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50-Somethings Get It On at Hotel Party

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(Names have been changed to protect the "not-so-innocent.")

Saturday night at the club-and it looked like things might be starting to wind down. Sure, the party was still going full-swing, but our group of "50-somethings" had already been "going at it" for most of the afternoon...

Allen and I arrived poolside at the hotel takeover party mid-afternoon. The pool was already crawling with bodies and sexual energy. Since this was a topless-optional event, eager eyes scanned the crowd to find those women who had "opted-in." We scanned the crowd to find our friends and when we spotted them, we worked our way over to the corner of the pool which they had commandeered. I was aware as we walked through the mass of bodies that I, too, was being scanned-from the top of my 5'11," 106 lb. self, down to my tiny bare feet. Wearing only my little green bikini bottoms covered with gold stars (I guess I'd been a "good girl"), I took Allen's hand and let him lead the way.

Much of the next hour was pleasantly passed in the pool: chatting, drinking, discretely rubbing my ass against a pair (or two, or more-who's counting?) of bulging swim trunks...

Making new acquaintances is part of the fun-regardless of whether they become playmates or not. I smile and chuckle a little as I remember the conversation with the fresh-faced, nervous, 20-something-year-old girl who pressed tightly against her husband for protection as the sat on the edge of the pool. "So, are you starting to feel comfortable enough to remove your top?" I asked. "Maybe after one more drink," she shyly smiled in reply.

I didn't stay long enough to see if she shed her inhibitions that afternoon. Our group was already beginning to take the party to the next level and I was ready to get in on the action. I was startled when I turned to do a status check on our group and didn't see anyone there. I had been talking, Allen had returned to the room to refill our drinks-had we missed our cue?

Just then I saw Jan approaching. She had come to find us and to invite us to join the party upstairs. She and her husband, Mark, had stopped in briefly at the party and had promised they would come back with us. Jan mentioned that there were several couples in the room already and that it was getting quite crowded. Large groups aren't really Jan's "thing" and I knew she wasn't eager to return to the melee. Jan had taken a few minutes to prepare for "re-entry," though and was concerned about whether she had brushed well enough to mask her smoky breath. "Let me see," I said as I leaned in for a kiss. "I think you're okay." Jan wasn't satisfied. "What about my tongue?" she asked. I quickly considered the still-nervous, fully-clad bathing beauties that surrounded us and did the only reasonable thing I could: I grabbed her by the shoulders and probed my tongue deeply into her mouth, taking my good old time as I licked and tasted each part of it. "You're good to go," I finally told her with confidence.

Just then, Allen and Mark showed up to collect their ladies. Jan was still a little unsure about whether she wanted to join the group upstairs, so I proposed a new plan. "Why don't the four of us just go back to our room," I said. "You'll get more individual attention that way." (I know how this girl works!) Her husband looked at me with a spark in his eye and a happy grin. He and I had spent time in bed before and the chemistry was definitely there between us. "Come on," I said, taking her by the hand, "Let's go."

We slipped our bottoms off as we entered the room and I climbed onto the king-size bed. I turned to see Allen carefully lower Jan onto the bed beside me. She was on her back and her firm, tanned breasts looked inviting against the cool, white sheets. I watched as Allen gently guided her legs into position, spreading them slightly as he pushed her ankles closer to her hips. He was wasting no time-she was in for a treat. He slowly lowered his smoothly shaved head between her long legs and began to stroke her willing pussy with his tongue. I turned my attention back to Mark, who was preparing to do the same for me. I knew, though, that the best was still to come

The last time we were together he discovered that what I really love is slow, sensual strokes... ("OMG, what are you doing to me? Don't move! Don't...move! That's it! Ah...Ah...Ahhhh!!!) Now, he skillfully placed me in position for his signature move: facing him, legs dr*ped over his shoulders. I could hear Jan encouraging Allen at my side: "That's it-right there, right there!" I smiled as I imagined what he was doing to her, but was quickly drawn back to what was going on between my own legs. I looked down and watched Mark as he steadily stroked me with his rock hard cock. The lips of my pussy puckered like a kiss when he moved outward; my whole body shuddered each time he plunged his member deeply again and again...

I was vaguely aware that Jan was talking quietly with Allen now and I could see them standing at the foot of the bed. She whispered her thanks to him and I heard the door discretely open, then close. After a moment, I felt a familiar hand run the length of my leg. Mark pulled back to reveal that Allen was standing next to us. Did Mark realize that I had never enjoyed the undivided attention of two men at one time before? He rolled onto his back and used his hands to lower my hips onto his erection. I felt Allen's loving arms surround me as he knelt against me from behind. He began to caress my breasts as he kissed the nape of my neck. Then he whispered in my ear, "Do you want it?" I turned my face toward his and nodded as I whispered, "Yes." I heard the click of a cap and waited expectantly for that first exploratory finger. Allen's well-lubed touch was gentle at first, and his slippery finger slowly drew circles around my tight little rosebud. I wanted it-I really did-and my muscle began to relax in response to his incredibly sensual touch. He gently introduced his finger, one knuckle, then the next, until he had the entire length in. He continued to stroke me with his finger and to watch me writhe in pleasure as I experienced two men filling me...

When Allen tried to introduce his bulging cock, though, my tiny little self resisted. He continued to tease my rosebud by pressing the tip of his member against it as I quaked with delight.

I'd like to be able to tell you that we spent the next few hours together giving each other mid-blowing orgasm. The truth is, however, that one of us looked at the clock and the three of us realized with near panic that we were supposed to be somewhere.... We ARE responsible grownups, after all...

Oh, It occurs to me that I started this story with the intent of telling you the REST of the story-about the couple that we met as we were leaving the club that ROCKED OUR WORLD long into the night.... Let's agree to call that "Part II." Look for the buzzword "Academic" in the title-Coming soon to a computer screen near you!

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