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i hate poker night

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My husband and i have been married about 4 months when i decide to crash poker night one night. I am politely told not to come back unless i am naked. i can't believe this. Rick comes home later on that night and i give him the cold shoulder. Well rick's turn for poker inght comes up in 2 weeks and i am feeling very horney so i tell him to put it off for another night. he won't. As he is getting ready i decide to make my move and i walk into the garage naked and he isn't there so i sit down and wait i hear the door open and i stand up it is his friend josh. i can tell he is checking me out. I have been told i am a knock out but like al girls i don't think so. i have 36c tits and a shaved pussy all on a 5'2" frame with 115 lbs. As josh is checking me out i look for a way out with dignity and the only semi hiding place is under or crouched behind the table. so i jump behind it and crouch there as i start to say to get out josh hits the garage door opener button we live in a very family friendly area so i dive under the table my head sticking out i see 2 cars pulling into our drive way i start to tell him to put the door down when i hear the door creak to shut!! A few minutes later hearing everyone coming into the garage i know i am in som e serious trouble there is no way out with my dignity. so i crouch towrd the middle trying to avoid it as the chairs are pulled out and the cloth runner that is hiding me is shifted around. Finally when every one is seated and talking about nothing in particular just this and that. i hear John start passing out chips and Josh says oh shit and drops one he leans down and looks in at me and winks! i am so pissed at this point. I crawl over the spare 2 feet toward him and try to fit hit toes and find he has on steel toed boots. if it was possible i would have thought he planned this!! so i lightly but firmly jab 2 fingers into his crotch. this should pay him back, but instead of squishing into a soft cock and balls i hit a hard on. i instantly back up as he grunts. I hear john laugh and say whats wrong josh. josh laughs and says i think you got a cat under the table or something, laughing. john laughs we don't have a cat. but he leans down and peaks under the table. I see his eyes go wide and his mouth go what the hell? he kinda motions me over toward him.then sitts back up flopping his cock out at me. i hear the guys talking about not much of anything work and the such while i am staring at a cock. then i feel someone cick me lightly. i turn and there are cocks out everywhere. one of those bastards had told everyone!! and i could not tell which one, john had proved to be so much more perverse than when we where dating. nothing to bad but know he would talk about orgies and 3somes and such so i thought it could be him, but josh was always looking for ways and times to torment me. so i rocked back ontto my heels surrounded by cocks and listening to them talk and play cards. then a slip of paper slid under the table. i said start working or i call your dad for poker night you know how he always wants in!! What the hell was i suppossed to do? i slid over to john's leggs and wrapped my fingers around his cock and started jacking him off. there was no change in his voice though he just kept playing and gave no hint that as to what i was doing!! i got determined and licked the head of his cock. the precum was salty and slimy but i sucked it in. i slide my mouth down as far as it would go in and went back and forth till he came but i tried to move out of the way cause i had never swallowed cum before and i was not about to start tonight. the cum shot on my cheek and shoulder i felt different there than in me or on my tummy where it usually ended up. warmer. i leaned back and then the guy next to john kicks his foot out i try to slip away but end up with the back of my head getting poked by another cock. i turned around to take a look at it and it was long really long like 11 inches but it was so thin. i almost felt sorry for the guy it was so thin whatever woman this thing belonged to could not be happy!! i giggled at the thought and he thrust toward me, poking me in the cheek with it!! i wondered who it belonged to? i heard the phone dialing and my heart skipped a beat i had sucked him off and he was still calling? so i quickly tok this thin cock in my mouth and then i heard him order the Pizza!! i had this cock in my mouth for no reason. but a part of me liked it? so i continued to suck him down into my mouthi got him way down which was easy cause he was so thin!! he suprised me though when ever john finished his balls quivered and i could tell it was time but whoever this was just suddenely erupted a fountain of cum into my mouth and down my throat as he thrusted. it was actually salty and kinda sweet i was suprised. i tried to identify whos cock this could be but could not i new johns from sight and experiance and i knew where josh was sitting but everyone else i had no idea? i continued around the table sucking and swallowing everyone but josh. this took about an hour or so i guessed? i heard someone i think it was kevin say it was time for a beak, everyone agreed but josh he said not yet man not yet. So i was to be kept hear till i sucked everyone!! so i slid out from under the table determined not to let that him get the best of me i walked toward the door and found it locked!! all eyes where on me i could feel my body shake a little with embarresment and fury. i turned around and walked toward john. he smiled and said thanks for joining us. i looked aound the table to judge who had what cock, and noticed a mound of money on the table. My eyes where huge at the sight. John laughed and said well right now i am winning. if josh doesn't smile i get it the bastards where betting on me sucking them off. So i walked over to john and grabbed him by the dick and lifted him up and cause he followed where i took it. And i took it over to the door and said open it. John looked at me and said that is waht i told you to do. i let go and swung my hips as i walked over to josh determined to hold some dignity.i leaned over aware that my tits where on the table and said look just please let me go inside. Josh looked up and sttod up his cock out and dropped 200 dollers on the table and said if i don't smile this all goes to john theni noticed there must be at least 6004 there plus is 200 made 800 i could not belive it!! i grabbed the money and dove onto his cock face first. then i bit down not real hard just hard enough to make it hurt. i heard josh yell and i scr*ped my teeth all the way off of him and he was long and thick to bad he was a bastard. Whoops i said well you didn't smile and i walked away flashing my teeth at john he opened the door quickly. i smiled and walked past. i put that money and the money from 3 more poker nights into my account and put a down payment on convertable.

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