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Lost and Found

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I looked up at the athletic muscular man in front of me and then over at my pretty ex-girlfriend. They were both naked as Sherry walked slowly over to me.

Her big beautiful 36dd tits swayed gently as she approached. My eyes soaked in her naked splendor. The way her big tits stood proudly firm with her pierced nipples hard with excitement. Her tiny waist and flat stomach with two tattoos and a pierced navel. Her full wide hips looked delectable and her soft round ass was still perfect. My mouth watered as I remembered the succulent flavor of her smooth shaved pussy.

We had always shared incredible chemistry and an openness to share all of our deepest secrets and fantasies. I could still remember how that began. We were talking on the phone and I said that I wanted to lick her all over. She asked if I meant everywhere and I assured her I did. We both knew we were talking about me licking her pretty ass and we both knew it was exactly what we wanted.

Our fantasies grew as we explored our deepest darkest desires. We found that we were both freaks sexually and we were both turned on by the same things. We played with the idea of golden showers; we thrilled at the thought of domination and the S&M lifestyle. We found that I was more submissive and Sherry was naturally dominant. We learned that the thought of exhibitionism, voyeurism and group sex was incredibly exciting to both of us.

Sherry admitted to me that she had twice fooled around with another woman and that she considered herself bisexual. That titillated me beyond belief because my biggest fantasies have always centered on girl/girl sex.

Originally our group sex fantasies centered on a soft swap and the only intercouple contact would be between the girls. The fantasy began to evolve when Sherry admitted that she would like us to share another woman, with both of us having sex with the other woman. The one caveat was no kissing between me and the other girl.

We joined a swingers website, where we started looking for the ever elusive bisexual single woman (almost impossible to find) or a couple, possibly with a cuckold man, to make our fantasy a reality. The more we tried the more clear it became that finding a soft swap couple would not be easy. This realization took place about the time that Sherry and I were discovering more about ourselves, each other and us as a couple.

Sherry had begun to assert herself as the domme to my sub in our sexual relationship and we continued to delve deeper and deeper into our sexuality.

One day as we were exploring a particular fantasy that centered on Sherry completely dominating me in front of another couple she asked if I would suck her girl cock (our name for her strapon) in front of another couple.

We had already established that her making me suck her strapon was a tremendous turn on for both of us. We also found that the idea of having her dominate me and use her strapon to fuck me in the ass was also very hot.

I answered honestly that I would love to do that. She then asked me if I would suck her strapon if someone else was wearing it. In my mind I pictured Sherry wearing a black leather corset and spike heals with her short red hair slicked back as she ordered me to fellate a strapon which was fastened to the waist of a pretty woman.

''Yes mistress, I would love to do that for you,'' I answered honestly.

''Even if it was on a guy,'' she queried. It was a question I had never even considered. We had always agreed that guy/guy stuff did nothing for either of us and she knew I was straight but despite that I knew exactly where she was headed.

'Sherry,'' I asked, ''Do you want to see me suck another man's cock?''

''I don't know,'' she replied, ''kind of. I mean I know you are straight and I said that it does nothing for me but I have been thinking about it and under the right circumstances I think it would be really hot. Would you do it?'' She asked in a soft sexy voice.

I paused and thought for a moment and something strange happened. I realized that Sherry was right; under the right circumstances it would be hot. ''Yes I would, does that surprise you?''

''Kind of, but not really. I know you better than anyone remember,'' she mused.

From there our fantasies really took off unfettered. No subject outside of bestiality, incest and pedophilia was taboo and the dirtier the better. The no kissing edict between me and other woman remained and I had no desire to kiss a guy but other than that nothing seemed off limits.

''Would you swallow his cum?'' She once asked.

''Yes mistress, would that make you hot?''

''God yes, would you let a guy fuck you?'' she continued.

''I don't know,'' I replied. 'Would that make you hot?''

''Under the right circumstances yes it would be uber hot.''

''What are the right circumstances,'' I asked.

''Well the guy would have to be really hot and he would have to be shaved.'' As usual her mental picture was perfect. ''Well, would you do it baby?''

''In the right situation, yes I would do anything for you.'' At that moment I realized that what turned me on most was experiencing things together. That fulfilling her fantasies with her turned me on as much as fulfilling my own kinky fantasies.

Over the next several months Sherry and I continued to push the limits of our fantasy lives and the fantasies continued to grow.

She would send me pictures and profiles of guys she wanted to see me with and I would do the same with girls for her. We would walk past a pretty girl, always a thin brunette with big tits, and Sherry would say ''she's my type.''

Sherry admitted to me that she would like to make me pick up a man at a gay bar and make me blow him in front if her maybe even in a dark parking lot where we might get caught.

I agreed that could be hot. I admitted that I would like both of us to be dominated together as a couple by another dominant couple, woman or even a bisexual man.

Sherry thought that was uber hot. She also thought the idea of taking me to a peepshow and making me service a glory hole was hot. I said the idea was kind of frightening to me because of disease, so we tabled that fantasy. It seemed there was little we wouldn't at least consider.

I admitted to Sherry that much like her, my initial reluctance to seeing her fucked by another man had softened and it kind of turned me on despite my jealousy regarding her. I admitted to being turned on by eating her pussy and asshole as another man fucked her. I told her it turned me on to imagine licking a cock as it slid in and out of her. I confessed that the idea of eating a creampie from her delicious cunt really turned me on as well.

Sherry confessed to having r*pe fantasies. She loved being choked and having her hair pulled. She also loved to do those things to me.

We not only talked about our fantasies, we lived them out. We fucked in a parking garage with her bent over the trunk of my car. She tied me to the bed and whipped me. She anally r*ped me with her fingers and with toys. We were building toward fulfilling all of our fantasies.

Unfortunately, like so many relationships ours ended when it became clear to me that we were too alike and we fought all the time. I knew our fighting would never end and I could not deal with the fighting and constant drama.

The fact that our relationship ended did not mean that I didn't care for Sherry or that I didn't love her. I continued to think about her often and I fought myself to keep from contacting her. I know she didn't understand that it was difficult for me, just as it was for her and I regretted hurting her but I knew there was no way I could continue with an unhealthy relationship.

Then one day several months after we had broken up I ran into Sherry on the street as I was walking to my car after work. She smiled when she saw me and gave me a hug. It was uncomfortable at first but within a few minutes we were talking as if we had never been apart. She touched my hand and the old familiar butterflies fluttered in my stomach.

''Let's get a drink,'' she suggested as she led me into a nearby bar. We sat next to each other like we had done a year and a half earlier in Las Vegas and we lost ourselves in each others eyes. The world around us seemed to disappear. She reached under the table and put her hand on my thigh as she leaned closer to me.

''I have missed you so much baby,'' she said softly as her lips brushed across my cheek.

Our lips met in a soft kiss as my hand covered hers under the table and squeezed tenderly.

''Let's get out of here,'' she said as she led me from the bar by the hand. We walked hand in hand the two blocks to her hotel room. I wrapped my arms around her as the elevator doors closed and pressed my lips to hers. Her long tongue darted into my mouth and entwined with mine as she squeezed me tight. We kissed deeply and my hands caressed the soft skin of her back beneath her shirt.

The elevator doors opened and we reluctantly broke our deep sensuous kiss. Sherry led me to her room and quickly opened the door.

Our passion soared as the door closed behind us. Our lips fused together and we kissed deeply. My tongue flicked out and grazed over her top lip making her entire body shudder just as it always did.

We tore at each others clothes as we continued to kiss deeply. Our lips pressed together and our tongues did a familiar dance only parting to take our shirts off. We continued to kiss and tear at each others clothes until we were both naked.

Her warm body felt wonderful pressed against mine and my hard cock throbbed against her soft smooth flesh.

I kissed her neck as my hands caressed her sexy body and she purred softly. I trailed soft tender butterfly kisses down her chest over her incredible tits to her hard pierced nipples and I sucked and chewed on them as her arms cradled my head lovingly. I chewed on one nipple then the other before continuing my journey down her delectable body. I trailed more soft kisses down her flat tummy to her tattoos where I traced the outline of each of them with my tongue as she moaned loudly.

The scent of her flagrant pussy filled my nostrils as I settled between her soft yet muscular thighs. I kissed my way from her pierced navel to her shaved smooth pussy.

Sherry inhaled deeply as my tongue touched her soaking wet pussy. I sucked her thick meaty pussy lips into my mouth and swirled my tongue around them as I savored the unbelievably delicious flavor of her wet pussy. I plunged my tongue deep inside her wet hole as her hands squeezed her massive tits. My hands held her sexy legs in the air as I plunged my tongue deep inside her tight perfect ass. I tongue fucked her ass while my fingers rubbed her engorged clit. I could feel her climax building so I slipped two fingers into her wet pussy and quickly found her gspot. I rubbed her gspot as I sucked her hard clit into my mouth. My tongue rhythmically flicked over her clit until she exploded in the most powerful ograsm of her life.

I climbed over her and slid my hard cock into her soaking wet pussy as waves of her climax continued to tickle her perfect body. I slid my cock in her slowly, feeling every slippery inch of her magnificent pussy before withdrawing equally slowly. I began fucking her with long slow strokes as I kissed her deeply and looked into her pretty green eyes.

Harder and faster I worked my hard throbbing cock into her liquid core. The smell of sex hung heavy in the air and the room filled with the sound of slapping flesh. Sherry panted and moaned as another small climax shook her body. Her fingernails raked down my back as she came again.

I kissed her deeply as she came and then pulled my dripping cock from her pussy. I pressed it to her lips and watched as she greedily licked her juices from my thick pole. She took it down her throat until she gagged and tears ran down her pretty cheeks. I looked down as her head began to bob rhymically and her hand stroked my shaft in perfect time. She slurped and sucked my cock as saliva ran down my cock and dripped from my balls.

''I want to cum inside you baby,'' I said as I turned her over, doggy style and licked her sweet asshole before kneeling behind her and sliding my hard cock back inside her juicy pussy. I fucked her hard and fast and my balls slapped against her clit as I held her hips tight.

I reached forward and pulled her hair hard as I continued to fuck her furiously from behind.

''Oh fuck yes,'' she exclaimed as I slapped her ass hard. ''Slap me harder baby. Choke me baby. Make me your dirty whore.''

I slapped her once more then wrapped my hand around her throat and squeezed. Her body shook with another powerful climax as I denied her air.

I eased my thumb up her tight ass as I continued to fuck her from behind.

''Fuck my ass baby, please. I need your cock in my ass.''

I pulled my dripping wet cock from her pussy and spit on her asshole. My cock was as hard as granite as I pressed it against her puckered asshole. My hips pressed forward and my cock eased inside her ass.

Sherry grunted with pain and pleasure as my big dick filled her virgin asshole with warm throbbing flesh. I pulled back and started fucking her slowly as she got used to my dick in her asshole.

Sherry began pushing back on each stroke. She moaned and grunted with each stroke and our pace quickened until we were wildly fucking and thrusting together at a furious pace. I felt my climax building and I knew I would cum soon.

''Oh fuck baby, I am cumming,'' I yelled as I shot ribbons of cum inside Sherry's beautiful ass.

I collapsed on top of Sherry with my softening cock still inside her ass and we lay still until my cock popped out of her gaping asshole.

Sherry pulled me to her and kissed me tenderly. ''That was amazing baby,'' she said as she idly fingered her cum filled asshole. She dipped her finger deep into her slippery hole and pulled it out and brought it to my lips.

''Clean my fingers piggy,'' she ordered. I felt a stirring in my cock as she fed me her cum coated fingers. She pushed them down my throat and pumped them in and out of my mouth. ''You like that don't you piggy?'' She asked.

''Yes mistress,'' I answered honestly.

''Good answer my pet,'' she said as she rose up and straddled my face. ''Clean your mess piggy.'' She lowered her cum filled asshole to my waiting mouth and moaned loudly as my tongue dug deep inside her. I slurped and sucked my cum from her gaping asshole until every drop had slid down my throat.

Sherry climbed off my face and threw me a towel. ''Wipe your face off piggy and then get dressed,'' she ordered.

''Where are we going?'' I asked.

''Are you questioning me slave?''

''No mistress,'' I answered as I wiped my face and put my clothes on.

Sherry walked out of the bathroom dressed to kill. She wore a short black leather skirt; a back leather corset and high healed thigh high fuck me boots. She ordered me to lace her corset up tight and then put a short black leather jacket over it. She fastened a studded leather dog collar and leash around my neck and walked to the door with me in tow.

''Lead me to your car piggy,'' she commanded as we stepped out of the elevator.

''Drive to the Gold Club piggy,'' Sherry ordered as we pulled out of the parking garage.

Five minutes later we pulled into the parking lot of the upscale strip club. Sherry led me to the door on my leash and then to a table next to the stage. She ordered a drink for her and water for me and the gazed at the stage where a curvy but thick blonde woman danced. We sat at the table as dancer after dancer flirted with my ex-girlfriend until one dancer caught Sherry's eye. She was a tall brunette with big, likely fake, tits and a great ass. When the girl finished her set she walked over to Sherry and asked her if she wanted a private dance. Sherry said yes as long as I could watch. The dancer agreed and they walked hand in hand to a private room, towing me by my leash as they went.

Sherry's eyes glazed over as the pretty dancer ground her pussy against Sherry's thigh. The dancer took Sherry's hands and placed them on her bare tits as she reached down and fingered my pretty ex-girlfriend's pussy.

''You are very wet,'' the stripper said to Sherry as she raised her wet finger to Sherry's waiting lips.

My cock throbbed at the sight of the two pretty women as they kissed and fingered each other into frenzy. The song ended and Sherry gave the stripper a piece of paper with her number on it. She then led me by the leash to the sex shop next door. She ordered me, loud enough for everyone in the store to hear, to pick out a strap-on for her to fuck my asshole with.

Sherry unfastened my leash so I could pick out her new toy. A clerk walked up to me as I looked at the various assortments of strap on dildos and asker if I needed any help.

''Yes,'' I answered, ''I need to find a strap on for my mistress to fuck my asshole with.'' My face flushed with embarrassment as the muscular man smiled and suggested a few.

I picked the middle sized one and looked at the box. It was a realistic eight inches long with thick veins and a bulbous head. A leather harness held it in place.

''If you want the real thing give me a call,'' he said to me as he handed me his card and walked away.

Sherry took the card from me and smiled wickedly as she placed it in her pocket.

''Pay for your new toy piggy and meet me at the car,'' she ordered as she walked out the door.

Sherry was sitting in the passenger seat of my car when I got there. The sun had gone down and the parking lot was not well lit. She ordered me to give her the strap on and wait in front of the car.

I did as Sherry ordered and watched as she walked over to me. She had put the strap on under her skirt but the head was clearly visible beneath the hem.

''On you knees slave and suck my girl cock,'' Sherry commanded.

I dropped to my knees as she pulled up her skirt and shoved the big plastic cock into my waiting mouth. Her hips jogged back and forth slowly fucking my mouth as she held me by the hair. She forced the dildo deeper and deeper down my throat making me gag with each stroke.

''You like my cock in your mouth don't you sissy pig? Well you had better get it nice and wet because I am going to fuck your asshole here in the parking lot when I am done using your mouth.''

Saliva ran down the thick shaft as I fellated Sherry's girl cock. She pulled the wet phallus from my mouth and ordered me to pull my pants down to my knees.

Sherry spit copious amounts of saliva on my asshole and then eased her girl cock inside me.

I groaned as she filled me with her big strapon. She fastened my leash to my collar and pulled it tight as she began fucking me in earnest. Harder and faster she fucked me. Her girl cock stroked my prostate in a smooth perfect rhythm and I felt my climax starting to build. Harder and faster she fucked me until I shot ribbons of thick cum onto the bumper of my car.

Sherry pulled her girl cock from my ass and forced me to lick it clean. I looked up at her pretty eyes and dutifully slurped her plastic cock until it was perfectly clean.

''Pull your pants up slave,'' she commanded as she climbed into the car.

She took me to a bar. My cock was slimy with cum and my ass stretched out from my recent fucking. I felt humiliated and degraded like a whore and I loved it.

We went back to her hotel room after we had eaten. Sherry ordered me to strip naked and wait for her in the shower. She walked in naked, as beautiful as ever, and ordered me onto my knees in the tub. She stood over me and pulled my face into her tasty pussy. I started to lick her delicious juices and I was rewarded with a warm stream of salty pee.

''Drink it you pathetic pig,'' she ordered as she filled my mouth. I gulped down her piss and licked her cunt until her body shuttered with a thunderous climax.

Sherry and I showered and cleaned up then she made a phone call. An hour later there was a knock at the door. Sherry ordered me to strip and lay face down on the bed. I did as she commanded and waited nervously as she led the clerk from the sex shop into the room. She told him to make himself comfortable and he quickly pealed off his clothes revealing a taut muscular body which was shaved from head to toe. She dropped her robe to the floor displaying her magnificent body.

The clerk, who's name was Jonathan ignored Sherry and walked over to the bed where I was lying. His big smooth cock jutted out from his muscular body inches from my mouth. Sherry walked across the room, naked and beautiful. She knelt beside Jonathan and took his big dick in her tiny hand. She guided it to my mouth as she brought her lips to mine and kissed me deeply. I closed my eyes and lost myself in the deep passionate kiss. Her tongue entwined with mine.

Jonathan's cock leaked precum as Sherry rubbed it against my face. Our lips parted and she took him into her mouth as she looked deep into my eyes.

Sherry took his cock deep into her throat then withdrew and licked the tip. She pressed her lips to mine and her tongue slipped past my lips. We kissed deeply and her tongue slithered up and down mine.

''Your turn baby,'' she said. Her voice was thick with lust as she guided the thick drooling rod to my lips. ''Lick the head baby, taste his precum. This is so hot baby, so fucking hot I may explode.''

My tongue flicked out and I slowly licked the head of his cock as precum leaked from it. It tasted salty yet surprisingly sweet.

Sherry moaned as she watched me lick the big hard cock like a Popsicle. Her reaction encouraged me and I took the thick rod into my mouth. Sherry's hand pumped the shaft as my tongue slithered along the contours of the thick head and veins of Jonathan's throbbing cock.

''Take it down your throat baby,'' she said as her fingers plunged into her overheated pussy.

''Holy Fuck!'' Sherry moaned as I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around his muscular thighs drawing his cock deeper into my mouth.

Jonathan's hips began to jog forward slowly fucking my virgin mouth. I opened my throat allowing him to slide his big cock deep inside me. He continued to force his dick down my throat until my nose pressed against his pelvis. Tears ran down my cheeks as I gagged on his throbbing cock.

''Baby, that is so fucking hot,'' Sherry said encouragingly.

There was a knock at the door and Sherry twinkled over to answer it while I continued to suck on the clerk's big dick. She peered through the view hole and smiled as she opened the door still naked.

''I was hoping you would show up,'' Sherry said as the stripper entered the room. Sherry wrapped her arms around the stripper and kissed her aggressively as she quickly undressed the sexy brunette. When the stripper, who's name was Janet, saw me on the bed with Jonathan's cock in my mouth she muttered ''holy shit you guys are freaks, but that is so hot.''

Sherry led Janet to the bed and pushed her back on it. My beautiful ex-girlfriend dove between the strippers shapely thighs and pressed her lips to Janet's smooth shaved pussy. Sherry used her long tongue to devour the brunette's succulent juices until she came all over Sherry's pretty face.

''Get on all fours over my slave,'' Sherry instructed her new lover. She had Jonathan pull his cock from my tired mouth and positioned him behind Janet.

I watched up close as Jonathan's cock split Janet's meaty pussy lips and eased into the wet hole.

''Lick it baby, everywhere, her cunt, his cock, and his balls. Do it my pet,'' Sherry ordered.

My tongue flicked out and slurped Janet's pussy and she moaned loudly. I sucked her delicious juices from Jonathan's big cock as he pounded into the stripper's hole. He fucked her hard until his balls tightened and he filled her pussy with thick creamy cum.

Jonathan pulled his semi-hard cock from Janet's pussy and fed it to me as Sherry ordered me to suck it clean. I obediently sucked their juices from his flaccid cock until it was completely clean.

Sherry told Janet to sit up and let gravity to drain her sloppy cunt onto my mouth. I attached my mouth to her warm hole and greedily sucked Jonathan's cum from her tasty pussy.

Sherry pushed Janet onto her back and straddled her face as she pulled me t her and kissed me deeply. She guided my cock into her perfect pussy as Janet licked my balls.

The world around us disappeared as we made slow beautiful love to each other. Our bodies moved together as one as I thrust my cock into her pussy. We kissed deeply, our tongue dancing together as our bodies thrust and gyrated until we came together in a powerful simultaneous climax.

I looked into Sherry's pretty green eyes and said "I love you baby.'' We continued to kiss as Jonathan and Janet began to fuck.

''I love you too baby,'' Sherry said as she positioned her leaking pussy in front of Janet's face as Jonathan fucked her from behind.

I lay beside Sherry and kissed her as Janet licked her delicious pussy. I felt my cock stiffen as we kissed. Sherry reached down and squeezed my hard cock.

''Baby, I want your cock in my ass as Jonathan fucks me but I want him to cum in your mouth,'' she said.

"Mmmm,'' I moaned as we positioned ourselves. Jonathan lay back on the bed as Sherry mounted him easing his big hard dick into her warm enveloping pussy. Her delectable ass was up in the air as I slid my well lubricated cock into her tight asshole.

Janet played with her hot pussy as she watched from a soft comfortable chair in the corner.

Sherry moaned as we double penetrated her gorgeous body. I fell into a steady rhythm as my cock slid in and out of her sweet ass. I could feel Jonathan's cock rubbing against mine through the thin membrane that separated Sherry's two holes. We fucked our Sherry sandwich with increasing ferocity until I couldn't hold back anymore. I came hard inside her, filling her tight asshole with ribbons of thick cum.

Jonathan continued to fuck her hard and as her got close to cumming Sherry climbed off him and she grabbed his slippery cock and took it into her mouth as she directed me to help her.

We double teamed Jonathan's cock as Janet strapped Sherry's girl cock around her waist and started fucking Sherry.

Janet fucked Sherry harder than I thought possible as I took Jonathan's dick into my mouth. He grunted loudly as he filled my mouth with his thick creamy cum. Sherry came hard as she watched me take Jonathan's load. I held his cream in my mouth and kissed Sherry deeply giving her a warm tasty snowball.

Sherry, Jonathan and I all collapsed onto the king sized bed exhausted. Janet took the strap on off and cuddled up to Sherry as Jonathan got up, dressed and thanked us for a great night before he left.

Sherry and I began caressing Janet as we kissed each other deeply.

''Let's make her cum together my pet,'' Sherry said excitedly as she slipped between the strippers splayed thighs. ''Come here baby and let's eat a pussy together.''

I slid next to Sherry and kissed her before we both flicked our tongues over Janet's wet pussy. Sherry pushed her long tongue deep into the brunette's hole as I licked and sucked on her hard clit. We simultaneously licked and sucked Janet until she came hard. When she came a delicious clear viscous fluid squirted from her spasming pussy onto our faces. Sherry and I licked the tasty liquid from each other and then shared it in a passionate kiss. We slid back up the bed and cuddled exhaustedly. I drifted off to sleep with Sherry's sexy smooth body pressed against mine and Janet on the other side of Sherry sandwiching my beautiful girlfriend between us.

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