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getting divorced

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While I was married to Melinda I quickly found out that she was a filthy, cheating, underhanded bitch.

When speaking of getting divorced she stupidly made the statement that she was going to take everything I owned.

Well, as the next couple of years dragged by I soon found that when a certain ammount of alchohal was applied, she didn't remember anything plus as we had sex she got VERY loud and verbal!!! Saying shit like "Fuck me, fuck me harder" and yelling "I'm cumming" I tested this out on a number of occasions.

We would go out to the bar and on the way home I would tell her that she promised to strip naked and suck me off on the way home. She would do it!!!!

As she was sober she would not allow as much as a finger in her asshole but after a few drinks I was cornholing the hell out of that bitch. LOL Months before fileing the divorce papers I got a friend of mine to help me out.

After going to the bars I put her in the car and him in the drivers seat.

Leaning in the drivers window I told her that she had promised once again to get naked and suck my dick on the way home.

As expected she slowly started unbuttening her blouse but this time I was videoing her from outside the car!!!

She took every stitch of cloths off then my friend pulled his pants down so she could suck him.

I motioned for him to drive.

As he drove my wife home sucking his cock, I videoed it from his car as I drove beside them.

The next day things were back to normal and shitty as ever.

Two weeks went by and she wanted to go back to the bar.

This time when we left I had three guys waiting in a soyabean field ready to fuck the shit out of her.

They all took turns fucking and making her suck the cum off their used cocks.

We kept the beer flowing to her so she wouldn't sober up as it was going on and she didn't disappoint me at all.

The next day she told me that she was tired of me getting rough with her as I fucked her when she was drunk because her pussy was sore. I apoligized and told her that it just felt to good. LOL She worked at a local grocery market and many people her age would hang out on the weekends in the store parking lot.

Sometimes she would come in later than usual because she was setting around and talking with them instead of coming home and tending the house like a wife should.

I launched my final plan.

2:am saturday morning after closing the bar down I put her in the rental car my friend had gotten and took a disguise out of the trunk and put it on so as not to be recognised. I drove with her stark naked to the parking lot where she worked and people she knew hung out.

I slowly drove past the guys she knew so they could get a good look at her naked and sucking my dick. I doubt if they knew it was Melinda since her face was in my crotch.

I cruised past them to the guys I had waiting on me.

They had their cars incircled with a blanket in the center.

As I stopped and helped her out of the car and over to the blanket I heard one of the other guys say "thats Melinda!!"

The Navel guys quickly took over and one put his cock in her mouth as another mounted her from behind.

Across the parking lot, the guys were standing and looking in our direction.

Then she yelled "Fuck me harder, I'm cumming" At that point the guys ran from the other side of the parking lot over to watch.

I had the video camera set on the dash of the car and filmed her public gangbang!!

No more alchohal was given to her and after the third guy had fucked her she was beginning to sober up.

By the 5th guy (which was one of her friends) she realized that she was in her works parking lot, totally naked with a dick in both ends and more ready to fuck her. LOL There was nothing the bitch could do.

She sucked and fucked all that wanted her.

As they were getting through with her I left her there. No cloths, no ride, NOTHING.

I drove the rental car over to my buddies house and got mine and drove home.

Early morning I heard a car door slam and as she walked into the house I yelled "Where the hell have you been?"

All she had on was a shirt.

All she could say was "I'm sorry" Needdless to say, the bitch didn't get all my shit. LMAO

I had 4 sailers from Millington Naval Base meet us there.

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