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My educational trip to the bookstore

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I couldn't believe I was doing it. I was actually getting out of my car to walk into the bookstore. I knew what I was getting into because a few years ago I stumbled drunk in there to get a porno to go home and jack off wildly to when I was hit on. I had looked over only once and saw the horny cum thirsty men waiting in the darkness where the booths were. They wanted me to go in there so they could drain me like a vampire drains blood. I hurried up and got out of there. Today was going to be a different story. I was going in there so I could feel one or more of those hot mouths service me and I was nervous.

Finals had just ended at my university. I am a full time student and a full time worker and have a girlfriend at home, so to say I am busy is like saying the suns surface is warm. today it was all over. I had finished my last final and the stress had me feeling crazy. My girlfriend hates to give head and head is exactly what the doctor ordered. I needed to watch a good porn and relax as my cock got serviced and I knew of only one place that that could happen: the bookstore.

I began to have second thoughs as I approached the door but it was too late, I was inside. I walked up to the counter and asked for three dollars in tokens and I knew that he knew why I was there. This store has a brousing fee of three dollars so it was either pay three dollars to "browse" or get tokens to go back to the back. I don't think any straight people go back to the booths. All i've ever heard is faggots going back there to suck and fuck each other. Today I was going to be one of those faggots because I despratly desired a mouth around my 7.5 inch cock working hard to make it happy. I recieved my tokens and walked to the back and into the darkness.

I saw a man loitering around outside the booths watching me as I came in. I went through the little maze back there and saw a booth with a door open and decided that that is the one i'd go in.

I locked the door behind me and figured Id watch some porn for a few minutes while I got myself very horny then..well i didnt exactly know how it all worked. I figured maybe I'd unlock the lock and maybe someone would "accidently" come in the booth not realizing it was occupied and see me with my cock in hand and ask if he could join me then after a few minutes maybe hed reach over and touch it and stroke it then suck on it, but this is not at all how it happened.

I went into the booth and locked it and inserted some coins and immiadiatly the screen came on full volume. There was a button you could hit that would change the channel so i flipped trough till i saw a hot blonde girl sucking off a group of hung black men. Perfect. Ill get my cock sucked to this. That way, itll be like the blond sucking on me. I pulled out my growing cock and began to rub on it as it began to get larger and larger when I noticed something. There was a hole conecting my booth to antoher booth. I'm not completly ignorant. i know what this is, but didnt notice it before now. I only noticed it because there was someone looking through it. He saw me and disappeared. I was getting ready to put my cock through it when he knocked at my door. I Didn't get up to open the door. I was able to do it while still sitting on the bench in the booth I opened it and he came in and pulled his cock out. I was confused.

I didn't expect him to have his cock out to suck my dick, but i didnt stay confused for long when he grabbed the back of my head and stuck his cock right in my face. I didn't know what to do but before I knew what I was doing I had it in my mouth. He wasnt gentle about it either. He kept ramming his monster cock into my mouth and throat. It had to have been about 9 inches. I kept gaging and choking and had tears running down my face and could barely breath but he didnt care. he just kept ramming his thinck cock into my throat until finally he held my head close to his body with his cock far in my throat and i felt his shaft start pulsating and I knew he was using my mouth as a warm cum rag. He released all of his seed into my mouth then slowly pulled it out and put it back in his pants and zippped up and walked out without even a thank you.

I sat there stunned for a minute when I noticed again someone looking through the hole. apperently someone was watching and enjoying it as I had a cock force its way down my virgin throat. he then did what I wanted done and stuck his cock through the hole for me to suck it. My mouth had some strangers cum in it and now another stranger wants me to take his load too. I couldnt believe it when i found myself getting on the dirty floor to take this man's hot cock. His cock was smaller then my first so I was able to take it better, and with the sounds of the porno playing and pwople moaning being fucked I was hard and turned on. I was now getting into the rythem of sucking this strange cock, something I wasnt able to do the first time because that man just fucked my face and this time I was actually giving a blow job. I was going nice and slow and enjoying every second of it giving him the kind of blow job i wanted. I was so into it that I didnt realize that I never locked the booth after the first man left and was only made aware of this when I heard the sound of more coins being dropped into the slot. I started to take my mouth off this dick i was sucking to see what was going on when I felt a hand start sliding my pants down. I stoped thinking about it and continued to suck the cock through the glory hole while the man behind me rubbed my now exposed ass for a few seconds then it stopped

The next thing I feel is a finger sliding into my asshole. Oh my god it felt amazing and I started sucking the strangers cock faster and faster. The finger was soon followed by another finger and they were sliding in and out of me. I wanted so bad to start jacking my hard cock off and know I would have cum very quicky but i needed my hands for balance and to give the man behind me acess to my ass. It didnt take long before he pulled his fingers out of my tight asshole and I felt something much larger go inside me. I knew I was being fucked.

I went into the bookstore to get a nice stress relieving blow job and here I am with the taste of some mans cum in my mouth a second cock fucking my mouth and a third cock penatrating my asshole and I cant be happier. I let these men use my body to get them selves off ocasinaly looking up to see the screen where the man behind me had turned the channel and it was not a man dressed like a girl getting pounded by a black man.

I felt the same feeling nw that I did about 20 min earlier. The man whose cock was invading my mouth was about to cum and I was ready to drink his load when he pulled out of my mouth and shot cum all over my face and hair. His dick then disappeared and i heard his booth open and i knew he was gone. I could now, for the first time, begin to moan at the fact that My asshole had a cock in it. I could hear myself over hte porno and felt like a whore. I had cum in my eyes and hair and all over my face and in my mouth and still I was in the floor of a sex shop getting my ass pounded, but then he started going wild and slamming deep inside in and out and I knew my asshole was about to get filled with his hot jizz. He filled my asshole and it was warm and felt good.

he then left and I was sore and my mouth hurt from all the sucking so I got up and left too.

I had nothing I could wipe the cum off me with so I was forced to walk through the sex shop with cum all over me as I walked funny. I noticed the store clerk and several patrans, including a couple looking at me as I made my way out the door. I could feel the cum running out of my ass as I walked by. I got back to my car and looked in the mirror and had globs of cum in my eyebrows and eyelashes and my checks were shiney. I started the car and lit a cigarette and realized that I went in there to get a blow job, and I never even got to cum. My balls were sore from all the cum I had built up. I stopped off at a gas station and went inside and went to the bathroom where I cleaned myself up and went home and fucked my girlfriend. I finally got to cum, but it wasnt the great release I was needing. Maybe I need to give the bookstore another try soon.

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