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A DAY TO REMEMBER My name is Tom As a long time subscriber to Penthouse Variations, my wife Lee and I have always wondered if the stories were written by very creative staff writers to enhance peoples? fantasies, which it has done for us so often. Well here is a true depiction of what really happened a few weeks back. First, some background for your readers.

I have been married to my wife Lee for over thirty years. Although both of us are in our early fifties, our sexual desire for each other has, to say the least never waned. Lee is a tall natural blonde with beautiful eyes, large breasts and very long shapely legs and a beautiful tight ass. We have tried many different things in our sex life, but out of all the things a couple could do together, having a threesome with a man or another woman or with another couple would never be in the cards even though we have talked about it many times. Lee has somewhat forcefully told to me that it is not in her nature, and it is a closed subject as far as she is concerned.

However, we did come very close to a threesome way back in the early years of our marriage when my brother in law visited with us on his way for a few weeks of leave from a Marine based in Missouri. Tom was a buff, nice looking fellow and married to my wife?s older sister Judy. Having a long drive back from the base, we invited Tom to break up his trip and stop for the night at our home, which was about 5 hours from his final destination.

He arrived in the early afternoon and the three of us had a few beers on the deck and talked about his recent tour. After a great dinner, Tom and I were just chatting when he surprised me by telling me how he had not had sex for five months. When I joked that this could be his lucky night, he seemed almost to take me serious, and intimated to me that being with my wife sexually had always been a dream of his. I guess this got me pretty horny just thinking that maybe this could be an opportunity to fulfill a desire I had to participate in another threesome similar to a few I had in college before I was married.

Therefore, we started to plan what might happen later without Lee suspecting anything.

We all would retire for the evening and I would leave our bedroom door cracked open so he could watch and see to what extent I had my wife in the throws of passion. When he got the high sign from me he would just come and join us, and we hoped she would seize the moment and go with the flow.

Well, after about fifteen minutes of kissing her body from head to toe while fingering her pussy, Lee was really getting hot. I then went down between her outstretched beautiful legs and began gently licking her tight pussy and clitoris when she pushed me away, said it was her turn. She turned around and started to suck my semi-hard cock. Starting slowly at first, she gently licked the head of my dick and then without warning deep throated me, which she is good at. I sensed that she was unusually turned on as she licked and sucked me to hardness. Did she suspect our plan? I looked over to where Tom was intently watching in anticipation of a signal to join us. His dick was long and slim and standing straight out.

I decided at that moment to spill the beans and tell her what was in store for her at any moment. When I told her that Tom was naked outside our bedroom door and was going to join us, and that if she wanted she could have two cocks to suck, fuck and enjoy for the night, she quietly and calmly said although a threesome might be in the cards given a different person, Tom was her sister?s husband and she could not consider our plan.

That being said, I went to the door and told Tom that it was a no go. He was crushed, but understood. However I left the door ajar after that and to this day she has not said so, but I suspect she knew that Tom stood in the shadow of a corner of our large bedroom beating off while watching me fuck the hell out of my wife, as that night she was almost insatiable.

Through the years I have fantasized about what may have transpired that night had I not said anything to my wife. I often brought the subject of a threesome up to Nancy after that and she always said if I wanted to be in a threesome or group scene with others that I should go ahead, but that it was not something she thought she could enjoy, and did not want to do. I never took her up on the offer though because the whole thrill would be lost without her participation.

Now fast-forward twenty-five years, to a few weeks ago.

An old business associate and friend of mine John is an avid golfer. He asked me if I wanted to play a round the following Saturday and I naturally accepted. However, at his country club on a Saturday you needed to have a foursome to play and asked me if I had a friend that would like to play. He had already asked one of his friends Kevin. I thought about whom I could get and called a friend that Lee works with named Jeff a well-built handsome guy in his early forties with dark eyes very well built and a great personality who was recently divorced, and also an avid golfer. I called John to confirm, and he told me that his wife Katie and Kevin?s wife Susan were planning to go shopping and asked if Nancy would like to join them while we played. I asked my wife and she said sure, shopping is her favorite sport.

After a very competitive round of golf, we were sitting at the bar in the clubhouse having a beer before hitting the showers when John a really handsome guy, tall with dark hair and eyes, suggested that we get the wives or in Jeff?s case a date and round out the day with dinner at a local restaurant that had a band performing that evening. Jeff indicated that it might be hard for him to get a date at such short notice but he would try.

After finishing our beers, we hit the showers.

In the shower I could not help but notice how big Jeff?s dick was. It had to be a good eight to nine inches long and rather thick while the rest of us were between six and seven inches except for Kevin which was somewhat shorter but with a diameter of about three inches. John laughingly said to Jeff that he was surprised he did not have back problems carrying around a big dick like his all day. To which Jeff said it was sometimes a curse because some women find it too big for them and at times can?t take it all inside of them before it starts to feel uncomfortable for them, which has put a slight crimp in his sex life. John and Kevin both laughed and almost simultaneously said they knew of a couple of women who would love to try it. At this point the conversation somewhat ended and we dressed and left to go home and change for the evening.

After I got home, Lee told me about her shopping trip and the fun she had with Susan and Katie and showed me what she bought. Then the phone rang and it was Jeff. He said he could not round up a date and that he was going to beg off for the evening because he did not want to be a third wheel and come solo. However, I tried to persuade him to join us and said he should not spend the evening alone after such a great day of golf. He finally relented and said he would be over in an hour or so as he lives a fair distance from us. Lee and I dressed for dinner, with me wearing a polo and slacks and she put on one of her cream colored low cut silk blouses and push up bra?s that accent her breasts, an above the knee black skirt and her thigh high black stockings and heals that really make her legs look great.

Jeff arrived at our house and we headed over to John?s house a short drive away. After all the introductions were completed, we piled into John?s nine-passenger suv, and headed off to a great meal where the conversation was lively and very friendly. Once dinner was finished, we went to the lounge to listen to the live band and have a couple more drinks and dance to the music. Susan, Kevin?s wife, a rather attractive dark hair woman with small petite breasts and nice ass immediately dragged John on to the dance floor for a slow dance while John?s wife Katie, who was also attractive, tall with dark brown shoulder length hair, alabaster skin and great legs and ass asked Jeff to dance. That left Kevin, my wife and I sitting at the table. Kevin then asked me if it was ok to dance with Nancy. I don?t dance, so I said don?t ask me, ask her, at which he did and off they went. Watching them all dance I couldn?t help but notice how intimate John and Susan were dancing, with Susan grinding her pelvis into Johns leg, or how Katie had her hand all over Jeff?s ass and flirting. Lee and Kevin however were dancing and talking in a normal fashion. After awhile all the partners had switched places and Lee now was dancing with Jeff but in a different fashion then with Kevin, she had her head in his neck, with bodies very close and he had her one ass cheek in his hand. I figured at this point that she had too much to drink yet she did not seem at all tipsy. As I said before Jeff is a great looking guy and I always felt she had somewhat of the hots for him when she worked with him, yet she never said so.

After an hour or two of dancing and drinks, John suggested that we go back to his place for some coffee and dessert or a nightcap, so we all piled back into the SUV. Surprisingly the seating arrangement was different on the way back as Susan immediately jumped in the front with John, Katie sat between Kevin and Jeff in the middle seat, with Nancy and I in the back. I thought it was just my imagination but it seemed that Katie was rubbing her hands across Jeff and Kevin?s crotches almost all the way back to Johns and God knows what Susan was doing up front with John! Lee and I both looked at each other and wondered what was going on, but surprisingly she did not seem surprised. The sexual tension was growing in the car.

Katie gave us a tour of their home. It was big, with four very large bedrooms, all having private baths with modern two to three person tiled showers.. There was also a huge recreation and game room downstairs with big screen TV?s and pool table. On the deck outside there was a 10 person hot-tub surrounded by bushes for privacy Katie served up coffee and pie, then the 30-year-old Brandy came out and the conversation evolved into a discussion about sex and marriage and relationships as well as some sexy jokes thrown in. Now the sexual tension was really growing with everyone giving their take on a number of sex subjects including swapping partners, that we found out Kevin and John had done with their wives. Actually, everyone was getting pretty aroused at least from the bulges in all the guys pants. All of a sudden, Katie jumped up and said, ?Let?s play a game called ?Ten Minute Baseball? Susan then said great! That was her and Kevin?s favorite, John also concurred. However, Jeff, Lee and I said we had never heard of it and asked what kind of game was it.

Katie then began to explain: Each bedroom is tagged with a base number. The master bedroom was #1, the larger guest room #2, and the second guest room #3. Katie said Lee should have the master and she and Katie would take the other rooms. Once the girls were in the bedrooms then the guys would draw a number and go to the bedroom which corresponded to the number on the door, the girls would not know who would come to their respective rooms. Then each guy would have ten minutes with whomever the girl was in the room to see how far they could get sexually before the ten minutes ran out. After ten minutes, the guys would rotate in whatever state of undress they were in to the next bedroom to continue where the other guy left off and so on. However, Katie suggested that because there were only three women and four men that one of the guys become the designated hitter, who would keep the time, but could participate in one of the bedrooms if the girl in the room wanted. However, during the first few rounds you could not be matched with your spouse, so whomever the designated hitter was he would substitute, should the rotation match one of the guys with their spouse. Simple right?

The look on my wife?s face was priceless, and I was sure that this was going to be a non-starter at this point. Jeff seemed to be for it, but Lee said she did not think she could do something like that, yet looked at me and said if I wanted to play it was ok with her. At this point Katie and Susan both chimed in and said it is really a lot of fun and she had all the power to say no to anything the men wanted to do, as all the girls do. I figured that at that point it was going to be time to leave, until Jeff said to Lee, ?Come on Lee when we have our turn we can just talk or play cards?. Everybody cracked up in laughter. Lee then gave in, and said she would try but could not promise anything. Now it was game on.

John wrote out four slips of paper with a number on it and one marked DH, then we all drew from the coffee mug. John was first and he got #1 where Lee was, Jeff drew #3 where Katie was, I drew #2 for Susan and Kevin was the first DH. As I was going up the stairs to Susan?s room Kevin told me his wife loves to have her ears and neck and breasts kissed first, I smiled back at him and assured him I was going to do my best. When we all got to our designated bedroom doors the DH Kevin yelled out TIME!. When I opened the door to the room, Susan was sitting on the edge of the bed and beckoned me to her. When I got close, she pulled me down to her, planted the biggest kiss on me, and slid her tongue half way down my throat as I sat next to her. Her lips were very soft and I could tell that she was really into it. When I kissed her on her ears and neck, she really started to moan and groan. I slid my hand up inside her blouse to feel her tits and found that she did not have a bra on, so I massaged her ample breasts and continued to kiss her lips and neck. Suddenly I felt her hand moving down my stomach to my now rock hard cock, which she grasped, through my slacks. Ever so lightly, she ran her fingers up and down my cock and I got harder and harder. She started to fumble with my belt and unzipped my pants and the head of my cock popped out giving me some relief from the constraints of my pants. Just as she started to pull my dick out of my pants and I almost had her blouse completely open, I heard Kevin yell out ?Inning over?

Could that have been ten minutes already? I some what tucked my cock back in my pants, gave Susan a quick kiss and said I will be back, her response was ?hope so!?

As I came out of the room, Kevin asked how it went. I smiled and said a gentlemen never tells, to which he laughed.

We had a brief period among the boys to inquire as to who got where and I asked John how it went with my wife, he said just ok, but promising. Nevertheless to say it made me wonder if this whole escapade was going to head south with LEE. Jeff came out of Katie?s room with his shirt off, pants unzipped, and a sheepish look on his face and just smiled at us.

The next inning had me with Katie, Jeff with Susan and Kevin with Lee, While John was the DH. As I went past Kevin, he whispered in my ear that he would show Lee a real good time, To which I smiled and said, try not to split her open with that baseball bat of yours, if she will even let you get that close, good luck. As I passed by the room Lee was in I could not help but peer in to see what state of undress she was in if any. She was lying sideways on the bed with her skirt hiked up to mid thigh and still had all her clothes in- tack except for her blouse, which was half opened. Seeing me, she just half smiled. Kevin was just behind me so I proceeded to Katie?s room. When I entered the room Katie was almost naked, except for her stockings and little thong. She had beautiful firm breasts, a flat tummy, and a look of desire in her eyes. I went over to her and she pulled me down on the bed, and pulled my shirt over my head. Once on the bed she told me that she was so hot that she wanted to have her pussy licked right now! I moved around on the bed to position myself in a head to toe position, pulled her thong aside, and started to run my tongue over her clit. Her pussy lips were very large and had a sweet musty taste. When I started to nibble on her engorged clit, Katie started to squirm all over the bed. I took my time and flicked my tongue back and forth across her clit. At the same time, I moistened my fingers in her pussy and gently started to massage her rear hole then inserted my finger in her ass. She kept moaning, then reached and pulled my pants down, and took my cock into her mouth. Her mouth felt like a velvet pouch and I almost came when she started to suck on my cock. Then from out in the hall I heard Jeff yell ?Inning Over.? Damn, ten minutes goes by fast.

I wanted to break the rules and continue going but Katie assure me we would have more time later, I kissed her pussy one more time and went out into the hall.

This time the state of undress of the guys was substantially different. Kevin who was with Lee was only in his T-shirt, Jeff had only boxers on, John who was the DH, apparently had been asked to join Jeff and Susan and had only his shirt on with his cock standing straight out.

The guys took a short break on the landing leading to the bedrooms while Katie got some drinks for the girls. For some reason Lee did not want a drink when Katie asked so I started to wonder if she was ok.

John asked if anyone would like to have a Viagra pill, as in time it would help to keep you hard longer. We all took one.

I couldn?t help but ask Kevin how my wife was. He said she, gives a great blow job, has some really beautiful tits and could not wait to continue with her some more. Jeff and John said that Susan wanted two cocks to suck until time ran out, so at this point none of the girls had been fucked yet.

We then, as self-appointed umpires, decided that we could, at our discretion change the rules if we wanted to and agreed to go with the flow.

This time I was the DH, Jeff was with my wife, John was with Susan and Kevin was with Katie. I stuck my head into the room Nancy was in again, she was laying on her back, head turned sideways on a pillow with her blouse and bra on the floor. Her tits and neck were flushed red, like they had been kissed repeatedly, her skirt was hiked up to her waist and her silk panties were very moist around the crotch.

I whispered to her is everything ok? She said not bad, how about you? I replied it is interesting, but it?s about to get better for you though. She said what do you mean? I was thinking how big Jeff?s cock looked in the showers earlier, and replied You?ll see.

I saw Jeff coming down the hall, realized it was time for the next inning, and yelled Game on!

As The DH, I was not with anyone this time, so I was curious how things were going in the other rooms, so I peered in the room with Kevin and Katie. She was straddling Kevin?s fat cock which looked to be splitting her in two, riding on it up and down like there was no tomorrow, with her head tossed back in wild abandon, When Katie saw me she motioned me on to the bed so she could suck my cock at the same time that she was fucking Kevin. After getting my cock sucked for a short time it dawned upon me since I was the DH, I had the liberty see what everybody was doing. John was doing Susan doggie style when I looked in. I asked if he needed any help, he said not at the moment, which I was grateful for because I really wanted to see what my wife was into if anything. I went back to the master bedroom to check on Lee and Jeff. When I looked into the room there was no one in the room, but the showers were running. When I looked into the bathroom, I could see my wife and Jeff through the clear glass shower doors. She was on her knees in front of Jeff enthusiastically sucking his half-hard cock and playing with his balls and ass at the same time. It took only a minute of Lee sucking his cock for it to grow to full staff. Even with both of her hands around it in a batting grip, it still protruded a few inches out the other side. Suddenly Jeff brought my wife to her feet facing him, with his muscled arms he lifted her by her thighs up above his waist and lowered her onto his hard cock. My wife gave out an audible groan. Jeff then moved her up and down on his dick as if he was curling weights at a gym and she had her legs wrapped tight around his waist. I thought my dick would explode from the sight of it. Then I heard Lee above the running water that she wanted to go back in the bedroom where they could continue screwing each other and be more comfortable.

I quickly left the bedroom to go and see what was going on with everybody else. When I got to the room where John and Susan were, Kevin and Katie were there also. Kevin was on his back with Katie impaled on his fat dick facing him. Susan had her pussy over Kevin?s face being licked, while John had his dick stuck all the way up Katie?s ass in a double, moving in and out in unison with Kevin?s thrusts. Since they seemed oblivious to my presence, I went back to Jeff and my wife, hoping to get in on some of the action.

Nancy was spread eagle on the bed with her legs high in the air, she had put her stockings back on and Jeff was gently licking her pussy. It was a sight for years I had fantasized about and she seemed to be actually enjoying what was happening to her. All of a sudden, I heard Susan yell that she needed help from the DH, so I quietly left Nancy and went to Susan. Kevin and Katie were in the shower when I got to the room, John was on his back with Susan on top. She pulled her ass checks apart and told me to put my cock in her ass and fuck her hard. John had left some lubricant and a condom on the table, so I quickly put the condom on and smeared some lube on my rock hard dick and pushed against Susan?s asshole, as she pushed back, my cock slid all the way up to the hilt, which made Susan gasp for a moment. She then started to really move back and forth on Johns dick and mine like there was no tomorrow.

John, all of a sudden pulled out of Susan pussy, said he would be back, and left us alone. Susan was not fazed at all and told me she wanted me to fuck her pussy, so I did. I went down on her pussy and licked her clit, which tasted rather salty. I then climbed back between her outstretched legs and inserted my dick in her after stripping off the condom. She was very wet and tight as well as sticky, which made me think Jay had shot his load and could not stay hard anymore. Therefore, I just continued to fuck Susan by myself, which was great. When I would thrust into her, she would stick her finger into my ass for a few moments, which really heightened the sensation.

After a few more minutes Susan yelled out she was coming. At that point I could not hold back any longer and came inside her.

We lay there for a few moments before Susan cheerfully informed me that I was a horrible timekeeper as way more than the allotted time had passed. She then jumped up and said, let?s join the others. I didn?t know what she meant by others.

Susan and I briefly rinsed each other off in the shower and without taking the time to fully dry off we went to Lee?s room Low and behold, there was my wifeh Jeff?s big cock fucking her doggie style, while John had her head in his hands and his dick in her mouth being sucked to death. Katie was on her knees with Kevin in a chair giving him a blowjob trying to getting him hard again. It was an incredible sight to see.

When Nancy saw me standing there, she pulled John?s dick from her mouth and said I needed to be hard now, because she wanted me to be the one to put a cock up her ass while Jeff fucked her. I could not believe my ears, but complied.

When I positioned myself in front of her, I asked her if she was having fun, and she replied ?You have no idea?.

Nancy started to suck on my somewhat soft cock with fervor I had never felt before and it was not long before I was rock hard again, I guess the Viagra really does work. Jeff on the other hand was still hard as a rock with his nine-inch cock filling my wife?s dripping pussy and had not come yet. Once Nancy had me to a reasonable state of hardness she asked Jeff to lay on his back, she straddled his cock facing him. In one motion downward, she had all of his nine inches and then some in her pussy. She continued to suck my cock until it was rock hard. She then told me to put my dick in her ass. I moved up behind her after lubing my cock, spread her ass cheeks and gently pushed passed her sphincter muscle, she shuddered and said go slow, which I did, but in no time at all Jeff and I were in unison driving simultaneously in and out of both her holes. I could feel Jeff?s cock moving in and out of my wife?s pussy through the membrane inside her ass.

Meanwhile Katie and Susan were giving John a blowjob while Kevin was just sitting there watching the action. I motioned Kevin over to where Nancy?s head was so she could suck him off and get him hard to take either Jeff?s place or mine when we blew our cookies. Shortly after Kevin put his cock in my wife?s mouth, she started to moan that she was coming. I could sense that she was having an intense orgasm just by the way her pelvis was squeezing Jeff and I. Then it was Jeff?s turn for climax. I could feel his cock spasm inside her repeatedly. I pulled out of my wife?s asst was not long after he entered her and we started thrusting into her again I started to come and shot my load deep in her ass.

After my orgasm subsided, Nancy pulled away from me and told Kevin to get on top of her and fuck her hard as she needed a little more time, because she felt she was going to come again soon. A few minutes after that both Nancy and Kevin were coming together. Nancy came for the second time in a short period.

Once Kevin rolled off Nancy and they were lying beside each other, I could see semen and juices flowing out of Nancy?s pussy as well as her ass, and she had a dazed look on her face.

Katie said we should all get a shower and head downstairs to take a break and relax for a while. Kevin, John, Susan and Katie headed off to the shower in the guest room area and Jeff, Nancy and I headed to the big one in the master bedroom.

In the shower, Jeff and I washed Nancy?s body with scented soap from head to toe while feeling her breasts, ass and pussy. I started to feel a bit of a tingle in my balls, because here I was, in the shower with my wife and a friend with a nine-inch cock that just fucked the hell out of my wife with me. Nancy on the other hand had both our cocks in her hands stroking us while we washed her. I was surprised at how I felt about what had occurred this evening, no jealously at all. If anything, I had a sense of pride in my wife and her sexuality.

Katie had put a robe and some towels in the shower area for us. So after drying Nancy and ourselves off we headed downstairs where the rest of the group had gathered.

Katie was making another pot of coffee for us while we laughed about how lousy a DH I was because what should have been ten minutes turned out to be well over an hour and a half or more.

I thought the evening was winding down when everyone decided to head to the hot tub to relax and talk. We grabbed our drinks and slipped into the incredibly soothing waters of the hot tub. It was not long before the activities started again with Katie and Susan caressing each other. Suddenly Katie hopped up on the deck out of the tub with her feet still in the water and Susan moved between he out stretched legs and began to eat her pussy. Both girls were putting on a show for all to watch when, Katie asked Nancy if she had ever had her pussy eaten by another woman. Nancy said no as it was something she did not think she could do and she did not have any bisexual tendencies. Katie said to her that only another woman can really know what would please another woman, and motioned her out of the tub to see what it was like.

I really felt at this moment Nancy would say it was time to be going home, but to my surprise she rose out of the tub and laid down next to Katie?s head saying, she would try it only for a minute or so.

Well that was the last straw, now I fully believed I had left my real wife home and this girl was some kind of substitute. Anyway, Katie started to bury her head in Nancy?s soft blonde pussy while stroking the inside of her thighs. Nancy started to quietly moan and gyrate her hips. Katie asked her if it felt good, she answered definitely yes. Susan went back to sucking on Katie?s pussy while Katie ate my wife?s. Susan then shifted around and gently lifted her leg over Nancy?s head so that her pussy was in my wife?s face. With some hesitation Nancy started to gently lick Susan?s pussy, nibbling at her clit to the satisfaction of Susan, as evidenced by her groans. It was quite a show sitting there watching the girls get it on, while stroking our cocks to get hard again.

Kevin was the first to get out of the tub and try to stuff his dick into his wife?s ass, but it would not go because it was so fat and he could not get it slippery enough to penetrate her. All the while, the girls kept licking and sucking each other.

Finally, John got out of the tub and declared that he had some unfinished business as he had not had the chance to fuck Nancy yet, to which both Katie and Susan exclaimed that they had not been fucked buy the biggest cock around and they wanted their turn.

We all grabbed our stuff and went to the rec room where no time was wasted by Katie and Susan when together they both sat Jeff in a chair and started to take turns sucking his big dick. Jeff responded very quickly, with his dick swelling to full hardness.

John sat on one side of my wife and started to massage her breasts while kissing her neck. I spread my wife?s legs wide, buried my face in her pussy, and gave her the best oral sex I knew how. Kevin then moved to the other side of her so she could play with his dick and blow him. After a few minutes of driving her crazy, John got up and asked me to move aside and positioned Nancy on the end of the couch, spread her beautiful legs wide and inserted his cock into her and fucked her while I sat back and watched. It was not long before John started to come in my wife?s pussy and when he pulled out Kevin took his place. Nancy kept looking over at me in absolute lust and ecstasy.

Jeff however had his hands full with Katie and Susan. Susan was riding Jeff?s cock facing him while Katie was licking his balls. Then they switched places when Susan came and Katie took her place fucking Jeff. It was quite a scene to say the least.

Finally, Kevin started to come. When Kevin pulled out of my wife, I moved over, stuck my cock in her, and slowly stroked in and out until I filled her with additional load of come. She was exhausted to say the least, as most of us were.

A short while later it was Katie?s turn to come and she came with a loud scream while riding Jeff?s cock. When she climbed off, Jeff came over to where Nancy was still spread eagle on the edge of the couch. Jeff stuck his still hard cock dick into her and started to thrust into her with such force that the couch started to move backwards. Jeff was not finished with Nancy yet, nor was she with him. Although she had already come with Kevin she rolled over on her stomach, put a pillow under her hips, that put her ass in the air and told Jeff to put his cock in her ass for awhile.

Jeff straddled my wife?s beautiful legs and just put an inch or two of his dick slowly in my wife?s ass. When Nancy tried to trust back at him so he would go deeper, he started to tease her and would pull back. She of course said to him to stop playing around and stick it in.

Jeff, in one thrust entered my wife?s ass to about two thirds of his length and hit bottom, she immediately groaned, as I had never heard before. The two of them fucked for a good five to seven minutes with her fingering her clit before Nancy said she was about to come again. Jeff also said he was ready and the two of them bumped and ground to an intense orgasm, the third or fourth for Nancy during the evening.

Finally, the evening ended with all of us totally spent sexually, but for Nancy and it served as a better understanding of what real, exciting unbridled raw group sex is. It seemed that everyone was ready to call it a night after almost 4 hours of screwing. I suggested to Jeff that he stay the rest of the night at our house because he had a long drive home and he accepted to Nancy?s delight. We all shook hands, kissed the girls and thanked our hosts for the experience and left to go home.

Once we got home, Jeff said he was exhausted and went to sleep in one of our guest rooms. Nancy and I both took quick showers and got into bed. I asked Nancy if she had a good time and she said, actually she had. She also could not believe she had done the things she had in my presence and wanted to know if at any time I got jealous or if I was mad at her. Of course, I said no, that she had just given me the best present ever by participating fully in all the activities though somewhat reluctant at first, which was understandable, and I loved her dearly for it. I asked her if she wanted to do something like this again and she said only one more time. When I asked her when, she said in the morning when we get up, she wanted to have one last threesome with Jeff and me, and after that probably never again.

I found it hard to sleep the rest of the night with all the thoughts of what had transpired during the evening, but eventually dosed off.

When I woke up later that morning Nancy was not in bed next to me.

I went to the guest room where Jeff had spent the night and there was my wife in a sixty-nine position with Jeff. When she saw me she said where have you been sleepy head we were just getting warmed up while waiting for you.

For the next two hours, the two of us put our dicks into my wife in every possible way she wanted until we all had multiple orgasms again.

Jeff left after lunch to go home, and my wife and I sat and discussed the last Twelve hours or so. When I pressed her why she let her hair down so completely she simply said that ?now there is absolutely nothing you can think of that we have never done sexually? When I asked her when she would like to do something like last evening again she said ?NEVER SO DON?T EVER ASK AGAIN?.Then she smiled and walked out of the room.

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