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My gay weekend camping trip

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My wife Pam and I have always had an open marriage. We are both bisexual. We have been married for 20 years and are in our late forties. She is striking at 5 feet 9 and 130, blond hair, blue eyes, with 34B tits and a tight ass with long legs. I am 6 feet, 185, in-shape, black hair, green eyes and a 7-inch average girth cut cock. We are both shaved.

Recently Pam went to Vegas with 2 girl friends for a girl weeklong funfest. I knew it would entail the girls having sex with each other and also with guys. I was also sure there would be multiple guys on each woman. It was cool, as I would get to hear all the details when she returned. Of course I could do what I wanted to also as long as I shared with her.

I decided to go camping to my favorite site. It has a creek for swimming close by and I could relax all weekend before heading back to work on Monday. After setting up the trailer I went to the creek for a swim. It was 90 degrees out and the water was cool. No one was around so I stripped down and said fuck it on putting on my swimsuit. I dove in and swam around, then floated down the creek a ways maybe a quarter mile. I then swam back only to discover four young guys all about 18 standing holding my clothes. I said what gives? The one guy Ted told me he has a deal for me. Not being shy I got out of the creek and walked up to them. They were all about my size but somewhat thinner. I could kick one or two of their Asses but 4 maybe not. So I decided to play cool.

Ted said hey Pops I will give back your shirt if you suck my cock. They all laughed. Each guy then said in turn, suck mine and you get your t-shirt, suck mine and get your under ware, your socks and shoes. I must admit inside I was thinking this could be fun. Then it happened my cock started to grow. In seconds I was full mast. My cock was sticking straight out and throbbing. Ted laughed and they all looked at my cock and they laughed too.

Ted said looks like he likes the idea. He then ordered me to my knees in front of him. He pulled out his soft cock was about 5 inches and told me to suck him. I said if you want me to suck your cocks you need to strip down also so I can do it right. Just having your cock exposed I will not be able to play with your balls or feel you ass. Man that did it. Two of the guys ripped off their clothes fast exposing their young hard bodies. Then Ted and the other also stripped down.

Standing in a semi-circle where four nice young hard bodied men with real nice cocks and Asses. Each cock was about 6 to 7 inches and all about average in girth. All were growing to attention. I moved close to Ted and took his cock in my hand and it jumped. I stroked his manhood to full hardness and then stuck out my tongue and licked the head and then the entire length. I cupped his balls with one hand as I jerked his cock with the other. I then took his cock in my mouth and sucked it hard as I bobbed my head up and down on his sweet stiff penis. It did not take long, maybe 15 seconds and he stiffened, his cock swelled up, his ass cheeks grew tight and he groaned out that he was going to cum. I sucked his cock deep in my mouth and shoved my middle finger up his ass hole. He shot his load of hot boy juice into my waiting mouth. He shot 6 long streams of bittersweet thick spunk into my hungry mouth. I swallowed several times to get it all. I continued to suck him dry until he said stop because it was too sensitive. I backed away and looked at his cock. It was still hard as a rock and up at a 45 degree angle. Oh to be young.

I then had a hand on my shoulder and was turned around to receive the next cock. He was jerking his cock, as were the others. I went down on his cock also. His had a straight shaft and a larger head then the shaft. The head was so soft. I licked it all around as I jerked his cock. I put my finger to his ass hole and he said oh fuck yes stick it in me. I wet my finger wit spit and parted his ass cheeks and slipped my finger in his hole as I continued to just lick that soft bulbous sweet cock head. I found his prostate and massaged it as I licked. He said here it comes and shot his cum on my face. The first rope of cum shot from his cock to my upper lips across my nose over my forehead and soaked my hair. He shot 7 more times and each found my mouth or face. I was covered with that wonderful boys hot sticky cum. It was great. It tasted sweeter the Ted but still that familiar salty cum taste.

Then I was on to number three. He was real quick. As soon as I opened my mouth and my tongue wet his cock he erupted. His cum flowed out instead of shooting. It was like a steady stream with each pulse of his cock his cum just came out like an open faucet. It was a good quarter of a cup of hot thick stringy cum and I savored it for a moment in my mouth. I open my mouth and showed all of then his mighty load and the swallowed. They all cheered.

The last guy was also ready and willing. His cock was the biggest at 7 inches and was also thicker then I first thought. His cock was bigger then mine. His balls were also huge. His nut sack was hanging down holding his to golf ball size nuts. I cupped then I could not resist and took each one to my lips. I kissed each and then sucked them. I then licked under his nuts sack to the area between his balls and ass hole. I then said what the fuck and licked his ass hole. He went wild. His cock was leaking pre-cum and it was jumping each time I licked his butt hole. I then took his cock to my mouth a deep throated his huge cock. He came as I had his cock buried in my throat. His cum went straight down to my belly. I was also ramming my finger in his ass hole as he shot.

His cock was still in my mouth as Ted got behind me and slipped his cock in my ass. He then fucked me as hard as I have ever been fucked. He rammed his hard fuck stick in my ass for 5 minutes. I was in gay heaven. He then spun me around a shot on my face.

The last guy I sucked then to my surprise was between my legs and went to my cock like a pro. He sucked me and licked me. But the lasted only for a few moments as one of the others wanted a chance at my ass.

I got on all fours and he assaulted my ass hole. Then the guy who was sucking me slides under and got in a 69 with me. He and I sucked each other as I was being fucked. That guy fucked me deep and hard and came in my ass. The other replaced him and he slipped right in. He fucked me also and dumped his cum in my ass as well. As he unloaded I was able to get the guy I was sucking to cum the second time in my mouth.

Now each had cum 2 times and I had not cum yet. I stood up and asked who will finish me off. To my surprise all four knelt in front of me and licked and sucked in turn. After 15 minutes of that I was ready. I jerked my cock and sprayed my load on each of their young faces.

I then invited then back to my campsite. They said the were camping also near by. We spent the weekend with each guy taking a turn in my ass. They had me on my back with my legs on their shoulders as the assaulted my tight ass hole with their boy spears. I really enjoyed being fucked by these guys and they enjoyed sucking my cock. I also fucked each of the beautiful hard smooth asses. They also sucked each other several times. I asked if they liked girls and they said YES. I told then in two weeks I will bring my wife and they can fuck her and me as long as I get to fuck and suck them. We exchanged email and phone numbers and made plans for our next camping trip.

I could not wait to share my weekend with my wife. As we told each other our tales we fucked the night away. I will share her story as well as share our next camping trip.

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