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I Do Enjoy Dallas

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I sat at the hotel bar after a long day dealing with engineers, sales and marketing personnel from across the industry at a convention in Dallas. It was the end of the first day and everyone was ready to relax after a long day of seminars and attempts to make business deals. The five-star hotel was, and still is, one of my favorite places to stay when in Dallas, located between Dallas and Fort Worth and not too far from the airport and has an outstanding bar, club, and restaurant for enjoyment.

I sipped on my scotch over ice and enjoyed surveying the groups of people that began to find their way into the bar area. I knew and worked with many of them over the years and enjoyed getting together once a quarter to share ideas and check out new technologies. A new group walked in with seven guys and three ladies, all from the convention. I knew a few of them, two from my own company and two from an equipment vendor. We were all still dressed in suits and hadn?t bothered to take the time to change before heading to the bar.

Behind the group a few aircrew from one of the major airlines peeked in and looked around before disappearing. The bar would get crowded as the evening went on as always. Matt, one of the young equipment technical sales representatives I?d known for a few years moved to the bar and ordered his drink and turned to shake my hand, ?Well, it is another convention and we always seem to end up at the same hotel.?

I smiled back at him, shook his hand and replied, ?Hope you?ve had a good day here. It has been pretty busy. By the way, how?s the family??

?The kids and Wendy are doing great and thank you for asking,? He responded. ?Things are a little crazy with school and work. Wendy?s been pretty exhausted and my hours are no better.? He turned and grabbed his beer from the bar and added, ?I needed this beer.?

We had run across each other?s paths at each seminar and convention for the past two years and always exchanged pleasantries. Our company?s were in different sectors of the industry and didn?t share the same equipment requirements. But, we always had fun at each event. He raised his beer and called for a toast. ?To another week of adventure away from the home office.?

?I agree,? I responded tapping my rock glass against his draft beer mug. ?I do enjoy Dallas.?

We chatted through the first round of drinks and started on a second round when the flight crew returned to the bar. This time, they were dressed casually. The two ladies, a blonde and a brunette, were dressed in slacks, sweaters, and heels. Two male flight crewmembers had returned dressed in slacks, long sleeve button down shirts and loafers. All dressed casual and comfortable for the cool fall weather marking the nearness to the holiday season.

Music got a little louder and as the alcohol flowed, so did the pairing up of dance partners on the dance floor. Things began to pick up and everyone was enjoying the views and each other?s company, some old acquaintances and some trying to make new adventures. After his second beer, Matt excused himself and made his way to the bathroom. I ordered my third scotch and a third beer for Matt, taking in the sights of people around me enjoying the views. As the drinks appeared, so did Matt looking a little flush and perplexed.

?Are you ok,? I asked?

?You will not believe what I just saw in the Men?s Room.? He grabbed his new beer and took a long pull.

?Ok, I give up, what did you see??

?Well, I walked over to the Men?s Room outside the bar and it was all occupied and guys standing in line. So, I walked around the corner by the pool to use the Men?s Room there and when I walked in, there was a guy sitting on the counter with his legs spread and cock out getting a blow job right there.?

I smiled and asked, ?Was she someone we?ve seen in here??

?Ah, no, not exactly. It was two guys, both who were right over there a little while ago. The guy in the blue suite was getting a blowjob from one of the guys from that air crew that came in.? Matt was pretty flush and took another drink of his beer.

?Well, they could have gone to the room,? I replied with a smile.

?I watched them for a few minutes before the guy came. He was pretty vocal.?

I looked at Matt and asked, ?You ok? I know it could be a little bit of a shock.?

?That?s my problem. I wasn?t shocked, just mesmerized. I stood there and watched. It was like having a porn movie right in front of me. Sorry, I just wasn?t expecting it, you know??

At that point, the air crew member walked in first returning back to his table with the others and a few moments later, the gentleman in the blue suit returned and moved back toward the bar looking around before finding a place to try to order another drink.

Matt leaned over and tried to speak in my ear, ?He kept telling him how good it felt and he hadn?t had his cock sucked that good in quite a while.? Matt moved back looking for my reaction.

I paused, took a sip of my drink, and smile, ?Did you like what you saw??

He looked puzzled and replied, ?To tell you, I was caught off guard but when I realized what they were doing, I couldn?t look away.?

I smiled at him, took another sip of my scotch and asked, ?Did you get hard or were you just curious??

Matt looked down at his own crotch and tried to reposition himself so that his cock would find less pressure in his pants. ?Wendy and I haven?t had sex in two months. I guess I was kind of mesmerized by the fact that someone would have sex in the Men?s Room and all of a sudden I imagined I was the one getting the blowjob. Damn. I think I had just better go back upstairs and take a cold shower.?

?Relax. We?ll stay right here and enjoy the views, drink a little more, and all will be good,? I replied.

Matt was still uncomfortable. ?Sorry, you don?t think I?m weird, do you??

?No. But I?d say a little alcohol, lack of sex, and seeing sex makes one horny as hell.? I smiled at him and raised my glass to toast again.

Matt raised his beer mug and smile, ?You?re right.?

Then I asked Matt a question looking for his response, ?Have you ever had sex with another guy? I mean, well, have you ever thought about it before tonight??

Matt turned and shrugged his shoulders before responding. ?Well, I?ve never had sex with a guy. But, I had gotten an X-rated DVD and had hoped it would help excite Wendy one night, you know wine and candles after the kids went to bed. Wendy fell asleep and I watched the DVD. One of the scenes had a threesome of two guys and a girl. There was the usual going on then, the one guy helped the girl suck on the other guy?s cock. In no time he had him bent over the sofa fucking him in the ass while the girl watched fingering herself. I was captivated.? He watched for my reaction.

?Were you shocked or were you really caught up in the action??

He took another drink of his beer and looked at me. ?I don?t know. It was kind of hot. Actually, it was really hot. I jerked off right there while Wendy was sleeping. She didn?t budge and I came a gallon.?

It was crowded in the bar and I pointed to the female flight crew and a couple of the ladies from the convention and noted we needed to go dance. I went and asked if there was anyone who wanted to dance and pulled up one of the flight crew, the brunette named Joan. Her friend Sharon went over and asked Matt to dance. After a few dances, we ventured back our chairs at the bar where our drinks were and the girls back to their table. The girls were a hot item for others in the bar.

Upon our return to our bar chairs, I pulled my chair back facing the bar and took another pull on my scotch. I figured I might open to Matt about his sexual urges. He was handsome and nearly ten years younger, in his early thirties. I decided to see if he might like to know about how I lost my bi-virginity to Robert and let him know it is ok to have the feelings and urges.

?You know Matt, a couple of years ago, I had somewhat the same curiosity.? I then proceeded to tell him of how I surrendered to Robert and learned to totally enjoy bi sex. I didn?t leave out any details watching his reactions the whole time. In the end, I let him know, ?Don?t get me wrong, I totally love and enjoy women, but I?ve also now really enjoy sex with men as well.?

Matt looked at me and finished his beer. He shook his head, turned slightly to adjust his cock in his pants, and signaled the waiter for another round of drinks. I smiled, knowing he was extremely horny now and his mind was racing. ?Matt, I can walk over to that flight crew member and have a chat with him if you like.?

Before Matt could answer, the same flight crew member got up from his table and moved to the bar to my left side and signaled the bartender in order to place another round seeing that the waitresses were busy with the crowd.

I leaned over to him and introduced myself and chatted. I learned his name was Henri and from his mannerisms, slightly, well more than slightly, feminine in actions, speech, and mannerisms. ?You may not know this Henri, but my friend here, Matt, was quite intrigued by your little interlude in the Men?s Room earlier.?

Matt looked over at me and at Henri and was quite shocked I had mentioned it. Henri broke the ice first, ?Well there handsome, you could have stayed. I would have loved to have found out what you have to offer.?

Matt took a deep drink and didn?t say a word. I didn?t let the opportunity go to waste. ?Tell you what Henri, if you are up to it, drop by my room tonight after eleven. Either we?ll both be there or you and I can heat up the sheets for a while. That is, if you are interested.?

Matt looked at me surprised and Henri responded, just like I thought he might, ?I look forward to it.? I told him my room number and Henri shook hands, grabbed the drinks and sauntered off to their table.

?What just happened?? Matt asked.

?Well, let me see, I just gave you an opportunity to get at least a blow job from a guy you thought did a pretty hot job on someone else. And in case you missed it, I offered to be your teacher, if you were interested. Of course, if you aren?t, I at least, get to enjoy Henri?s whiles and wares if you don?t want to join in. Right now, it?s your call. It?s eight-thirty now and he will not be to my room until eleven. We can stay here or you can go call Wendy, tell her you are ok and say goodnight to the kids and be at my room by nine for a little ?training?, so to speak. Again, your call.?

?Damn, I can?t believe this is happening. Wow. Ok, well, let me go upstairs and call home.?

?Matt, no pressure. We?re friends. If you are not interested, I understand. We shared some intimate and personal discussions this evening. I?m offering and if you are not comfortable, then I don?t want to jeopardize being friends. Besides, we?ll still see each other all the time.?

?Thanks.? He finished his beer and pulled his wallet out to pay the tab.

?I got this. Maybe I?ll see you at nine.? He smiled and turned walking past Henri?s table on the way out, glancing over and headed up to his room.

I paid the tab and started toward the door. Henri followed me out to the hallway and confirmed eleven. I reminded him that Matt was a virgin to the bi and gay scene and if he decided not to show, no problem. But if he didn?t show up, I believed that Henri and I could enjoy each other for a while. We parted and I made my way up to my room.

I entered my room and decided to take a shower and relax. Regardless, I wanted to be fresh. And, just in case, I decided to make sure I was able to enjoy anything that may happen this evening so I made sure to douche my ass before I showered, just in case. I always pack for any event. I shaved again to make sure I was nice and smooth. I love the smooth feeling. I donned my thick white house robe provided by the hotel and I sat back on the bed, flipping through the channels to find something on TV to pass the time.

At first, I thought Matt wasn?t going to come up. But about five minutes past nine, he knocked on my door. He?d also taken a shower and had on a pair of khaki pants and a polo shirt having ditched his suite. I welcomed him in the room and pointed to the chairs in the suite. I opened the mini bar and poured myself a scotch and handed a beer to Matt.

?So, did you get to call home?? I asked.

?Yes, they were already about down for the count when I called. I forgot the time change between here and North Carolina.?

?I thought you might change your mind,? I noted as I sipped my drink.

He grabbed at his cock and said, ?I am so hard thinking about what Henri did that I couldn?t think of anything else.?

I smiled. I placed the drink on the nightstand and moved in front of Matt and dropped to my knees as he sat back in the chair. I placed my hands on his knees and slowly moved them up his thighs. ?You can sit back and relax,? I said as I slowly massaged his inner thighs staying way from going up too far to engage his cock through his pants. ?Like that??

?Oh yes.?

?Well then, you take off that shirt and let me unbuckle these pants and give you a little more comfort.? I slowly unbuckled his pants, unbuttoned him, and then slowly let my fingers pull the zipper down as he completed pulling his shirt over his head. ?My Matt, your cock is nice and hard.?

Matt wasn?t wearing any underwear and his six inch cock sprang right out as I pulled his zipper all the way down. I reached up and pulled his pants off all the way leaving his throbbing cock before me. I placed his pants to the side and slowly spread his legs and moved up to let my tongue slowly trace from the base at his balls all the way up to the head hearing him suck in air all the way up. It was when I let my tongue circle the head that he slowly exhaled.

I let his cock slide into my mouth and placed my hands on the sides of his ass pulling him forward giving me a better angle by which to consume his throbbing member. I began to slowly bob up and down on his cock, taking him deeper each time until I had him into my throat. I knew I had to go slowly as I wanted him to last.

I took my time working him. I had him moaning and mumbling how good it felt. When I slid a finger in his ass, his cock jumped and oozed precum for me. I knew I had him then. He was enjoying getting his cock sucked.

I massaged his prostate as I worked his cock with my mouth and tongue. When I felt him getting close, I let his cock slip from my mouth and just throb in front of me. He called me a tease, but I knew I wanted him to really enjoy the evening. Besides, at this point, I was also hoping he may want to suck me off too.

I worked and teased him for more than 20 minutes before finally working him to feed me his cum. When he was close the last time, he began pumping his cock into my mouth and alternately riding my fingers deeper into his ass. He warned me but I wanted my reward and I wasn?t going to let him deposit his load anywhere but in my wanting mouth. When he came, it was a massive load shooting four large spurts. I was struggling to keep it all in my mouth. I looked up at him and opened my mouth to show him the load before I swallowed. I know, what a tease.

I slowly pulled my fingers from his ass and rubbed his thighs before leaning back. His smile widened. ?Amazing. You did that so damn good. Truly amazing.?

?I?m glad you liked it. I love it when my partner is satisfied. About now is when one who has any remorse would try to walk away after having already cum. How do you feel about now?? I leaned forward and gave his cock another lick.

?Hmmm, I know that you made me cum hard. I felt it coming from deep within me.?

?I know you liked it then, how about wanting more??

He looked at me and reached for his beer and took a sip before responding. ?I?ve never had someone finger my ass while giving me head. My wife never would ever consider it. The feeling was so amazing. I would like to play some more if you are up to it. By the look of the tent in your robe, I believe you need to do something with that hard cock between your legs too.?

?I could always just wait for Henri. I know he love to suck cock. How quickly do you recover after cumming or are you a one shot guy??

?At home, I only get one shot and she?s asleep. I have quite a bit stored up. I think you will be able to keep me hard. I?m looking forward to more. Your story was so hot about how you lost your anal virginity to that guy, Robert. I?m in if you want to go slowly.?

I smiled at him and got up and went into the bathroom to get some items from my ?just in case? bag. I always carry some Anal-Ese and Astroglide along with some condoms when traveling. One never knows when you need to be prepared and with whom you might get to enjoy. Traveling, I didn?t bring toys.

I walked back into the bedroom of the suite to find him already on the bed, legs spread wide, playing with his cock as it already began to get hard again. ?Hmm,? I replied with a smile. ?You do seem to recover rather quickly.?

?I meant it. I really want to do more. You still have to teach me now to suck cock. I know how to fuck but I haven?t been fucked and I?m thinking you are going to show me now.?

I placed my wares on the bed and slid up to him grabbing ahold of his cock again, feeling it slowly hardening with my touch. I begrudgingly released him and grabbed the tube of Anal-Ese. I applied some to my fingers on my right hand and was ready to apply some to his ass. ?Pull your legs back and open up for me. I think you?ll appreciate getting lubricated with this before giving up your virginity to something more than finger fucking.?

Matt pulled his legs back giving me a better shot as his tight ass. I applied a large dollop on his puckered hole and slowly rubbed it around and dipped a finger in his ass before applying more. Then, I made sure to work one finger, then two, and slowly worked a third in opening him up even wider as I dipped in deeper. He was moaning softly as I added a little Astroglide and went to work on his prostate. I got an instant reaction from his cock. I smiled.

I removed my robe. My seven inches was rock hard. I took a condom from the nightstand and ripped it open. I placed it on the head of my cock and rolled it down the length of my shaft. All the while, Matt watched me prepare.

I lined myself up and placed the head of my cock against his puckered barrier. ?Ok, this will hurt but the lube will help. You can help me by pushing back onto me as my cock head enters your tight puckered hole. Are you ready??

He shook his head leaning forward to watch and pulling his legs back giving me open access to his ass. I leaned in and felt his ass slowly give in to the pressure of my cock. He moaned telling me he felt like he was being split but I kept pushing slowly. I eased my way in until I saw his sphincter give way enough for the head of my cock to slip into his ass. With the head in, I waited for him to adjust to the presence of my throbbing cock. I felt him ease open a little and I pushed myself in slowly.

?How does it feel??

?Oh shit, I feel so full. It hurt at first but I?oh my.?

I slid into him deeper causing him to moan louder. I eased up on him and pulled back a little before pushing myself slowly deeper into him. When I was finally balls- deep in his ass, I began to pull out to the head and began to push back into him. I took my time, slowly fucking his ass letting him get used to a cock easing in and out.

I pulled out of Matt and moved him onto his knees and leaning forward grabbing ahold of the headboard of the bed. I slid back into his ass with greater ease this time and knew he enjoyed the new position. As I pulled out he would move forward. As I began to slide back in deep, he pushed hard onto my cock. Matt was quite the fuck.

I took my time. He had a tight ass. Each time I would get close, I would pull nearly out and wait for the sensation to subside and slowly begin to fuck him again. It was a long and slow fuck. I felt myself beginning to get to the edge of no return. I told Matt and I picked up the pace slamming into him harder and harder. He moaned louder and began to mutter, ?Oh fuck, fuck yes?? over and over.

I buried myself deep in his ass as I finally came. I felt like my cock just kept shooting cum over and over again. I pulled out of Matt?s ass slowly, my condom full. I peeled it off my cock and no sooner than having it off, Matt was turned around and had my cock in his mouth, trying to lick all of the cum off the shaft. Matt?s mouth felt good on my cock.

?You have one hot ass there, Matt. Damn, you sure felt good.?

Matt smiled and sat back against the headboard stroking his cock. ?Makes me wonder what it would have felt like to have you cum bareback in me.?

I smiled and looked at the clock. It was nearly ten thirty. ?Care to take a shower with me? Henri will be here soon. Of course, if he isn?t, we?ll just continue if you like.?

?I think I?d like a nice hot shower.? He slid off the bed and made his way to the bathroom.

In the shower, I took the time to pay attention to soaping up his hardness. I didn?t want him to cum. I only wanted him to stay excited. I was looking forward to watching what Henri had to offer.

Out of the shower, I had just toweled off when there was a light knock at the door. I put my robe back on and left Matt to towel off. I opened the door slightly to see Henri and Joan. ?Well hello there you two. Come on in.?

They both carried two bottles of beer in each hand and moved into the room. Henri smiled and motioned toward Joan, ?You don?t mind Joan coming do you? She asked me where I was heading to and I told her. She said she had never seen two guys actually having sex but had heard stories and wanted to see for herself. When I told her it was you two, she begged me to come along. Do you mind??

I smiled at her and took the beers from her and sat them on top of the minibar fridge and commented, ?Very glad to have you here Joan. Let me grab the ice bucket and get some ice to keep these cold. I?ll be right back. Get comfortable.?

As I moved to the door with the bucket, I grabbed the room keycard from the dresser and Henri sat on the bed and began to remove his clothes as Matt walked out of the bathroom with nothing on. ?Oops, I didn?t know we had additional company.? He smiled but didn?t cover up. His cock was standing straight up.

?I?ll be right back,? I noted.

By the time I returned, Matt and Henri were on the bed with Henri rubbing Matt?s legs moving him into position on the bed so that he could easily move to a sixty-nine. Joan had removed her sweater, displaying her ample cleavage in a blue lace bra straining to hold her breasts, nipples erect and one hand down the front of her slacks sitting on one of the stuffed chairs in the suite and one leg dr*ped over the arm of the chair. ?I?m glad I didn?t miss anything,? I said.

Joan?s eyes were glued to Henri and Matt. When Henri took Matt?s cock into his hands and bent down to take his throbbing member into his mouth, Joan sighed. She was really getting hot watching the show before her. Henri offered himself to Matt sliding his body closer. Matt slid into place and slowly took Henri?s hard cock into his mouth. They lay there on their sides, legs wide sucking each other?s cocks. Henri?s cock was a little thicker than Matt?s own cock and looked like it was throbbing quite a bit from Matt?s attention. Matt was doing pretty good for his first time giving head.

I sat down in the other stuffed chair next to Joan after placing the beers on ice. I still had some scotch left in my glass and just added s few ice cubes to place a chill on my drink. Joan moaned slightly and softly said to me, ?This is so fucking hot. My pussy is soaked.?

I told her to get comfortable. She smiled and sat up, took off her heels, slid off her slacks and blue French cut lace panties and unhooked the bra standing before with a heavenly body. ?Your turn,? she replied. ?Take off that robe.?

I stood up and dropped the robe letting my cock stand up erect. She moved toward me and pushed me back down onto the chair. ?I?m on the pill and safe. I need it now,? She said.

Joan then turned facing the guys and straddled my hardness. She reached between her legs and guided my cock to the hot wet pussy and slowly began to sit down on me. She didn?t take her eyes off the two on the bed; just let her hips move to adjust to my cock sliding into her until I was planted deep into her neatly trimmed pussy. She sat there and let her pussy milk my cock as her fingers stroked her clit and I massaged her breasts and pinched her nipples lightly.

Matt and Henri were an incredible sight to watch. Matt was new to cocksucking but Henri definitely knew how to pleasure Matt. He put on quite a show for Joan and I. Watching them, it was no wonder why Matt was transfixed watching Henri suck cock in the Men?s Room and Joan wasn?t taking her eyes off of them.

During Joan?s first orgasm, she moaned softly and her body shuttered. Her second orgasm, she moaned loudly exclaiming how fucking hot it was watching Henri and Matt. When Matt shot his load, giving Henri fair warning, Joan shook uncontrollably. I wish I could say it was from my cock but she was so exited from watching the two go at it on the bed that she squirted a geyser from her pussy. I nearly lost it but held on until Henri unloaded his first load in Matt?s waiting mouth. Matt made sure to let us see the load before he swallowed. I came as he licked his lips and swallowed.

Joan slid off of me allowing my cock to slip from her tight pussy. My cum was already leaking out of her. She moved to the bed and sat back, legs spread. She beckoned me to her with the motion of one finger and pointed to her pussy. ?I would love for you to clean me up.?

Who was I to tell her no? As Henri and Matt lay back recovering, I dove into Joan?s wanting pussy and began to tease my cum out of her pussy with my tongue. I love cream pies and she was extremely sweet. Her moans let me know she was close to cumming again and Henri was quickly getting his second wind and rising to the occasion.

I didn?t think that Matt could take another cock up his ass but he moved into position to offer Henri his ass and a great view so that Joan could tilt her head to the side and watch. Henri pulled a condom over his cock and added more lube before sliding a finger, then two into Matt?s ass in preparation. Matt leaned forward, offering his ass to Henri?s cock. Henri placed his cock at Matt?s ass and slid in with help from Matt.

?Henri,? I said. ?He?s a quick study.?

Joan moaned as she watched Henri begin to fuck Matt. She couldn?t turn away. I slid a finger into her ass as I sucked her clit causing her to moan loudly and mumble, ?fuck, fuck, fuck,? under her breath.

We were quite a fuck session. Henri?s second wind meant quite an ass fucking for Matt. He was calling for Henri to fuck him and Henri kept telling us how tight an ass Matt had and how great a fuck he was. I asked Matt if he thought this was better than the video he had seen and he gasped, ?Oh yes!?

Joan was quite orgasmic and nearly insatiable. When Henri finally announced he was going to cum, Joan began squirting a river again. Henri?s climax was very verbal and Matt was fucking him back as hard as Henri was giving it. When Henri pulled out of Matt?s ass, his asshole was left agape. Henri ripped off the condom and shot his load all over Matt?s ass, some dripping down into his still open tunnel. We drifted off intertwined together for about an hour before Henri prodded Joan telling her that they had to leave if they were going to meet the crew for breakfast.

Matt slept as I got up to plant a kiss on Joan?s cheek and give Henri a hug. I exchanged numbers with both of them. They said that they would be back tomorrow night and if we were up to it, they would love to enjoy us again.

After closing the door behind them, I called the front desk for a wake up call and slid back into bed. I woke up with a throbbing cock prodding my ass. Matt?s cock was already lubed and he was letting me know he wanted some. I turned slightly on my side and then slid up onto my knees, grabbing the headboard, giving him access to me. Matt pressed his cock against my ass and slowly slid in. I looked at the clock. We had an hour before the wake up call would come. I was wondering how long a fuck I would get before Matt would cum. I wasn?t disappointed. Of course, it may have been all of the fucking and sucking he had earlier that gave him such great stamina.

Matt and I enjoyed the rest of the week together. We also got to enjoy Joan and Henri the next evening. I still see Matt at the shows and we always get the opportunity to fuck our brains out and Henri and I get together in Dallas and Atlanta when our schedules match. Thank you Robert for being quite a remarkable teacher and lover. I know Matt thanks you too.

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