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first experience with a group

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i'm in a hotel room, naked kneeling on a bed face down, ass up i've already put a blindfold on and left the door open slightly i've tied scarves to each corner of the bed, so they're ready to go but i don't know anything about who i'm going to meet there only talked on the phone so vulnerable...

i hear someone come in then another then another i've been told to not make any noise, or be punished so, i'm nervous...

i know i'm meeting one person, but more than one...?

then i hear a knock on the door - it's room service!

i desperately want to run and cover up, but i don't want to displease so i stay like that - naked, face down, ass up, and blindfolded i can hear it in his voice that i'm in plain sight eventually he leaves and the people in the room are moving around whispering to each other very quietly...

i feel a touch along my inner thigh and another...

two hands two different hands both reach the top at the same time and pull away then there's a loud slap as i'm struck spankings!

the two are spanking - not just my ass, but other areas as well all of a sudden there's another set of hands this next set of hands grabs my breasts hard as a cock slides into me from behind i'm forced to rise up as another cock is pushed into my mouth i feel someone moving underneath me and the person from behind switches holes and the person underneath enters me too i'm getting entered in three areas!

the one underneath me starts to suck on a breast - hard and another mouth is there too - sucking on the other breast this mouth isn't attached to the ones that are fucking me this is a woman and she's making me concentrate on her by sensually licking my breast and touching me...

down to my clit she plays with me as i'm getting played with all over making sure i'm not without something hard inside of me at all times mmmm!

if one cums, then she's making sure another is ready there's quite a few in the room that i wasn't aware of...

other women, other men some start to play too - next to where i am and it becomes a larger and larger party there's someone at the door that is letting others in the room it turns out to be a large gathering i'm still not allowed to take the blindfold off, but i can tell i've been had by many people....

with the very real possibility of being had by more i am not allowed to speak moan, yes. speak, no every so often the woman brings me a bottle of water with a straw so i can drink something other than cum i can tell that i've been had by men and women by cocks and strap-ons i can tell that everyone was in on the fantasy and a good time was had by all there was even someone taping it and taking pictures but eventually some people have to leave and some want to fall asleep someone indicates to me to get up i'm weak!

i've been had before, but never like this!

i'm led to the door and it's opened i'm led out of the room, into the hallway to another room that has already been lined up i'm nervous as i don't know if there are security cameras, or others in the hall there could be other people staying at the hotel that will see me!

but i trust this person... and i just had a purely enjoyable experience and it was because of Him so i follow, sticking my breasts out as i walk thinking that i must look a sight with cum dripping off me everywhere!

i'm led to another room, and into the bathroom, where the shower is started i hear a whisper to keep my eyes shut as my blindfold is removed and that once i hear the door close, i can open my eyes and shower off before joining Him in bed click i hear the door I open my eyes and get into the shower cleaning myself off very thankful that He already put my things in the bathroom for me shower is done now, but no pjs, or a towel, or anything to dry off with!

i drip dry alil, and apply the perfume on the counter and walk out to Him - with my head held high, naked, to meet Him face to face He is sitting on the bed waiting for me and tells me to assume the position i drop down onto the floor, kneeling, with my legs spread open, head bowed down, and hands on my thighs He ignores me for awhile, channel surfing with the TV ignoring me watching more TV making me wait it?s soo cold in the room the air conditioner is on ? and it set to very, very cold my nipples are so very hard i shiver He smiles He finally decides i've had enough and takes my hand to lead me up to where He is He kisses me... long, hard, and passionately He asks me if His "cum slut" had enough for one night and i go to say yes, but there's something in His eyes that makes me say something different instead i say that i'm always ready for Him He smiles and say good girl and lays me down on the bed for one more "session" i'm surprised by this, thinking He already played in the other room He says that He has yet to play as He was watching and waiting for it to just be the two of us He touches me in all of the right places making my juices flow once again and the nipples harden even more the yearning takes over once again making me want Him soooo much even after the workout He just created in the other room i still want more... i want Him!

i spread my legs wide to Him, and He enters me slowly at first lingering then as we build up speed, i realize that He's tied my hands above my head where i was nervous to do this when thinking about it, i'm not nervous now that it's been done He stops for a moment to tie my legs too and then, once that is done, we resume at the same pace we match each other, thrust for thrust it becomes a necessity for the both of us a hungry need He grabs my hips and thrusts himself into me harder n harder i need it deeper please!

he unties my legs and orders me put them over my head tying them there now He forces Himself into me and He's soooo deep He feels my wetness as it drips down His cock He's found my spot that wonderful spot the one that makes me go wild the one that causes me to go multiple times He thrusts inside me more n more grabbing my breasts and twisting my nipples and just when i think i can't take anymore He cums and cums and cums....


afterwards, He unties my legs and i lower them carefully He reties them back the way they were before, wide open He rolls over and leaves me tied saying that we've only just begun the festivities and He wants me ready at all times for when He will resume He tells me to try to sleep, as i'll need my rest for when it all starts again - in just a few hours

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