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my wifes secret fantasy greatly enhances our sex life

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Shortly after Paula and I were married, I discovered that my wife had a secret fantasy to flash her body at other men. Part of this fantasy involved being a stripper in a club where the women danced with everything exposed and gave table and lap dances in private to the customers. She had never told me this, and I only learned about it after I had caught her exposing her thighs and panties to a guy when we at a night club dancing.

Instead of being angry at my wife, I found that my cock was hard as steel and that I was very excited by the fact that she was flashing her thighs and panties. When I told her that I had seen what she was doing, she denied it at first, but when I told her that it made my cock hard to see her doing that, she was elated and confessed all her secret fantasies about showing off her body to me.

After that night, we made a regular thing of it. Paula would dress in some outrageously sexy outfit, sometimes with no bra and every so often, no panties, and we would hit the bars and nightclubs or the shopping malls where my wife would excite us both by flashing her body at other men. It seemed like harmless fun and it excited us both so that afterwards, we always had extremely hot sex in which I would fuck her several times and we would get each other off orally as well. However, a month ago, things changed.

We were spending the weekend in Dallas and, as usual, were having a great time dining, dancing, and flashing. I would let Paula go into a club alone and I would follow later, sit at the bar and watch her flaunt her luscious legs, thighs, and breasts. Invariably, a lot of men hit on her, but she kept them in hand. Most of the time, she would turn down their requests to dance or to buy her a drink. If she was really turned on, she might dance with them and allow them to feel her body. One time, she even let a guy take her tits out. I thought I would cum in my pants when I saw my wife with her 36D breasts totally exposed in a dark corner of the club.

The guy was squeezing them, pinching her nipples and sucking on them when Paula would let him. Of course, he tried to get her to come to his apartment for sex, but she begged off saying that she was meeting her husband. When we were both extremely hot and turned by my wife's sexy flashing, I signaled her that we should leave and she met me in the parking lot and we headed back in the direction of our hotel.

On the way, it happened that we passed a brightly lit, xxx-rated porno movie theater. We both looked at it and I asked Paula if she would like to go in and flash some of the men inside. "Yes. Take me in there", she replied. "They show everything in those movies. Do you really want to go?" Paula smiled seductively and pulled her short miniskirt higher until the narrow crotchband of her panties glistened between her thighs. "I'm hot..very, very hot. Take me to the dirty movies, Honey", she sighed.

It was dark inside the theater, so much so that we couldn't see anything for a few moments. The writhing body of a brunette filled the screen. A man had his face buried in her bush eating her out. When our eyes adjusted sufficiently, we could see that most of the patrons were men. Two couples sat near the back row. I asked my wife if she wanted to sit near the other couples. "Let's get closer to the screen", she replied. Without waiting for an answer, she walked slowly down the aisle allowing her full hips to undulate. Even with a woman being fucked furiously on the screen, most of the men turned to watch her. About halfway to the front, Paula moved down one of the rows. Two men blocked her path. She smiled, excused herself and squeezed past them allowing her ass to rub against their legs. I followed. Several men watched her as she lowered her body into one of the seats and crossed her legs. Again, the tight miniskirt slid up her full thighs exposing a generous expanse of her legs. Her five-inch spike heels made her legs look luscious.

The two men seated a few seats down the row turned to stare. Their eyes were glued to my wife's legs, especially her half-exposed thighs. I stared at the screen where the brunette moaned as a thick cock fucked relentlessly in and out of her cunt. The spectacle caused my cock to harden. In moments, I had a stiff erection. Without removing my eyes from the brunette's upturned, filled cunt, I moved my hand onto my wife's thigh and pushed her skirt even higher. When it was above the tops of her hose, I slipped my hand underneath and felt her firm thighs as my cock throbbed in my pants.

Both men to Paula's left were now watching intently as I played with my wife's legs. Their eyes shifted back and forth from the screen to her thighs. Paula knew they were watching. She uncrossed her legs and crossed the left leg across the right exposing a wide expanse of thigh to the men on her left. They began to stroke their erections through their pants. By this time, they had lost interest in the movie even though the brunette was now taking it doggie style.

I felt my wife's hand close around the shaft of my cock. "Hmmmmm.

you're really hard, Baby. I can feel it throbbing." She unzipped my pants and pulled it out letting her hand slowly move up and down the rigid organ making me throb and leak precum.

I looked to Paula's left and saw that the two men had taken their cocks out and were jerking off while they watched my wife masturbating me. I felt like I was going to cum and had to close my eyes and concentrate to keep from exploding too soon. As my wife continued to jerk me, I noticed that she was looking at the two cocks to her left. When the nearest man saw that she was watching him, he moved to the seat next to her.

I turned my attention back to the movie and enjoyed the feeling of my wife's hand jacking me. I was startled when she leaned over and whispered in my ear, "He's playing with my thigh, Honey." I looked over at the guy.

He was staring directly at my wife's thighs, but I couldn't see his hand, but I could see that his arm was moving in slow circles. He was obviously playing with my wife's thighs.

"He's all the up my thigh, Honey. Ooooohhh so good. He's trying to get his hand between my legs now. aaahhhhhh".

My cock throbbed harder as I watched the man stroke up and down the length of Paula's thigh, gradually moving her skirt all the way up to her hips. He lightly rubbed her mound and pressed his fingers into the junction of her thighs, but my wife's crossed legs kept him from reaching her cunt.

"He's trying to get between my legs, now, Honey.", she moaned in my ear.

A man in the row behind us had noticed what was happening and had moved to the seat directly behind Paula. Leaning forward, he moved his hands onto the sides of her massive tits and began to play with them through the thin material of her blouse.

"Oohhh Ed. Someone's behind me playing with my tits now. Oh, he's got his hands on both of them.. pinching my nipples. ooouuuu hurts.

ungghhhh. The other guy's got his hand on the underside of my thigh now.

He's trying to get me to spread my legs for him. Should I? Should I spread my legs for him, Ed? .. God, my tits are being squeezed."

Even in the dark theater, I could see my wife's hardened nipples pressing outward against her blouse. The man had pulled her blouse much lower so that almost half of my wife's tits were now bulging out the top of the garment. Her nipples were just barely covered. The guy behind her whispered something in my wife's ear. She nodded. Then her hand left my cock and reached behind the seat. A moment later, my wife groaned as she felt the size of his cock. I saw her arm begin to move as she stroked it.

"He's big, Ed. Really big. I mean HUGE. I can hardly get my hand around it. He must have 12 inches. god. what a cock! It's hard as steel."

Paula's blouse was now unbuttoned and pulled below her huge jutting mounds. The guy behind her had both hands wrapped around them. He pinched the nipples through her bra. When she moaned, he reached into the bra and one after the other extracted her large breasts. With her bra bunched underneath, they were pushed almost obscenely up and out. As her naked tits were stroked and squeezed, the guy to her left slipped his hand inside her panties and tried to move between her legs. My wife's hips were making circular motions, but she still kept her legs closed.

The second man down the row had now moved to the seat directly in front of my wife. He made no effort to touch her, but just stared intently at her gorgeous legs and tits as he jacked off. A fourth man was now seated just to my right. He leaned forward to get a better view of her big tits.

My wife's breathing was becoming labored, almost a pant. The man behind her ordered her to spread her legs.

"They want me to spread my legs, Ed. Should I spread my legs? Do you want me to open my legs and let them play with my cunt, Honey? Should I spread for them or not? "Tell her to spread her legs, man", the man to my right ordered. "Do it, Honey. Spread your legs, Paula." She obeyed. Her legs opened wide. She lifted one over me while the guy to her left lifted the other one over his own legs. She was spread wide open. Her hips churned as her eyes closed and her hips thrust upwards.

The guy in front stared directly at my wife's crotch, watching the hand of the man beside her. It stroked her belly, slowly, sensuously, causing Paula to grind her hips back and forth under his touch. His cock hardened painfully when he saw the hand move inside her panties and begin to stroke the length of her slit. He leaned over the seat until his eyes were only a foot or so away from my wife's cunt. He stared at the bulge in her panties where the hand was playing with her. Tearing his eyes away from the erotic sight, he glanced upward to watch other hands pinching her turgid nipples.

"Get her panties off so I can see her cunt. Please, take off her panties", the man moaned under his breath.

I reached over and pulled the crotch of her panties to one side and all the men watched two fingers sliding in and out my wife's sex hole. I started rubbing her clit while the other man finger fucked my wife. Paula humped her cunt against the probing fingers. In less than a minute, she was throbbing, about to cum. Her hips arched upward; we both felt her cunt throb as her orgasm exploded in her clit and spread to her throbbing vagina making it clench, pulse and throb in hard spasms.

"Oouuuuu . you're making me cummmm. I cummingggg!", my wife hissed.

This was just too much for the man in the seat in front of us. In an instant, he climbed over the seat and was kneeling between my wife's spread thighs. He hooked his fingers in her panty waistband and pulled them down her legs. He managed to get them off one leg and they bunched uselessly about her other ankle. "Spread her cunt open for me", he shouted to the man with his fingers in my wife's hole. "Like this", the man in her asked as he opened her cuntal slit exposing the open wet mouth of her vagina..

"Oohhhh Yeah! Like that, man!"

My wife's body arched wildly. She pressed her naked tits into the caressing hands of the man behind her. Her cunt was being sucked. The guy suctioned her clit deep into his mouth where his tongue lashed repeatedly over the throbbing tip. The shaft pulsed and throbbed under the oral caress. Both of her nipples were being squeezed and stroked as the tongue slotted deep into her vagina. In and out it went, probing every crevice and crease, up and down the length of my wife's slit.

By this time, several more men had gathered around us and were straining to get a better view of my wife. Most of them had their cocks out and were jacking off. A hard spasm ripped up the length of my wife's pussy. The man sucking her felt it and sucked her clit harder to intensify her climax.

The muscles of my wife's belly were rippling in waves as she orgasmed a second time. Her tongue flashed out and began to rapidly lick against her upper lip. Her belly contracted into a hard knot; her mouth gaped open letting a long, tortured sigh of pleasure escape:

"AAAAAHHHHHHHHHhhhhhh. MMMMMmmmmmmmm. Ugghh! Ugghh! Ugghh! Oh.

cumming. hard..cumming.. SUCKMEEEE. ohhh suck it all out of me, you Bastard! Ohhh yes, Baby, keep sucking Momma's pussy. CUMMING AGAIN!


A fourth man had crowded in beside the man behind Paula and taken possession of one of her tits. The other man concentrated on her left breast; her right breast was now the property of a black guy with huge hands. Her big mounds were continuously squeezed and stroked as she shrieked in her climax.

The sight of the woman's tits, ass and cunt being sucked to an explosive climax was just too much for a young man standing in front of my wife. His hand flashed up and down his cock. The purple head bulged with the cum load that was surging up the big shaft. He arched his back, pointed his sex gun at the jerking woman spread out on the seat in front of him and spewed his load toward her in a huge, milky white stream. The thick rope of cum splattered against my wife's spread thighs and snaked up across her naked cunt and onto her convulsing belly. The next load shot directly into her cleavage lubricating the inner slopes of her tits. The remaining loads dribbled out onto my wife's legs.

I thought this was getting totally out of hand, so I pulled my wife to her feet and indicated that we should leave. One of the men who had been jacking off while watching the action complained loudly. "Come on, Man.

Not yet. I'm about to cum. Lemme do it before you leave. Please, just a little bit more. Please", he begged.

Paula looked at me and smiled. "It would be cruel to leave him like this, Honey. Just a minute. It'll only take a few seconds. He's already about to cum." Turning to the man, she said, "Come on, Lover. Shoot your big load over my tits. You want to cum on my tits? Go ahead. Do it! Cum on me!"

Paula knelt in the seat directly in front of the man. His cock was just above the level of her big naked tits. She cupped her breasts and held them up for him. Cum dripped from her nipples. The man's hand jacked his cock rapidly. His hips snapped back and forth as he surged toward orgasm.

"I'm almost there.. Oohhhh I'm about to cum. Please. Let me cum on your cunt.. Please. please , let me cum on your cunt."

Paula leaned back with her head almost on the seat. She lifted her legs and put them over the back of the seats in front of her with her feet wide apart to spread herself completely. "Spread wider", the man begged. My wife opened herself as wide as possible exposing the gaping slot of her wet and overheated cunt.

"Can you see my cunt now? Look at it. Oohhhh yesssss.. Look at my cunt. See how wet it is from being sucked and made to cum again and again.

Can you see how hard my clit is? Go on. cum on me. cum your load right on my cunt!"

The man squeezed his penis causing the bloated head to expand and redden. Carefully, he pointed his weapon directly at my wife's slotted gash. Edging forward to bring the cockhead within a few inches of her cunt, he began to jack himself hard and fast. My wife stared directly at the slit in the end of the man's penis. Suddenly it opened and the thick stream of cum jetted out. It flew through the air in a direct line toward the open hole. The first blast struck my wife's clit and quickly coated the hard organ with a thick layer of semen. Part of the blast landed in her pubic hair. Paula reached down with her fingers and spread her cunt lips wide open. Aiming his cock, the man spewed the second stream straight into my wife's gaping cunt hole. Cum streamed down the open slit onto her ass and then dripped onto the floor making a cum rope which hung from her shaking ass. The cum rope thickened when the third and fourth gushes of cum were added to the second. Finally, the man's balls were empty. Paula dismounted from the seat, pulled her skirt down, carefully replaced her tits inside her blouse and said, "Ok, Honey. I'm ready. Let's go."

Four men followed us to our car in the theater parking lot. I got in the driver's seat and waited for my wife to get in. I could see her outside surrounded by the four men. She was laughing as they tried to get at her. One man behind her was running his hands over her tits. Another in front had his mouth mashed hard against my wife's mouth. I knew his tongue was fucking in and out of her. A third man was busy trying to pull her skirt up over her hips. My wife was an incredible sight. Right in the middle of a public parking lot, she had her tits exposed, her skirt up over her hips. Cum still coated both tits and several streams were running down her legs.

I knew that my wife was certainly not going to allow them to fuck her in the parking lot where anyone who walked by could see. Sooner or later, she was going to get in the car and we would leave. I waited, but my wife still did not get into the car. Finally, she stuck her head in the window.

She smiled at me but didn't move to get in. "Come on, Honey. Get in the car. Enough is enough." "I can't get in the car." "Why not?" "I'm being fucked." "What do you mean you're being fucked", I shouted. "One of them is behind me. He's fucking me. He's holding my hips and ramming himself in and out of my cunt. He won't let me get in the car until he finished fucking me." "Which one is it?" "I don't know. I was going to get in the car when one them pushed my head through the window and made me spread my legs. Then he started fucking me. God.. he's really ramming it into me.

He's fucking me, Ed. He's fucking your wife's cunt. in public.

ooohhhhh.. Everyone can see me getting it, Honey. I'm being fucked. Oh, Honey. He's big, Ed. Really big. He's got it in deep.. aaaahhhhhh I'm getting fucked, Baby. They're fucking meeeeee. Oohhh shit.. he's cumming inside my cunt, Honey. I can feel him shooting his big load into me."

I watched my wife's body rocking back and forth as she accepted the hard fucking and hot cum into her vagina. Her mouth opened in a silent groan;

her eyes squeezed shut; her tongue flicked rapidly over her top lip; she gasped as her climax shot through her. Behind her, pussy juice spewed out of her tightly plugged cunt as thick streams of cum erupted inside her hole.

When the man finally pulled his cock from Paula's cunt, a huge stream of cum poured out of her hole. The thick glob slid along Paula's clit until it formed a huge strand of cum that was slowly stretching and thinning as it fell toward the ground. Suddenly, the cum rope was cut by another hard prick slicing into the wet tube of my wife's hot pussy.

"Ed! Another man is FUCKING me! Someone else has put his cock into me.

Unggh!.. Ugghh!. Uggghhhhh! Damn, he's fucking me hard. Fucking the shit out of meeeee. I'M CUMMING.. CUNT IS THROBBING, ED. He's making me cummmmmm. Your wife is cumming with another man's dick stuck up her pussy.

Ooohhh.. he's getting ready to shoot into me. Look at him holding my hips and pounding it in.. Can you see how hard he's fucking your wife, Honey?

His cock's getting bigger now. I can feel that big dick slamming into the bottom of my cunt. It's getting bigger.. he's throbbing inside me. It's getting ready to shoot. NOW.NOW.NOW!! The cum's going in!!! He's put one big load into me. Now he ramming me again. He's throbbing . The second gush is in me, Ed. Your wife has two new cum loads inside her pussy.

Unnghhhh.he's about to shoot more in me. Here it comes. aaahhh.. It's in me, Honey. Still throbbing. more cum is shooting in."

After the second man had cum in my wife, they put her on her back in the back seat. All four of them got in the car and I headed out. Before I could even get out of the parking lot, they had Paula spread out with her spike heels pressed into the ceiling of the car. We hadn't gone a block when I heard my wife moan like she always does when she's being fucked. I looked in the rearview mirror and saw the guy who was behind us in the movie drive his ass hard between her splayed thighs. I could easily hear the squishing sound his cock made as it stretched my wife's cunt open and plowed into her cum-filled tube. He pounded her harder and harder, and in just a few minutes, Paula pulled her legs back even further to open her cunt totally to her lover. The man slammed between her uplifted thighs into the hot pit of my wife's open cunt. She shrieked loudly as his cum jetted into her.

As soon as he had cum, the fourth guy mounted my wife. Before I reached our hotel, both men had fucked my wife and she was busy sucking them hard again. The two guys who had fucked her in the parking lot were already hard again. That night, I had to sleep on the floor while the four studs fucked my wife in our hotel room bed over and over and over. She told me later that each of them had screwed her four times during the night and again in the morning.

After that night, our life entered a new phase.

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