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When the BOYS are still HARD after the GIRLS go to sleep BI Male seduction

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My wife and I have been swinging for several years. Totally familiar with the phobias that men shouldnt have BI sexual curiousity and like every other swinging couple we make an effort to not make things uncomfortable during play. Its very easy considering that I just want to fuck the girls and dont have any interest in men. Its just that Im a never say never kind of person. However, when we meet a swinger couple and both the man and the woman are hot, I get particularly turned on. At least to the extent that I know my wife will have a great time!

Looking back, I can see what he was doing all along. Trying to get as close to me as he could. Walking with me to get beer our shoulders are pressed tight against each other talking about all the girls we saw and wanted to fuck and how hard it is to walk when youre so horny. And all throughout the night, under the topic of crazy swinger stories, he tells us stories about how guys at house parties are constantly asking to suck his cock and that he doesnt care. To each their own I say!

After we get back from dinner and the beer run Jess, my wife, and Steve n Ash are quickly undressed again. I settle into the routine of this gorgeous Ashley giving me a soft and slow blow job. She tells me she wants me to sqeeze her breasts and I keep telling her how incredible they are. At this point, Ash seems sleepy so I procede to have a threeway with my wife and Steve. I instantly go to fucking Jess. Every time Jess and I switch positions Steves mouth is on my wifes clit. I am so horny and throbbing that the only sensation I can feel is at the tip of my dick although I note that Steves toungue is probably touching the base of my dick as I thrust, while he just keeps licking Jess.

Now for some introductions. My wife Jessica has short hair and the body of a long distance runner, very lean and you can see every muscle. Her breasts are very small and held tight against her body. When you fuck her you can feel everything, shes so tight and small. And as you fuck her, her cervex can flick your dick from one side to the other inside her tight pussy. Its just like a toungue can do when you get a blow job. Ash is a classic pin-up model, huge full lips, tiny waist and round hips that taper off to tiny knees. Just want to grab her knees and spread your dick into that beautiful pussy. Up to this point I hadn't fucked her yet... All this and she is always naked. Steve is deeply tanned with a swimmer's shaved body, zero hair. His abs have that V on the sides that you get from running or fucking too much. That V points right to his striped dick. His dick is striped because his dark skin runs only halfway the length of his cock and then some very pink skin is exposed till you get to his cockhead. Like a rainbow lollipop. For my part I work out twice a day and I think we all made a great 4some. We all get tested regularly and play for safe sex. It was going to be a great night. I had no idea where it was going to lead!

Back to our threesome while Ashley was getting her rest. At some point I gave Jess over to Steve for them to fuck for the first time. I get a perfect view of Steve pressing his dick slowly into my wife without a condom. It was amazing seeing the different colors of his dick slide into her pussy. She squirms as it has a hard time finding room in her tight pussy. I see her struggling to get used to the size. She throws her head from side to side panting in moans. I know very well that his dick is getting flicked from one side of her pussy to the other as her body stretches and writhes from one side to the next trying to make some room for it.

I slide a condom on my dick as a courtesy and strart opening up Ash who is still drowsy from the day of nudity, sex stories, and her afternoon of sexplay between herself and Jess. I start to spread her legs open with my hands, next her lips open against my cheek and I start to circle the outside of her vagina with the tip of my penis. She smiles like she is just waking up. As she opens her eyes I press all the way into her. Every inch of our skin is pressed together. She wakes up with my cock now deep inside of her. While we are doing this Jess is being fucked to exhaustion and is now falling asleep with Steves cock still lodged in her wet pussy. But Ashley and I are completely awake now! I hear Ash orgasm as Steve makes his way over to us. As I thrust again and again into Ashleys pussy, I see Steve slide his pussywet dick into Ashleys mouth. Her full round lips glisten around the pink part of his shaft. Her lips bulge out as the head of his dick pops out of her mouth. Suddenly her moans sound more like gulps as she gags on his dick thrusting back tight against the inside of her mouth. Now that Ash has orgasmed we decide to take a short break.

We make drinks for the 3 of us to celebrate our first fucking. I am still fully erect as we toast. I notice on the inside of my condom a huge bubble of precum. A clear natural lube held against the end of my dick and is much more juicy than I usually can even cum. Like my dick is still inside a juicy pussy I start stroking myself. Jess sounds like shes still moaning softly while she sleeps. While I am touching myself I see that Ash n Steve can see that I am still very hard.

Steve asks me if I would like to join them in the bedroom, just the 3 of us, and if it was OK with Jess. I said, it wouldnt be a problem. Ash jumped into the middle of the bed and Steve and I got on opposite sides of the huge mattress. Ashley has her pussy facing me and her mouth waiting for Steve. Ash pulled her legs open and back, inviting me toward her. Without hessitation I slipped my dick back into her pussy while Steve laid his cock over her face, it ran the length of her face, covering her eyes and mouth. As I fucked her, holding myself up with my arms, I could feel her hands and then his hands running the length of my back urging me deeper, pulling me, into her pussy. I have a full view of her face burried under his glistening wet cock. At this point I had not kissed Ash yet so when she turned her face to the side to peek at me from behind his cock, I leaned down to kiss her. She opened her mouth for me and smiled with her eyes. As I kiss her and am lost in the movements of her tongue, I realize that Steves penis is against our cheeks. Firm with soft skin sliding against me and this girl as we kiss. I made a point to run my hair and forehead along his cock as I thrust into Ashley and then kiss her again.

Eventually I became transfixed by Steves cock. I kept it very close to my lips, not wanting to suck it or lick it, just holding it where it had been placed. I cautiously would brush my closed lips against his cock but then I came to realize that his cock was no longer anywhere near Ashleys face. He had pulled himself closer into us and had moved his cock away from Ashleys face but his cock and my mouth were still pressed firmly together. I dont have time to be embarrassed as I am now distracted by hearing Ash moan loudly and cum. As I had been lost in the strangness of having this cock against my face, I had fucked her harder and deeper than I must have realized. When I open my eyes all I could see was Steves cock in my face with his body arched over mine, Ashleys breasts peeking out around his cock and my cock pushing deep into her throbbing pussy.

I had to back away from them and I begged him to take over fucking her more. They kissed and ignored me and I was so relieved as I had become more self concious but even more turned on by the pure thrill of 3 people having fucked as one. As I touched my cock, I could feel it throbbing and spurting, gushing. Next I hear Ash say to Steve. Look he's cumming! Watch! Watch! My condom filling with white ooze. They could both see how much everything had turned me on. The cum had nowhere to hide and we all knew I was so turned on because I had been teased by Steves cock. We had to get up and walk it off. Once again my erection wouldnt go away and I realized Steve hadnt cum yet. All of that cum in my condom was finally disposed of and my dick is sticking out there naked and uncovered for all to see.

We made ourselves some more drinks and Ash laid back down under the covers on the edge of the bed facing away from me. I laid down right next to her under the sheets, my erection pressing into her ass. I stroked her trying to get her to let me slide my naked dick back into her but she just sighed mmmm and wouldnt move,,, oh well. Suddenly Steve asks. Where do I get to be. And I said. Anywhere you want to be. With that he laid down behind me with his cock pointing toward but not touching my back. We are both still so turned on! The girls are asleep and Im so horny that its starting to hurt and throb. I pull the covers over him and with my hand reaching against his back pulled him closer to us. Hoping her would help me wake up Ash.

I felt his cock press lightly against my ass. All of his body pressing now against me. I could feel his hands on my back. I would touch Ashleys still body and then reach back and touch Steves tight legs, back, and abs. Encouraging him to stay hard so we can both fuck Ash again. But finally, I decided that I would reach back and grab his warm cock. Just to check how hard he still was... It was a rush to have it in my hand throbbing. If Ash only knew how hard we both still were surely she would turn over! Just then Steves hand reaches across me and takes my cock in his palm. This was nice. A voluptuous woman in front of me. A strong man behind me urging me on.

Two men stroking each others cocks next to a girl we had both fucked to exhaustion. Ash still not moving so it only seemed right that the guys would help each other cum. And the crazy thing that really surprised me is that I wanted his cock in my ass. I loved the idea of this striped cock that had fucked my wife and had fucked Ashley could now maybe fuck me too? I was shocked but so excited to try something so strange, so daring. I wanted him to cum for me like I had cum for him.

I wrapped my legs back and squezed them around his thighs. With my legs I could pull his whole body tight against my ass. With his cock in my hand I slid the tip of his dick from the back of my balls up to the small of my back and then back down again. As I did this, I felt his pelvis jerking and pulsing in time with the handfuck I was giving him. I felt my ass open and press out to feel his penis each time it brushed back against me, back and forth along the inside of my ass cheeks. A few times, I pointed his cock and circled the tip of his cock around my opening. He knew what I wanted. But then I would jack the tip of his cock up and down my ass again. Making him more horny each time.

I was jerking his cock now with my whole fist. I felt his finger slip inside my ass. It felt wrong and very hot. I knew his penis would feel better. I pulled his hand away from my ass and grabbed his dick again and held it right up against the opening. With my legs pulled against his I squeezed his whole body into me. As he pushed it inside I pressed my ass out like my ass was pushing open to take him in. With a long slow thrust I felt his penis slowly slide all the way inside of me. I could then feel the base of his pelvis pressing hard against my ass. He is all the way inside! With that he started to pound me as hard as I think he could.

I was dizzy. Each of his thrusts pumped precum out of my cock dripping onto Ashleys ass. Each of his thrusts made my cock jump like I was still fucking Ash. I knew he was fucking me instread though and that he was filling my ass full with precum. I had him completely wrapped around me. Each time he would thrust into me - his hand would pump back along my cock with his strong fist. Jacking me off. I could only imagine what my ass felt like to his cock. MY cock was certainly in ecstasy. He kept thrusting me hard, slamming into my ass cheeks. I began to feel a burn inside my ass, like a deep scratch I needed itched. Each time his penis burried deep inside of me my whole body jumped and my cock would quivver in a pulsing that wouldnt stop. Eventually that burn turned sharper and I knew my inexperienced ass and lack of lube had fucked me raw and I grabbed his cock and slid it out of me and panted to him. Ohhhhh I'm feeling his dick covered with precum on my fingers. My ass now tingled again with pleasure as I rolled flat onto my back.

Steve with one hand on my dick lifts up and straddles me, his face is now in front of my cock. He lowers and takes my cock all the way into his mouth. Steves blowjob surprises me as I had wanted him to cum next. His hand tugs on my dick as his lips and rough skin burn the tip of my penis. He is getting my dick harder. He slows down again as I begin to think Im about to cum. Then he speeds up until the head of my dick is so swollen that his hand gets caught on it as he strokes me. He has to squeeze harder now to smooth out my penis so he can slip it in and out of his fist. I feel his tongue wrap itself one last time around my dickhead.

With one quick motion he lifts his whole body up, gripping onto my dick like the tip of a baseball bat. He centers the head of my naked dick under his ass. And in one swift movement lowers himself onto my cock. I feel my dick slide up into his ass. Now I am ass fucking him, bareback.

This is different. His ass feels like two fingers wrapped tight around my dick. His muscles much firmer than any womans. My dick has never been held so firmly inside someones body before. It is firm and strong, this guy letting me ass fuck his taught body, pumping my dick.

My hands run up his legs that feel like the leather of a saddle. This giant cock now pointed at my face like a gun, daring me to stop fucking him, his hands run along its shaft, pointing it right at my face. His cock jacked so far forward on my body it hovers and drips over my nipples. As he thrusts his ass down on me, his cock bounces up and down. I am hypnotized by its rocking. So close to my face that I could nod my head in front of it and lick it. He is riding me. His sweat landing on my chest and my body is covered in his precum. I dare not move, wondering what he is doing to me. Curious as to what this pounding body will do next.

On my right I see Ashley roll onto her back. My eyes watch her nipples tighten and become erect. She breathes deep like she wishes she was fucking Steve too. All our eyes focused on Steves cock as he begins to arch his back, his shoulders bending back and away from me, his hand on his cock pushing his dick down, pointing it at my face. He starts to moan. I can feel his ass start to quiver around my dick lodged deep in his asshole. In a moment all his movements stop. Just a second of silence before he lets out a long sign and ejaculates all over my body. Ash moaning MMMMM. I can see my chest catching and getting covered in cum. Each time more cum ejects from his cock he lunges down on my cock again, SLAM. Frozen in surprise, I feel the tip of my dick constrict and cut off my cum from exploding into his wet ass. Searing tingling sensation as the cum is held frozen in my shaft. Steve is cumming for me instead. I suddenly feel my whole body turn white hot as my dick throbs in exctasy and pounds hard as my cum is being constricted in place.

Steve slides his ass off my dick slowly, I turn over into Ashley, his cum still warm on my chest. I feel my cum start to slowly drip out of my cock onto Ashley as I go to sleep.

In the morning I tell Jess everything. I cant wait to have her watch Steve and I fuck again.

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