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her idea

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My wife Kate and I have what we believe is a unique lifestyle. I know there are a lot of wife sharing stories on the web, that I believe many guys and some gals fantasize about doing it, but Kate and I really did.

It all started during the early years of marriage Kate began talking about how she thought it would be fun if we invited another man into our bed.

I was a bit put off by the idea but over a period of months Kate convinced me that it would be exciting and it would freshen up our sex life. Finally I agreed to try out her fantasy. In reality she had me excited about seeing her getting fucked by another man and I think I was looking forward to the experience as she was. We discussed who we could invite and immediate ruled our friends. Finally we decided to see if she could find someone in one of the local bars. I wanted a guy that I didn't know because I didn't want him running around saying he'd done my wife. I think Kate had a certain type in mind to, so I told her to go looking.

The following Friday night Kate put on a very sexy outfit that she'd purchased just for this. She looked beautifuland so sexy. About 7:00pm we entered one of the more active bars and found a small table at the back. We were both quite nervous but determined to go forward with our plan if we could find a willing male. Within minutes several guys sat at a nearby table and began noticing my wife. I told her to flash her sexy 'I'm available' smile at them and it worked as I knew it would. One of the guys approached our table and asked if I minded if he asked her for a dance. I told them to go ahead. After two or three dances Kate returned to the table. I asked if he had made a pass and she said that he had told her how good she looked and that he bet she looked even better with nothing on. She told him that might be fun. It was then, that one of the other guys at the table approached and asked her for a dance. While they were dancing I started a conversation with the other two men at the next table. They introduced themselves as Bruce, Jimmy and Roger was dancing with Kate.

They were all salesmen from Virginia here for a sales meeting. That sounded like a perfect setup because if we didn't like this fantasy of ours then there would be little way for the men to cause problems.

I didn't know how Kate would feel about inviting three men home but, what the hell, I figured it was her idea in the first place and the thought of three men crawling all over my wife made me as hard as a rock.

I invited Bruce and Jimmy to join us at our table and we pulled up another chair for Roger when he and Kate finished dancing. As the two men settled into their chairs I bought a round of drinks. As the waitress walked away with our order I remarked how close Kate and Roger were dancing. We all were watching Kate rubbing herself against Roger and I knew she was doing her part in this little seduction fantasy of ours. Roger of course, had no way of knowing we were watching when he placed his hand on Kate's ass and pulled her closer to him.

I remarked that it looked like Roger had a little more on his mind than just dancing. Bruce and Jimmy didn't know what to say so they just shrugged and remained silent. Then I said something like, I couldn't blame him, because I knew what it was like in that position.

I went on to say that it was just about all I could do to keep her satisfied in bed. This seemed to break the ice, because Bruce said that he would sure like to try to satisfy her if he had the chance.

We all laughed and I told them that maybe we should see what she thought of the idea. That didn't take very long since Kate and Roger returned to the table at that moment. I made the introduction to the third man and then said to Kate, "You looked like you were having fun out there with Roger babe."She admitted he was such a good dancer that she got a little horny and excited.

This made all the guys with us open their eyes wide. To have a hot sexy woman, and obviously married woman at that, say something so slutty, well, I guess it shocked them.To make a long story short, I suggested that we all go home and continue the party there. Kate instantly agreed. I think she was still only thinking that it would be only Roger doing her tonight, but I figured what the heck, I'll bring it up later what I had in mind.We left the bar and the guys followed us home.

When we got home I turned on the tv and thru in a movie while Kate fixed drinks for everyone. We were sitting all around the room with Kate sitting on the sofa between Jimmy and myself. It was at this point that I was sure Jimmy was the one who would get her first.

By this time I knew that Kate realized that this was going to be a orgy with her as the main focal point. I informed her that these guys lived in Virginia and that they were here only for a few days. When she piped up and said, "Well then we should show them some warm hospitality then." I knew that she was going to go with the flow.As the TV screen flickered on and it was obvious that it was an x-rated movie, we all started kidding about how hard it must be to perform sex in front of a camera. Then about ten minutes into the movie the couple on the screen, parked in the pickup, in the back seat, the girl with her dress pulled up, one of her legs thrown across the front seat and the other is on top of the back seat. The guy was ramming her good and hard while the girl was moaning, "Yes, fuck me! Fuck me!" Jimmy remarked, "Damn, that brings back memories, I had almost forgotten.""You mean doing it in the back seat?" Kate asked. "That too but I was talking about the car. I had one just like it," Jimmy said. "You really like the car?" Kate said. "Scott has one just like it."

"Really, I'd like to see it," Jimmy said.

The guy in the movie was just blowing his load onto the girl's belly when I offered to show him my truck.

"Jimmy, if you really want to see the truck I'll be glad to show it to you.""Great, the movie is over anyway." He said. I extended the invitation to the others knowing that this was going to be interesting. Kate had gotten up and was fumbling with the VCR when she said, "Okay, you guys go ahead and look at some dumb truck. Roger and I'll stay here and watch another movie."

I said, "Roger you had better come with us.Kate gets horny as hell watching these movies and you could end up getting r*ped.""You guys go on and take your time. Roger can take care of himself," Kate said. Bruce, Jimmy and I went outside as if to go to the truck. We stopped and looked back at the house. Kate was on the sofa and Roger had joined her. We all lit a cigarette as Roger began kissing Kate passionately. We didn't move, we just stood there and watched them through the window, "I bet she's got a handful of cock about now," I said.

"If she has her hand on Roger's cock she doesn't seem impressed. He's always bragging about the size," Jimmy said."He's not lying either, I've seen it. Not hard but he has more cock soft than I do hard," Bruce said.

Kate was now standing in front of Roger beginning her stripper act. "Damn, that's a fine looking woman and a damn fine ass too," Jimmy said. "Will she suck cock?" Bruce asked. "Suck a cock! She'll suck your balls out of their sack," I said with a confident smile.

"Damn! Will she take a load in her mouth?" Jimmy asked.

"Take your load, swallow every drop and beg for more," I assured him. "OH shit! Do you think she'll eat me?" Jimmy said excitedly. Kate had finished stripping and had bent down in front of Roger by this time. I knew she was giving him head. "Let's go see. It looks like Roger is getting a little head now," I said. We walked back into to the house and I opened the door. She never looked up and Roger's head was laid back, his eyes were closed, moaning softly."OK Kate, it's not nice to serve one guest and not the others," I said. Kate looked up and smiling, "There's plenty for all, but I can only handle three guys at once so I guess you'll have to wait your turn honey. You know the guests have first choice." I dropped into a chair and said, "You guys heard her. Help yourselves." Kate spread Roger's legs wider and began blowing him again I watched excitedly as Jimmy and Bruce got undressed. Bruce had been right, Roger was nicely hung with at least ten inches of cock that was thicker than my wrist. I was anxious to see him fuck her with that thing.

Jimmy took a seat beside Roger and asked Kate to suck his cock. Kate quickly took Jimmy's cock into her mouth as Bruce lifted her onto her knees exposing her ass and pussy to him. I thought at first he was going to lick her pussy first but realized he had other things in mind as he slipped his cock in her. Kate was jacking Roger's cock with one hand, and had Jimmy's cock in the other while also sucking on it. Her ass was in motion offering itself to Bruce's probing cock. I thought how beautiful she looked at that moment with three men wanting her so lustfully.

In a couple of minutes Kate then pulled away from Bruce and said, "Fuck my pussy Roger.

Roger wasted no time and climbed onto Kate. His cock immediately disappeared into her waiting pussy. I was amazed that she didn't even wince when that thing slid into her. Jimmy was still there on his knees offering his cock to her hungry mouth. I stood up, undressed as I watched her fucking these three strangers and I loved it. Our little foursome lasted about an hour, just long enough for each guy to shoot his load twice. By the time we were all spent, Kate was lying on the livingroom run, covered in sweat, cum and smiles. I was totally amazed at how slutty she'd acted, just like some kind of whore.

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