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It was about 12:15 and Sally should have been here to pick me up about a half hour ago. She took the opportunity to drive me to the office. I wanted to do some work I was behind on, and Sally was going to do some shopping. She was supposed to pick me up just before noon. I walked outside and stood on the steps expecting her to show up any minute. Another half hour came and went, still no Sally.

We lived 25 miles away from town in a small community in the foothills. It was at the 4,000 foot level, and I didn't think Sally would go home without me. I decided to start walking. Being a small community, everyone knew each other. I figured it wouldn't be long before someone came by and offered me a ride up the hill. I walked about a half mile, when someone stopped and offered me a lift.

About twenty minutes later, I was let off in front of the house. I went inside, and Sally was nowhere to be found. It didn't appear that she had been home yet either. I checked the answering machine, and there were no messages. I decided I would call around to some of our friends. Maybe Sally had spoken to someone after she dropped me off at work.

On the fourth call, I found out most of the guys were over at Dave's house just hanging out. Not unusual, as that was the normal weekend routine. The guys usually found someone's house to spend Saturday afternoon. I called Dave's house. When the phone was answered, it wasn't Dave, but Billy. Billy lived about a mile down the road and was a friend we hung out with as well. I asked if anyone had seen Sally. He told me to hang on and he put Dave on the line.

When Dave came on line he said that Billy and he were in town and ran into Sally at the grocery store about 9:30 that morning. Dave told me he got a ride back up the hill with Sally after she went to the lingerie store. In fact he said Sally was still there with the guys playing some games. I knew Sally was going to shop for some new lingerie so that didn't surprise me. Sally had all kinds of pretty lingerie and loved to tease the guys when they were around. I asked Dave to tell Sally I was already home. I didn't want her go back to town to pick me up when I was already home.

Dave said he would relay the message, then asked if I was going to come by. I told him I was still working on the other car, and Sally had the van. If I was going to come by, I would have to walk the four miles. I didn't think I would be by. Dave told me Sally bought a real nice piece of blue lingerie. He said Sally had tried on about ten different pieces and showed him each one, getting his opinion on each. He was surprised the sales lady let him go in the dressing room.

Sally knew all the guys at Dave's place,. She met most of the guys when they stopped by our house. Our door was always open. Everyone knew we had liquor, beer, or some sort of drugs on hand all the time.. Last but not least, Sally usually would have on some sort of lingerie to help inspire everyone. When Dave said they were playing games, I assumed it was the same as when everyone was at our place. Sally would play a variety of games, but her rules were always the same.

Sally would play for an outfit, a certain amount of time, (usually 5 minutes) or a rearrangement of her existing outfit. The guys would have to put up a twenty or forty dollar bag of crank or weed, or something of equal value in order to play. Win or lose, Sally got to keep the guy's bets. That worked out good for us. Sally was really a good game player, and we didn't have to buy drugs for over three years!

Sally seemed to be more inhibited when I was playing with the guys. I never could understand why, but that was the way it was. Several times one or more of the guys would tell me that Sally seemed to enjoy herself more when I wad not there. I never understood why, but that was the way it was.

A little while later in the afternoon, I decided to walk over to Dave's and check out what was going on. I got lucky and caught a ride most of the way there from a fellow neighbor. He let me off about two short blocks away. The sun was beginning to set and I was able to approach the side of Dave's house. The side window gave me a good view of the entire front room and a partial view of his guest room. A few minutes went by, and the lights came on, giving me even a better view.

I saw that Sally was the only women there with four of our guy friends. Besides Dave, there was Billy, John, and Lance. I knew that Betty, Dave's wife, worked the mid shift and would not be home until after midnight. I settled back to see what was going on. They all took a smoke break and a crank pipe was passed around. A new game was about to begin and I settled in to watch.

Sally was wearing her new blue lingerie outfit. I was more like a baby doll with a transparent blue over wrap. She really looked good in blue. The baby doll itself was kind of ruffled on the edges and very low cut with a kind of scoop front. I couldn't see what game was being played or what the bets were being made. It looked like a dice game. The game was probably 10,000, one game Sally was really good at.

I could see the dice change hands and proceed around the table. After what seemed like forever, but probably only ten minutes, both Billy and Lance got up and sat on the couch. I could tell by the look on their faces they were out of the game. That left Dave, Sally and John as the only players. Te dice went around the table two more times. Dave then rose and sat on the couch with Billy and Lance.

With Dave, Billy and Lance on the couch, Sally must have won three of the bets, and was now working on the fourth. 10,000 was one of the dice games Sally excelled at when she played. I fully expected her to finish off John in short order. I was surprised when John jumped up and clapped his hands. Sally did not often lose, but it was obvious she had lost to John.

Dave, Lance and Billy got off the couch and went into the kitchen. They began fixing some drinks and started smoothing the crank pipe. Sally got up and moved into the kitchen with the others, with John right behind her. I saw Sally take three hits off the pipe. As Sally was hitting the pipe, John slipped the over wrap off her shoulders. He then walked back into the front room and put it on the couch, .The pipe went around and back to Sally. In the meantime, John pulled Sally toward the kitchen door and back to the couch where they both sat down. The other three came back to the front room and sat around the game board waiting to start another game..

In the mean time, John had moved the baby doll off Sally's shoulders and was fondling both her tits. He alternated sucking first the left, then the right. In the meantime Sally had reached down, unzipped his pants and was stroking his cock. The guys waiting to start the next dame were all eyes, watching what was going on. It didn't take John long to place Sally on her back and thrust his cock into Sally's pussy. Now John had her baby doll completely off, and John had one tit in each hand while still sucking on them both.

A couple minutes later, Sally and John both got off the couch. Sally went to the bathroom, and John zipped up his pants. When Sally returned to the front room, she had put on the baby doll over wrap, but not the baby doll itself. I thought the other three guys had lost, but apparently Dave had won and outfit rearrangement and decided on just the outer wrap. This left Sally playing the next game almost totally nude. The outer wrap didn't button or come together in any way, and was totally transparent!

I thought about going to the front door, but thought I would stay where I was and see what else might happen. It wasn't long before the game started again. Once again I couldn't tell what kind of bets were mad, or by whom. I did notice that Sally was now sitting on Dave's lap while everyone played. He wasted no time playing with Sally's tits as the dice went around the table. It wasn't long before he had the over wrap off one shoulder while playing with her tits.

I saw Sally lean back against Dave after her turn, and Lance reach over and fondle her other tit, I'm sure she must have known the other hand belonged to someone else, but then again maybe not. I don't know if the second game I watched was over or not. It seemed to go pretty fast, and no one had gotten up from the dame board. Sally was still leaning back against Dave, who was playing with her tits.

By now, Lance, Billy and John had moved the game board to the side and were sitting in front of Sally. John placed the crank pipe to Sally's lips and she took four of five big hits. While Sally smoked, John and Lance removed the over wrap completely and now both were sucking on a tit. I could see Billy's head moving between Sally's legs, obviously licking her pussy and clit. It didn't take Dave long to place his cock on Sally's lips. It took Sally even less time to take his cock in her mouth and suck him off. One by one the guys each got a blow job and a good fuck.

As everyone began to get it together, I decided I better head back home. When I got there I called Dave's again and asked when Sally would be home. Dave said she just left, but the guys would be by later that night. I remember telling Dave that would be just fine, and I would have Sally wear something special just for him.

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