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The 19th Hole - A Swingers Tale, Part 2

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I got a couple of text messages from my wife while I was out on putting green. I was pretty sure the wi-fi on the ship was hit and miss.

In one text photo, the girls were dancing by the pool, the cocktails were obviously flowing, and they all appeared to be having a good time. My wife looked stunning in her black bikini, and her tits were everywhere. I loved it.

Then I got a second text with a very provocative picture of her and her girlfriend dancing and my wife was practically licking her friend’s nipple which was fully outside of her suit. The smile on both of their faces said it all, and I knew we had somehow connected. My wife sent a third and final text with a heart emoji. That was all I needed.

Around 5, I headed to the spa, rode the Spinner bike for about 30 minutes and got a good sweat going. Then I headed to the massage I booked for 5:30. I had a deep tissue massage and it hit the spot. My brain was mush, and my body felt great an hour later.

I headed to the community spa tubs and sat in one of the side spas that was vacant. There were only a few couples in there, and a few single men. I soaked in the spa, and almost fell asleep. I was in a good place and thinking about how much fun golfing would be the next day.

I literally started to doze off when I heard a familiar voice down the hall. It was Anna, followed by Paul’s voice. They were headed out of the spa, and must have just finished up their massage sessions.

As Anna approached, she recognized me and walked up the edge of the spa.

“Why are you by yourself?”, she asked.

“I don’t know, it was empty when I got done with my massage. I literally just fell asleep. I’m sorry. Care to join me?”, I replied.

“I’d love to,” Anna replied.

With that she took off her robe, exposing her naked body, and slid into the spa slowly to allow me to enjoy her beautiful body.

“You think it's OK,” she asked.

“It's an adults only community spa, not sure why it wouldn’t be,” I replied.

“No, my body?,” replied Anna.

“This is a lifestyle comfortable resort, you can go naked in the spa, and topless by the adult pool if you wish. Did you know that, Ray?”

I tried not to stumble on my words. Now I knew why there were so many good looking couples and women out by the pool and in the bar.

At that moment, I was thinking how much fun these next few days could be, and how bad I wanted to bring my wife here when she was home.

“You know, I actually didn’t know that. Very interesting, Anna. And your body is beautiful. Very similar to my wife, Angela. How was your massage?”, I asked.

“Great!”, she replied.

Paul walked up and quickly took off his robe to expose a nice average naked body with a decent size cock, somewhat longer, but less thick than mine, and easily slid in to join us in the spa. He had tanned up nicely and it was clear he preferred the European cut bathers.

“Nice seeing you again, how was your afternoon?”, he asked.

“It was great, I golfed the back 9, hit the gym, got a massage, and now my brain is mush, and my body is sore. Feels great actually,” I said.

“Hope you can rebound for another round in the morning,” said Anna.

“I know Paul is looking forward to playing again with you,” she replied.

“I’ll be ready,” I responded.

“Its OK if you want to take off your suit, Ray,” said Anna.

So I slid my shorts off and threw them over by the chair where my towel was hanging.

We soaked silently in the warm, hot bubbling water, and then I felt the faint touch of someone’s toes, against my leg. I could tell it was Anna, and so I played it coy, and just sat back and decided to see what would happen. Anna subtly moved a bit closer, and soon her feet were across my legs, laying where I could reach down and touch them. I slowly placed one hand on her lower thigh and gently rubbed it, and slowly worked my hand up until I felt a nice full pussy, and thick but trimmed bush, slightly spread apart, warm and getting wet inside with my touch. I gently rubbed Anna’s clit, closed my eyes, and relaxed. She got really wet and a subtle smile crossed her face while she breathed deeply.

We all quietly sat there for a few minutes, pretending like nothing was happening. Then Anna’s hand reached over and I felt her running along my hard cock. I just let things play out slowly, knowing things could get very hot later on if I played it right. I glanced over at Paul and his right hand appeared to be under water, possibly stroking his cock from the motion of his arm and shoulder.

A few minutes later, I knew I had to get out to get rehydrated and not over soak, especially if I wanted to stay alert later. My cock was rock hard with the left hand of Anna gently rubbing it back and forth. My right hand was gently teasing her clit and we were both sitting back enjoying the bubbles.

“Well it's time for me to get out, I hope you understand,” I said.

“Of course,” replied Paul.

“Plans for tonight?”, asked Anna.

“Relax, eat a light dinner, maybe a couple of glasses of wine, enjoy a scotch and cigar later, and get ready for tomorrow’s round,” I replied.

Anna gave me a sly smile.

“I hope it's a good evening, if we’re lucky maybe we’ll see you in the bar or by the pool later. There are other little meet and greet events going on here too, if you are interested. This is a very upscale and private resort. You did a good job of selecting this place, and you and your wife might enjoy staying here some other time. Let us know, Ray, we both enjoy your company,” she answered.

“Thank you Anna, and Paul,” I replied, and I slid out of the tub, toweled off and sat on the chair with a cold glass of water. My cock was rock hard, and Anna gave it a long stare, as did a few of the other people in the spa. It was out for everyone to see and we all shared a quiet grin as I sat there drinking some water.

“Let me know if you would like a towel when it is time to get out, Anna,” I said.

“Why thank you, I’m ready,” she replied.

I grabbed a large white towel and then dr*ped it for her to get out while slowly taking my time and showing her beautiful body to everyone in the spa. She got out, wrapped the towel around her body and turned around and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

“You are such a gentleman, thank you,” she said.

Then she whispered into my ear, “can you give me your number, maybe leave it at the front desk? Last name is Sanders, room 2321. We are right down the hall from you, by the way.”

“Sure I replied, is this just about you?”, I asked in return.

“Oh no, both of us are comfortable, if you are too,” she replied.

We both smiled and I grabbed her robe, and placed it around her body. I then grabbed my robe, and put it on. I figured to be safe, I would play it coy with her husband.

“Take care Paul, you too Anna. As always, thanks for your company. See you tomorrow at 7 a.m. in the club, Paul.”

“You too, have a great evening,” replied Paul.

Anna gave me a hug and quick kiss on my cheek, and off I went. After I cleaned up, got dressed and shaved in the spa, I headed to the front desk and dropped off my card and asked that it be given to the couple with the last name Sanders, staying in Room 2321.

At first I felt a bit uneasy, but grew more comfortable with such an adventurous move after a glass of red wine and an incredible sushi dinner in the bar. Around 8:30 I headed back to my room feeling good and ready to sleep.

Just as I was about to fall asleep, I got a text message from an unfamiliar number.

“Maybe we can see you again later tonight. If not, we are going to a fun place tomorrow night, if you like, you are welcome to join us,” read the text.

It was followed by a second text which read, “Thanks for your card. Very impressive. XOX Anna”.

I sent a quick reply.

“Thank you. I might be around later, but if not, tomorrow sounds like fun. Thanks for asking.”

Anna replied, “Sounds good, we’ll be up late if you are interested. Going to the bar now. I’ll check in later.”

All of a sudden I was wide awake, and filled with anticipation. I poured a drink, sat on the balcony, smoked a cigar, took a small hit off a joint I had brought along, and soaked in a beautiful summer night in the desert.

I sat on my deluxe patio overlooking the pool, thinking how funny it was that I had selected an upscale golf and tennis resort popular with lifestyle enthusiasts, while my wife was away with all of her best friends having a sex fueled weekend on a cruise ship thousands of miles away.

I watched the couples and select singles walk by the pool, heading to the bar, and apparently some of them to the meet and greet events being held on site. Everyone was dressed nicely, of varying ages over 40, and having fun and seemingly relaxed. Irony comes in many ways.

At that moment, I got a text from my wife, Angela. She told me she loved me, said they were having a great time and she really missed me and the fun we had the night before she left.

I replied and thanked her, and said I was playing a lot of golf, and had met some nice people, so far. I offered that it might be a fun place for us to stay sometime after she got home.

Then I got a text photo from her, showing all the girls dressed up and looking very sexy and hot. They were clearly in the upscale lounge and everyone was dressed as slutty and sexy as possible. My wife was no exception, her tight dress revealed all of her beautiful curves, and her beautiful tits were almost falling out of her dress.

“You look great, I hope you use that cruise ship hall pass I gave you,” I replied.

I sat there and smiled, wondering how she would respond to my offer. I watched the little three dots play back and forth for a while on my phone, figuring she was drunk texting me, so I had no idea how she would respond, or what to expect in her reply.

I enjoyed my drink, took a small puff off my joint, and relaxed while smoking one of the Cuban cigars I had brought along for the weekend.

After about 10 minutes, and watching the dots dance on my phone, I got her reply.

“If I get a cruise ship hall pass, then so should you, honey,” she replied, with a big smiley face emoji included.

I smiled as I read her reply. I was going to sit on this text for a while, and take my time replying. My drink and cigar were doing a great job and I was relaxed and feeling good. Life is good when there are no expectations. After a short pause, I replied.

“We shall see, but I can’t wait to bring you here. Be safe, and don’t bring anything but your beautiful self home to me,” I replied.

It was shortly after 9 and I decided it was a good time to explore the resort, maybe stop off at the bar and see what the night might hold in store.

As the elevator door opened to the lobby, there was a scattering of good looking men and women, all dressed casually in the warm desert air. Most of the people were older, this was certainly not a younger crowd, and I felt at ease as I walked through the lobby out to the pool deck.

There were people gathered around the pool, sipping drinks and chatting. Everyone seemed to be looking around, as if they were checking out those around them. I felt a bit odd being a single guy, and decided to head to the bar to grab a drink and see who might be there.

I got to the bar and ordered a chilled shot of Tequila, my favorite for nights where some fun might be had. The bartender served up a perfect shot, and it felt and tasted great going down. The bar seemed to be a bit quieter than the rest of the resort, and so I figured the people out by the pool and milling around the lobby might be part of the meet and greet event that Anne and Paul had mentioned. Being a single guy, I felt it best to hang out closer to the bar, and not come across as a creepy single guy on the prowl.

After about 30 minutes, I decided another shot would be in order, and a good way to finish the night and head to sleep.. My 7 a.m. tee time was waiting and it was sure to be a hot day, so I wanted to be well rested and hydrated.

Just as the second and final shot arrived, I received a text from Anna.

“Hi there. Got any plans? We just got back from the club, and if you are free, we’d love to share a drink,” she wrote.

I sat there for a moment thinking about what might happen if I accepted. Then I threw back my shot, and sent a reply.

“Would love to...where do I find you?” I replied.

“In our room, just down the hall from yours,” was the reply.

“OK, I’m on my way,” I sent back.

I paid my tab, tipped the bartender nicely as I knew I’d see him again, and headed out through the lobby towards the elevator. Along the way I noted a number of good looking women giving me a stare down, and I found a few I enjoyed looking at as well. I never had every woman’s cup of tea, but my linebacker’s build, my casual shorts, light blue linen dress shirt, clean cut look, and golf course tan seemed to have a certain attraction to some in the crowd that night.

The two shots had definitely kicked in, and I was feeling a good buzz as I got into the elevator. I noticed a couple of women who fit my type still looking my way as the doors closed. I noted I might have to keep an eye out for them later on this weekend.

Paul and Anna’s room was down the hallway from mine, so I figured it was a similar suite, with two large rooms, a nice balcony overlooking the pool and upscale resort amenities.

I stopped off at my room, freshened up and took a small hit, dropped a blue pill in anticipation of what might transpire, and geared up for the unknown.

I walked down the hall and gently knocked on the door three times. My customary knock.

I heard a small amount of shuffling inside, and then watched the door open with Anna hiding behind the door.

“Welcome, come on in if you like,” she said.

“Don’t mind if I do,” I replied.

I stepped into the room and it was a master suite, similar to mine. There was a small kitchen to my left, and a large living room straight ahead with an open air balcony. Both french doors were open and the warm desert air filled the room.

A separate room was located to the left, and there was a door leading to a second room to the right.

I walked in and was met with a beautiful sight, as Anna was wearing a silk robe covered, with a darker floral pattern, her breasts were full and the dark nipples were thick and beautiful. I took a moment to soak in her beautiful body, and we met eyes, and both smiled.

“We have similar places, I see,” I said.

“That’s because we both have good taste,” Anna replied with a wink.

I was just about to step in and kiss her when Paul walked out of the room with his robe on, wide open, with his semi hard cock swinging around.

“Welcome my friend, you are in for quite a treat,” he smiled, and walked into the kitchen.

“Can I get you a drink?” he asked.

“Why thank you, if you have a shot of tequila that would be great.” I responded.

“Coming right up,” Paul replied.

“Make yourself comfortable, I have extra robes if you prefer to take some clothes off, it’s quite warm and sure to get hotter,” said Anna.

She grabbed my hand and led me into the bedroom on the right, and once inside turned to me and gave me a deep kiss, filling my mouth with her thick warm tongue, and shared a deep heavy kiss for a moment. I reached around and grabbed her full, thick ass with both hands and cupped them and pulled her close and we both shared a taste of each other’s mouths. Her mouth had a sweet taste of pussy and cock, and I sensed that they had already been playing with each other, or possibly others earlier.

We stopped, looked at one another and then started kissing again as I took my hand and started sliding it along the outside of her pussy.

“Your mouth is delicious,” I said.

“Thank you, Ray. I thought about you all day, I’m so glad you are here with us,” she replied.

And we began kissing, I slid my finger into her invitingly hot and wet pussy that spread wider, and quickly invited two fingers in, and we both moaned deeper and kissed harder as I slid two fingers in and out of her pussy at a quicker pace.

“Am I your desert tonight?,” I whispered.

“Have you already been a naughty girl for Paul?,” I asked.

“Yes, I have, and now I want you. It was all I could think of,” she replied and this with a deep gasp I felt her pussy tighten and she let out a deep moan as she came hard on my steady finger fucking that was reaching right up into the g-spot, She started to get wetter and I anticipated she might be a woman who liked to squirt when she came.

I stepped back and we both looked at each other with deep lustful anticipation. She took off her robe to expose her full thick body, nice pear shaped stomach and hips, her darker skin with full breasts, a beautiful round ass, and long dark hair and deep eyes that dr*ped over her shoulder and stole my soul.

Paul walked in and offered me a drink.

“Here you go my friend, welcome to our suite.”

He brought three shots and we all threw down our shots of nicely chilled silver tequila at the same time. It was incredibly smooth, and obviously a top shelf serving of tequila.

I felt the buzz kick in, and with that, started to remove my shirt, shorts, and as I stepped out of my shorts my rock hard cock stood out and Anna gave me a big smile.

“Beautiful cock there, Ray,” she purred.

“Nice and thick, and not too long, just the way I like it,” she said.

I grabbed her hand and led her to the edge of the bed and had her lay down. I took a moment to soak in this beautifully thick body, with two nice large 38D breasts spread to the side, big dark nipples, and a nice thick bush, with a gaping pink pussy dripping and inviting me to take it.

I dropped down between her knees and slid my tongue up along the inside of her thighs to tease her, and taste her skin. I licked the inside of both thighs and took in the deep musky scent of her pussy, which made my cock rock hard in anticipation. Her pussy lips were spread open and her dark labia offered a beautiful contrast to her pink pussy which was oozing with juices.

As I licked her thighs and teased her clit with my thumb, Paul moved up beside Anna and she started sucking on his cock with a feverish pace, all while starting to deeply moan. The sounds of her sloppy sucking of his cock, and heavy breathing were filling the room.

I could taste the sweet sticky flavor of lube and cum on her thighs, and knew that she had been fucked before, and most likely I was about to enjoy a cream pie filled pussy. Whether it was from just her husband, or from others, I did not know, nor did I care.

As Paul started face fucking his wife, she put her right hand on the back of my head, and pushed my face into her thick full bush of black hair, I eagerly started licking her pussy and teasing her clit and her moans grew louder and deeper. Her pussy was soaking wet, and tasted like a delightful blend of pussy juices and cum. I was in heaven, and my cock was starting to ache from being so hard.

I spread Anna’s legs wider and started focusing on her clit, which she invitingly approved of through her increased pace of cock sucking, moaning and deep breathing. Her pussy was so drenched, that I easily slid one, then two fingers into her gaping, hot pussy, found her g-spot, and set her off into a torrent of multiple orgasms.

“Oh my god, that’s it, right there, oh no, please don’t stop,” Anna pleaded, and then she lifted her body, started to convulse, and with a deep, loud moan started to squirt in short brief spurts, and then a large blast of hot, sticky cum that covered my face, hair, and drenched the edge of the bed.

I looked up and Paul had removed his cock from her mouth and was jacking it off, and knew he was about to cover his wife’s face with a fresh load of cum. He closed his eyes, tilted his head back, and started to groan as shots of cum started coating Anna’s face, covering most of her face and dripping down into her mouth.

“Oh shit, that was hot,” I said.

“Oh my god, I just came so hard, honey,” replied Anna.

Paul slid off the bed, and took I Anna legs and started to roll her over, onto her knees. She slowly rolled over, got up on her knees, and I found myself starting at the nicest round ass, with beautiful dark skin and a pink asshole still pulsating from her last orgasm. Her pussy was dripping wet, her thick pubes were glistening, and her pussy lips were spread apart and inviting me to fuck her.

I dropped down and started to lick her pussy again, and drove two fingers in and started finger fucking Anna, while darting my tongue around her asshole.

“Oh god, that feels so good. Paul this man is licking my ass and it feels so good,” and as she finished her sentence, Anna dropped her head onto the bed, started convulsing again, and with another deep groan, started squirting all over my fingers, down my arm on to the bed and floor below. My tongue was buried deep into her ass and it tasted so good, and I knew it was time to fuck her good

“You know she’s been waiting for this moment since we met, Ray,” Paul quipped, as he sat on the chair by the bed, watching and stroking his cock.

“I think it’s time you give her what she wants,” he said.

“Condom or bare?” I asked.

“Bare, I want your cum,” replied Anna with a primal lustful grunt..

I stood up behind Anna, staring at her beautiful round ass, nice pink asshole which was still pulsating from her orgasms, and stroked my cock to full attention. Paul came over and got in front of Anna, and stuck his rejuvenated cock into her mouth.

He looked over at me, smiled, and said, “have your way with her man, she’s yours to do with as you wish.”

I felt a rush, and knew the tequila shots, the small amount of cannabis, and the pill I dropped had all kicked in at the right time. I was in the zone, and this woman was about to find out the hidden secret only my wife knew about.

I flicked the tip of my cock against Anna’s clit and felt her body shudder as another wave of orgasm took over. Paul had both hands behind her head and was fucking her mouth with a furious pace and she was willingly accepting her treatment.

I slowly slid my cock into her hot, wet vagina, and pushed it all the way in and held it there, balls deep for a moment.

She gasped, and moaned loudly, in between making gagging noises and slurping on her husband’s cock.

“You know you wanted to be my slut this weekend, and now you get what you wanted, don’t you?” said Paul, as he focused his gaze on her mouth consuming his cock.

I started to slide my cock in and out of her dripping pussy, which was tight and holding onto my thick cock. I suspected she was working my cock with her pussy muscles at the same time I was starting to pick up my pace and my hips smacked up against her big round ass with more and more frequency. Her moans grew louder, and her gagging sounds intensified as the pace of our fucking picked up.

I knew she was in for a ride, as my cock was rock hard, and I was starting to feel the intensity of our passion growing. I pulled her ass cheeks apart to reveal her beautiful pink ass, which was gazing back at me, and slowly stuck my left thumb up against the opening, and then gently slid it inside her ass a short distance. Anna started to gasp, and pushed back, signaling that she enjoyed the feel of my thumb pushing into her hot asshole and approved. I slowly slid it in a bit deeper, closed my eyes, and started fucking her full throttle.

“Oh god, please fuck me like this more,” she bellowed, and her body convulsed again, and she screamed loudly and came hard. Her asshole tightened around my thumb, locking it into place and then I could feel her pussy juices flow all over my cock and balls, and down the insides of her thighs and my legs and onto my feet.

I knew she needed to feel my cum shoot up inside her pussy soon, and did my best to hold out, and fuck her as hard as I could. Paul pulled his cock out of her mouth and started stroking it right in front of her face, and I knew he was about to shoot another load.

“You want to fuck her,” I asked.

“Oh no, she’s gotten plenty of me, and a few others tonight, my friend,” he replied.

“She wanted to save the best for last, and you are it,” he said with a smile, and closed his eyes, groaned, and shot his cum onto her face, and up into her hair. I could see little drops of cum land on her back and fall into her dark curly hair, and I knew my time to fill her up was coming soon.

Anna was moaning loudly, and stuck her head down into a pillow and muffled her orgasmic moans as I picked up my pace and fucked her as hard as I could. Nearly all of my thumb was buried into her hot, tight asshole, and the smell of her pussy, ass and Paul’s cum filled the room.

“Please baby, give me your cum, I need to feel you fill me up,” she pleaded.

Paul got up and moved down the end of the bed and watched as I pounded his wife from behind. The approving look he gave me was encouraging and I had a feeling he was getting ready to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

“Give it to her, Ray, fill that pussy with your cum,” he insisted.

I felt the rush deep in my legs as my balls tightened, and knew I was about to shoot a big load of hot sticky cum into my new play date’s pussy. Her moans were so deep and she was almost begging me to cum, and I wasn’t sure if she was enjoying the moment, or wishing for it to be over.

I pumped her pussy until I knew I couldn’t hold it any longer, and with a deep grunt, I closed my eyes, tilted my head back and felt my cock start to spasm, and unleash my thick hot load of cum deep into her well used pussy.

Anna sounded like she was losing her self control and starting to scream and her moaning was so deep. She could feel my hot cum shooting deep into the inner reaches of her pussy and we were both loving every minute of it.

“Oh lord, I love it, that cum is so hot, and there is so much of it, I can just feel it dripping out of me,” she gasped.

As I pulled my cock out, I looked down and noted how it was covered in creamy juices, and my cum, with small drops still falling off of the tip.

“May I?” asked Paul.

Without giving him an answer, Paul dropped to his knees, and buried his face into her ass and started licking the cum out of her pussy. She moaned deeply and started pushing my cum out and feeding her husband my fresh cream pie.

He reached up and started stroking my cock, and then moved his head over and started sucking my cock, cleaning off the combination of his wife’s cum and my creamy cum shot off my recovering cock.

I had only had a couple of bi experiences, and I knew my wife would approve, and so I stood there and enjoyed Paul going back and forth between my cock and his wife’s cum filled pussy, enjoying both and doing a great job of cleaning us up.

“Oh baby, do you like him sucking your cock,” Anna asked.

“I do, of course. I didn’t know if you two approved,” I replied.

Anna rolled over and lied there with a distant gaze, and her flushed face revealed a woman who had just enjoyed multiple orgasms. She watched Paul suck my cock, and started to rub her clit with her right hand. She closed her eyes and I knew she was about to cum again.

“Shoot your load all over his face,” she begged.

“He loves cleaning up after I’ve been fucked, Ray” she purred as her body began to convulse again and was taken over by her last orgasm of the night.

I looked down at Ray and knew it was time to give him what he wanted.

“You ready?,” I asked.

Paul nodded approvingly, as he continued to suck on my cock, and I pulled my cock out, started stroking it right up against his face, and then I looked at Anna and our eyes locked.

Her dark, deep eyes grew wider, and I could tell we were thinking exactly the same thing. This would not be the only time we all fucked together, and each other. She smiled and nodded approvingly.

“Give him your cum, baby,” she purred.

“Here you go,” I grunted, and watched as I shot multiple spurts of hot thick cum all over Paul’s face, and into his mouth.

He eagerly accepted my cum, and sucked out the remaining load from the tip of my cock. His face was drenched with cum and his wife’s pussy juices, and he did not seem to mind at all.

“Come here baby, give Mama some of that love,” said Anna.

Paul got up, walked over the bed, lied down next to her and they kissed and shared my hot load together. She licked my cum off his face and they french kissed and snowballed my cum in a warm embrace.

“You two are fucking hot,” I said, trying to make sense of what had just happened. It felt like a short time, but I realized we had been at it for almost two hours.

“You are a keeper, Ray, please come play with us again,” said Anna.

I sat down on the bed and started rubbing her thick thigh which was coated in cum and her pussy juices.

“I’m here the rest of the weekend,” I replied.

I could tell they had both had enough for the night.

I leaned over and gave Anna a deep french kiss, sharing my cum with her in a long heavy kiss.

Paul was already starting to drift asleep, and so I got dressed, gave Anna one more kiss, and quietly left and returned to my room.

I wondered if Paul would even remember what we did later that morning, when we met on the first tee at 7:00 a.m for another round of golf.

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