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The Old Swimming Hole

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One time several summers ago, I wont say how many because some of you reading this may not have been born when this happened, the neighborhood kids had a swimming hole. It wasn't a pond really, nor was it a lake. Heck, these days it would be classified as a drainage area. It was man-made behind a shopping center. Nearby were some real deep holes where quarry operations took place back in the thirties and forties. Those were long gone and the water that filled those deep spots were considered to be quite dangerous. So us kids stuck to the smaller, safer drainage pond nearby. The sides of the swimming hole were grass-covered and the pond itself was hidden by a row of trees on one side and a screen of bushes on the other three sides.

It was really a very private place. On any given weekend when the sun was out and the temperature was warm, you could find a handful of boys and girls (mostly boys) swimming there. When there was only one gender around, the swimming was often in the nude. If the other gender showed up, swimsuits went on quickly. We almost always had a sentry posted while swimming, just in case someone showed up. The authorities knew the pond was used for swimming and had it posted "no swimming or trespassing". Although the signs were up, no one paid them much attention. The litigious society had not started it's rampant suing at that time in American history. So we went swimming, "skinny dipping" actually, most of the time in the "swimming hole," with not one incident in many years that would hurt any of us.

This is about one particular day when there was a minor incident that certainly hurt no one.

At the tender age of 18, just graduated from High School and not yet having a full-time job, myself and a friend went to the swimming hole. Knowing it was summertime and the time was coming when we would no longer be able to continue our boyhood ways, we planned on thoroughly enjoying ourselves for what could easily be one last summer fling. School would be starting soon and our other friends would be tied up either with back to school preparations or getting a full time job.

Arriving at the "hole", we quickly stripped naked and waded into the familiar waters. It never occured to us to post a sentry because there was only the two of us. No one would be bothering us today anyway, so we paid no attention to the normal duties of keeping an eye out for others.

Splashing around, diving down to the bottom and looking at the accumulation of junk on the bottom, spotting minnows and doing all those time consuming fun things, we were completely absorbed in having a ball. After about a half hour or so, we heard a giggle. Looking around we spotted a girl! A GIRL! AT OUR SWIMMING HOLE! Now what do we do? Naked and stuck in the water, we waited as the young lady pushed her way through the bushes and stood on the shore. As luck would have it, it was a girl from our graduating class. In fact her father was the coach. We all had lusted after her for the last three years. She seemed to develop into a woman before our eyes while we attended school. Her hair became more full, her breasts stretched out her tops more every month and her butt became more curvey as time went by. She was a very pretty girl who had the pick of boys in the school. She wasnt a cheerleader but she could easily have become one. Us boys seemed doomed to never get close to her. Her Father had an iron fist when it came to his daughter. In fact both of his daughters. Her sister, while not the beauty she was, was also quite comely and seemed anxious to get out of daddy's reach whenever possible. Boys that age told stories about girls like that, whether they were true or just wishful thinking.

But here we were, naked with sweet Bethany standing on the bank giggling at us. Thank goodness her sister Amy wasn't here too. A double embarrassment like that would have been more than we could stand.

Standing there with her hands on her hips, she called out to us "Hey Tom, Jack, why dont you come out and say hi to me?" Jack started to stand up a bit, with his pubic hair just peeking out of the water, he seemed quite bold as he told her, "Beth, you don't want to see us like this, we ain't got any bathing suits on."

I kept down in the water as I watched Jack and Beth and started getting a roaring hard-on. After all, I was 18, and Beth was standing in front of me in her summer dress with the wind blowing up the edges so I could see her legs quite well. It was quite a sight for a young man like me and my body reacted to it.

Beth told us "well since you dont have any suits on, just go ahead and keep swimming and I'll join you". At that, Jack lowered back into the water, but not before I noticed he had a huge hard-on also. In fact it was poking up above the water as Beth was talking. Turning around we swam and waded back to the middle of the pond and waited till we heard Beth enter the water with a big splash. I couldn't wait to see her in the yellow one piece suit she normally wore as it showed her breasts and butt really well. We both turned and stayed low in the water as Beth swam closer.

"Hey don't forget we ain't got nothing on." Jack told her. She smiled and stood up in the water. Our jaws dropped as we stared at her. She also didn't have a thing on. The water was just past her waist and her breasts were fully exposed to us. It was an Instant cock hardening event and we did not know what to say. No decent girl would ever act like that! Especially the daughter of the Coach! If he knew we were staring at her naked tits he would string us up by our engorged pricks!

Jack and I finally just stood up in amazement. We had never seen a sight like that before, just a feel now and then from an occasional girlfriend. As we stood, we exposed ourselves to Beth. We had forgotten all about being naked. Beth, however didn't forget. "Boys, you sure weren't lying about being nude" she said. Blushing terribly we lowered back into the water as she laughed at us. "It's OK guys, I kind of like seeing you both like that." Jack recovered a bit and asked "really? You seen guys naked before?" "Only my Dad once when he took a shower, he didn/t know I was home and walked into the bathroom from his bedroom to shower and I got a good look from my room. I always wondered if all boys were like that. You know---big and hard. Like you two are right now." She fairly drooled as she talked.

Being totally surprised, we asked her what she would like now. "Beth, you sure are pretty" that sounded lame I know but it was all I could say. She was indeed a beauty and I hoped she would show us more. "Thanks Tom, that's nice of you. I like how you look too" staring at my crotch she moved closer to us both "and I hope you show me more of what you have too. Both of you." Jack stood up all the way and moved his hand on his cock to show her the full length. Six inches of hard young cock was showing to her and she started licking her lips. I had only dreamed of this and now it was happening. A beautiful girl, one of the most beautiful in the school, so virgin-like it would make the Pope get a boner, was standing in front of me and wanted to see what we could show. I joined Jack in standing up fully. My cock was sticking straight out and hard as a rock. She moved between us and took one cock in each hand. We both nearly shot a load right then. Although we had girls stroke us now and then, they were nothing like this! Plain girls with plain faces and plain feeling titties. This was an American Beauty and she wanted to touch our cocks! We were in Heaven and so, apparently, was she.

She started to guide us and we followed along like pups on a leash as she led us by our hard cocks up the shore to a shady tree. Beth sat down as we stood in front of her. Our eyes were feasting on her beautiful tits, ass and now her brown haired pussy. Never had I seen a cunt like that before. In fact I had never seen a live pussy before, only pictures of them. It was perfect with light brown hair matching the hair on her head, silky smooth looking with pink lips just peeking out of the beautiful bush. I didn't think it was possible but my cock got even harder and longer. It was now stretched out to a length and girth it had never before seen. Seven inches of thick cock was standing tall in front of Beth and she was watching it with hungry eyes! God I wanted to stick it into her right then, but I held back as Jack was also there.

Jack looked at me and then at Beth. Surprisingly he seemed more at ease now that we were on shore and not hiding any part of our bodies from each other. "Beth would you like to play with us together? Or would you like to play with us one at a time?" His question left no doubt in any of our minds what was coming next. There was no option now but to fuck like the horny teens we were.

Beth smiled and leaned forward. About an inch from my cock she changed course and suddenly moved to Jack who was right next to me. Smiling one last time she told us "Jack you get to be the very first cock in my mouth." With that said, he pushed his hips forward and slid right into her mouth! She didnt hesitate and started moving forward and back with her mouth, jacking him off with her lips and sucking like it was a giant straw. Jack also didnt take any time to show his excitement. He pushed in and out of her lovely red lips and in a few seconds was telling her "I'm cumming! I'm cumming in your mouth Beth!" Beth had no choice but to keep up her sucking as Jack held her head and unloaded his full load of cum in her mouth. Beth, choking, pulled back and cum ran out of her mouth over her tits. Jack looked sheepishly at her and apologized. "Gosh Beth, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cum like that but you were just so good at sucking me I had to cum in your mouth! " Beth, wiping her mouth with her hands and looking a bit scared herself told him "Jack, it's ok, I knew you were going to cum and I really didnt want to pull your cock out of my mouth. I wanted to know what it tasted like and now I do."

"Well, do you like it?" I surprised myself with that question popping out of my mouth. Beth answered with a smile and took my cock into her mouth and started sucking hard. "Beth I'm not going to be able to hold out much if you keep that up" I told her. She never let up her sucking and moved her hands fast up and down the shaft as I pumped her mouth with my boner. I kept her head moving as I pumped and soon I was mimicking Jack, telling her "I'm cumming in your mouth too Beth!" Beth kept sucking my cock as I squirted jet after jet of hot cum into her mouth. She never spilled a drop and as she finally got all my cum she pulled back and I saw my entire load in her mouth. She swallowed it deliberately as we both stared at her. Jack was getting hard again as I got soft. The show Beth had given us was the most wonderful thing we had ever experienced and we wanted more of it.

That's when we heard someone else coming in through the bushes on the other side of the pond. Panicking, Jack and I darted for our clothes. Beth just sat there. As we looked up we saw her sister Amy coming to our side of the pond. Amy was only a year younger than Beth and was nearly as beautiful. Laughing, she called out to Beth and asked if she was ok. Beth answered that she was doing just fine and would she care to come join us in some fun?

Jack and I stood dumbfounded as Amy told her sister "Sure, you look like you were having fun, I just hope you saved some for me!" Jack and I still just stood there as Amy came to us, and in one swift motion, pulled her pants down and pulled her top off. Within seconds she was also standing with us, nude and showing off all her pretty assets. And quite nice assets they were too. Her tits were just a bit bigger than Beths and her butt was about the same. Her hair was a bit shorter and red where Beth had light brown, almost blonde, hair. Amy's pussy was also red and you could see her bright red pussy lips clearly. Amy had trimmed her pussy hair and we were loving it. "You boys never seen a shaved pussy before?" Amy asked. Jack was already hard again by now and my cock had never completely deflated. We nodded at her question and I dropped down to my knees to get a closer look at her pussy. Not being the shy one, Amy moved close to me, so close my nose brushed her pussy hair. "Go ahead Tom, get a close look, I bet you never seen a pussy up this close have you?" The answer "No" came from my lips and she smiled and told me that if I liked what I saw, I would probably like how it tastes and feels even better. "Go ahead Tom, feel it, feel it with your tongue first." I moved forward and stuck out my tongue and had my very first taste of pussy. It was slightly salty with a very nice taste to it so I licked it more and even put my tongue up inside it. Only once before had I been this close to pussy and that was with a gal named Wanda a year ago. I had jacked off many times to that memory. Wanda had been with me at the Drive In theater and let me finger her pussy and she jacked me off. We both came that night. For me it was the first time I had cum with a woman. Today, I had already cum in Beths mouth, and was now eating her sweet sister's pussy. I hoped it would continue to be a day of firsts. My cock was straining to push into a hole somewhere. I looked up at Amy as she smiled down at me and shuddered. I didn't know it at the time but she was cumming as I ate her out. Looking to my right I saw Jack was once again fucking Beths pretty lips. He had already lasted twice as long as he had the first time and it looked like they were both enjoying the face fuck.

"Here Tom, let me lay down and you lay on top of me so I can suck you while you lick my pussy some more." I helped her down onto the grass and got on top of her. I was tempted to lay with my cock rubbing her cunt but instead I did as she wished and laid so we were pussy to mouth and cock to mouth. Amy started sucking my cock and I continued eating her now wet cunt. She was again shuddering and I felt her pussy convulse as she came. I felt my tongue being squeezed in her and wished it was my cock being massaged by her pussy instead of my tongue. Her pussy was delicious and I kept licking it till she rolled me off her. Laying on my back, I looked at Jack and Beth again and saw Beth on top of Jack riding his cock like a bucking bronco. She was moaning and so was Jack. I knew she was going to get a pussy full of hot cum soon. Amy looked and saw her sister and immediately got on all fours and told me "Fuck me doggy style Tom, I want your cock up my pussy right now!" I got behind her, and started to open up her pussy when she reached back and spread herself wide. I looked up inside her perfect pussy and could wait no longer. I shoved forward and in one big thrust was in a cunt for the first time! Hearing Jack moan and tell Beth to hold on as he came, I stroked into Amy's pussy as fast as I could and suddenly felt the cum starting to roll from my balls to my prick and into her cunt. I had never cum so hard in my life. Amy was taken back a bit when she realized I had just filled her pussy with my cum.

"Damnit Tom, you came inside me! I can't have cum inside me, I'll get pregnant! Do something about it right now! Get that cum out of me right now!" Not knowing what else to do, I dived into her pussy with my mouth again and started eating my own cum from her fresh fucked hole. I didn't even think about it, I just started running my tongue and fingers up inside her, scooping out all my cum. I licked and sucked for a long time and when I was sure I got it all out I sat back. My face was covered in my own cum and in her pussy juice. I must have been some sight. Jack was sitting back looking at me. "Tom, you ate cum!" was all he could say. I blushed and told him I had to get it out of Amy's pussy or she could get pregnant. Beth looked at Jack and told him she should have her pussy cleaned out too. Just in case. Jack said he aint eating no cum and laid back resting. Beth just looked at me and told me "well someone better get the cum out of my pussy!" I was about to lean into her and start licking when we all got a surprise. Amy pushed Beth back on her backside and started sucking her creamy cunt! There she was, eating cum out of her sisters cunt like a pro! Sucking and licking till Beth shuddered and shook. Amy smiled and looked up. Her face was shiny like mine. Taking my hand she put my finger inside Beths cunt and told me to lick it. I did and then bent forward to continue eating Beth's beautiful cunt "just to make sure all the cum is out". Jack sat up again and told me I looked like a queer sucking his cum up like that. "Well Jack, you weren't going to get it out of her so we did it for you." Amy piped up saying "yes you should have at least been man enough to lick up your own mess. Be a real man like Tom here and eat that pussy till its clean!" Beth took Jack's head and pushed it forcefully down into her sopping cunt. "Eat it good Jack, Tom and Amy got the cum out, now it's your turn to get me to cum again on your mouth. After all you came in my mouth, so fair is fair."

Jack had no choice now but to eat the wet pussy with a bit of cum still on it. He soon bent to the task with a relish. He was enjoying himself immensely as he ate cunt and cum. His cock was again hard, as was mine. Beth laid on her back with his mouth on her cunt and told me to fuck her. Jack started to move away but Beth and Amy were not having any of that. They forced his face to stay in Beths cunt as they guided me into her pussy. I could feel Jacks tongue licking her cunt and now and then he would tongue my cock accidentally. After a while his tongue knew no boundaries as he licked her pussy and my cock equally. Soon I was feeling a cum starting again. Beth felt my cock swell and just as I came in her she pulled back slightly, making me cum outside her pussy and all over Jacks face. As I pulled out Amy forced Jack to keep eating pussy and now my cum. Jack soon stopped resisting and sucked her pussy clean of cum. Sitting up finally, covered in cum and pussy he looked sullen. "Tom you owe me one for that". His cock was still hard as I smiled at him. Amy, the little slut, pushed me face first into his lap. Surprised I opened my mouth to say something when Jacks cock slid right in. "Suck him off Tom" Amy told me. "Let him fuck your face like you two fucked ours, see what it feels like to have a hard cock in your mouth shooting cum. Who knows? You might like it. I know Jack sure looked like he liked the taste of cum and so did you Tom". I followed her instructions as Jack stroked his cock in and out of my mouth, moaning loudly, he finally came. Several jets of hot cum splashed into my mouth and I ate it as fast as I could. Some cum still leaked out around his cock and Beth leaned forward to lick it from us. Amy was fingering herself and Beth leaned back over her and slipped her tongue into her sisters slit. Both sisters were now pussy eaters and both us boys found we liked the taste of cum. A fun day full of firsts for all of us. At least that's what I thought.

It turns out that Beth and Amy had been sucking cunt for some time now, about a year in fact. Beth, the older sister had sucked the pussy of Amy and a couple of other girls at school but Amy was the one who first got fucked and sucked cock. Amy had fucked some guy home from college year before last when she was only fifteen! Her sister had kept the secret and told her to keep from being pregnant you had to have someone eat the cum out of her. We know now that isnt true, but what the heck, it worked for us.

For several years after that, Amy, Jack, Beth and I sucked and fucked in almost every combination possible. Jack and I only experienced bi-play when requested by the girls, but when we sucked and fucked each other, we really enjoyed it. Jack told me one day that he had played with a couple of other guys and also enjoyed it. I also had experimented some with men and also enjoyed a nice hard cock now and then.

But our first love was always pussy! Hot wet, juicy pussy! Especially when one of us had fucked it hard and cum in it. Then the other would get down there and lick up the sweet mess. Amy and Beth eventually went their own ways as did Jack and I. Every year at the school reunion we all rent a room and re-enact that wonderful day at the pond. Our wives and husbands have never found out why we always come home with a smile on our faces after the reunions.

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