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2020 A Space Adventure

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The ship was floating 150 miles above the earth waiting for the order to start engines and leave for the moon and return trip. The ship was a redesigned Space Shuttle. The cargo bay had been converted to extended living quarters and had several confined areas for privacy which contained couches for when the ship was accelerating and a larger central room as a common area. They could also be used for other kinds of things during the flight and when in orbit around the moon. The pilot announced that everyone needed to get strapped in as it was time to head for the moon.

There were four couples going on the trip. The host was George and had leased the Shuttle for the 10 day trip. The trip was to be an exotic adventure for all the couples. All were in their early twenties and all were married. All had never had sex outside their marriage and were about to on this trip. George would have a time with each of the ladies as the host. At some point along the way all the couples had agreed to swap wives during the trip and of course George. All were excited about having sex in weightlessness.

Sam was a beautiful red head with a playboy figure and was wonderful just to look at. Julie was a tall blond with extra large boobs. Joyce was once a playboy center fold before she got married. June was little thing well built and very pretty. The guys were Jim, Stan and Robert and Don. All were ready to get strapped in and George and Sam would be in his private space during accelerating. George wanted to experience sex while being under the 3 gee pressure and Sam had agreed to be with him. The pilot announce take off would be in 10 minutes. Sam kissed her Husband Stan goodbye and she and George went into his private space.

Once alone Sam said I am very nervous. George said it will go away in a few minutes. Sam smiled understanding what he meant. He motioned for her to undress and her face got flushed as she took all her clothes off for him knowing what was about to happen. This would be her first time with someone other than her husband in a very long time and he was outside knowing what she would be doing with George. They had talked many times about this trip and what was expected and had agreed to go with it as an adventure for both.

George got undressed and she could see what she was about to get. She thought wow he is at least 9 inches and certainly the biggest man she had ever had. Before her marriage she had fooled around some as a teen, but George was big by comparison. She was both nervous and excited at the same time. She felt her pussy getting damp with anticipation at what was to come.

The pilot announced 5 minutes and George motioned for her to lie down on the couch. She did as directed and he pushed her legs apart exposing her pussy. She flushed even more and waited for him to make his move. He took her hand and put it on his cock and she automatically stroked him. He moved in and joined her on the couch and slowly slipped into her an inch at a time. She gasped and moaned oh so big as he filled her up completely. The pilot announced 1 minute and with her legs wrapped around him and held on to him tight. So there they were floating an inch off the couch waiting for the takeoff and the get off hopefully.

The acceleration hit she felt the full impact of his nine inches and grunted from his sudden weight. He slammed into her moaning oh you are so tight. At one gee he flipped her over so she would be on top. The acceleration increased to 2 gees and she was impaled on his cock unable to move. At 3 gees she just held on tight and was pinned to George and lost it and gave it up to him completely. She came very hard and was gasping for breath and whispered to George you feel so good and you just fill me completely and shuttered and climaxed for a second time. At the peak of acceleration he grunted and exploded in her pussy. They were both frozen in the moment unable to move. George whispered you are so good, I just want more of you before the trip is over.

The acceleration stopped and suddenly they were weightless again and pulled apart. George was still hard and immediately slipped back in and road her more until he went limp inside her. She just went for the ride enjoying every moment. He said we can watch the video later if you want as the whole trip was going to be taped. They got dressed and joined the others who were floating in the common area waiting for their return.

She joined Stan and he whispered are you ok and she smiled and said yes. Your turn will come soon. They were on their way to the moon. Once there they would be able to go to the resort area built on the surface underground. George announced we will be weightless for about a day, than began deceleration at one gee until we reach the moon. So have fun while you can. So the couples started to pair off getting ready to get wild in the weightless time available to them. Stan moved over to June. Stan was a tall guy and June was only 5t feet tall. He took her hand and asked ok? She looked at her husband Don and he nodded a yes as that was what they all had agreed to do on the trip.

When Stan and June were alone she smiled and said wild time huh? He said yes certainly that. He looked her over and said you are beautiful. She flushed and said thanks. He floated over to her and kissed her. She flushed even more and said that was nice and kissed him back. He could see they lust on her face as they made eye contact. June said I want to be a very bad girl with you. I have been looking forward to this trip for weeks. He said please do and start with taking your clothes off for me.

So floating in the middle of the room she slowly took her clothes off with him watching her every move. She was even more beautiful naked and he floated over to her and pulled her in close playing with her butt and kissing her more. He undressed himself and she looked down at what she was about to get and said nice. She pushed herself down and floated down to his cock and took it into her mouth looking up at him above her.

She could see the pure lust on his face as she knew he was about to fuck her good and sucked him until he was hard and pulsating. He swung around and they moved into a 69 floating in mid air. She gasped at the touch of his tongue on her pussy and sucked him harder. They stayed in the 69 until she was wet enough and finally parted and he slipped his cock into her and she held on for the ride. The only leverage was each other as they were touching nothing else.

She thought how strange and exciting doing this with a stranger floating in mid air and shuttered and climaxed for the first time wrapping her legs around him and giving it all up to him. She knew she would do this many times during the trip doing the four other guys before the trip was over. Stan whispered you are so tight and she whispered back give it to me. He did just that. They just fucked. June said I am going to cum again and gasped out and grunted and he felt her pussy clamp down on his cock as she got off again. He got very hard inside her and she said cum in me and he exploded squirting and squirting some more until he was empty. They remained floating there until he went limp and fell out and she said you were wonderful. He said I hope I have a chance with you again before the trip is over. She smiled and said oh you will, I will make sure of it. You were very good and I was a very bad girl.

They got dressed and returned to the common area. Two other couples were already there waiting and the fourth joined them a few minutes later. All had that I just got fucked look. It was time for a break and some food and recovery time. Stan moved over to Sam and asked who? She said Don. Since you picked June I kept it in the family and laughed. He was very good. I have had two men already in the first day with more to come later. I feel like being a very wild lady.

George approached Julie and offered her his hand. She looked over to her husband Jim and he nodded a yes as that was a part of the discussion about the trip. George would spend some time with all the wives. Julie smiled at George and said yes lets. They moved out of sight into his private space. When they were a lone he asked well how it is going for you. Julie smiled it has been fun. I was with Robert the first time and he is a very nice guy. He was my second man ever and it seems you will be my third right? George looked her over and said absolutely.

She flushed at his lustful look knowing what he would be doing to her in a minute. Jim wants copies of all the videos as he wants to watch me with other men. George said well than we should give him a good show right? She said right. I want to turn him on when we are alone. What does he want you to do? Julie said mostly he wants me to blow someone and take it all the way to the end. I like doing that. George said well sounds like a plan. He floated over Julie and reached out and unbuttoned her top. She flushed at his touch and he took her clothes off. She had wonderful boobs large and full. Her nipples were already hard and he noticed her pussy was already wet as it glistened in the light.

He undressed and she looked down at his hard 9 inches and said oh big. He pushed her over to the wall so she could grab the hand holds for leverage. She had her back to him holding on waiting for him to go in. He leaned forward and pulled her up to his face and licked her. She gasped and shuttered and then he pulled away and slipped his cock in and went deep.

He grabbed hand holds himself for leverage and they fucked doggie. He really gave it to her hard and she yelled cum and grunted several times and exploded on his cock panting yes, yes as he give it to her. She turned her head and kissed him and said oh so good, you are so big. He went deeper and she grunted again at his size and depth inside her. He reached bottom and she shuttered all over and had her second cum in just a few minutes. She gave it all up this time.

She turned her head again and made eye contact with George and said I have only given that up to Jim until now. It was the best. George said thanks it was a special gift and pulled out and said now I want to give you my gift and pushed down on her shoulders and she took him in her mouth and said yes. She knew what she was doing and took him as deep as she could handle, then licking up and down his shaft down to his balls. She sucked and sucked and he got harder and harder and she could tell he was about to cum and went deep down on his cock and held still. He grunted and looked down at this beautiful blond lady waiting for him to explode in her mouth and got very hard he started to squirt down her throat and in her mouth. She pulled back and said on my face and he pulled out still squirting all over her face, into her hair and some fell down on her boobs. She took him back in and sucked what was left. She moved up and kissed him and he could taste his own cum as she kissed him. She said you cum a lot, it was very good. Thanks for your gift.

When they got back to the common room only her husband Jim was there, the others had paired up and were doing their thing. Julie still looked hot as her face was flushed and her eyes bright. She whispered to Jim you will really love that tape. I was a very bad girl, he smiled.

Later they all went to sleep with their wives and the next morning the pilot announced deceleration in 10 minutes. They all headed for couches except George and he motioned for June to join him in his space during the deceleration. She was a little hesitant as she had heard about his nine inches and wondered if she could handle it as little as she was, but went with him anyway.

When they were alone she told him about her concern and he said I will take it slow and easy and see how it goes. I will be careful. She said ok I would like to try. I have never had a big man before and have wondered what it might be like. He undressed her and then himself and the pilot announce I minute. It would only be a one gee, so all would have normal weight until they reached moon orbit. When their weight had returned to normal he moved over to her up and ready. She looked down at his cock and mouthed an oh.

He pressed down on her head and she took him in her small mouth just a little way and sucked on the head for a time. He looked down at this small lovely lady sucking on him hoping he would fit in ok. He then reached down and picked her up and lifted her up to his cock poised in front of her pussy. She said I am so wet.

He pulled her onto his cock slowly with just the head inside. June felt her pussy stretch in a way she had never experience before and it felt wonderful. She took control and pushed forward a little more and he was inside her. She stretch a little more and she gasped and said oh good and pushed forward a little more. And so it went an inch at a time until he was all the way in. She shuttered and grunted and climaxed hard. He was holding still allowing her to do all the work. She held on to him kissing him passionately whispering oh so good, you fill me up oh so big.

He was holding her in place with his hands around her butt. She said I love you hands on me. She then fucked him, moving forward and back on his cock faster and faster. He remained still and she lost it and throwing her head back yelling I am going to cum and shook all over and collapsed in his arms. She passed out for just a moment. A moment later she said I have never cum that way before, you can have me anytime you want here and after the trip is over. I am yours.

When they returned to the common area no one was there. They were all somewhere doing it so her and George joined the pilot for a chat. The pilot was John and was watching all the read outs and said all is going well; we are on auto pilot for now. They all looked ahead at the approaching moon, now much larger as they got closer. George whispered something to June and she made eye contact with him and finally nodded a yes. She whispered to the pilot, do you want a blow job? He looked startled and finally nodded a yes. So the pilot got a blow job. It took a while and when he finally exploded in her mouth she swallowed it all, licking him clean. All he could say was wow. June just laughed and said never given head to a pilot before, let me know if I can be of service again, that was fun. I am beginning it like this bad girl stuff.

The approach to the moon orbit went smooth and they looked down at the shear emptiness of the surface. They approached the space elevator and docked. They would all be on the moon surface by the next day. All were excited. Most space travel was now in the hands of private corp. They would be staying in a resort that was located underground. The party was about to begin.

When they reached the surface they found their rooms very nice if not a little small. They only weighed i/6 as much as they did on earth. It was fun. They would be there for 5 days. Joyce would be next with George. He had a copy of her center fold spread and was looking at it. He smiled at her and she flushed a little as she had been totally naked in the spread with her legs spread apart and her pussy open and on her hands and knees.

George knew what he was about to get close too. He took her hand and they left. The others were re-arranging themselves as they wanted. One of the husbands was odd man out with Joyce being with George and so Robert was invited to do a threesome. His first ever threesome and it would be him and Don with Sam. Sam was anxious as it would also be her first time as well.

George and Joyce stood in his room and she said I am very excited. She had heard about his 9 inches and had been waiting for her chance. George said I want to see you like in the picture and showed her. She flushed again and said I was younger and had a great time taking those pictures. She then said ok here goes and begins to undress. When she was naked she turned around and raised her butt high in the air exposing her wide open pussy which glistened in the light. She waited for George to give it to her as she looked over her shoulder and watched him undress and finally was able to see that famous 9 inch cock. There was lust in her eyes as she said give it to me now.

George moved in and while making eye contact with her pushed into her and went deep. She grunted and shuttered and said oh yes good. He fucked her hard and fast and she took it all the way in, all 9 inches. She lost it and gave it up to him moaning and pushing back wiggling her butt side to side. She came hard panting and saying more, harder. He climbed aboard and sitting on her butt went deeper and went for a ride.

She was grunting and yelling yes fuck me, fuck me. He grunted and said cum and she pulled away and said in my mouth and he exploded squirting in her mouth and on her face and hair. She was dripping wet and some fell down on her boobs. She had her second climax when he came in her mouth. She fell back and looked up at him and had that I loved it look on her wet face. He dropped down between her legs and fingering and licking her took her to another cum. Finally she said no more please. He said oh yes more as he was still hard and with her on her back went in and fucked her more. She completely lost all control over her body and began to jerk and shake all over and finally just collapsed panting. She closed her eyes and became very quiet. Finally she opened her eyes and said I really lost it. Never have done that before. Could you just hold me for a minute and he said sure and pulled her in close and she held on to him as she finally was able to calm down. Finally she said I am not sure how I feel. I have never felt this way before. George said you will be ok. She looked at him and said I love you. I am yours.

George asked Joyce if any of the ladies like the ladies. She knew what he meant and thought for a minute. Finally she said I think June has in her past and I would be interested if you would like. George said no only if you would like. I want to have a threesome with two ladies into each other as well as me. Joyce said I will talk to June.

The group gathered together for an evening of food and social. George noticed Joyce talking with June rather intently. The resort was really beautiful with an earth side look with trees grass and a night and day appearance. It sat on a frozen ice lake, that had been water in the far past and was the only reason they could build this kind of resort. They were a mile down under the moon surface. The resort was also a scientific community funded by government budgets. The goal was to continue to enlarge until it was colony size.

Joyce approached George and whispered that she and June had talked and June had told her that she had a couple of girlfriends she had fooled around with when she was younger and had fun with it. Joyce said I would like to try it with her and you. I am curious what it might be like and my husband wants me to try it as well. George made eye contact with her and asked are you sure? She responded with oh yes. He said ok we will later.

As the evening went people disappeared at times and then returned looking different. Sam was seen leaving with two of the guys and a third followed a little later. When she came back she looked exhausted, but with a smile on her face. She had had a Minnie gang bang. And so it went for the evening. Time to call it a night arrived and June and Joyce approached George. George was excited as he was going to have his ultimate fantasy full filled.

June and Joyce stood across from each other making eye contact. Both looked a little nervous and excited both. George stood to the side watching. The two girls turned to George and June said ok George tell us what you want us to do. The girls had both watch girl-girl videos at some point and knew what girls did together. June had done some things with her girlfriends in her past, but that had been several years earlier. So they knew what George wanted them to do. Joyce had never done anything with another woman.

George said ok, start with some kissing and undressing each other. Joyce was quite a bit taller than June and had to lean down for their first kiss. The first kiss was a little tentative and strange for both. The second was better and by the third they got into it. Both were flushed and as the kissing continued began to breath faster and the kisses became longer and soon tongues came out. They paused for a moment and Joyce said that was fun. They moved to the bed and lying next to each other kissed some more and June reached out and unbuttoned Joyce and removed her top to reveal her naked boobs.

Joyce gasped when June took a nipple in her mouth and sucked; First one then the other nipple which became hard in her mouth. Suddenly Joyce got hot and moaned oh yes good, good. Joyce reached out to June and removed her top and did the same to her. June moved her hand down and up under her skirt and slid her hand along her leg, thigh, and finally reached her pussy and slipped a finger inside Joyce. Joyce gasped and shuttered and opened her legs wide as Joan fingered her. Suddenly she clamped her legs together trapping the finger inside her and jerked and shuttered and climaxed. Joan continued to move her finger in and out until Joyce calmed down and Joyce said wow that was wild.

Joyce made eye contact with June and moved her hand down and up to her pussy and fingered her while keeping eye contact. June smiled and said feels wonderful as Joyce finger fucked her. Suddenly her face changed and she whispered cum and holding on to the hand inside her and thrusting up climaxed, with her eyes wide open, encouraging Joyce to finish her off. Both were quiet for a few minutes and looked over to George standing there watching and stroking himself. June said to him and now and he smiled and said you know, and June said yes.

Joan made her move and moved down on Joyce licking her way down until she reached her pussy. She paused for a moment and made eye contact with Joyce who was looking down at her and asked are you sure? Joyce was so hot by now she was sure and said yes I want you too. June leaned forward and licked Joyce and her first pussy in a long time. Joyce gasped and her butt came off the bed as June licked and sucked her.

George entered the picture now and moved behind Joan. He lifted her butt in the air and slipped his 9 inches into her and went deep. Joan just kept licking Joyce as George gave it to her. Her face was all wet and she grunted and moaned as George fucked her. Joyce lost it looking down at this beautiful woman licking and sucking on her clit and put her hands down and held her face in place and thrusting had a gushing climax losing control of her body. Joan rose up and looking at Joyce grunted several times and shaking gave it up to George who was riding her hard and fast. George pulled out before he could cum slowly stroking himself.

Joyce reached down and pulled Joan up to her face and Joan looking down lowered herself so Joyce could lick her. Joyce grabbed her butt and pulled her into her mouth and had her first taste of another woman. George moved in and slipped into Joyce. Joyce shuttered as he went deep remembering their first time together. All Joyce wanted was to make Joan cum and make George cum inside her at the same time. In the 1/6 gravity of the moon it was a different kind of experience a more floating effect. June looked down at Joyce licking her pussy and thought wow had forgotten how much I liked that experience.

She and Joyce made eye contact and she could see the pure lust on her wet face. Joyce took her clit in her mouth and banged it with her tongue and June lost it and shuttered and held her face in her hands thrusting against her mouth and gave it up and climaxed grunting as she came. June fell off and laid panting and watching George giving it to Joyce. George suddenly went rigid and grunted and said cum and exploded in her pussy. Joyce grabbed his butt in both hands and grinding herself against him shuttered and jerked through her cum with him. They all remained quiet for a time and George said thanks ladies. The ladies just laughed and said you are welcome. George left the ladies all wrapped up with each other and kissing and heard Joyce asking June can we do this again and June answering I sure hope so.

All were back in the shuttle getting ready for the return trip to earth. On the return trip June and Joyce spent a lot of time alone together getting to know each other better with the approval of their men.

The ship acquired an orbit around the earth and the trip was over. There were a lot of hugs and kisses goodbye and promises to meet up in the future.

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