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Something New

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Let me start this tale by telling you right off that I am an older BIWM. I am fully bi, having participated in virtually every bi activity there is. Yet, every now and then I discover something new, something I have not done before. This story is about that activity. If you do not like to read stories about BI MEN or even some GAY activities, do yourself a favor and skip it now. Still here? OK Here we go!

As I noted, I am an older biman. I have been married and divorced, never had kids, have had encounters with other men and women fairly often over the years. I have enjoyed most of those encounters and even the ones I could say were not enjoyable, I am happy I did it. I do not “love” anal but I know that from being a top and a bottom. I speak to my own experience and do not urge you to do anything you do not enjoy. I am currently married to a very nice lady similar to my age and she, like me, has had lots of sexual activities but never bi activities. This story is about “something new” for her too! She is 5'8” and 125lbs. Average size breasts and perfectly shaped. Her pussy is kept trimmed and, on occasion, shaved. My cock is similarly trimmed and shaved on occasion. We both enjoy oral and don't care for a mouth full of hair. She knows that I am Bi and has not complained. She seems to enjoy knowing that I have been with men in the past and since we have met, has joined me sucking a cock. Although she insisted on me eating his cum she found it exciting. We have not shared a man anally. We have shared her pussy and mouth with a man or two, or more sometimes at parties. We enjoy the lifestyle and join in when we feel the urge.

On with the story.

We had been to a small party recently and had met several people we liked and have shared our personal contact info with them. Two days ago one of the men in a couple called and I talked to him (my wife was not home) and we discussed bi-play and any limitations. I told him I had bottomed before and did not particularly care for it. He said he enjoyed bottoming and topping. He also said he did not have a wife to share. I told him that I shared my wife on occasion and he admitted that she had been quite attractive at the party and said he would be happy to join us in pleasing her—and me. I told him when we could host and our address. I said I would tell my wife and if she agreed then we could all play. That evening when my wife came home I told her about the call and that I had invited him over if she agree's. It was OK with her when I told her his name. She thought he was quite good looking and said she would not say no if he wanted to play with her too. I returned the call to him and told him it was on!

A few days later we were waiting for his arrival. We discussed limits for everyone just in case she needed to change anything. A safe word was agreed on. It has been our safe word forever and had only had to use it once, but that is another story. Soon he was at the door and she invited him in.

It occurs to me that you folks reading this have no idea who we are. My name is Roy, my wife is Alice and our guest is Tom.

As Tom came in Alice gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I shook hands with him and offered him a drink. He turned down the drink as he had a long drive home. So I refrained from drinking also and Alice had her usual Gin and Tonic. We all started to relax on the couch with Alice between us. Soon the talk turned to just what each of us liked sexually. I had told him at the party before that I was Bi and he was also. Alice mentioned that she likes to participate with me as Bi play was exciting to her. She giggled when she said that sometime she was a little upset when I stopped her from swallowing a guys cum and took it myself. We all agreed that it was a bit greedy of me. Tom said he had done that with his GF too and with the similar reaction! He was now without a GF but he was on the lookout for a nice lady.

We continued chatting and getting to know each other when Alice asked if he liked eating pussy and sucking on titties. He assured her he was very fond of most anything a lady enjoyed and that he would happily make her happy in any way she liked. Alice smiled at that and then announced “I would love to have my pussy licked right now!” At that she stood and pulled her skirt up showing us she had her bare pussy ready. It was already starting to get moist. She took Tom's head and almost shoved his face into her pussy!

Tom simply started licking and sucking on her. I reached over and felt his crotch through his pants and he was sporting a very interesting boner. I undid his pants and had him stand up. As he was standing Alice was telling him to keep licking her cunt! I dropped his pants and knelt in front of him, taking his now rock hard cock in my mouth and hands! Sucked him as he ate my wife's cunt and we all enjoyed each other. Except nobody was enjoying my cock! I told everyone to go to the big bedroom. (we had three bedrooms, our bedroom, a guest room and the “BIG bedroom with an oversize bed for special guests. This was a special guest! We all adjourned to the BIG bed. Within seconds of getting into the room we all shed our clothes! Tom's cock was still rock hard and the head was emerging from the foreskin. I took him in my mouth as Alice leaned me over and reched under me to play with my cock. I was not uncut and she had told me she liked them that way, but I know for a fact that she enjoys a really hard uncut cock, up to 8 inches. Any bigger is uncomfortable in her. Tom's cock was a very nice 7 incher as was mine. Alice made her way to my cock with her hands and then her mouth as I sucked Tom's boner! It was not long when Tom asked for a rest as he did not want to cum so quickly into the playtime. I released his cock from my mouth and told Alice to stop sucking mine too. She did and and went to our toy chest.

Tom and I relaxed a bit as we played with each other's cock. Tom also started to play with my butt a bit. Now I don't care to bottom but I do enjoy some nice butt play. A bit of rubbing and tickle back there is fine. He noticed that my cock seemed to respond to his playing. I noticed his cock was not shrinking any also. I took my hand and was slowly jacking him. Alice got back in bed and reached under Tom and started playing with his butt too. Poking a finger into him made him moan and his cock seemed to harden more. I looked at Alice and she smiled and motioned to her pussy. But her pussy had a nice sized plastic cock strapped on it. She did enjoy some ass play with it, although not in me. She moved to poke Tom's asshole with it. He moaned again and she put some lube on her hands and started to finger his ass. He was really getting excited now and she stopped. She used the lube to stroke her strapon as she moved Tom into a fucking position. “Tom you wouldn't mind being fucked a bit would you?” She said. Tom moaned out FUCK ME as she had already started to slide up inside him. Within a few seconds she was deep in him, his cock standing straight up and she took my head and moved my mouth onto him. I was really enjoying our play. I had a mouth full of hard cock she was fucking him and he was in ecstasy! She moved into a faster stroking into his ass. He started to excrete precum quite heavily into my mouth. I sucked him and ate every drop I could. I asked him if he wanted me to swallow his cum and he grunted YES!! Alice grinned at me and indicated to me she wanted to see me eat his cum. I smiled at him and resumed deep throating his hard uncut cock! Seven inches slid down my throat and in another few seconds he exploded cum right straight to my belly! Alice was now moaning and I realized she had her “special” strapon in use Not only did it have a plastic cock to fuck him it had one on the inside to fuck her! Everyone was cumming! Except me. Soon Tom's balls had emptied into my throat and Alice had jerked to a stop as she had her orgasm. I relented on his cock, she slid out of his ass and we all relaxed. The only evidence of them cuming was a wet spot on the bed where Alice's strapon had dripped when she removed it from his ass and her, now sopping wet cunt! We all took a short break. I got us some water to rehydrate everyone and also relaxed. I had a belly full of cum Alice had a great orgasm and Tom was empty! What fun.

But the night was young and Alice commented that I was the only one who was not rewarded. I corrected her “I swallowed my reward dear!”

Soon we had recovered enough that Tom was now playing with Alice's tits and she was moving her hand on my cock. I was re-inflating and knew she would soon take care of that for me. Very soon she gave Tom's cock a nice suck and noted that it wa getting bigger. And as she also noted, she had not had any real cock yet and that we both need to make sure that was taken care of soon. I smiled as Tom moved to eat her pussy and she took his cock in her mouth as they 69'd. I laid back with my now stiff cock in my hand and enjoyed the view. I smiled as Tom asked her if she wanted to swallow his cum as I had before She choked out an answer as she continued sucking “Yethofcourse”. Tom sighed and took my cock in his hand. He was stroking it nicely for me. He did manage, between moans to tell me to “Please cum in my mouth” I nodded that I would as we all continued. It took only a short time before I was moaning and Alice was smiling as she told Tom to get ready for a cock in his mouth. We all moved around to accommodate our current suck and fuck positions! Alice now had Tom's cock in her greedy cunt his. It was just then that I thought “wish I had a video of this!” I also thought I would get one tomorrow first thing!

I started to feel my cum starting. It flowed up my cock and into Tom's mouth and he swallowed all he could but some flowed out of his mouth. To my somewhat surprise I felt Alice tense and she was also swallowing Tom's cum! I shot my load and felt drained. Alice ate every drop of Tom's cum as she moaned and fingered her pussy and his ass at the same time. Once again we were all relaxed and laying on the bed. I asked Tom if he had to leave for home. He told me “Nobody waiting on me there and I would enjoy some morning sucking, fucking and swallowing if we liked.” Alice and I smiled and made ourselves comfy with Tom between us. Soon we were sound asleep.

The next thing I knew, it was morning and I could smell coffee brewing. Alice was not in the bed but Tom was and in his sleep he had another stiffy I could feel as I was leaning against him. Alice came in and announced that it was time to wake up and offered us coffee. Tom stretched and smiled as he felt me against his cock and accepted her offer of coffee. He did mention he could provide the cream to go with our coffee if we liked! We laughed and Alice said she would like it black this morning. That spurred another round of laughs and giggles. We drank our coffee, got out of bed and made our way, naked, to the breakfast nook. Alice served us eggs and sausage and asked if anyone needed anything els. Tom said he could use some pussy! She smiled and told him “after breakfast you can have all you can use!”

Finishing breakfast with some more good humored comments centering around the night before she noted that she had not gotten a cock in her pussy yet. Tom told her to bend over and he would take care of that. She smiled and blushed a bit. I grinned and told her that “at least you wont have to worry about cleaning up your pussy after the fucking” she smiled and took our hands and led us to the big bedroom again where she immediately got on all fours as I got under her and she took me in her mouth. Tom made good on his comment and slid his hard cock (I started to wonder how many times he could get that thing hard) and started pumpng her cunt. I was licking and sucking her fucked cunt and his hard cock as they fucked! It took a little longer this morning but finally Tom unloaded in my wifes twat. I kept licking and sucking them both. As he pulled out I sucked him clean and finished eating her creampie. I do love doing both those things. Cleaning fresh cum and pussy juice off a cock and eating a fresh creampie from my wife. As all this happened I started shooting off in her mouth as I felt her suck and swallow all of it. When Tom got up to shower she turned around and gave me a big wet kiss with some of my cum still in her mouth. Another thing Ienjoyed. She had done this with me virtually every time she had sucked me off! I loved it, Suck me off Eat all my cum and kiss me beautiful was what I had told her the first time she and I had cum in each other's mouth and she had never forgotten.

After Tom had showered and finished another cup of coffee he kissed Alice goodbye, shook my hand and assured me he would love to be back with both of us! We waved as he drove away. I got my shower and Alice joined me. We washed each other inside and out then we tasted each

other to make sure we got all the soap rinsed off. Being a weekend we went out to the patio by the pool and relaxed in the sun.

As we layed in the sun and took naps I heard our neighbors talking. Bob the guy next door asked over the fence “Good morning I see you had a visitor last night.. A relative or friend? I told him just a friend and he smiled and winked. He knew Alice and I were swingers and never complained about our guests. Not that it was any of his or his wifes business, but it was OK with us if someone kept an eye on the house when we couldn't. As we chatted his wife Susan said hello also. I invited them over for a light snack. They showed up and I woke Alice. She smiled and told them hello. They exdhanged pleasentries and just chatted as Bob and I went into the garage to show him some woodwork I had started. Nothing big or fancy but a couple pieces of Patio furniture. As we talked he mentioned that we should have introduced our new friend to them. I was surprised, as I did not think they would care to know anything about or personal activities. I told him that Tom was just an acquaintance who had a drink or two too much last night and could not drive home. Bod nodded and said that was a good idea. As we returned to the patio our wives were inside. Alice came out and brought us some cool drinks and asked if we would prefer something else. I smiled, thanked her and asked Bob if he would like ANYThing from Alice. Bob about choked on his drink and shook his head no. I smiled and Alice left smiling also. He finished his drink and the ladies arrived with some small sandwiches and new drinks. We all sat and chatted about general things.. Then it was lunch time and Bob and his wife took their leave and went home. We went into the house and started cleaning up the big bedroom as it was a little messy.

The next weekend we hosted Tom again He arrived Saturday morning and we played around a bit. Just slap and tickle play to start things going again We were all just a tiny bit shy after the last week. Soon he was grabbing Allice by the ass and I was feeling his cock as Alice was kissing me passionately. Then the doorbell rang. We looked at each other and I told them it wasn't anyone I had planned on being there. I went to the door and opened it to find our neighbor Bob and his wife, Susan. I asked them in and they made their way to the breakfast nook where we were. I introduced them all and we all just made small talk. Although we were not interested in small talk as we had other plans for the day that included the three of us fucking sucking and swallowing! We kept it cordial and when I went to the kitchen Bob followed me asking if Tom was going to stay over again. I looked at Bob and asked him why he wanted to know. He replied that Susan had told him that Tom looked quite handsome and she was a bit taken with him. That shocked me as I did not know our neighbors were interested in any type of swinging. He told me, as we talked some more, that they would be interested in knowing more about “the lifestyle” as he put it. I commented that if they really wanted to know that to simply ask me what he wanted to know. He smiled sheepishly and said Susan had brought it up the evening before when she had watched a movie on a steaming service about swingers. The movie apparently was quite well done and although not pornographic, it was very explicit about what could happen. We returned to the breakfast nook and I invited everyone to the living room where we all made ourselves comfortable. Alice sat next to Tom, our neighbors sat next to me and Tom and Susan sat with Bob between them. I broke the ice by asking Susan what movie she had seen last evening. Bob spoke up and told us the title. Alice asked what it was about and Susan just said it was a very well done movie about swinging. Tom looked at me and I smiled and nodded. Alice asked what they thought of the movie and swinging. Bob said it was quite interesting and asked if we knew anything about the subject. I was going to answer when Alice blurted out “yes we know a bit about it because we are swingers”. Susan and Bob did not look shocked and commented about us being next door and they never knew. We smiled and Tom said that a lot of folks that do not participate simply think swingers are a bunch of nasty people who just want to fuck and suck cock all the time. That shocked Bob and Susan, but not for long. Within a minute they started asking all kinds of questions. From “How do we each feel about our spouses cheating , to, are any of you gay? More questions were asked and we all answered as honestly as possible. No we are not Gay but a lot of us are Bisexual. No It is not cheating if you and he agree to it all. ALL was emphasized. Soon everyone was talking and we were all just neighbors talking. Alice asked if Bob or Susan had had any out of marriage experiences. They answered that no they had not but there were times when they wondered how it would feel to have her or him fucking or sucking someone else! They almost immediately realized that if it was something they BOTH wanted then they should just enjoy it! Alice commented that a cock is a cock a mouth is a mouth and a pussy or ass is just a pussy or ass. Nothing romantically involved, just sex, removed from the emotions attributed to it. We talked for over an hour until Susan said she had stuff to do around the house and they left. Tom looked relieved when they were gone and walked over to Alice grabbed her tit and planted a big juicy one on her lips! She smiled and told him she had a better place he could plant the next kiss! We all went to the bedroom and quickly got out of our clothes and everyone's mouth had someone in it! The afternoon went quickly. Before evening Tom asked if he could stay over again. Alice quickly told him YES you are welcome! That settled we took another round of sucking and fucking till we were empty again. Just at dark our doorbell rang! I Put on shorts and T-shirt and went to the door. I was surprised to see Bob and Susan there. Dressed rather skimpily. They told me they had both decided to stop in and see if they could interest us in an evening of fun. I looked them in the eyes and said, “If you mean by “fun” sucking and fucking, then sure come on in. They sheepishly came in and I took them to the bedroom. They looked a bit apprehensive at the sight of Tom fucking Alice doggy as they entered, Go on in and join in any way you desire. I told them. Surprisingly Susan went to get a closeup look at at Tom's cock sliding in and out of Alice! What shocked her was that he was not in her pussy but up her ass! Susan recovered quickly and told Bob to come here and see this! Bob looked and told Susan “I didn't know you liked anal. She smiled and said she had not done it before. I took my shorts and shirt off and got on the bed, inviting them to do the same. Just have fun with us but please ask before you stick your tongue or cock in someone! Not that we will care! They slowly disrobed, kissed each other and got on the bed. Susan asked if she could suck my cock and I told her of course Bob went around to Alice and had his cock in front of her face. Alice smiled and quickly sucked it. This went on for awhile until Tom announced that he was cuming! He had everyone's attention as he filled Alices ass with hot cum! I told Susan that if she wanted to taste my cum I would cum in her mouth. Or would she like to be fucked! She told Bob to “get over here and fuck me! Bob removed himself from Alices mouth and got behind his wife. He started to slide it up her pussy but she grabbed him and shoved it up her asshole! I want to do this for the first time! She told him! He smiled as he slid his cock deep into her. Alice had turned around and was sucking Tom's cock clean. Soon she was backing her ass up to my cock and guided me up her sweet butt hole! Tom was recovering as Bob fucked his wife's ass and I fucked my wife's ass. Soon every cunt and ass was full of cum! Alice and I had anal all the time whenever one of us wanted it. Bob, on the other hand had not been in Susan's butt ever before He did not last long as Susan wiggled and moaned. Bob shot a huge load into her bowels for the very first time ! Susan waited till he finished and turned around, kissed him and took his shrinking cock down her throat! Another first for them! Never did ATM before. Bob suddenly got hard and Susan told him to shoot in her mouth! He did. Tom had recovered and Alice was sucking his cock as Tom took me in his mouth! Soon I filled Tom with cum as he filled Alice!] It was turning into a really good day and eve. Eventually we all fell asleep in that huge fuck bed. In the morning we all had a good cum filled wake up and went to our separate homes. All promised to be back any time we wanted. Alice commented after they left that Susan was such a good one that next time she was going to treat me to a first. Alice was going to eat my cum from Susan for her first pussy eating ever. It was no surprise when I suddenly had another boner. And no surprise when My beautiful, lovely sexy wife sucked me dry once again! I kissed her and we went to the breakfast nook for some real food.

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