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cindy makes a bet

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Well it all started out simple enough, I was at Mike my husband's paintball practice when I slipped up and told the guy's on the team you could not beat a girl's team. The guy's told me to put my money where my mouth was. lol. So I said if you guy's win the tournament I will do any thing you ask (thinking what the worst these guy will ask of might ask of me to clean there car's or there paintball gear). I mean having been around these guy's for over 3 years now watching some them grow up the age's run from 18 to 42,Mike being 42 and the old man in the group. And me being a 40 year old 5'2 185 lbs lady but I do have nice tit's there 44DD so what could the young guys want from me.

Well the day of the tournament came and they pulled it off and won.But none of the guy's said anything to me about the bet so I though they just forgotten it.But I did not know they had talked to Mike asked what they could make me do to pay off the bet.Mike had told them I would do anything they wanted as long as I did not get hurt doing it. So it was set the next weekend the guys would come over to our house to see the video of the game and have some food and beer.

Saturday rolled around and the 6 guys showed up at our place we had a lot of food and been . I was dressed like I like to be around these guy's in a short skirt and low cut top that shows off my tit's well.So as they watched the video the when youngest guy in the group little Tony spoke up (little Tony was a nick name for him he was 18 and 6 foot tall and 200 lbs and black as was Gary) and said they had come up with what they wanted from me to pay off the bet. I said ok what was it and he said they want to see if the stories Mike had told about how good I was in bed where true. I just looked at Mike an he said well you made the bet so I guess your going have to pay up. I thought yea right he would not let this happen we have been married for 22 years then and he is the only guy I had ever been with. So I was gong to call his bluff.

Then little tony got up and walked over to the chair I was setting in and took hold of my hand pulling me to my feet saying the guy's said because my birth day was last week I get to go first. I then said hold up if you guy's think this is going to happen it not in the bed it will be right her in front of everyone (thinking the hole time Mikes going to put stop this any sec.) Well then Mike did stand up but to my shock he walked in to the other room and came back with a thick blanket and his camera bag and two of the guys move the coffee table and he lays out the blanket.

Now little tony leads me to the center of the blanket and starts to rub my tit's thru my shirt talking about how many times he has had to go home and jack off after seeing me walk around at our paintball games with my big tit's barley in my top. Now I know Mike not got to put a stop to this at all he was going to le these 6 guys use me and that's it. Then this black kid I have watch grow up starts to unbutton my top hell I have kid's older then this kid. As my top comes off Mike says well just don't stand there girl help the boy out of his pants. And it is like I am a robot I start to undo his belt and pants and they fall down and his big cock jumps out. It is big for such a young guy and hard already and over 8 inch long I look over and the guys are cheering us both on but I can't seam to hear them then tony puts his hand on top my head . I know what he want's for sure and to my surprise I want it as well next thing I know I am on my knees with this kids cock in my mouth and sucking like some porn star. I look over and the other 5 guy's are getting undress. I guess the kid was telling the truth about wanting me all them years cause the next thing I know is he push his cock deep in my mouth and lets lose with his load and I drink it right down.

The guy's don't even let me get a breath and Curt is in front of me putting his cock in my mouth and Gary is on his knees behind me . Next thing I know they have me doggy stile and Curt's in my mouth and Gary's pulling my panties off and I lifted my legs one at a time so he can get them all the way off. Curt is going at it good he no where as big as tony but a nice 5 inch. Then I feel Gary lick my pussy getting me real wet I then feel him move up to put it in and I had been so busy with Tony and Curt that I did not see how big he was. So I got a hell of a shock after he had rubbed the head all over my wet pussy to lube it up then started to slide it in DAMM he was huge I had to stop sucking Curt and look back to tell the black guy he had to go slow. And he took his time working it in I thought he was going to come out my mouth he was so long and as thick as a beer the time he got it all in me I was cumming for the first time and curt did the same in my mouth. Then Gary really got to work on my pussy with deep full strokes back till the head was the only part in and then back in till his huge ball slapped my clit. As he was fucking my with all he had. Chad got in front of me and started fucking my mouth. These to went at me like wild men now and both let lose at the same time filling my mouth and for the first time my pussy. Then as Gary had his cock pushed in as deep as it would go shooting me full I thought ( ho fuck this black guy was bare back and I ant been on birth control in 20 years since Mike got fixed after our last kid) and he shot a ton of cum in me.

As they both pulled out I had cum running down my chin and my legs then Rick and Tom where right there they put me on my back and Rick slid in to me and Tom put his cock between my tits. Telling how he had been wanted to tit fuck me for years and I did not take them long at all and he shot all over my tits and bra and right as Rick was ready to cum he pulled out and just pushed the head of his cock up in my ass and let rip his load. As they pulled out of me I had cum all over me and in every place they could shoot it. Then Mike walks over to me from where he had been setting back shooting video and pic . He helped me up and told me to go clean up ,so I headed to the shower.

I left the bed room and bathroom door open so I could here them when I got out of the shower they must had put in the video . Because I could here me moaning and they say how hot I looked in it. About the time I got my hair dry Mike came in to check on me and tell me my guess are waiting and he had set out a nighty it was short and black and did not hold my tit's in very well and just come to the bottom of my ass.

You should have seen the guys all setting around watching the TV and I was on it with a cock in my mouth and a black cock in my pussy. But soon as they saw me come back in all eyes where on me, Mike had put down a new blanket so I took they where not done with me yet.

I did not even get to the middle of the new blanket till little Tony was up and laying me on my back with him standing over me rock hard. And he got right between and good thing I was ready cause he did not fool around this time he put it right in and drove it home and then fucked me for all he was worth like if he did a good job he was going to get to hit it other days. And I do say he did a good job this time he made me cum two time before he shoot me full of his young cum. When he got done that big dick Gary was standing there waiting his turn. But he had tin idea that he wanted me on top of him so he laid down and I got on him good thing Tony had shot me full I needed all the lube I could get. And it still took a few try to get him all the way in but soon as I did the other guys were coming around and having me suck them off. I sucked all 4 of the white guy's off and this black guy was still going to town.

So with all the 4 other guy's loads sucked down and Gary's huge cock still ball deep in me with no sine of being ready to cum here come little Tony back having me suck him hard and I did not take mach at all. If I knew what he had in mind I might not had sucked it hard. Cause soon as he was hard he got behind me good thing Mike handed him some lube to use on me ,he then pushed me down on Gary's chest lube my ass and started to work his cock in. GOD them two got a good flow going and fucked me like that for a good 15 min . Then when they both shoot off and almost the same time I thought the way they made me cum my hart would give out. and they lay there holding there cum in me till they both went soft and pulled out.

I just lay there with cum dripping out on to the blanket and on my face and tits. As I watched all the guy's get dressed and get ready to go I could not help but to say to them all. I bet you guys can't win your next tournament. And you know what they all said was you got a bet.

Then all the guys left but Gary who helped Mike take me in to bed and put me on the bed. and he told me he was going to hit that ass next time.


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