June 20, 2018
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lawn men get luck

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I decided to share this with you and see what you think about this, I've been married for a few years and love my husband, i just wish he was a bit more play full in the say or out of it. We both work and have a nice house a bit out in the county. Im 39 white middle age woman, Im 5ft 7 and 138# and 38c. i still get eye turn, which all was feel good. We have a great house but the only problem is our lawn all was get burnt and we have a well , so hard to water our lawn. My hubby love a nice yard so this drove him nuts. Then he heard about a southern state company that travel around and install lawn water system that could tap the water from a small creek in the back of our property. So he made arrangement fo some one to come and look us over and get a price, I wasnt there when he did this, So when i got home and laid it out to me and the cost and all, It sounded great so he put us on their list to do our place. he was in heavan.

So now a couple months went by and it mid summer and hot as hell out, Lawn is starting to burn. I pull in our drive about 2 pm and see trucks and people running all over. wow hubby will be happy because their here. Now im coming home from work and in mini skirt and blouse and heels. I like to dress to look good,. Once i get out a mid age black male come up to me and introduse himself and telling me all what their doing. As I'm listen I notice he had 2 young black guys working for him. When i turn back around i notice they stop working was staring at me, the boss notice this and told me he sorry and that they spent to much time on the road and like to look alot. I just laught and told him it feel nice to see guys stare at this old lady once in a while. He just laught and said your far for a old lady. So then he started to ask me question that i couldnt answer so i told him i would call hubby and have him talk to him. i head and and call but he was in a meeting and when he get out would call me back, So i went to our bedroom and took a shower while i waited. When i came out of the shower i could hear people talking threw the window that was open a bit. i peek out to see the 3 guys sitting out back taking a break. It sound like they where talking about me. Well we have a speaker for out back to play music but it all so can be use as a call box. So being a normal woman i had to know what they where saying. So being bad i turn this on and could hear them talking really good now. yes they where talking about me. They where talking about how hot i look and how they would love to fuck me lol. That did put a smile on my face, I still got it. they where picking on each other about who could fuck me lol. Im peeking out at them and listen to them talking about me, Now i just got out of shower and still naked listen to them. I never really heard guys talking so open and frake befoe, i found it a bit of a turn on to hear them talk this way. The middle age guys telling them all he had to do is get me out of my clothes and pull out his cock and wave it at me and my legs would open so wide and i wouldnt be able to close them until he fuck me good. they all laught and keep going.on and on this way. I knew i was getting turn on by all this, but now i found myself finging myself as i listen, I was getting hornier as they talk and getting wetter. Then the middle age guys telling them how he could easly fuck me any time 24 -7 andy place and anyway he wanted to fuck me and how i would be begging for it. lol The younger one said that wasnt nice and that he need to share me with them lol. So he said he would share because looking at me, he knew i would take care of all of them lol . i should of been mad but is was hot hearing all this that i was turn on by it all. They talk as if i was some real hot slut lol. Then the phone rang,it was hubby and he wanted to talk to the guy. So i had to go out and get the boss to our phone. So i figured i would tease them a bit and slip on my daisy duke shorts and halter top. the shorts dont hide to much and halter top is a little low cut and tight to my boobs, with no bra my nipple did poke out some lol. So out i went and as i approach they all hand their eye glued to me, I felt great, i told im that hubby was on phone and need to talk to him, So the boss came and took the phone and they talk, Well it ended up that when they come back the next day, that they need to be in the house to hook up pump and electric for the sprinker's. So hubby ask if i could take day off because he was in big meetings all day. So i told him i would. The boss said see me tommorw and went out to his guys. I ran back to our room and turn on the speakers again, He was telling them that i was going to be around to let them work. They all love that ideal. The middle age guy told his boss that he wanted to be the one to work in the house. Boss ask him why and he said so he could wave his big black cock at me and have my legs pop open wide lol they laught and walk away to where i couldnt hear anymore.. I was so horny now, i pull off my shorts and got my viberator out and went to work on my hot pussy.All the time i play all i could think about was how the talk about me being so slut and fucking all of them. Hubby got luck that nite but i was still so turn on i had trouble sleeping just thinking about it all.

Morning finial came and hubby went off to work, I took along shower but still came out horny as hell. I was still so turn on by all this talk, So i said dam it, I'll never see these guys after their done so why not have a little fun teasing them. So looking in my closet i see the black silky mini i bought to tease hubby with, It was really tight fit to my body and short. Plus it had a frong zipper that ran the full length, could zip down or up all the way. I put it on and yes it was a body clinger. i didnt have a bra on and i could real easy see all my nipple. out line. i couldnt wear any panties with it or they would show their outline. I was wondering if i should do this when i heard the knock, take a deep breath i went and open it. They all stood there stare at me, So i just said my good moring and told them i knew they had to turn off the electric so i would have no air, so need to dress cool for the hot weather. they all told me how good of a ideal that was. then the midde age guy said he had to shut it off now. So i told him follow me and lead him to our basement.. Now most our basement is finish off and tv and sofa and chairs and table set up. A small room off this had the heatinf and cooling stuff in it. he followed me and never really took his eye off me. He went into the room and was doing things as i sat on the couch outside the room. He came out and said he was all set and headed up stairs. I slip inside to see the only thing he did was shut off our air. I think he was me to sweat lol.I ran up to turn back on the speak to see if could hear them, I could just hear them and they where talking about my dress and how slutt i look in it. the where wonder if the zipper went all the way down lol. then they went off to work on the outside stuff. now they was all use to hard work and had rock hard sexy bodys. So between peeking out at them and all talk i heard had me running really horny. Then the middage guy came to door tellng me he had to work down stairs and head down. Now the air been off and yes if getting warm inside now. So i thought now i good chance to tease him. So i played with the zipper to get it caught up in the cloth and stuck, So i head down and stuck my head in and ask him how long would the air be off because it was getting hot inside, He said sorry but it going to be awhile more. Dam its so hot in here my dress is sticking to me. I reach to pull zipper down a bit and it was still stuck, ( good) His eyes where glued to me. So i started to bitch, dam its so hot and the dam zipper is stuck.. i had step back out into our tv room as i bitch. So sure enought he said it probaly got stuck in the cloth. He came out and ask if he could help me, I threw my hand up and said sure before i die. he step right over and started to work the zipper free. His hand are not that far from my boobs and he look at them more then the zipper. then it pop free, he said i think i got it, and dont think it will stick again, he was running it up and down trying it out., when he went down with it alot of cleavage was showing and my nipple where poking really out. I was breathing so heavy i figure he could hear my heart pounding. He notice i see he was just staring at my boobs. He step back and said look like it fixs. i smile at him and giggle a bit and said thanks. He ask why i laught and i look down at his crotch and said by the look of things he like working on my zipper. He look down and could see he had a very big bulge showing. He smile and said i guess i did, and sorry he couldnt hide it lol. i smile and said thats okay and from what i see it look pretty good lol. he said thank and that he would show me more of it but his boss would get mad at him. I smile and told him his boss wasnt around.. He smile at me and ask, well if you want to see more i can do that. i smile and said that mite be nice. So he smile and started to undo his pants. i smile and said maybe i better sit down for this. so i step back and sat on the couch with my leg pointing his way. he watch me as he was undoing his belt and button. i lean back a bit and nervously play wth the zipper on my dress, Pulling it up and down. i was all most takng ot to my waist and alot of boobs showing. His eye glued to that zipper. I slowly was easy my legs apart showing lots more leg. But then i was as far as my dress would let me. i was wondering if he could see my pussy yet. he now had his pant unzip and slide them down. His bulge seem to get bigger and bigger in his shorts. As i stared at it i lower my zipper a bit more. Breath heavy i leand even more back as my eyes glued to his shorts. now he slide down his short and his cock sprung out. Dam it was bigger then i thought. He waited a second then took ahold of it and stroke it some, He said well this if it as he stroke it and did a bit of waving it at me. I smile and thought he doing his wave at me lol. As i watch him i keep pullng the zipper down more and more.. then it unzipp all the way off and my dress fell open. I let it fall way and now he stare right at my pussy.He got a big smile on his face stroking and wave his cock at me. My dress is fallen wide open so as he wave his cock i started to spread my legs more, Then more i spread the hard the stroke and wave his cock at me. So i just keep going wider and wider. now im spread wide open. He said Dam i think that white pussy needs a good fucking. I smile and ask him if he really thougth so. Smile he step forward slide down and sitting on the couch with me. when he sat down my one leg was behind his back and he pulled my other leg up onto his knees. Holding my leg he reach up and started to play with my boobs, telling how sweet and real they feel. i told him they are all mind. Then he slowly slide his hand down to find my hot well pussy. Dam bitch that one hot pussy. He started to work his finger into me getting me wetter and wetter. Then he grab my hand and said, dont me shy bitch and pulled my hand down to his cock, You can play with this, and started to stroke his cock with my hand. So then i started to do it on my own and he let go and went to work on my pussy again. I could feel his cock getting harder as i stroke it, I could feel how big it is and i know ive never had one this big. Then he shove finger deep telling me what a hot bitch i was. Pulling out his finger he started to roll over so he was moving on top of me.. Pulling my hand off his cock , he took ahold of it as he finish rolling on top. Pushing my leg wider i could feel his cock poking at my pussy now.then he told me , okay bitch you want this big black cock you got it.. With that he push forward and i felt his cock hear pop into my pussy.Dam it is big., he pulled back and push again, going deep. I moan as he did. then he ask me , you like this black cock dont you bitch as he shove deeper. I didnt say anything so he stop and ask again. So i told him yes, So he started to push deeper and slowlly fucking me as he work it it. then he ask me if i was going to be his little slut. I didnt say anything , so he stop again, and ask again, then he told me you better tell me your going to be my slut or im done. he started to pull out so i told him i was his slut. push back in he tell me to tell him that i was his slut, so as i did he keep yellling louder, The louder i got the harder he fuck me. now im moanind louder as he buired his cock into me pounded my pussy for all he could. Then i found myself cumming harder then i ever have. he got ahold of my ass pulling me to his cock as he shove deeper. Then he stop fucking me pushing deep i felt his cock explode in me, i felt me ,to start cumming again as he pump his seed deep into me.Then he just stop and laid on me, telling me that i was a better fuck then he thought. I just smile and said thanks, Then with out thinking i told him he was right. He look at me funny and ask about what. I smile i said when you start to wave that cock of yours at me my legs did spread wider and i couldnt close them. he smile and said i think someone was listening to our talk yesterday. I laught well i did hear a bit lol. He smile and said see i was right about you lo. I smile and said i guess so. he slowly pulled out and off of me and our juice leaking out of my happy pussy, So laughting i ask him if he was going to share me like he said,. He just smile at me and wipe his cock off with my dress. he used my dress to wipe my pussy off too. Then he stood up and stuck his hand out to pull me off the couch. As i stood up , he finish pullling my dress the rest of the way off.Now i stood the stark naked as he ran his hands on my body.. Then he lean forward and pulling on me, throwing me over his shoulder. Then he started for the stairs, i ask him what he was doing, He said i told them i was going to share you and thats what i doing, Holding me tight to his shoulder he walk right out my back door, carring me still naked. Then i heard his say , look what i got for you guys.He slowly turn around showing them that i was naked. Tell them that i was hotter and better fuck then he thought and that i did like black cock.So there im out in the middle of my back yard , hung of his shoulder with 3 black guys. Then he turn and said if you want to fuck this slut you better come now. I seen them both drop their tools and follow us back into the house He head to the bedroom with them right behind us. When we got there he flop me on to the bed. Telling me to lay back and spread my legs so the can see what their getting. As they all stood there watching i slowly spread my legs. He smile and said , see i told you she like to fuck .Then he told him, you better get out of your cloths and fuck her before i jump her. The young kid started to tare his clothers off. Tell how he was going to eat that pussy. His friend laught and said you can but ill tell you ive allready fuck her once. the laught and he said he'll pass.Then he climb on the bed and settling on top of me, His cock was about same size as the other guy and with all the juice, it slide in lots more easy this time. The older guy just stood there and watch us..He started to fuck me harder, telling his friend how much he like me.Then he roll pulling me on top, telling me to ride his cock. So sitting on his cock i started to bounce and down on it. As he played with my boobs, i bounce on his cock , grinding into this cock, They all agreed i was one hot fucking slut, I didn't care what they said as i rode his cock.As i fuck away moaning and ride his cock, The other guy ask the older guy if he was going to fuck me, he said yes, but he wanted to fuck me doggies style when i was done there. I smile thinking to my slef, i guess im fucking all 3. I started to cum again as i rode him. Thats when he lost it and started to blow his load into me, I just push down as his cock throb in my pussy. Sucking his juice with my pussy. As i was catching my breath i heard the older guy getting out of his clothes. Knowing he was going to fuck me next.Now i was ready for him, i started to pull up off his cock, Thats when i felt the old man hands grab my hips pullling me back to him. he telling me he fucking me doggie style.So keeping me on my hands and knee and pulled me back to the foot fo the bed. Once he got me kneely on edge of bed he pushing my legs apart. Then he slide he arm around so he had my waist, pulling me to him, He had his cock in his other hand rubbing it against my soaking wet pussy.Then i felt his arm aroudn my waist tight on my waist, about the same time i felt his cock parting my pussy lips Now i knew why he had my waist, he was holding me and pullng be back to him. his cock was huge and he was pushing hard to get it in. it was to big, i told him to stop , he was to big, he told me to relax, because he was going to fuck me. and that he hasnt fuck in along time because he scared girls off with his size. i told him he was to big, he said you fuck 2 guys and with all that in my pussy he can make it fit.now he pulling me hard and pushing hard, it hurt like hell but it slide in. he would stop pusy and slowly fuck me some then push hard again. I told him it hurt to much, So he said he could make it easy on me if i want. I said please. So he said it would fit easy if i laid on my back and a pillow under my butt and my legs spread wider.. i told him okay, i would try that, But he said if he pulled out , i would have to promise to fuck him on my back, I told him i promise if he would stop. he slowly let go of me and slowly pulled his cock out. i fell forward , he reach up and grab a couple pillow. . he laid them out and told me to roll over on them, As i rolled over and postiong the pillow under me, Then he pushing my leg apart and up, as he did this he move up over me, That when i got a peek at h is cock, Ive seen cock like his but they where on a horse. He move in quick with his cock finding my pussy fast, It did seem to go easier as he push back into me I told him i couldnt take all that, he said he knew it but i was getting all the he could get in, Now being on my back the old juice seem to lub me better. he would fuck me for a bit , then slam deeper.it was hurting but i could feel my pussy trying to suck more in.AS he started to slowly fuck me i was moaning loud now. Then he pulled my legs more apart but up torge my head more.This was pulling my ass allmost off the pillow. Then he pulled his cock back a bit, but slowly fucking it into me. the pain easy and i found myself fucking him back. This went on for a bit and then a smile came on his face, Then with out warn he slam down hard pushing his cock deeper, then he pujlled back and he slam again. i scream in pain, but he slam again, Each time he went deeper and deeper. Then i felt his balls slam my ass, He got his whole cock buired deep into my pussy.. water was coming out of my eyes from pain, He just laid there pressing deep into me and smile, See woman, i knew you could take it.. I told him i feel like i was harpoon, After a bit he slowly started to fuck me and get hard and faster as he did, Wasnt long and i found myslef pushing my pussy up to meet his hard cock. I think i cam 3 time before he blew his his. when he finish and pulled off i felt like he all most turn it inside out. They all started to get dress. The middle age guy told me i should go take a shower and clean up and get dress before hubby came home. i look at the clock and said oh i got a few hours before he gets home. he just smile and said okay go take a shower but don't waste your time getting dress.. they went back to work, i slide off the bed and took one hot long shower. When i came back out i heard them out back working.. They all seem to be in a happy mood. i finish dry off and combing my hair. Still naked i was looking what to wear. I heard them talkng and look out the window again and seen the where down to wearing their work shorts and hard chest glisten with sweat. A tingle went threw my pussy as i watch them. Oh well i dont see anything i want to wear. So still nake i walk out the back door to were they where working., they turn and see me, i smile and said , you told me not to waist getting dress.. They all smile, The young guy drop his shovel and walk over to me, Smile he drop his shorts, and his cock allready getting hard. holding his cock in hand he reach up and put his hand on my head pushing down.. i slowly went to my knee as he step forward sticking his cock into my mouth. when i look over i saw the other two taking off there shorts.

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