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the return

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I was out in the yard working on my tan and us having a house out from everyone.(the nearest house is over 1500 feet or more.) I was on my hammock in the side yard and must had been a sleep. So I did not here Gary pull in the drive way and get out of his car. Or did I hear him and his friends till I felt Gary touch my foot. When he grab my foot I became wide awake, So there I was naked on the hammock with Gary holding one of my feet and another black guy getting hold of the other foot. Gary then said ( I see you been waiting for me to stop back by). As he talked I saw he was 3 other guy's whit him. All of them where new to me and all where looking me over like they just hit the jack pot.

I looked at Gary and said Mike is still at work and as I said that he was pulling out his cock . He looked at me and said ( me and my brothers are her to fuck my little cum slut not see Mike and I know he still at work. Then they spun me so my head off one side of the hammock and they held both my legs up and wide open. The other two guy's came up one by my Head and the other by Gary. He took hold of foot Gary had so now he had both hands free to get that monster cock all the way out and it was rock hard as well.

So as I laid there covered in oil form tanning across the hammock with a black guy getting his cock out over my face two others holding my legs wide open for Gary who was rubbing the head of his cock over my very wet pussy. As he was telling me the guy's names Joe , Steve, and Rick and that they were his older brother's. And by the cock's I was seeing on them I could tell they where all as big as Gary and the one by my head was Joe the oldest and the bigger for sure just as thick but longer.

Gary was rubbing his cock head on my clit getting me really worked up and I just am getting hotter and hotter. As Gary starts to tell me how they all bet him he could not get them all fuck by the same lady at the same time. Just then Joe said hold up there Gary, he looked down at me look lady we all saw the DVD but just so there is no misunderstood you up for this and ant going to call the cop's right you know how these 18 year old boy's can be. I looked at his huge cock just inch's from my mouth and said. It is ok but let me set Gary straight I am Mikes cum slut and just cause he say I should take care of the guy's on the team dose not mean you can just come by any time you want and you have to call before you stop by. And for that DVD it is fine to show off but there is not going to be and ass fucking today your all to big for that.

And whit that said I lifted my head so I could get to Joe's big cock head in my mouth. Just as I did that Gary pushed all his cock in to my pussy. He did not take his time or any thing and just started to pump me hard and deep but he did not last long with in 5 min he was blowing his load in to my pussy. But soon as he pulled out Rick jumped in to his place Rick did better then Gary by going a good 15 min and made me cum once but he did fuck like Gary fast and hard then did same as Gary and pumped me full of his cum. Like I was there first white pussy.

The hole time I was sucking Joe and he was talking to me and playing with my tits. Telling me how good I was doing and how good I looked with a black cock in both ends. But each time I thought he was about to cum in my mouth he pulled out and had me suck his balls, saying he was waiting his turn and he was going to show these young boy's how to fuck a lady like me. when he was talking Steve took Rick's place and did me just as Rick and Gary had done hard and deep as the could for a good 10 min or so then Steve added his load to the others deep in my pussy.

Then Joe said you ready girl. I am going to fuck you like you ant been fucked before. He had me turn back on to the Hammock with my head on the pillow. He then stepped across the hammock and had Gray and Steve each got hold one of my feet and put them in the air. So with a leg on each side of the hammock he laid his cock over my belly and DAMM IT CAME UP TO MY TITS !!! I looked at him and ask how long is that thing and he said on a good day it's 13 or more and this looks like a really good day. Then he slid back and put the head in and just moved slowly in till he hit what I thought was bottom. then waited till I could take more and I started cumming like mad and the more I cumed the more of his cock slid in till he had almost all of it in me. When he looked at me and said he had never had a lady take so much of his cock. MY GOD IT FELT LIKE HE WAS UP IN TO MY LUNGS I COULD NOT GET MY BREATH AND I WAS CUMMING LIKE MAD !!! Then he pulled back and started to slow fuck me and my pussy was going nuts and just keep cumming I could feel my cum and the cum for the boys run down over my ass on to the hammock . Soon Gary and Steve let my feet down and I just hooked my legs around Joe's back telling I wanted more.the other guy's went to the car and got a beer then sat back and watch Joe fuck me like I had never been fucked in my life. then Joe pulled my legs up to his shoulders and started to fuck me harder and each time going as deep as I could take it but still not all of it and I know he must have been doing me like this for a good 30 min. When he said girl are you ready for me to cum and all I could do was grunt and this time he pushed it all in and I saw stars and felt him shoot off like hot lava so deep in me I did not know where it would end up and for the first time in my life a squirted like a water hose. When I felt him stop cumming he just held it there deep in me for a min then slowly pulled out and I felt the air being sucked out of me.

It took a few min for me to come around and I said we need to go in the house. as I tried to get up I could not stand my legs were like rubber. so Joe and Gary helped me in to the house. And Steve got everyone stuff as they helped me in I looked at hammock and it looked like there was a gallon of cum on it and just thought that's going to stain lol We all went in to the house In the house I said there was some beer in the frig.and went to the bath room and jumped in the shower real fast and cleaned up some as I came out of the bath room I grabbed a short bath robe. When I got out in the living room the guy's where on the couch and love seat all but Steve he was up by the TV. They had laid there stuff in a chair by the desk they all only had on there boxers. so I knew there was going to be a round 2 and it did not help that when they had started the TV Mike had left a DVD of me in it from the time at the bar.

Gary said he looked but did not see the beer so I got 4 out of the frig where Mike keeps it in the bottom draw. As I bent over to put them on the coffee table Steve came up be hind me and said he would like some more pussy more then a beer and just pushed my robe up out of the way and put his hard cock head right on my pussy and pushed it in. So there I was bent over at the hips my hands on the coffee table and Steve put his cock right in and I saw Rick moving in front of me getting his cock out and aiming it at my mouth. I had no choice he just pushed in to my mouth and started to face fuck me and Steve got going on my pussy. And they did last longer this time they went at me like this a good 20 min till Steve filled my pussy but Rick pulled out and shot all over my face and hair. This got Gary hard as well and soon as Steve was out of his way he was in me the same way and got me form behind and he even lasted longer this time a good 15 min and when he shot off he pulled out and tried to put it in my ass and I pulled away from him and said I told you not there so he shot all over my ass and legs. As I looked at Joe he was hard and I knew he wanted a turn as well. But he said you need to go clean up some and I did as he ask. When I cam back the other guy's where getting dressed and Gary said they needed to take Mikes ball gear to the gun room. And they all walked out to his car. But Joe who walked up to me took me by the hand and said time to fuck you right girl. He said where is a bed at and I showed him to the front bed room and he said now get up on that bed so I can hit it doggy stile and he was no me just like that and god he had me cumming in one deep thrust. And I could not stop my self and he took his time and fucked me like there was no stopping him I did not notice that the front the shades where up so any one out in front of the house could see me being a slut for this huge black cocked man. he had fucked me a good 30 min when the guys yelled in and said they where ready to go and to finish fucking her Joe yelled back he would be done in a few. And stared to pound me good and I was loven it I could not stop cumming and Joe ask if he could cum in my ass he said he would just put the head in and shoot. I could not stop my self from saying if that is what it takes to get you to come back go for it. Then he pulled out of my pussy and slid the head in and it felt great and as he stated to cum I could not stop my self I had to push back on to his cock and I know I took a good 9 inches of it and he cam like made it felt so warm and good. I just held him there till he was done and he said he had to go he pulled out I went to the bath room real fast and met him coming out of the room dressed and gave him a card with my number on it and a note saying call any time you want some.


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