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The Luck of the Draw

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The Luck of the Draw

One afternoon after school a group of us, five in all, went to Jerry?s house to play cards. He had received a poker set as a birthday gift from an uncle or someone and he wanted to try it out. We were all in middle school around ages 13 and 14?I am 13, but will be 14 in three months. Jerry?s parents both work and he is an only child, lucky duck, so we had the house to ourselves until around 6:00 pm when his mom gets home. We played a few hands and those of us that didn?t really know how to play caught on pretty fast, as we kept it simple to just draw poker and five card stud.

Besides Jerry who was almost 15, there was Pete 14 and in the ninth grade with Jerry and the three eighth graders; me (Billy), Danny and Larry. I didn?t know Pete all that well, as he was a grade ahead of me and lived a few blocks away?he was more Jerry?s friend. However, Jerry and the rest of us lived within a couple of blocks of each other and were pretty good friends. Oh yes, Pete was Hispanic and bigger than the rest of us and let us know it. Danny was a really smart kid, good looking and could do anything in sports. Larry was a black kid and fairly knew to the neighborhood compared to the rest of us.

Anyway, we were playing when someone said this wasn?t any fun just playing the same thing over and over. That is when Jerry suggested we play for money because that would really make it exciting. After talking about it we agreed to meet again tomorrow afternoon and bring money with us.

After we all went home I was scrounging around for some money to play with and because I had just bought a new pair of Nike tennis shoes that weekend I was really broke. However, I knew where mom kept some spare money so I snuck about $20 bucks to play with the next afternoon. I hadn?t given it much thought as to what would happen if I lost and couldn?t replace it?hey, I?m only 13.

The next afternoon we all met at Jerry?s house again with our money. Jerry played banker and sold everyone chips?we all bought $10 worth. After a short time I was up to close to $20 in chips and thinking this game is really easy. That was before my string of bad luck hit. Before I knew it I was down to a couple bucks. Then I lost again and only had thirty cents. I tried to borrow some money from the other guys but no one wanted to give up what they had.

That is when Danny said, ?Hey, I?ll give you five bucks if you give me a blow job.? All the talking stopped and everyone looked at me.

?No way.? I quickly retorted. Next Larry said he would give me $6 and giggled followed by Pete offering $7.

Then Jerry said, ?I will give you ten and I am not kidding.? with a real serious expression on his face. A couple of guys chimed in saying that they would take him up on it.

Danny, who knew that I had stolen the money from my mom, reminded me that I needed to replace the money. I looked around at everyone and they were all encouraging me to do it. The thought of my mom finding the money missing and me having to tell her I took it and lost it gambling was weighing heavy on my shoulders. After all, I know I could never blame it on Jenny, my older sister. She was Miss Goody-Two-Shoes of the family and there was no way anyone was going to believe me over her.

So, I sucked in my breath and said, ?Okay.? Everyone else making cracks and saying ?go for it? and stuff like that. I said, ?Give me the money first.?

Jerry said, ?No way, you have to blow me first. Besides everyone here knows I will owe you the money.?

?Okay, but not in here I will do it in private.? I replied. That caused a symphony of groans from the other guys.

Jerry got up and said, ?Let?s go to my bedroom.? I agreed and got up and followed him out of the family room, where we had the card table setup. In his bedroom Jerry turned to me and threatened, ?You better do it or I?ll knock the crap out of you.? I told him he better give me the money, which he said he would. So after the macho stuff was over, Jerry unbuttoned the top button on his shorts, unzipped them then looked me square in the eye, ?You going to do it, right?? I wanted to say ?NO LET ME OUT OF HERE? but I, again, thought of my mother finding all that money gone.

?Yes, yes I?ll do it. What do you want me to do?? I relented, which kind of caught Jerry by surprise, as he really didn?t know how he wanted me to do it.

?Just suck it, you know. Put it in your mouth.? Jerry said.

?I know that dummy, but how do we do it?? I asked.

?Shit, get on your knees I guess. How the fuck do I know, I?ve never done this before, either.? Jerry responded. I got down on my knees and Jerry opened his fly, but all I could see was his briefs.

?Well?? I said.

?Just a minute.? Jerry was as nervous as I was. But, he over came that momentary shyness and hooked his briefs with his thumbs and pulled booth briefs and his shorts down and then pushed the briefs, which had hung up around his knees, the rest of the way to the floor and around his ankles with his shorts. Being nervous, he really hadn?t achieved an erection and his cut penis looked kind of small just hanging there between his legs. ?Okay, suck it.? He ordered.

?Okay, okay I will, get a little closer.? Jerry shuffled, with his shorts and briefs around his ankles, up to me. He reached down and took his cock between his thumb and forefinger and held the limp penis out at me.

?Do it.? He commanded. I leaned forward and my lips touched the head of his cock. I didn?t know what to expect, but it wasn?t that feeling. The texture was so smooth on my lips and it didn?t taste nasty like I thought it would. ?Well, open your mouth.? He again ordered. I took a mental deep breath and opened my mouth and Jerry pushed his floppy cock into my mouth. I thought to myself, ?Well, you?ve done it now.? As he pushed it in he said, ?Suck it, come on suck it.? And that is what I did?suck on it, kind of like sucking on your thumb.

?Oh shit, yes, suck it.? Jerry said and I could tell he was immediately getting excited. Not only emotionally, but his cock started growing inside my mouth. I could feel it getting bigger and that, somehow, was kind of turning me on. I mean the feel of and just the thought of a guy?s cock in my mouth was a very erotic sensation. Then for some reason Jerry pulled off his T-shirt and I knew he was naked there in front of me. And I was on my knees sucking on his cock.

As it hardened in my mouth I was able to feel the head and the hood around the tip. I started feeling it with my tongue and then exploring more as Jerry started moving his hip and moving his cock in and out of my mouth. I soon got the idea and my head started bobbing up and down on his now stiff shaft. In moving my hands to keep my balance I touched his balls and then moved my hand away quickly. ?No, don?t stop.? He said, as he took my hand and put it back on his sack. I started fondling them, another new?and erotic?experience for the two of us.

With Jerry moving his hips and me bobbing my head, our rhythm got off and he came out of my mouth and I got a look at him then. He no longer had that little limp penis he was now stiff and long, well long for our ages. It must have been a good six inches long. With it out of my mouth I could see his whole naked pelvic area completely naked and I ran my eyes up and down his body to take in his entire naked body. For some reason, that really turned me on, more. Jerry was anxious and pushed back to try to get his cock back into my mouth but missed and I felt the saliva covered head sliding around my cheeks and lips, as he was starting to pump his hips at me.

I stopped him, looked up at his agonized face, took his cock at the base and lowered my lips around it again. This time it wasn?t limp; it was full, hard and forceful. It fit nicely in my mouth and I started sucking, again, but this time with a little more authority. I was starting to turn my head to get different feels of the cock in my mouth. Not only that, but it tasted a little different than the first time he put it in my mouth. It was kind of a sweet salty taste that I couldn?t quite place.

Well, I was now going pretty good on his cock slurping and sucking and tonguing it. I was in my own little world, not unlike Jerry but with different feelings of pleasure. Then Jerry started to pump into my mouth again and blurted out, ?I think I am going to cum.?

I pulled off of him and said, ?No, no not in my mouth.?

In a panic he said, ?I?ll give you another five bucks.? I thought a minute and went back down on his throbbing cock, closing my eyes, took up where I had left off and waited for the unknown. It didn?t take long until I felt his hot, thick cum spray the inside of my mouth. My first instinct was to pull off and get it out of my mouth. But, fortunately, Jerry had grabbed hold of my head and was fucking my mouth with abandon and I couldn?t pull off if I wanted to. I had no choice but to swallow his load of cream and lucky I was I thought, as I savored the somewhat tart taste and smelled the pungent aroma. I continued to suck until I determined he was dry and then let him slowly slide from my mouth. I could feel the cum that had escaped my swallows drooling down my chin.

Jerry looked down at me and said, ?That was the most awesome thing that has ever happened to me. Shit, you can really suck a cock.? I know I shouldn?t have, but I took pride in his compliment. After pulling his briefs and short back up, he reached into his pocket, pulled out a ten and two-fives, handed them to me and said, ?Don?t tell anyone I gave this to you.? Thus, Jerry had given and I had received our first tip.

As we started to leave his bedroom I said that I needed to go to the bathroom and clean my face. Jerry took my arm to stop me, turned me around to face him, leaned forward and licked his own cum from my chin. I know our lips touched during the moment, but neither of us kissed. However, the feeling was imbedded in my mind.

We returned to the game and all eyes were on us. When I pulled out a ten to buy more chips a collective?Wow, came from the three left behind.

To Be Continued.

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