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The Adventures of James & Marie vol. 2 Bi-MFM

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The Adventures of James & Marie vol. 2

As you have read in the previous stories, James & Marie love to explore their sexual horizons on the weekends. However, not all weekends can be spent in the bedroom or the local swinger clubs. Another love that they have is their love for the casino. James has become quite the poker player and Marie goes for the slot machine and bingo games. She has begun to learn how to play Texas Hold ?Em in recent weeks though. The next excerpt from their life story is about one of those poker weekends that turned into so much more.

James and Marie love to send nights at the casino and they really needed a getaway from the city, so they decided to take a trip to Green Bay to spend the weekend playing cards and hanging out in the hotel pool. Friday night was somewhat uneventful. Marie lost quite a bit playing the slot machines and James was pretty much breaking-even at the poker tables. Being that they were from out of town, James didn?t know anyone else at the table he was playing at. He did however strike up a conversation with the guy sitting next to him. He was in his mid thirties with an average build and good looks. His name was Brian and they seemed to hit it off right away. They talked about the Packers and the crazy hands that some of the other players were playing at the table. They shared comments to each other about the sexy dealer that just sat down. How they would love to take her back to the room and show her how to play strip poker. James asked Brian if he had the chance to ever play strip poker with anyone and he said he had played it once when he was at a wild party a few years back. He went on to describe the details of the party and the details of the women he was playing with. It didn?t take long for James? imagination to run away with him. He thought about what it would be like to be playing against Ruth, the dealer at the casino. The way her body looked once he had won all of her clothes from her. Her sucking his cock when she lost to his 4 of a kind. How her pussy tasted when he ate her out after losing to her straight. The feeling of her riding his cock after they both decided to abandon the game for better things.

When James came back to reality he realized he was still sitting at the poker table, but now he had a raging hard-on that he couldn?t hide from everyone. Brian looked over and smiled. He reached down, patted James? bulging pants and said, ?Easy big fella. It?s just a game.? James? face turned five shades of red and all he could do was return with a big smile of his own. He then started to think about Brian?s hand grabbing his cock and wondered why he would do that.

After a few more hands, Marie walked into the poker room and asked James how he was doing. Brian looked up and glued his eyes on Marie. He said, ?Is this your wife?? James replied yes and then Brian said, ?Man she is hot. Does she play poker too?? Marie responded with, ?Why thank you. Yes, I do play poker, but I am just learning and don?t feel ready to play for money yet.? Brian then asked, ?Then what do you play for?? James was shocked when Marie came back with, ?Well for sex of course.? That comment pretty much stopped the game right in its tracks as everyone turned to Marie wanting to hear more of this conversation. James said the first thing that came to mind, ?That?s my wife!? Brian looked at Marie and sad, ?That?s just my kind of game.?

James asked Brian if he wanted to join them for a drink at the bar. He accepted and the three of them found their way out of the poker room. On the way to the bar Brian and Marie talked more about playing for sex and finally Marie suggested that they just skip the bar and head back to their hotel room. James agreed and they went back to the room. Once inside, Marie pulled out a deck of cards and started shuffling. The guys took the hint and grabbed a chair around the table. James made a few drinks and Marie began explaining the rules while she prepared the cards. She said, ?The person with the best hand has to remove an article of clothing from the player with the worst hand. This goes on until everyone is naked. If the player with the worst hand is already naked, then the winner takes clothes from the other non-winning player. Once everyone is nude, the rules change. The loser must then do whatever sexual favor the winner decides. Any questions?? The guys both shake their heads no and Marie starts to deal out the cards.

James wins the first hand and Marie had the worst hand. James reaches over and removes her shirt exposing her bra-clad breast for Brian to see. Brian wasted no time in complimenting her on what he saw. Brian won the next hand and again Marie had the losing hand. He reached behind her and unhooked her bra and pulled the straps down and off. Her 36C breasts were now completely exposed and both James and Brian felt a twinge in the pants. The next hand came out and Marie finally won. James was the loser and she took his shirt off. Marie won another hand and Brian lost his shirt too. James won again and he removed Marie?s jeans. Marie won and she stripped Brian of his jeans. Brian returned the favor by winning the right to take off Marie?s panties. She was the first to be completely naked. Brian won the next hand and he chose to remove James? jeans. When he slipped them off he could see the big bulge in James? boxers from his rock hard cock. James won the next hand and he knelt down to take off Brian?s shorts and his dick sprang out at his face. He couldn?t help but stick his tongue out for a quick taste. Brian let out a moan of delight from the feeling of James? hot tongue on the tip of his cock. James lost the next hand and Brian took his boxers off and revealed his hard cock. He reached out and stroked it a couple times and then returned to his seat.

Now that everyone was nude, the rules changed and sexual favors became the rewards for the winner of each hand. The first hand is won my Marie and she tells James that she wants him to eat her out right now. He gets on his knees and plunges his tongue into her hot, sweet pussy. She immediately lets out a little scream from the sensation and then reaches down and grabs the back of his head to drive his tongue even deeper. James moves his tongue up to tease her clitoris and suck on her gently. This puts her over the edge and brings her to orgasm. When she comes down, she pulls James up and gives him a hot, passionate kiss. Brian wins the next hand and is pleased to see that Marie had lost. He knows just what he wants her to do. He motions for her to suck his cock. She licks her lips and gets down in front of him. She first kisses his head and then runs her tongue down the shaft to his balls. Then back up to the tip and then she lets his dick push past her lips and then back to her throat. She bobs her head up and down on his hard cock and in no time has him on the brink of cumming. Before he can get there, she stops and says, ?Next hand.?

Brian wanted to cum in her mouth, but had to wait. James lost the next hand and Brian?s aces beat out Marie?s kings. Brian looked and James and told him to finish what his wife started. James bends down and takes Brian?s dick into his mouth and starts sucking and licking. He reaches down and massages his balls while he takes all of Brian?s cock into his mouth. Brian reaches down to hold James?s head and proceeds to fuck his mouth with his pulsating cock. He can feel his orgasm come and wants to make sure he is not denied the pleasure of fulfillment. A few more thrusts into James? mouth and he shoots his first load down his throat. James pulls Brian?s cock out of his mouth, but keeps his mouth open to accept the rest of Brian?s cum onto his tongue. Each spurt expertly lands in his mouth and he drinks it down. When he is done, James licks the last few drops from Brian?s cock and returns to his seat.

The next hand goes to James with his ace-high flush. Brian puts his cards down to show his pair of tens and Marie puts her cards on the table to reveal the other pair of tens. James has this wicked grin on his face and says, ?Well I guess that means you are both going to suck me off.? They both go over to James and Marie puts her mouth around James? cock while Brian starts licking his balls. James is doing everything he can to control his orgasmic urges. Marie lets his dick out of her mouth and runs her tongue along the shaft. Brian runs his tongue along the other side of James? cock. When he gets to the top he puts the head of James?s cock into his mouth and sucks the rest in to his throat. The feeling of two tongues on his cock makes it impossible for him to resist the urge to cum. Just as he says he is cumming, Marie moves her tongue to meet with Brian?s on the head of James? cock. The first spurt of cum hits Brian?s lips and lands on his tongue, while the second load flies directly into Marie?s mouth. Brian garbs hold of James? dick and pumps the rest of his cum into his mouth and swallows it down.

Brian wins the next hand and looks over to Marie, the losing hand, and says, ?Ride me baby!? Having wanted to feel his cock inside of her since the start, she jumps into Brian?s lap and inserts his dick into her very wet pussy. In no time she is bouncing up and down on Brian?s hot cock. Her breasts hit his lips on each down thrust and he sticks out his tongue to tease her nipples. After a few minutes, she turns around and starts the reverse cowgirl position. Brian uses this opportunity to rub her ass and give her a couple little swats on each cheek. In a matter of minutes she is cumming all over his cock, but he holds his orgasm back knowing there is still more to come. Once Marie gets back to her seat the next hand begins.

Brian wins yet again, but this time James has the losing hand. James looks at Brian and says, ?What would you like me to do?? Brian smiles back and says, ?You?re next. Stand up.? Brian walks up behind James and bends him over the table. He is already lubed up from Marie?s cum, so he puts the head of his cock at the entrance to James? ass and starts to push inside. James meets his thrusts by pushing back onto Brian?s dick. Slowly he slides deep into James? ass until he is all the way up to his balls. Once in, Brian pulls back until he is almost back out and then begins to fuck James. Each thrust becomes harder and faster until he is pounding his ass with his rock-hard cock. James loves the feeling of Brian?s dick in his ass. Marie reaches over and grabs James? dick and starts to stroke him while he gets the pounding of a lifetime from Brian. Once he is fully erect, she decides she wants to make love to her husband while he is being fucked by Brian. She sits on the table in front of James and guides his dick into her wet pussy. James is now the middle of this sex sandwich and it is a position that he has dreamed about for a long time. Now it has come true. Brian is coming close to his orgasm and he reaches around James to play with Marie?s clit while she is being fucked by her husband. The feeling of his fingers sends James and Marie over the edge and they both cum at the same time. Brian can feel the cum shooting through James? cock and into Marie. He then grabs James by the waist and slams his dick even further into his ass. James knows that Brian is cumming from the feeling of his hot load filling his ass and the throbbing of his cock. James pulls Marie into a hug and gives her a hot, wet kiss. Brian leans in and puts his arms around both of them and joins in on the kiss. As his dick begins to soften, Brian slides out of James and returns to his chair at the table. Marie looks at James and then at Brian and says, ?Next hand??

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