappy little heals and a nicely fitted blouse that buttoned up the front. Her hair and make-up were done to the nines and it appeared she was looking right at us. I must say I was getting a little nervous wondering if she suspected who we are and what happened last night. I started to relax as I saw a hint of a smile, but still not sure what to expect until she steps in between us, pulls out her husband?s PDA, flips a few buttons and sets on the bar in front of us and says ?guess what I found boys?. As my buddy and I look at the photos from last night flashing by on the screen of the device, she reaches down and takes a hold of a hand from each of us and guides them up under that classy little skirt of hers. I discover she is not wearing any panties as I feel the warm moisture of her smoothly shaved pussy against the palm of my hand. I notice my buddies hand is also up in her crotch from behind and at the same time we find our fingers parting her moist tender lips, me from the front and him from the back. As we insert our fingers in her wet little hole she tells us she is not mad at us guys but is extremely pissed at her husband, in fact may consider leaving him. By now my dick is getting hard as we sit here at this not so crowded bar, finger fucking this fantastic looking babe in broad daylight. Trust me I am ready to agree to almost anything, so when she asked us if we would help her get revenge on her husband I quickly said yes. With that she said thank you, picked up her husband?s PDA and walked away leaving us there with our arms stretched out and our wet fingers shining with her juices. Before she was out of ear shot she looked over her shoulder, winked and said you know where to find me, be there at eight and don?t forget to bring you friends. We sat there in awe as we watched her re-adjust her skirt over that sexy little heart shaped ass of hers while causally swaying her hips as she walked away. We noticed she stopped at a slot machine that was being played by two very unattractive guys. I thought it strange for these guys were overweight and un-kept, yet it appeared she was actually flirting with them. She was smiling, wiggling and batting her eyes as she spoke to them, soon she paused, they looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and nodded their heads in agreement to whatever it was she was talking about. With their nod of approval, she turned and swaggered off through the casino. The time went by slowly in anticipation of the evening, but eventually we were at the early cocktail and or devour hour with the rest of the sales reps. We found our convention brothers from last night and explained our afternoon meeting with the stranger?s wife. All were eager to have another go at the hot sexy babe; however a couple of the guys had already made other plans, so it left only six of us arriving at her door at eight. When we got there the two unattractive heavy guys were standing outside as if though they were waiting for us, not sure what to make of it I knocked on the door. The door opens and there stands the husband and he is completely nude with a sheepish look on his face. As the six of us and the two ugly guys file in he goes over a chair that has been placed in front of the bed, sits down and doesn?t say a word. I look over at the bed and it has nothing but the bottom sheet and a few pillows and his PDA on it. The pictures from last night were spooling through in a loop on the device. Suddenly the bathroom door opens and our hostess steps out looking absolutely fabulous. She is naked wearing only a pair of lacey high heels, her hair and make-up look like she spent the day in the salon, her finger and toe nails where freshly polished, she truly was everything sexy about a woman. She strutted over to us and announced that her husband gets a front row seat as she takes on all of us ? again ? only this time with her mouth and body in full working order. She gets on her knees, starts undoing our pants and while freeing our cocks she asks the two heavy guys to get undressed and watch for a while. They do as she said and her husband looks over at their nude overweight bodies and now knowing that they were going to be fucking his wife, he closed his eyes and hung his head down in shame. He snaps back to attention when she shouts out at him to not take his eyes off what she is doing or he will regret it. She sucks each of us for a while and tells us she doesn?t want any foreplay, she just wants her husband to see the look of pleasure on her face as we take her repeatedly. With that we move her over to the bed where we are soon fucking her in every position imaginable. She was riding our cocks like there was no tomorrow. We penetrated her anally and vaginal and not a moment went by that she didn?t have a cock in her mouth, and most often all three of her holes were filled at the same time. We fucked her and dumped cum in her for over an hour. Her pussy and ass hole were thoroughly full of our creamy white seed. And when were done she asked us to stick around to help her take some pictures and maybe even another round if we are up for it. As we agreed to help, she handed us the PDA, showed us how to take pictures with it and told her husband to come over to the bed where she still laid. She made him lay on his back and then she swung her leg over and straddled his face with her wet sloppy crotch. Her back was to us so we had a perfect view as we took pictures of her rocking her hips back and forth, pumping his mouth full of our sperm. She told him to not spill a drop or they would be finished. After forced feeding her husband a six man cream pie she rolled off of him and onto her back. She laid there in the middle of the bed with her legs spread wide and with the cum mostly gone. We continued to take pictures and now being displayed was a perfect view of her red swollen pussy and her well used butt hole. She instructed her husband to bend over the end of the bed and to suck on her pussy until she squirts. While he began sucking her clit she told him he was about to learn how it feels to be taken and his choice was simple, he could get up and leave right now and never come back, or he could take the rest of his punishment. Things pause for a moment and when he didn?t move she looks over at the two heavy guys who until now have been standing on the side lines stroking their fat cocks. She asks one of them to come over on the bed and put his dick in her mouth. When she had him good and hard she scooped up some of the gooey globs of sperm still on her tits, smears it all over his hard on and tells him per their agreement if he wants to fuck her he first has to fuck her husband in the ass. This guy didn?t seem to have a problem with her request, though I can?t say the same for the husband whose butt cheeks were now being parted as this ugly guy?s fat cock disappeared up his ass. As his ass was getting pounded we could hear him trying to scream, but his wife was nearly drowning him as she forced his open mouth down on her sloppy wet snatch. Thoroughly aroused by the anal assault on her husband she invites the other heavy guy over and takes his cock in her mouth. It seemed as though she sucked all the blood from his big body into his dick for his erection swelled into an enormous rock hard piece of fleshy meat. She then asked this guy to go replace the cock in her husband?s butt with his massive throbbing tool. The guy in her husband pulls out of his ass came over to the bed and wiped his dick off on the sheet. She then had him lay down and slid up under her from behind and she then lowered herself down on him until his cock was buried deep up her ass. The husband was made to keep eating her box and lick her ass as she slid up and down on this ugly guy?s prick. The second guy spit in his hand slathered it all over the head of his massive dick and steadily pushed it into the husbands butt hole until he was all the way in. The poor guy was nearly crying as the big guy behind him was splitting him open and pounding him fiercely. Each forward thrust would cause her husband?s mouth to collide with the cock that was sliding in and out of her ass. The more the husband whimpered the wilder the wife became and she began violently thrusting her cunt into his face. Suddenly she let out a scream as a huge orgasm took over her body causing her to rocked back on the cock she was sitting on and spray her pussy juices in her husband?s mouth and all over his face. With all the movement, the cock in her rear slipped out of her hole and was sticking up between her legs. She grabbed her husband by the hair, pulled his head down and forced his mouth onto the erect cock that now stood up between her legs. She pumped the husbands head up and down until the erection in his mouth exploded down his throat. Apparently this was more than the guy in the back door could handle for he emptied his fat balls into the husbands ass. He pumped a few more times and as he slid his beefy prick out of the husband?s booty, a long thick stream of semen drizzled out of his ass. We captured it all on film and were promised by the wife if we ever want more to give her a call anytime and if we wished for copies of all the pictures just tell her were to send them. CAN?T WAIT FOR THE E-MAIL!!!

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