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Funny how life can change you MMF, Oral, Bisexual

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About two years ago my very sexy wife posted a story here about her first bisexual encounter. That was the night she was seduced and “transformed” from just a little bi-curious to bisexual by an old girl friend of mine. Dolly is openly Bi now and we have shared many experiences together with other couples and single women. Over the years she has also “transformed” her share of women who were listed as straight or bi-curious into bisexual much to their delight and ours. I guess that’s all part of playing erotic sexual games with other open minded adults. I never dreamed that that old girlfriend Lonna would come back into my personal life. But that’s exactly what happened about 6 months ago.

Lonna is a beautiful woman with a presence about her that is molten sexual especially for me and my wife. She is about 5’5”, blond, with blue/grey eyes that burn a hole in you right down to your soul. She and I have been friends since high school. About 20 years ago she was a model. Her erotic nude pictures graced the pages of many of the men’s magazines back then. Needless to say she still has an outrageous body. Age has only made her more beautiful, if that’s possible. Dolly and I have shared Lonna’s sexual charms again on trips to the coast. Each time with her was better than the last for both of us.

I was in Chicago for an industry trade show. I got there several days early to supervise the setup of one of my client’s exhibit. As you know cocktail parties at trade shows are numerous and full of great business contacts. I was invited to one and although I was quite tired, I went anyway.

I had gotten a drink and was headed to the food table when I looked across the room and couldn’t believe my eyes. Was that Lonna? Only…She had red hair? It couldn’t be. But she looked like her. I pushed through the crowd to get a closer look. She was standing talking with several people. She was wearing a short shimmering black dress that showed off the swell of her breasts and her oh so sexy “world class” ass and legs. But I still wasn’t sure it was her. I moved closer not wanting to make a fool of myself if it wasn’t her. I was about 10 feet away when she turned in my direction looked me in the eyes and said; “Robby is that you”? I nearly dropped my drink. She moved to me very quickly, put her arms around me and gave me a very lustful hug. I felt her firm breasts push into my chest and her hips press flat against my now hardening cock. We shared a little small talk before she introduced me to her friends. Actually they were her associates all in town for the trade show.

My cock was trying to burst out of my pants and I took a larger than normal drink from my scotch to steady myself. Lonna explained to them that we were old friends and she was going to steal me away for a little bit. With that she turned, folded her arm into mine and we walked to the bar on the other side of the room. She made sure I could feel her breast on my arm. She smelled intoxicating just like that first night years before when she and her sexual charms seduced Dolly and of course me.

We found two seats at the bar and quickly grabbed them. We talked about being in Chicago and how crazy it was for us to meet up like this. I had to ask about her hair color. She said that blond was great when she was younger but that she was actually a natural redhead and wanted to make a change. She was even more striking as a fiery redhead. Of course Dolly came up in our conversation as it turned more sexual. As lovers we had always been great together and it was even better when my wife was added to the mix. I looked down at her breasts and saw that her nipples were hard and visibly showing through the material of her dress. She reached out and put her hand on the side of my face and leaned in for a kiss. At the same time her hand touched the inside of my thigh and move up to just short of my very hard cock. The kiss didn’t last long but it was a real smoker. We talked and drank for about an hour. Finally I asked her to go to my room and continue the conversation without our clothes. With that she stopped. She said that she had already made plans for dinner with another gentleman, someone very important and she just couldn’t blow him off. I was crushed…Damn the bad luck.

A few minutes later the gentleman she had plans with showed up and Lonna introduced us. His name was Allan. He was a very good looking man, well dressed and obviously well educated. Lonna explained our long relationship and asked if it was alright with him if I joined them for dinner. He said of course but we had to leave now if we were to make the reservation on time.

It was an excellent restaurant and dinner. Lonna flirted with both of us shamelessly throughout the meal and the conversation was becoming more filled with sexual innuendos. I excused myself to head for the bathroom. When I came back Lonna was alone. I didn’t think much of it and we continued our conversation. She folded her arm into mine again and pressed her succulent breast into me. She said she would love to leave with me and spend the night together but she was already committed to being with Allan. She explained that they were sometime lovers. No big thing just now and then they shared some really great sex. Then she really got my attention when she gently leaned into my ear and in a very breathy whisper said; “I would love to fuck you both what do you think?” I asked if it would be alright with him. She said she had already asked him and he was fine with it. I knew that Lonna had the sexual energy to handle the two of us and then some. My cock started to get hard at the thought of seeing her wonderful naked body again. Thoughts of fucking and sucking her to many wet and powerful orgasms had my head spinning.

When Allan returned she suggested we go to her room there at the hotel for a drink. She always stays in a suite when she travels and this time was no exception. On the way up in the elevator she gave Allan and me a very passionate body pressing kiss. I reached around to her beautiful ass and discovered she didn’t have panties on and was totally naked under her dress. She again went to my ear and hissed, “I’ve missed your wonderful tongue and cock in my pussy”. I could hardly contain myself.

Her suite was very large with a living room, dinning area, a bar and floor to ceiling windows that gave a beautiful view of downtown Chicago. The bedroom had a large king- sized bed that seemed just too big for just her but just right for the three of us. And so the rest of the evening began.

Lonna walked over to Allan and they engaged in a very passionate kiss. She then whispered something in his ear which brought a smile to his face as she turned and walked to the bar. She made each of us each a drink and we toasted to the very sexy evening ahead. One of the thin straps on her dress had come off one shoulder and her left breast was almost fully exposed. She moved into my arms and looked at me or should I say looked into me and said that she had committed to Allan first and that she would fuck him first. At that moment I was totally under her sexual spell and would have agreed to anything she said. She waked over to Allan and started helping him to take off his tie and shirt while they kissed passionately. When his shirt was completely open she bent her head and started to suck his nipples…First one then the other just like she had done to Dolly. She opened his pants and as they dropped to the floor his large hard cock pushed out visibly from his boxers. She reached down and stroked it four or five times and they again engaged in a very erotic kiss. At that point I too was getting out of my clothes. My cock was so hard that it ached for release.

Lonna turned and walked to the bedroom with Allan. Her dress had fallen in a puddle at her feet and except for her thigh-high hose and high- heeled CFMs she was naked. She had always shaved her pussy bare and smooth but I noticed another change. She was now sporting a small tuft of read hair just above her beautiful pussy. It was the same flaming color as her hair. She saw me staring at her pussy and reached done and gently stroked her bare pussy lips and spread her legs open to give Allan and me a better look. As she continued to stroke herself she asked me if Dolly would approve of her new look. I knew she would and just was barley able to force out an audible yes. She then patted the bed on either side of her and told us both to set down. She went to Allan first. She was stroking his long but not too thick 8 inches of cock while they engaged in another passion filled kiss. She pushed his head down to her breasts where he started to devour them. At this point I started to stroke my cock being caught up in her vocal encouragement. “Allan yes; yes, yes, suck my nipples…oh god that feels so good.” She was visibly starting to breathe heavier and continued her moaning and gasping as Allan made love to her breasts.

I was witnessing one of the most erotic live sex scenes I had ever seen. He was playing her like a fine violin and she vocally loved every thing he was doing to her. It was obvious that they were practiced lovers. She started to beg him to eat her pussy and he moved down kissing every inch of skin in a straight line from her breasts to her now very wet pussy. She jumped a little at first contact and groaned loudly as his mouth opened to devour her overheated pussy. She came the first time in seconds and ripped off several more powerful wet orgasms in a row. Her head was arched back and her hands where holding him tightly to her convulsing pussy. I had stopped stroking myself because I didn’t want to come…well not yet anyway.

Lonna pulled him up to her face and they kissed again. She was licking her cum off his lips and mouth. She rolled him over on to his back. His long cock was very much at attention. It was then that I noticed that his balls and cock were shaved bare as mine have been ever since she and Dolly shaved me and ordered me to keep it that way always. She lowered her head to his cock and swallowed him slowly inch by inch. Her head started going up and down in a slow steady rhythm until his whole cock disappeared into her throat. I almost came without touching myself. Suddenly she got up on her knees, moved up and impaled herself on his cock. She let out an animal like cry as she took all of him in one motion. She then started her sexual dance with his cock moving in her in a slow practiced rhythm. She started her erotic talking again moaning over and over; “Oh god fuck me Allan…god you’re making me crazy.” She had her hands on his chest and was playing with his nipples as she rode him, his cock moved in and out at her pace. He started talking to her repeating over and over for her to take what she wanted. That just made her crazier.

I just couldn’t help myself at that point so I reach for her breasts and started pulling on her nipples which were long thick and ridged. She started shouting “oh god yes, oh god yes, your going to make me cum, oh god yes I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh god yes!” Allan was also shouting and announcing his climax. I was still playing with her breasts and leaned in and started kissing and licking her back and shoulders. Even though she had just cum very hard she reached back and touched me said “oh yes Robby that is so good. Oh yes, yes, yes”…and with that she came again. I looked down and saw her cum filled pussy start pouring out her juice and his. It was flooding everywhere. And then she just stopped. They both were gasping for air as Lonna rolled off of him on to her back. Her legs were spread and I could see the large amount of cum flowing from her. I had to get up and get myself a drink just to keep me from cumming after the show I just witnessed.

A few minutes later Lonna appeared in the living room with her nylons and CFMs still on. God, she looked so sexy. Her practiced walk as she approached and the way her blue eyes pierced me had me breathing hard. She plopped herself down on the couch next to me and took the scotch from my hand and downed it with some of the liquid overflowing her mouth a down the corners of her mouth. I leaned in to lick the excess liquid from her chin and lips. We started one of our white hot kisses that lasted for what seemed like five minutes but actually was much shorter than that…I think. When we broke our kiss she presented the scotch glass to me and said that we had a problem. Our scotch had disappeared and we definitely need some more.

I got another drink for us to share. We sat cross-legged facing each other on the couch passing a cigarette and the scotch back and forth just talking and enjoying each other’s company. When the cigarette was finished she put it out, put down the drink, leaned back on the couch with her legs spread and said; “come here and kiss me.” What a sight she was. Her red hair was tussled, her right hand was on her breast gently squeezing it as her fingers moved to her hard nipple and that “come hither” look on her face took my breath away as it had many times before. I moved between her legs for another white-hot kiss. I reach my hand for her breast and felt its firmness seeming to swell slightly in my hand. She broke the kiss looked me in the eyes and told me to eat her pussy. I gave a suck to each of her nipples, kissed and licked her pierced navel and moved down to that little tuft of red hair. I stopped to lick the skin around it and down to the top of her cleft. Her hands came to the side of my face stroking me and moaning softly. I then moved directly to her engorged clit. Her clit when hard stands out about an inch from her pussy just like a little cock so I attached my lips and tongue to it and started making love to it. Her pussy was still leaking cum and I moved down to enjoy her sweet cream pie. She now had both hands on her breasts, squeezing them and pulling on her nipples as I gorged myself on her molten pussy and the large amounts of her and Allan’s cum that was there for my delight. Lonna started her erotic litany. “Oh god yes Robby eat my pussy; suck all that cum out of me…Oh you’re the best ever. You’re making me see stars!” And with that she exploded in my mouth, her hips gyrating while she was shrieking about god and fucking and that she couldn’t stop cumming. Soon she pushed my face away from her pussy pleading for me to stop…and I did.

She sat up and started to lick and suck every drop of cum that coated my mouth, chin and face. When she was done, she got up and headed for the bathroom. On the way she stopped at the bar looked over her shoulder and told me to make us another drink. I couldn’t refuse her even if I wanted to. She smiled at me and went into the bedroom. I made us a scotch; lit up a smoke and sat back to think about what happened in the last hour or so and what was yet to cum. The night was still young and Lonna was far from being satiated.

Allan came out of the bedroom looking like he had just been run over by a truck. In truth it was just simply that Lonna always seems to drain all she can from her lovers while giving even more back. We started to talk a bit about how outrageous this whole scene was. He laughed and said now that he has met Rob it was necessary that he meet Dolly too and I agreed. I questioned if Lonna had spoken openly about us and he said yes. He told me that Lonna had never included other woman in their sex play, just other men. He knew she was bisexual but she always kept her female lovers for herself. He said that when they first met he thought she might be lesbian. It had been rumored around her work because no man there had ever gotten even a drink with her but she would go out with several of the women in the office; women who also were thought to be lesbian. He joked that she certainly had disproved that theory.

Lonna returned smelling intoxicatingly of fresh perfume and looking as beautiful and sexy as ever. She took the scotch from my hand, took a large swallow, gave it back and then took my cigarette, took a long drag and blew the smoke in my face. Allan came up behind her put his arms around her and filled his hands with her breasts. I guessed that our rest period was over. She broke Allan’s embrace and glided into the bedroom. Her hips swayed as she strutted like a dancer in a strip club. Allan and I followed close behind.

Lonna got on her knees on the bed and crooked her finger at me to cum over to her. She reached for my hardening cock and stroked it slowly. She said, “It’s Allan’s turn to watch.” As my cock hardened she put it in her mouth and started sucking. I was hard and getting harder as her saliva coated my cock and pre-cum started leaking from the tip. I looked down and saw that she had her fingers on her pussy, stroking it as only a woman can. She pulled me down on the bed and said, “Eat my pussy again Robby and then fuck me.” I didn’t need to be asked twice.

Allan had pulled a chair close to the bed and was watching our little scene while stroking his cock. I have always relished every second of eating her pussy. Her large clit was standing at attention, protruding from her pussy lips. I pulled her hips toward me and went to work on her. A minute later she was howling, her hips were undulating wildly and she was exploding in my mouth with a steady stream of her cum. I moved up and put my cock at the entrance of her pussy. She was so wet that when I pushed into her it started to suck me in. “Oh god she hissed I love your thick cock. Oh yes fuck me like you do.” And I did. I couldn’t keep track of her orgasms. She would peek, squirt, slow down a bit and then start again. Suddenly she stopped and started to roll me onto my back. Holding me tightly inside her with her pussy muscles and never disengaging. Now she was on top setting her own pace. Each time I was about to cum she would slow down and then start again. Suddenly she stopped moving her hips. Through raspy breaths she shouted; “Fuck me Allan. Fuck me in the ass!” I was so involved with our dance of lust that I hadn’t noticed that he had been kissing her back and ass. Lonna leaned forward pressing her breasts into my chest and raised her ass slightly. I felt his breath on my balls and then the wetness of his saliva as he licked her hole so he could enter her more easily.

Then I felt his balls on mine as his shaft started to push into her. He moved slowly at first just moving a little at a time. I felt her arch her back and raise her ass slightly allowing him to push all the way into her. “Oh god she shouted. Oh this is so intense!” Her mouth sought out mine and we kissed. She was muttering and moaning into my mouth each time Allan and I moved our cocks in and out of her. We reach a perfect rhythm and kept it up. His cock felt so good sliding against mine and his hairless balls kept rubbing against mine sending me to the edge. I wasn’t going to last much longer. He shouted his climax first and started thrusting harder. I felt his cock grow a little larger and then I could feel him squirting into her vibrating ass. She let out a loud long gasp as her cum started to squirt and flow all over me. Then lightning struck, thunder broke and I started cumming. All three of us were shouting in unison. Lonna cried out and came again and then just collapsed on my chest. I felt his cock pop-out of her. Mine was still being held in her magic pussy. Gently we rolled her on her side on the bed and then her pussy let me go. His cum mingled with mine and hers as she was leaking from both her holes. What a beautiful sight.

He got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. As I rolled flat on my back in shear exhaustion I heard the sound of the shower. Lonna raised her head and spoke softly. “That was the best ever. I can’t move. You two really got me that time. Robby, she purred; get me a drink and a smoke.” I was pretty wobbly as I got up and staggered into the living room to pour a drink and get us a smoke. When I returned she was finally taking off her CFMs and hose. Her hair was tossed in every direction and she looked lustful and wonderful. She definitely was the most sexual, sensual and exciting woman I had ever been with.

The shower shut off and Allan returned toweling his wet hair. She took a big gulp of scotch, a long drag off the cigarette and then handed both to me. Mumbling something about having to wash the cum off, she disappeared into the bathroom. Allan called room service and ordered a late-night breakfast for us and when I heard the shower start I got up and joined Lonna.

Lonna was not surprised when I joined her. We soaped each other rinsed off and soaped up again. I paid particular attention to her recently fucked ass hole. It was all stretched open and a bit red. As I gently rubbed it she let out soft growl of approval and promised I could lick it and fuck it later. She turned around and pulled me to my feet. We pressed our bodies together and started to kiss. She put one leg between mine and wrapped it around and started rubbing her pussy on my thigh. She broke our kiss, looked me in the eyes and I realized not only was she rubbing her sweet pussy on my leg and peeing on it. Her eyes were clouded over as if she were in a trance. When her warm flow stopped she said, “That was my gift to you, it’s a gift of pure lust. I know you will always remember it because I know will.”

After our shower we dried each other off put on the robes the hotel supplied and went into the living room. Allan had put his pants on and the reason was that our late-night breakfast had been delivered and he didn’t want to answer the door naked. Lonna quipped that she had answered the door naked for room service once. I asked her if he liked his tip. She answered, “Yes, I know for a fact she did.” Allan and I just smiled.

It was about midnight when we finish breakfast. Lonna had taken her robe off and was lounging on the couch smoking a cigarette. I took off my robe and joined her. When Allan came over his clothes were also off. He handed Lonna a fat little joint. She took a hit, I took a hit and so did he. That was repeated several more times. It was a nice buzz.

Lonna and Allan started kissing which evolved very quickly into one of her world class blow jobs. She was really working on him. His head was laid back on the couch and he was really enjoying her oral talents. Soon he announced that he was going to cum and she just kept on working on him and then he lost it and came and came and came in her mouth. She got up from her knees slid over to me and gave me deep kiss. I was greeted with a mouth full of his cum. She kept on kissing and licking me until we both had swallowed it all. I had eaten my share of pussy cream pies but never shared a mouth full of cum. Oh what this lady does to me I thought. And then we were off to the bedroom leaving Allan on the couch recuperating.

We fell on the bed and melted into each other and kissed. We were rolling around the bed like a couple of teenagers. She had her legs around my waist and suddenly my cock was in her pussy and we started a slow dance. I took hold of her wrists and put them above her head and held them there while we moved in perfect rhythm. I said, “Tell me how it feels,” our slow rhythm never changing. “God it feels so good, damn you know how to get me.” I said to her, “Look me in the eyes…don’t close them or look away.” She said, “It feels so fucking good.” Our slow passionate fucking went on for about 20 minutes. I said to her again, “Tell me how it feels.” Only this time I had a bit more demanding sound to my voice. She just started saying oh god over and over. Her eyes never left mine. Then our pace quickened. She took a deep breath and shouted that I was going to make her cum. Our pace quickened again and this time we couldn’t stop. I shouted at her, “Don’t close your eyes…look at me in the eyes!” We started to dissolve into a powerful orgasm together. Her mouth opened as if to shout but nothing came out and then we reached the peak together. Her eyes never wondered from mine and never closed. I started shooting inside her warm flowing pussy and as she too went over the edge and I watched as her eyes rolled back into her head. That’s when her open mouth broke with an animal like scream and then we were both moaning and babbling nonsense as we pounded our hips together for many minutes before we gradually slowed and slowed to a stop.

Her eyes came back and focused on me again, I let her wrists go and let out a loud groan. Just then we both broke into laughter…a very satisfying laughter. And then we heard a round of applause from Allan and we laughed more. He said he had been watching us from the beginning and that the two of us made really great porno together. With that she rolled me, spread her legs wide apart and said. “Come here Allan and eat my cream pie.” He went directly to her pussy and started sucking our cum out of her. She was talking to him, telling him to swallow it all and then her head fell back and she started cumming and squirting again giving him even more to suck and swallow.

At that point I was exhausted. I had to lie down and rest. Lonna curled up next to me with Allan on her other side. How great this evening had turned out.

About 8 the next morning I woke up with my cock in a very warm mouth. I didn’t open my eyes, I just laid there and enjoyed the sensations I was receiving. I became aware of hands gently holding my balls. It really felt good. The bed shifted a little and as I came out of my sleepy fog I felt Lonna bending in for a kiss. But if she was kissing me who was…My eyes shifted down to my cock and there was Allan sucking and stroking my cock expertly. Lonna whispered to me, “Does it feel good?” I just groaned, “God yes.” She said, “Just lay there and enjoy.” She then went to my ear and started talking her sexy patter. A man was giving me an expert blow job and I was enjoying it. She kept saying how hot it looked with him sucking me and me really enjoying it. And yes I was. Lonna straddled he leg over my chest and said, “Give in to how good his mouth feels on your cock. Give in to it just like Dolly did with me. Let him make you cum…cum for me Robby cum in his mouth.” I was right on the edge of a powerful orgasm and he was picking up his pace, sucking and stroking me faster and faster. Then it hit. My hips came off the bed and they were lunging at him, trying to fuck his mouth. My cock exploded and he sucked harder and my cock slid down his throat. Lonna was shouting, cum in his mouth, cum in his mouth and encouraging us both on. I had never cum like that in my life! My hips just kept on pushing up trying get more pleasure out his fantastic mouth. Lonna slipped her pussy up onto my mouth her juices were running everywhere. Then her big clit was in my mouth and I was sucking it for all I was worth. “Robby, oh yes, oh god, suck my little cock. Suck me she demanded! Suck me!”

I felt the bed shift again and Allan moved up behind her. I could see his hard cock and shaved balls just above my chin pushing at the entrance of her pussy. Lonna screamed, “Fuck me Allan, fuck me with your beautiful cock. Oh yes!” I was sucking her and he was pushing his cock into her pussy. I realized that as I was sucking her pussy I had no choice but to lick his shaft as it was bounding in and out of her.

Lonna screamed her climax and started squirting her cum juices all over me and filling my mouth. She came so hard that she squeezed his cock out of her pussy and it feel onto my mouth and chin. Lonna looked down to see what happened to his cock and told me to take it into my mouth. What are you doing my brain was screaming. Lonna moved off of me and started wickedly talk to me. “Oh god Robby yes, suck his cock, suck it for me, oh yes.” Allan moved a little so I had a better angle on his cock and I opened my mouth and started sucking my first cock. At first I could only take a little of his length but slowly I was able to take more and more until he slipping easily in and out my mouth and throat. I was pleasuring Allan with my mouth and I was loving what was happening. Lonna was again urging me on. “I want you to suck him off Robby. Yes, suck him off for me. Oh yes, your loving it aren’t you. Suck him and drink his cum.” Soon, he announced his climax and exploded in my mouth. Shot, after shot, after shot of his cum filled my mouth. I tried to swallow it all but it was leaking out the sides of my mouth. Then Lonna engulfed my cock with her mouth and started sucking me deeply picking up speed with each thrust of her mouth. It took me less than a minute to cum. I shouted out my total surrender. My chest was heaving and I was trying to catch my breath. My mouth was still full of cum and it was all over my face and neck. Lonna came up to my face and kissed me again filling my mouth again with cum only this time it was all mine.

I turned to Lonna and asked her what just happened. She answered in a very sexy, husky voice. “Ten years ago I collected Dolly’s bi-cherry and changed her forever. Today, Allan and collected your bi-cherry. I’m thinking that maybe you are changed forever too.

As I headed to the shower to wash the cum off me, I realized that Lonna had done it again. Neither Dolly nor I could ever resist her charms and that she had total power over us. What a nice and very erotic thought. And yes, on that night I was changed forever.

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