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Fresh out of the Army part 3

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I was accepted to a college on the coast and Diana got a federal job at a military base not too far away. She got along well with her boss and we were often visiting their home for dinner and drinks and lounging around the pool. Her boss, Dave, was in his 50’s I guess and his wife Caroline, a blonde southern girl, was 48. They were career military people. We spent a lot of time around their pool table. Diana got a lot of fond looks when she put a knee over the table to make a difficult shot. Of course, she had her short, short jean shorts on, her brown ass cheeks hanging out for all to admire. One summer afternoon we were shooting pool and were getting silly from the beers and wine coolers. Diana bent over to line up for a shot and Caroline came up behind her and put her hand on Diana’s ass, up under Diana’s shorts. “MMmm look, yawl, Diana shaves her pussy!” Diana smiled, looked at Caroline and said, “It feels sooo sexy and sooo smooth. Jay loves it…and he’s shaved to!!” Caroline seemed to blush a bit but then she suggested we get another drink, go out by the pool and tell them about how we came to be bare. Diana got another large glass of JB scotch, Caroline and Dave and I got cold beers and went out on the patio. Dave and Caroline seemed really open minded and they listened with smiles on their faces as we told them how we met and how the difference in our ages made us ideal sexual partners. Of course, we told them about how Diana gave me the crabs and how we had fucked our brains out almost non-stop for 12 hours after becoming “baldies.” Both Dave and Caroline were aroused by the story and also by Diana’s telling them how she was almost sexually insatiable and that my cock often remained hard after cumming. Diana told of the times when she sucked and jacked me off because after hours of fucking I still hadn’t cum and her pussy was raw and sore. That brought on an obvious tent in Dave’s swim trunks. Caroline was quick to point it out to us saying, “You guys sure got Dave going…he’s swelling up.” It was easily obvious that Dave was blessed with a good sized tool. His trunks were stretched tight over his cock. Diana gave him an admiring glance. I knew what was going on in her mind..she was a cock hound. “You’re going to damage the goods if you keep that cook cooped up. Pull off your trunks. Let’s get naked and swim.” This was a first for me but Diana knew just what she was doing. Four adults, two women and two men, slightly drunk, naked and swimming in a backyard pool. What more could you want? We swam awhile and then got out and sat on the patio. I sat next to Caroline and Diana sat next to Dave on a chaise lounge. Caroline and I were flirting and it was easy to see that Dave and Diana were too. Caroline said she and Dave liked being nude but had never gone this far with another couple. I don’t know why she was shy about her body. She was short, petite, had nice size 36s, a small waist and she probably weighed 100 pounds. I told her that it looked like Dave was hung like a mule. She giggled and said, “And he’s got mule balls, too.” She shyly told me that she had to be really wet and ready before she could comfortable take his full length. “Look at him. He’s really hot for Diana.” I looked and saw that Dave was massaging Diana’s shoulders while she was putting sun tan lotion on his chest. She gave his nipples a “tweek” and starting working on his stomach. He held out his hands for Diana to load the up with lotion. He dipped a finger in the lotion and then put just a bit on each her of her nipples before massaging her breasts with lotion. It was easy to see that Dave lit her fire when he touched her nipples. They were even more aroused now than they had been. Diana squirted the lotion on Dave’s cock and balls, set the bottle down and proceeded to give him a two handed hand job. He was hard and pointed straight up in half a second. I glanced at Caroline. She didn’t look angry or jealous but she was watching the action intently. I rested my hand on her knee. She put a hand on top of mine moving my hand closer up her thigh. I touched her pussy with my fingers feeling her excitement. Dave’s hands were on Diana’s shoulders as she cupped his balls and jacked his shaft. Dave looked over in our direction making eye contact with Caroline. She gave him a small smile and a look that seemed to say, “It’s ok baby, enjoy it.” Diana’s eyes were wide. And they were fixed on Dave’s magnificent cock. I guess he was eight or nine inches long, appropriately thick with a very wide cut head. Diana was going to want that dick inside her, and quick. I got up, grabbed a towel, wet it in the pool and gave it to Diana to use to clean the lotion off Dave’s cock. I sat back down next to Caroline and this time rested my hand over her pussy. She was very warm. Probing gently with my middle finger I could feel that she was becoming damp. Diana knelt in front of Dave using the towel to wipe the lotion off his cock. After a few minutes she was satisfied it was all off. Glancing back at Carolina and me, Diana lowered her head to his balls and gently took each into her mouth. She stroked that big dick while sucking and licking him. She rubbed the shaft and head across her face. She positioned the middle finger of her free hand at his asshole preparing to give him a prostate massage while sucking him. When Caroline saw that she placed her hand of my cock and squeezed me. Caroline started to stroke me slowly as she watched Diana insert her finger up Dave’s ass, taking his cock head into her mouth as she did. It took Diana a while to get comfortable with the size of Dave’s cock. Soon you could see her extending her tongue below his shaft in order to take him deeper. The expression on Dave’s face was pure ecstasy….it looked as if he could pop at any second. Here he was, being sucked of by another man’s girlfriend, her finger in his ass, being watched by his wife who was being fingered by another guy. I asked Caroline if she was “OK” with Dave and Diana. She whispered to me that at first she was shocked but that she quickly got over that. She said that it was the hottest thing ever to watch her man being fondled by another woman. She squeezed my cock tighter as she talked and I dipped two fingers into her wet snatch. Caroline looked at me and said, “Oh god that feels good. Don’t stop.” Caroline and I watched as Dave lay back on the chaise lounge. Diana straddled him, one hand steadying herself and the other hand guiding Dave’s cock inside her. Diana was looking directly at Carolina and me as she placed the head between her labia and began to lower herself down onto Dave’s manhood. Diana’s pussy is tight. Her mouth opened, her eyes got wide as Dave’s cock gently opened her up. I was happy to see that Dave knew what he was doing. He was respecting the fact that he was big cocked and that it would take a bit for a tight little pussy to handle him. I finger fucked Caroline’s pussy and she stroked my cock as we watched our partners fucking. Caroline’s cunt was gushing, I was doing my best to get her off while she watched. Diana was now able to take all of Dave’s cock. When Diana went all the way down all you could see were his balls. Dave said he wasn’t comfortable and asked Diana to get on her knees on a towel so he could do her doggy. As they got settled, Caroline and I moved next to them to get a better view. As Diana spread her legs and raised her ass in the air for Dave, he swiped the head of his cock in her slit, back and forth, getting it nice and wet, before sliding inside her again. Diana gave a little whimper and a slight shudder, but I knew that she was in fuck heaven. Diana was going to give Dave the fuck of his life. Caroline was overcome by the sight of her man’s cock pumping another woman’s shaved, bald pussy. Carolina knelt behind Dave grabbing his ball sack and licking Dave’s asshole. She used her other hand to feel Diana’s wet pussy and rub against her husband’s cock. Dave was getting a double work out from Diana’s cunt and Caroline’s hands on his balls and cock and her tongue licking his ass. I had a raging hard on and didn’t want to be left out of the fun. On my back I scooted under Diana. We were now in a 69 position, she took my cock in her moth and I began using my tongue on her cunt as she was taking Dave’s dick. Diana was as wet as I have ever seen her. The inside of her thighs were slippery with her juices. I flicked my tongue over her clit and then over her labia as Dave pumped her with his cock. As he withdrew, I tongued his shaft, licking him as he slid back inside her pussy. I could see Caroline’s hand brushing his cock and Diana’s pussy so I caught her fingers in my mouth and sucked them tasting all the tastes of pussy and cock. Dave began to stroke more slowly. I took advantage of that to use my tongue to get deeper in Diana’s slippery slit. Before Dave would begin to penetrate again, I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him. I knew to extend my tongue under his shaft in order to take him deep. He felt very rigid in my mouth as I blew him right there underneath my girlfriend who was fucking him. At the same time, Diana was doing a great job on me, taking me deep and sucking me with her talented mouth. I could sense that she was giving in to the double pleasures of being eaten out and fucked at the same time. Her whimpers were getting louder and I felt her body getting tense. “God Dave, you’re fucking me sooo good. Pound my pussy..fuck me baby” Diana cooed as Dave slammed her. “Cum inside me…come in my cunt baby..I want to feel your load splash inside me.” I knew they were both about to cum, and I knew it was going to get wetter and messier for a guy in my position. But I wasn’t ready to cum and I wasn’t bothered by the idea of getting cummed on. I kept my mouth as tight as I could against Diana’s cock filled cunt as Dave held her hips and roughly slammed his swollen cock deep inside her. Several hard slams later, Diana’s pussy quivered as Dave kept his cock buried balls deep inside her. His cock throbbed as he pumped his load into Diana’s love hole. Slowly they both began to move in a slow, gentle fucking motion. Dave’s cock remaining inside her cunt, but just barely. As they moved together Diana’s pussy began to ooze a mixture of Diana’s juices and Dave’s cum. It dripped onto my face and in my mouth as I continued to eat her and suck his cock. I swallowed and licked and kissed and sucked….there was a huge amount of cum., everywhere, all over my face and chest. Not surprising given the size of his balls and cock. As they disengaged, Caroline straddled me and guided my cock inside. “God Jay, that was sooo fucking hot. I need you to fuck me…I want Dave and Diana to watch as you use your cock on me. Fuck this cunt baby.” Man, she was wound up tight. She bounced on me…she rode me…she gripped me tightly with her cunt as used my cock to fuck herself. I pulled her face to mine and kissed her…sharing the taste of her man’s cum and my girlfriend’s cunt with her. Our tongues fought as I bucked my hips into her trying to give her every bit of my cock. I felt a tongue on my balls…then another on my cock. Dave and Diana’s were both giving head to my cock and Caroline’s pussy as we fucked. It was the hottest sensation I had ever felt. My balls began to tighten, my cock grew tighter and swelled. I grunted as Caroline and I held our cum kiss and I started to shoot my load in her. I bucked my hips feeling my cum filling her up and leaking down onto my balls and ass crack as I continued to pump her. The two mouths on my cock and balls cleaned us as I slowly withdrew my cock from her.

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