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Exceptional Resort Time

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This is a story that happened on my trip to a nudist resort nestled deep in the mountains of Pa. It started out like any other trip to the resort, looking forward to a weekend of being nude with all the other guests, new and familiar faces alike. I should explain, I was taking a friend along with me this time, a friend who I have played with in the past, however this would be his first time at a nudist resort. So I explained the general rules and the unspoken rules of behavior associated with a resort not known for swingers. When we arrived at the gate and pushed the intercom button to be allowed on site the young ladies voice on the other end told us to proceed in and check in at the office, I said "hello Missy, its Kevin, I will walk right up after I stop at my cabin and park" she said "oh, hi honey, see you in a few then" So Ken and I stopped and unloaded our supplies, got things situated in the cabin, and I told him "time to take off these textiles and get comfortable" he said "just like that?" I told him that's what we are here for, so he followed suit and took off every last stitch. As I stood there watching his cock grow, I told him "we talked about this, you can't go out there with a hard on" he told me the excitement of going out side nude was just taking over, and he couldn't help it. I said we had to go up and check in, and when he sees Missy, his dick would definitely be fully erect, she is an early 20ish beautiful girl, with knockout tits and an ass that is to die for, sometimes she is nude, and other times has a very revealing wrap around on, either way she is a dick hardening doll. "You need to take care of that, just go in and beat yourself off" he said "you could help me with it, if you want" Well now my dick started getting hard, so I told him to lay down on the bed and I got in a 69 position as I told him "see what you did, your going to need to suck me now to" We just went right to town on each others dicks until we both were able to cum, he cam before me, and I swallowed every drop, then I just twirled his limp dick in my mouth until he brought me to climax. Ken never swallowed a load before, but today he decided to make this his first time, as I told him I was cumming, he just kept going to town on my dick until he was satisfied he had it all. I told him I was impressed and happy that he had done that, it really does help to not make a sticky mess on the sheets that were going to be sleeping on. Let alone, leave them a cum filled mess for the person who changed them after we left at the end of the weekend. The cabin has two beds, and as far as the owners and staff knew, we were using both of them, they have no idea I'm bisexual, and i see no reason to inform them, or leave any other ideas to the contrary. After Ken and i gathered ourselves, i asked him if he was ready to go now and if he could contain himself. He insisted he was ready, so we stepped outside for his very first time and were instantly confronted by completely nude Jean and her husband Tim, who were walking by. They stopped and turned towards us as we walked down the stairs. Jean came up and hugged me right away (she is a middle aged woman with very long reddish hair and a small chest, one boob smaller than the other, wide hips, and a clean shaven pubic area. Her husband Tim was younger than her, with a full head of wavy blond hair, and a very large penis that hung 4 to 5 inches down when placid.) I said "you told me that you were not coming up this weekend" she replied that their plans had changed. I was definitely delighted and fearful all at the same time. You see, I have played with Jean and Tim every time we were at the resort together, but they two had no idea I was bi, we never talked about it and I'm positive Tim is strictly hetero sexual, he's never even come close to touching me in any manner, other than when we DP'ed Jean one time, our cocks couldn't avoid touching, if only for a moment at that. Jean looked in Ken's direction and asked "whose this handsome guy? " I introduced him and explained he was a friend who never has been anywhere like this and is a newbie nudy. Her and Tim welcomed him and Jean gave him a hug, he did very well not to get re-excited by her naked body embracing him in the process. I explained we were on our way up to check in with Missy and would catch up with them a little later. On the walk up to the office, I explained to Ken that they were the couple I play with here at their trailer every time I'm here, he said "are we going to have sex with them? " I said that they didn't know that I'm bisexual, and asked him not to let on, and also don't know if he would be excepted in play with them, they may not even ask me to play, seeing how you are here with me, we will see how it works out later. When we arrived at the office, Tammy was walking out and fully dressed, she stopped to say hello and made it clear by her actions she was in a hurry, but not as to take the time to welcome Ken first. Tammy is the female half of the resort owners, her and her husband Robbie, she is usually nude and is a very beautiful woman, with blonde hair tied up in a ponytail, very inviting tits, both nipples pierced with small barbell rods that she can change the ball ends with a verity of colors, a small amount of pudg in her mid section, and a light bush above her vagina. She stated she would see us later on, as she scurried off. We went into the office and Missy was going over some final details with a very young, very good looking couple, that I took to be of Indian decent, they were still fully clothed, and when they turned around to exit, they were both taken back a little when they seen Ken and I standing there completely naked, waiting our turn to check in, the young lady let out a little squeak. Missy then spoke up, and said "this is Kevin and" (pointing towards Ken, waiting for him to introduce himself) but I interjected with "Ken" and she repeated his name "Ken, Kevin is a regular here, this is Kiara, and Yash" we all shook hands and greeted each other. As soon as they walked out, Missy came out from behind the counter and greeted me with a big naked hug, and I'm telling you it's hard not to get hard when she does that, her soft skin and very perky breast against you feel so electrifying. When Missy stepped back, I formally introduced Ken to her, and she went right up to him and gave him a hug as well (good thing we took care of each other a little earlier) Missy then proceeded to tell me, "your friends checked in earlier " referring to Jean and Tim (Missy didn't particularly care for Jean, some sort of confrontation between them in the past) I acknowledged that I had already seen them, and left it at that. We finished checking in, and I told Missy we would see her later tonight after her shift, and we would probably be at the pool. She said "yeah, right, I know right were you'll be" implying I would be having sex with Jean and Tim. She knew that they and I alike, are swingers and usually hook up at some point during the weekend. I said "you could join us if you like" she then said something that got my attention immediately, "maybe with you, and even him (as she pointed to Ken) but not with her! (Meaning Jean). I told her, "maybe will take you up on that" She said "looking forward to it" implying it was definitely going to happen. I had to turn from her and act like we had to go, because my dick started getting hard again, just the thought of fucking her always gets me going, actually talking about it definitely did. Ken was right behind me, and having the same problem as I. So as we walked away I said, "sounds like fun, we will catch up with you later tonight" and when she said "I'll be wet, and ready by 9" "see you then beautiful" I said. Ken said "oh my god, are we really going to?" "It sounds like we are, I never thought in a million years I'd ever have the chance to fuck her!" I said with great enthusiasm. We both had to stay out of sight for a few minutes, so our cocks could go back to normal, once they did, we went out to the pool side and just mingled with a few others, old friends and some new faces alike. Ken went over to the pool side bar to grab a drink, and I just sat in a lounge chair getting some sun. Tim was alone, when he approached me, and asked were my friend was, I told him and he said "you two want to meet up with me a little bit later?" I said "sure, is Jean ok with Ken?" He said "oh, you miss understand, I mean just you and him" I was really confused now, so I said "oh, for a game of darts, or something?" "No, no, I mean, you know, (a fairly long pause occurred) you are bi right?" That question floored me at first, and I really didn't know how to respond, I just stammered out a "ah, yes?" Like my response was a question. He just looked me right in the eyes and said "I've suspected for awhile now" he then stated that he didn't think that Jean knew I was bi, and definitely has no idea he wanted to explore bisexuality. I guess after all the times we had sex with his wife, my glances at his massive, beautiful cock, gave me away, then he asked "your buddy?" I told him "yes he is, are you sure you're ready, I mean, you and I can play alone if you'd like?" "No, that's ok, I know you very well, and I'm sure three guys would be fun" he said enthusiastically. I said to him "do you want to take a hike or something" "no, Jean needs to meet with her sister in about an hour, she will be gone for 3 or so hours, you guys can come over to the camper, if that's ok?" I told him, "most certainly, see you in an hour" When Ken came back over with his drink, I said "your not going to believe this, you remember Jean and Tim from earlier?" He shook his head yes and replied with the same. "Well Tim just asked if we wanted to meet at the camper in about an hour" before I was able to explain anything, he jumped in and said "no shit, were going to go fuck around with them first, awsome!" I put my hands up and said "no,no, just Tim and us, Jean's going out to meet with her sister" "no shit, sausage fest first, then that little hottie later, I don't know if I can do all that in just a few hours" he said, I replied "it should make for an interesting fuck with Missy later tonight, that's for sure" thinking we would both be able to fuck her for a sustained time after we played with Tim before hand. It was around 6:30 PM when we walked over to Jean and Tim's camper and knocked on the door. I guess we were a bit early, because Jean answered the door, and said "hey guys what's going on?" I spit out an answer like "not much, just seeing what you two are up to tonight" she then told me what I already knew, but I played along and acted like it was the first time I heard it, so I told her to have a good time and we would see her later. She stepped outside and said "ok, see you guys later, Tim's inside, go on in, I'm sure he'd like some company" "oh, ok, will do, thanks" I said. If she only knew. We walked in and Tim was on the couch, he had his cock in his hand and was already stroking himself to an erection, he said "I heard you talking to Jean, and couldn't wait for her to leave" his dick was now grown to its fullest, and I'm telling you, he is all of 9inches, I've always wanted to suck him when we were fucking his wife, and now I'm going to have my chance. I said "damb man, do you mind?" He just pointed his cock in my direction with one hand and scooted his ass to the edge of the couch. I immediately got down on my knees and sucked him into my mouth and grabbed his cock with both hands, I gently caressed his mushroom head with my lips and tongue as I slowly stroked his dick with both hands. This helped to ensure that his massive dong didn't go to far in my mouth as to gag on it. in the mean time, Ken took this opportunity to lay on the floor beneath me and put his head between my legs, so he could suck my cock. It was definitely delightful to be sucked and sucking at the same time with two different guys, I was so excited, that I couldn't have lasted longer than 3 or 4 minutes before I was cumming in Ken's mouth, he tried to take all of my load, but couldn't keep it in his mouth this time, but let some of it cover his face. I tried as hard as I could to get Tim to cum, but knowing how long he lasts when pounding his wife's pussy, I knew he could go for awhile. I stopped for a breather and Tim asked if we have ever fucked, I was a little scared at that moment. You see, not only is his dick 9 plus inches, it also has alot of girth, and the thought of him fucking me, made me think, I wouldn't be able to walk the next day, let alone fuck Missy in a couple of hours. I told him "yes, but" he laughed and said "no, can I watch you two fuck?" "Oh god yes, grab us some lube" I instructed. When he returned with the lube, Ken was already rimming my ass with his cum soaked face and all. Tim said "I'll help you with this" and opened up the bottle of lube, and poured a liberal amount right in my crack, Ken then ran his cock in the lube a few times, and then slowly started penetrating my hole. It had been quite some time since I was last fucked, but it felt so good, I let out a little murmur, and Tim said "oh yeah, that's hot" as he watched from a knelt down position beside us. I instructed Tim to lay on the floor underneath me in a 69 position, that way I could continue sucking his massive cock, and he could play with mine, as well as get the best view of Ken fucking my ass. This went on for a long time, and I think Tim was enjoying the view more than anything, he hardly gave my dick any attention, then Ken finally stated he was cumming, he pumped my ass full of cum, and this turned Tim on so much, he began cumming in my mouth a few seconds later, I thought I would take and swallow every bit, but he cam so hard and much, that I couldn't control were it all went, some down my throat, and alot out of the corners of my mouth and back down his shaft all the way to his balls. Ken pulled out of me, collapsed on the floor next to us, and I to the other side of Tim. We all let out a breath of enjoyment, almost at the same time, I laughed a little and said "wow, that was a great first time for you, how'd you like it" Tim said "if I knew it would be that much fun, I would've done that a long time ago" "my friend, welcome to the club, hope you come back for more" I said. "Oh, I'm hooked, can't wait for more" he said. We all got up and Tim graciously let us go clean ourselves up before him, as he went in to do the same, we told him we were going to go grab a quick bite, and he was welcome to join us. But he said that he was going to wait for Jean to return and go then. We said ok, and told him, thanks for the great time and we would see him later. I didn't want to let him in on the date we had with Missy in about an hour and a half, so we just left it at that, and went on our way. Ken said to me "that was amazing, we need to do that again, before the end of the weekend" I agreed with the statement and hoped it would as well, but now I was concentrating on the next great encounter we were going to have with Missy, that is if she was serious, or just flirting about with us. Either way, I was going to take it seriously and find out for sure, no matter what. The time was getting closer for her to be done with her shift, so I told Ken we should really grab a little bite and definitely take in some electrolytes, if we really do have sex with Missy, we'll need it, for sure. As we sat eating, I said to him "we should just play straight with her, if this does happen, you ok with that?" He said "not a problem, I can't wait" We went back over to the pool area to hang out, talked with a few friends, and kept my eyes open for Missy the whole time. 9 o'clock came and went, along with my hopes she wasn't kidding around. Then around 9:45 Missy came into the pool area, she had a very beautiful girl by the hand, and in tow with her. They stopped to chat with a few other guests and then made their way around the pool right up to Ken and I. She introduced her friend to us saying "this is my girlfriend, Tasha" we both said hello and told her our names. "Nice to meet you" she said. Tasha was a brunette beauty, with full length hair down to her ass, plump tits with very large nipples, a very shapely figure, a pierced belly button, with a dangling jewel, long as hell legs, and a full bush of pubic hair. I couldn't tell if she was dark skind or just really tan, but it doesn't matter, she was a very beautiful girl. I asked in a joking voice "your girlfriend?" Using air quotes with my fingers. Missy said "yes, very close girlfriend" Then it happened, she leant in to whisper in my ear "she's going to join us tonight" I'm sure the grin on my face could be seen a mile away, and I looked her right in the eye. "I thought you were just joking earlier, but I'm in like Flynn, if your serious?" She said "I told you I would be wet and ready" as she quickly and shyly reached down to her crotch to give it a passing swipe with her fingers, and brought them up for me to see them glistening, and touched them to my lips. I could smell her aroma, as I licked my lips with my tongue to take her sweet nectar in my mouth. I wasn't even aware that my dick was fully erect, until she stepped back and said to me "guess your ready" I quickly realized where we were, and sat down to cover up my hard cock with my towel. I said "damn girl, your going to get me kicked out of hear" she just giggled and said "well let's go, if you can" and giggled some more. I stood up and dr*ped my towel in front of me, to hide my feelings, so to speak, and asked her where were going to go. She said that Tasha has a room on the 3rd floor of the resort hotel and only one other guy was booked on the floor, she said we will go up and you two can meet us there in a few "room 314" she said as they walked away. What a site, watching their asses as they walked in the direction of the hotel. My dick was still so hard, I didn't know when it was going to go down. I looked at Ken and said "I guess we are a go" as I laughed. He asked what she had said to make my dick get so hard, so fast. I told him, it was what she did, not what she said. When I could take the towel away from in front of me, I said to Ken "let's go fuck our brains out, my friend" we nonchalantly left the pool area and bee lined it to the hotel entrance. There's a club on the ground floor of the hotel, and we casually walked in there first, for a brief moment, so we didn't create suspicion (we were not guests of the hotel, so going straight for the elevator wouldn't look good) I told Ken we need to take the stairs, they are around the back side of the elevator, by the restrooms, so we slipped into the hallway and made it appear we were headed for the bathroom. Once we were around the back side,I figured we might as well use the restroom before heading up. We finished our business and exited the facilities and went right through the door to the stairs, when we arrived at the 3rd floor and entered the hallway, 314 was right there almost in front of us, there was a note on the door that read, come in, we are in the bedroom, so we casually walked in and I said "hello?" Tasha answered back "were in hear" when Ken opened the door to the bedroom, Tasha was spread eagle on the bed with her knees bent and Missy was face first in her pussy, with her waist bent over the bottom of the bed and her knees on the floor, this exposed her beautiful ass right to us. Ken went up to the side of the bed by Tashas head and she immediately reached out for his hardening cock, took it in her hand and started stroking him. I took my opportunity to get down on the floor right behind Missy, and placed my hands on her ass cheeks, and slightly spread her cheeks apart to expose the most beautiful ballon knot and cunt lips I have seen in a very long time. She was so wet, I couldn't resist going right in, to savor her drenched pussy. Ken most likely, wasn't satisfied with just a hand job, and had climbed up onto the bed, straddle Tasha and fed her his cock, and began to face fuck her. It was a good view for me, I could see his ass, and balls from my position, at Missy's backside, best of both worlds. Tasha was moaning and gagging at the same time, I don't know if the moaning was from Ken's dick tickling her tonsils, or from the very thuro tongue licking Missy was giving her, either way it sounded like she was having a wonderful time and maybe even a few orgasms on the way. Missy in the meantime, stopped for an instant to tell me "fuck me, I need you to fuck me" I gave her tasty pussy one last lick, and proceeded to stand up behind her, I had to squat down a little bit and straddle her rear end to be able to penetrate her, but I was able place my throbbing cock in her cunt, and started to fuck her like a rabbit, she cried out a little when I entered her, but then began to murmur in delight as she quickly started eating Tasha out again. Then Tasha and Ken repositioned themselves, as Ken took over the exact spot Tasha was in, so now Missy was sucking his cock and Tasha straddled him with her ass towards Missy's face, she then pushed her pussy closer and closer to his cock so she was riding on him right in front of Missy, giving her a great view of her being fucked. When ever he popped out of her pussy, Missy was right there to take his pussy soaked dick in her mouth, and clean it off, before guiding him back into Tashas waiting pussy. This went on for some time, and I was in my glory fucking this tight young pussy, but Missy was ready for something else, she asked me to stop for a awhile, and said "I want to see you guys fuck her together" so I pulled myself out of her and stood up to let her move out of the way. I said "I should use some lube, i don't want to hurt her" hopping they had some on hand. "No, both of you fuck her pussy, she doesn't like anal" Missy replied, and continued with "unless you have a problem with your dicks touching" I said "no, not a problem at all, Ken, do you have a problem with that?" He was laughing at this point when he said "not a problem for me, my friend" I quickly went right up to Tasha and placed a finger in her cock filled pussy to spread a little of her juices around the little opening I had, and told them both "hear I come" as I grabbed my cock at its base to be able and push it in with Ken's dick right below, it was a very tight fit but once my dick was completely in and covered with her natural lube, we were able to pump her cunt in and out, on opposite strokes, him in me out and then reverse. Her tight pussy felt so good, and our dicks pressed against each other was a feeling from heaven. Missy was so excited watching us fuck her, she brought herself to a magnificent orgasm, and the whole time was saying how hot it was. Tasha was taking both of us, like she has done this before, only little moans, and light "fuck yeah" coming from her. I wanted to pull out of her pussy and fuck that little ass so bad, but didn't want to ruin the mood, if she really didn't like anal. So now my only thought was, who's going to cum first, him or me. We went for a minute longer this way, and I knew I was going to cum, so I pulled out and turnd in Missy's direction, that's all it took, and she was on my dick in 2 seconds flat, she no more than went up and down on me twice and I was cumming, she got some in her mouth, but pulled it out and directed the remainder on her titties, with a big smile on her face as cum oozed out of her mouth. Then it was Ken's turn, he screamed "I'm going to cum, oh god, I'm going to cum" Tasha slipped down to take Ken's dick into her mouth, she sucked on it for a few seconds and then he let out a great loud "I'm cumming" she took every bit of it in her mouth, but didn't swallow, she showed us his load in her mouth and went right towards Missy, as they kissed and swapped his cum between them. My load was still dripping from Missy's tits, I wanted to lick them clean myself, but held the urge back. Then Missy took two fingers and wiped some cum off her tits, and placed them in Tashas mouth to clean them off, Tasha wasn't done there, she went right down and licked the rest off of her tits with her tongue. I told Missy and Tasha, that they were amazing, and hoped we could do this again soon. Missy asked "was that better than, you know who?" I just laughed and shook my head yes, with a huge grin on my face.

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