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What Could I Say?-[G-51]-Part-1-of-1

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What Could I Say? Part-1-of-1

First off I have to say I have a fantastic sex life with my wife Deborah ... when she wants sex, that is. We argue quite a bit about my over-the-top desires for sex with her and her being only in the mood two to three times a month, but when we do have sex its heart pounding good.

I’ve always wanted to have a threesome. And like most guys I wanted a MFF threesome but Deborah didn't seem like she’d ever want one. A MMF was something I didn't even think about asking for even though the thought was a huge turn-on for me.

So I decided to do the unthinkable … Craigslist. Yeah I know, I know…

I placed the ad as a MWM looking for a fit couple my age for some NSA discrete fun.

I got no replies at first and had almost forgot about the ad when I got a reply about three weeks later from Bruce and Paige. They were a couple that were located very close to my work and since I have a sixty minute commute, far enough away from where I live to be safe.

We decided to meet for coffee the next day at a small coffee shop in a strip mall close by my work.

I described myself as five foot ten, one hundred and eighty pounds, fit/muscular, black hair, blue eyes, clean shaven, full head of hair and very good looking.

I also told them what I’d be wearing.

When they came into the coffee shop, they had apprehensive looks on their face and looked around. When she spotted me in the back, her face lit up.

When she smacked Bruce on the chest and pointed at me, he smiled with relief that I’d been truthful in my description and not one of the unattractive people in the coffee shop.

They sat down with me and we made small talked a few minutes, then Bruce just blurted out that I was perfect and that Paige and he wanted me to meet them at their house for lunch the next day. What could I say?

I was so eager that I took a half-day of vacation so we would have plenty of time to play and then arrived at their home a few minutes early. I nervously knocked on the door.

When Bruce answered he said, “Hi. Come on in.”

When Paige came out she was dressed so hot, in short cut off Daisy-Duke jeans and a wife beater t-shirt with no bra.

They sat down on both sides of me on the couch and we started chatting about how they were new at this but both had a fantasy about having a MMF three some.

I was nervous too until Paige pulled on my chin to turned my head so she could kiss me. Our lips met and her warm mouth devoured mine, her tongue flicking mine as she bit on my lip. Our lips and tongues danced to each other’s passions.

With that kiss all hell broke loose. Paige got really aggressive, kissing me hard and rubbing her hands all over me.

When she opened my shirt and saw my tattoos, Paige went nuts licking them.

Then she sudden stopped and got off of me.

As I watched in awe, Paige stood up and announced, “I need to get out of these clothes,” as she slowly started to sensuously peel off her clothes.

“She was a dancer,” bragged Bruce, “Until she quit to be a housewife.”

I could believe it, because she obviously had the sexy moves. Even thought I knew it was coming I was still shocked. I watched as Paige gyrated, rolling her hips slowly pulled her wife beater t-shirt up over her head and off, revealing her perfect breasts.

I'd literally never seen breasts so beautiful, pale and perfect with delectable fully engorged dusky/rosy acerolas and nipples. I couldn’t stop myself from staring... openly as she gave me a sultry look and tweaked her nipples, pulling on them with her red-nailed fingers.

Staring into my eyes, Paige lifted one of her breasts and erotically sucked her own nipple.

Then Paige un-snapped and un-zipped her Daisy-Dukes, revealing her sexy powder blue lace panties.

There was a wet spot on the lacy fabric.

Kicking off her shoes, Paige slid her Daisy-Dukes off her hips, her knees and down her legs to her ankles.

Then making sure that I had a nice view of her shapely butt, Paige slowly bent down and pulled down her jeans the rest of the way off. . Planting her feet about shoulder's-width apart, Paige looked over her shoulder at me with a naughty grin, as she provocatively hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties.

"Mmmm," she moaned, super-heated beyond reason at this point.

A second or two later, Paige sighed sexily and wiggled as she was slowly sliding the lacy garment down over her hips, her thighs and pushing them down to her knees.

Pulling her thumbs out, Paige let the skimpy garment flutter down around her ankles. She stepped out of them one foot at a time as she slipped her panties off her ankles.

When she stood back up Paige was completely naked.

Unable to contain myself, I bent down and grabbed the discarded garment. As I straightened, I felt the bit of lace and then put it to my nose and inhaled it, languorously.

Then Paige ordered Bruce and me to both, “Get naked …now.”

As soon as I was naked and sat back down on the couch, Paige pushed me flat and crawled up, put her knees on both sides of my head cowgirl fashion and planted her sweet clean-shaven pussy right on my mouth.

I couldn’t stop myself from eating her like it was the last clam on earth.

Paige certainly seemed to take to being eaten. Her pussy quivered as I mashed my face between her creamy thighs.

Her clit throbbed against my nose and her taste was as sweet as any I’d ever eaten.

My tongue went to work, titillating her to the brink of orgasm, then beyond.

Paige shuddered spasmodically against my face, clutching hard at my head to hold me there so I felt ever shiver.

As I lick her pussy, I felt Paige’s tongue start to lick down my belly. Then she grabbed my cock and started licking it like it was a lollipop.

I’m completely shaven so she commented on how smooth it was and started to take my balls in her mouth.

When I moaned, “Ugh, ugh, uuuugh,” it seemed to ignite a fire in Paige as she sucked first one then the other ball into her mouth and gently rolling them around with her tongue.

It felt so natural and yet so forbidden at the same time to have my balls in a strange ladies mouth.

Then Paige let them slip out of her mouth and held them in her hand as she started kissing and nipping at my stiff cock, running her tongue across the veins on the underside.

My cock was hard and throbbing, jumping and bouncing against her lips.

Then Paige opened her mouth and plunged her mouth down on my cock.

I felt Paige’s nose and lips buried in my pubic hair so I knew all seven and a half inches of my cock was down her throat.

She sucked my cock in deeper and then started bobbing her head up and down on my shaft like all she wanted was for me to cum.

I felt Paige tonguing my balls again and savored the feel.

Then I realized that my cock was still in her mouth.

It was then that it hit me that Bruce liked boys too.

As Bruce kept licking my balls, I have to admit that it felt great having two mouths working on me.

Soon they started sharing my cock, both taking turns sucking on me.

I could hear Paige telling him how hot watching him was making her.

Then they both had their lips on my cock at the same time going up and down in unison. I started to feel myself getting read to cum so I cried, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, OOHHHHHH God I’m cumming.”

"I get the first one, remember?" sang out Paige as she pressed her lips on the head and started stroking my cock even harder.

At the same time I felt Bruce gently squeezing my balls and licking my taint and trying to lick my asshole (which actually I like) and I started to cum hard. Paige had a hard time keeping up swallowing my cum without drooling it out. She managed to keep it all in and kept slobbering all over my cock and sucking hard to get every drop out.

Then she looked back at me with an impish grin and said, “Now its time for round two.”

Slipping nimbly off couch, Paige lay down on the floor and as she spread her legs, gave me that 'come hither' look.

I was off the couch and crawling between her long shapely legs in seconds.

Reaching between us, Paige grabbed my cock and guided it to her juicy pussy. Sliding my hard cock into her soaking wet pussy, I started to slowly fuck her.

Since I had at least an inch of girth on her husband Bruce, her pussy was tight. Paige was moaning, “ooooohhhhh,” like it was her first time feeling a cock in her pussy.

When Bruce crawled up to her head and put his dick in her mouth, Paige eagerly started to suck it.

Bruce was fingering her clit and fucking her face while I was still slowly fucking her pussy.

By the time I felt Paige shutter to another orgasm I was on my knees with her ankles were around my neck and my balls were slapping against her ass.

But to tell you the truth, I think Paige’s orgasm had happened more than twice by now but I wasn’t really counting anymore.

As I watched her blowing him, Bruce’s pace picked up and all of a sudden Bruce pulled out of her mouth and started jerking off.

His cock was pointed at her face, so when he went off the first shot hit Paige’s forehead. The next shot hit her cheek and then the last shot hit her chin and her mouth.

Trying to get every drop, Paige licked her lips.

Then Bruce leaned over and cleaned the rest of his cum off her with his tongue.

I got so turned on by watching this that I felt myself getting close. When Paige felt me getting bigger she told Bruce to lick her clit while I was fucking her.

He jumped at the chance. When he jammed his head between us, I could feel Bruce’s tongue rubbing against my cock as I was sliding in and out of Paige’s pussy.

Finally I groaned, “Oh fuck, I’m about to cum.”

Giggling, Paige said, "This one is yours Bruce," as she slid back and my cock popped out of her.

As soon as it was free Bruce put his mouth in place of Paige’s pussy so I just kept fucking his mouth.

Paige came up behind me and pressed her body against mine as she reached around me and gripped my cock at the base like a cock-ring.

I kept face fucking Bruce’s mouth until I grunted and then she tightened her grip to keep me from cumming.

Paige sang out excitedly, "Here baby, let me see you eat our friends cum," as she released her grip, letting my cum shot out into his mouth and on his face like a fire hose.

Bruce gobbled up all he could and then Paige helped him clean off my cock and then licked his face clean.

When I fell backwards Paige jumped on top of me and pressed her cum coated lips against mine as she thanked me.

As we got up and dressed, they said, “We’re sorry that we didn’t tell you that you were gonna be shared.”

I said, “Its fine and actually quite a turn on.”

“Would you,” they asked, “Like to make this a weekly lunch date?” What could I say?

I was pretty blown away…literally…by what had happened with Paige and Bruce.

I never dreamed that I’d let a guy touch me much less blow me. What was more amazing was that it didn't bother me at all. Instead it felt natural.

Two mornings later I got an email from Paige telling me how incredible our 'lunch' was and wondering if I’d come by again that day at lunch. She didn't want to wait another week and since I cummed a few times with them it would last longer. Little did she know that I’d fucked my wife Deborah twice and jerked off about three times just think about our lunch?

I got to the house and rang the bell no one answered. Then I saw Paige peek her head over the fence and say, “Come around back.”

When I walked through the gate, I caught a glimpse of her rounding the corner of the house...buck naked.

As hard as it was I contained myself and followed.

When I walked onto the deck she was in the hot tub. I looked around and not a single house could be seen through the eight foot privacy fence and shrubs that surrounded the place.

“Where,” I asked, “Is hubby?”

“He’s getting us drinks,” Paige answered, Then she added, “Since we only have an hour you should just strip and get in the tub.”

Of course, why not?

I quickly stripped and slide into the tub.

Paige just started telling me how hot she thought I was, how she loved this part and how I walked and talked and smiled. She was really gushing over me.

And then as Bruce walk up and she asked, “Don’t you agree?”

He said, “Of course dear, that’s the only reason he’s here.”

He added, “It’s cool to have a bud that didn't mind being touched and is respectful my wife.”

Then he put the drinks on the edge of the tub and crawled in.

Paige immediately sat down between us, grabbed out cocks and started stroking.

Then she standing up, without letting go of our cocks, turned around to face us.

As Paige closed her eyes and licked her lips, I saw her ass moving in the water. She was riding a jet. She opened her mouth and I could tell she was starting to cum from the jet shooting water on her clit.

Paige then stood up with one foot on either side of my hips and said, “Now I’m ready,” as she moved her pussy towards my face.

I could see Paige’s delicate pink lips pouting open, moisture pooling at the entrance, her clit straining to get out from between her engorged lips.

I pushed my face between her legs and ran my tongue the entire length of her slit.

Paige certainly seemed to take to being eaten with a new delight. Her pussy quivered as I mashed my face between her creamy thighs. Her clit throbbed against my nose and her taste was as sweet as any I’d ever eaten.

My tongue went to work. As I slurped her juices, I fastened his lips on her clit, sucking it into my mouth.

Paige shuddered spasmodically against my face, clutching hard at my head to hold me there so I’d feel ever shiver.

As my tongue fell into a nice pace on her clit, I felt what I knew was coming.

Bruce lips touched the head of my cock and then he ran his tongue down my shaft and to my balls.

This time I knew it was coming so I just relaxed and enjoy it.

His tongue flicked rapidly on my balls licking them all over and then he sucked them into his mouth. I moaned, “Uuuuuuuuuum,” into Paige’s pussy and arched my back up towards him as Bruce worked my testicles.

I felt Paige start to shake again and then she moaned, “Ohmifuckinggod,” loud enough to let me know that she’d cummed hard from my tongue fucking.

Then she turned and sat down on the bank so she could watch Bruce work on my cock.

By now, Bruce had worked his way back up my shaft and was running his tongue over the head of my cock. I groaned as he teased my pee hole his tongue. Then I almost whimpered as he slowly engulfed my cock into his warm mouth.

Bruce was now sucking my cock slow and easy so that we’d both get the maximum pleasure out of it and I’d last as long as possible. His awesome slow oral talent lasted around five minutes and now I getting close to an orgasm and Bruce could sense it.

The air was filled with slurping sounds as Bruce picked up the pace, his head bobbing up and down faster and faster.

"Oh god, here it comes, oh god I'm going to cum," I moaned as I reached down with one hand to hold his head in place.

Leaning closer, Paige told Bruce to get every drop.

Caught up in the moment, Bruce grasped my balls with one hand and started jerking with the other. I felt my cum start to boil and then I shot load after load of thick hot cum down his throat. As Bruce made swallowing noises, I could tell from the facial expression that it was quite a load.

When I let go of his head Bruce continued to lick and suck my cock.

Despite Paige’s warning about spilling a single drop, cum was getting stuck to his chin and cheeks as he continued to suck and cleaned my cock until it went soft.

Paige had me lay on my back and she knelt on top of me in a 69-position so I could continue eating her pussy.

Then she had Bruce mount her from behind ‘dog-style’ and start fucking her.

I thought this was great until I realized that my tongue and Bruce’s cock would be occupying her pussy at the same time.

Ok, I thought … I could do this.

Paige’s pussy was so tight that I found myself licking the bottom of Bruce’s cock as it pumped in and out.

Things were happening so fast that I wasn’t sure how I felt about licking Bruce’s cock. It wasn’t as unpleasant as I expected. Bruce’s cock was hard as a rock, but his skin felt velvety as it glided across my tongue … and it tasted kinda salty.

Paige loved it.

I know because she cummed at least once maybe more but my mind was wondering. I realized that as I was eating her my tongue was massaging Bruce's cock. And that was why they were both going nuts.

Manning up, I decided that I'd have to try this. I'd have to suck my first cock. It was a lot like mine, shaved balls, nice shape, cut, not weird looking at all. Just a bit smaller. So I took my tongue out Paige’s pussy and slide it between Bruce’s legs to his hairy balls.

Paige was watching and said, “If you do it I’ll make it worth your while.”

Bravely. I ran my hands up Bruce’s thighs and touched his balls and cock at the same time and then I started to stroke him.

Then I did it. I parted my lips and put Bruce’s cock in my mouth.

Not too bad I thought, doesn’t taste funny, just hard and soft at the same time.

Not really knowing what I was doing, I started doing what Paige did with ours cocks. I started bobbing, stroking and licking.

Suddenly I realized that I was really enjoying myself and I could tell from my own experience that Bruce was getting harder and that he was going to cum soon.

Bruce grunted and moaned, “I’m cumming.”

I was happy he told us because Paige had told me not to swallow it because she wanted to suck it out of my mouth.

That was a relief to me because I wasn’t sure that I was ready to swallow yet.

So I started bobbing really fast, moving my mouth up and down his shaft. Bruce grunted when I slipped my lips up his shaft and clamped them around the base of his cock head and start jerking his cum into my mouth.

Paige jumped down beside me, turned me on my side and stuck her tongue in my mouth and scooped out all Bruce’s cum and swallowed it.

Then she started kissing me like she kissed Bruce. This was weird to me especially when Bruce came up beside us and started to rub our asses as he watched us.

I was hard as a rock now.

Smiling, Paige pulled me on top of her and told me, “Fuck me as hard and as fast as you can.”

I just bit my lower lip and nodded.

Before I could react, Bruce reached between us and used his hand to guide my cock to Paige’s pussy.

When the head touched Paige’s slit, he naturally moved my head up and down in the hot wetness that was oozing from his wife’s pussy.

As I pressed the head of my cock into her I could feel Paige’s pussy being stretch further than ever before. I couldn't believe the feeling. Now that I'd sucked a cock this was somehow different, exciting but different. Once I had it all the way in Paige wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my shoulders.

Then she just moaned, “Ohmifuckinggod,” and told me to fuck her over and over.

After several minutes Bruce reached between my legs and started toying with my balls while I fucked Paige with long, steady strokes in and out strokes.

After about ten minutes of constant pounding and at least two more orgasms from her, Paige moaned, “I want you to lay on the deck and have you fuck my mouth. I want to taste your cum again.”

No problem, I cum faster from blowjob. Anyway I was tired.

Paige propped her head up with some pillows.

I knelt over her body, penning her arms at her sides and started to stroke her mouth with my cock. And I wasn’t gentle either. I could feel the head of my cock hitting the back of her throat and my balls slapping against her chin.

With her arms penned and me sitting on her chest, Paige was powerless to resist, so on the in stroke I was cramming my cock so far down her throat that she was gagging. . Then I felt Bruce come up behind me.

Moving between Paige’s legs, he grabbed her ankles, put them on her shoulders and started fucking her.

As he pounded her I felt Bruce grab my ass and press his thumb against my asshole.

In a couple of minutes he started rubbing his cock between my ass cheeks in rhythm with me fucking his wife’s mouth.

Paige pussy juices were lubing Bruce’s cock as he humped between my butt cheeks.

All of a sudden Bruce grabbed his cock and started rubbing my asshole with it.

Then I felt his hot cum between my butt cheeks.

This sent me over the edge and I started shooting globs of cum into Paige’s mouth and slut she was she didn’t let one drop go to waste.

As hot cum oozed between my butt checks, I looked over my shoulder at Bruce.

He looked me straight in the eye and said, "Your holes belong to me, both of them."

Then started telling me how good it would feel to have his cock deep inside of me.

He and Paige propped me up on my hands and knees in a doggy style position and as much as I protested at first, deep down I was a very nasty, dirty slut and wanted his cock in my tight ass.

I have to admit that my legs were shaking from nervousness. For one thing, I was afraid it would hurt too much, but I was also worried that I wouldn't be able to take it at all.

When I felt Bruce’s hands grip on my hips, I took a deep breath and braced myself for what I knew was coming next.

When I chickened out, I turned around and gave Bruce ‘head’ to buy myself some more time. He let me suck him for a few minutes, and then he flipped me back over again and told me it was time.

Bruce wanted me to know that he was in control and to remind me that my holes did belonged to him, so he grabbed my hair and pulled it so hard that I almost screamed.

Then as Paige watched, he made me beg for it. I had never been so humiliated or turned on in my life. By the time Bruce was through with me, I was begging him to put his cock up my ass. I couldn't believe that I was even saying it, much less that I really wanted it.

Bruce didn’t hesitate for a moment. He used one hand to spread my butt cheeks and one hand to guide his cock into my ass. The first motion that put the tip of the head in. It hurt so badly that I was gritting my teeth and had my fists clench in pain.

Bruce was experienced at this and knew just what to say to put me at ease. "That's it, you’re so hot, and I want your ass so badly."

Once he eased the head past my sphincter, Bruce gave a hard push and drove it in all the way to his balls. It hurt so badly that I thought he was going to split me in half.

He moved very gently at first but then I started to get really fired up. Before I knew it, I was yelling, "Harder. Fuck me harder. Fuck my ass.”

He was shouting in return, calling me his slut, his whore, his “cock-loving, take-it-up-your-ass bitch.”

After about ten minutes, Bruce was really fucking me hard. I mean, seriously pounding my ass.

Finally, I put my face on the floor and put both of my hands on my butt cheeks, spreading them apart. I wanted to open myself up as much as possible to him. I wanted him to own my ass. I begged Bruce to cum deep inside of me.

He tortured me for a while by making me beg again and again for it. Finally, I got what I really needed. His balls exploded and Bruce cummed deep inside of my ass.

I loved it. I truly loved every bit of it.

I was so spent that I just sprawled out flat on the deck. Laughing, Bruce and Paige grabbed my cock and started stroking it again.

My cock was so sensitive now that I had to deny her and say, “Sorry, but I’m done for the day.”

They both laughed good-naturedly while we all dried off.

After Paige and Bruce removed the cum from between my ass cheeks and I put on my clothes, Paige came up to me and kissed my deeply and told me, “We don't want you doing this with anyone else. We want you all to ourselves.”

I promised them that I had no desire to do this with anyone else. . Bruce held up his cock so I could kiss the head and then Paige walked me out.

At the gate she whispered in my ear, “I’ll call you tomorrow. Bruce has to go back to work and won’t be here.”

I definitely woke up sore the next morning but it was worth it. Anal and sucking Bruce’s cock has became part of our sexual ritual. Now, Bruce likes to screw my ass, then pull out and finish in my mouth.

After that we started getting together as a three some at least once a week. Occasionally I would meet with one or the other alone. When I was meeting with Bruce, it usually consisted of sucking his cock and getting my ass pounded.

We’d been getting together for about six months when Paige called me. “Did you tell me that your wife was going to be out of town for the weekend?”


“That’s perfect because I need your help. Bruce is having a very important client over Saturday night. If you could be here and entertain him, it would mean a big sale for Bruce.”

What could I say, I thought as I answered, “OK.”, I said, “Be here by seven thirty,” and then after a pause she added, “And be a dear and wear a pretty pair of panties.”

As I hung up the phone, not exactly sure what she meant by entertain, I wondered what the hell I was getting myself into.

The end…

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