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cindy becomes the prize

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Hi all of you Mike said as well as you liked hearing about my first time when I lost the bet. He said I should tell you all about how the him and the guy's treated me after that Saturday. And how much I love it and how much fun it's been finding out how younger guy's liked us older ladies.

That Sunday I got out of bed some time around noon and if it was not for how sore I was I would had thought it to be a dream. So I got up and got in the shower then went out in to living room to find Mike watching the DVD of the me and the guy's he shoot. I sat next to him on the couch and he said he loved me . And love seeing me be the team slut . What could I say there is was on the 60 inch TV on my hand's and knees with a black guy behind me and a white guy in front. Mike looks at me and said he would love to see me be a slut more often. And how much he love's me still.

so that next Friday it was the team's normal practice day. At Chad's paintball store and indoor field it is a big place with lots of room's and big open space for the field (was some kind of old factory). As we getting ready to go I saw mike putting DVD's in his camera bag. (the team get's to on the field after the store shuts and the people have gone). So I ask mike about the DVD's on the way down to the store and he said. Some of the guy's wanted a copy from Saturday fun.

I knew something was up before we left the house he had me put on a sexy set of cheeky panties and a shelf bra with a short skirt and a top that was so low I had to watch it or my nipples would show in it. When we got to the store Mike put his gear in the team room,and showed me where the DVD's were. And that they had names on them so I would know who to give them to. So I should give them to the guys as they got there. When we got there Chad was the only one there from the team (he is the one that own's the place). So as mike headed to the field cause Chad said he had a few people down there as we came in the door. There I was in the team room so I got Chad's DVD out and took it to him there was no one in the store area. As I walked up to him and handed him the DVD he told me how much fun he had making it. I told him it was a real blast for sure. Then he stepped up next to me and kissed me and at the same time ran his hands under my skirt and patted with my ass. I just smiled at him and said I was going down to the field to help Mike.

When I got there mike was in the gun room filling some air tanks. I told him what Chad had done to witch he said great and he knew I was going to make a great team slut. He had told the guy's earlier in the week they could do what they wanted with me as long as I did not object or they hurt me. And told Gary and Tony not in the ass in less I ask them to.( cause it did took a few days after Saturday for me to be able to walk right ) Then he said if I did not want to be the team slut I should take the car and head home. I told him I would stay being he wanted me to and I did have fun on Saturday. Then he looked around to see if anyone could see as he kissed and ran his hand under my skirt an started rubbing my pussy till I was good and horny. Then he patted me on the ass and sent me up to the store area. As with Friday night practice there was only going to be Mike and 3 of the guy's as 3 of them worked nights.

As I got up to the store front I saw Tony and Gary coming up the walk way. So I held the door open for them then I walked in front of the down the hall to the team room and held the team room door for them as well. But as the door shut behind me both the guys where right on me kissing me and pulling out my tits . And feeling up my pussy and making me horny as hell. And next thing I knew I was on my knees in the middle of the team room with these two guy's with there cock's out and me sucking them.and I had sucked them for a good 15 min when mike came in the room and told them guy's you know the rule no cumming till customers are gone. They gave little protest to have to stop as well as did I. I was more then ready for some cock. So the guys headed to the field to do what they need to get done.

Then Mike told me how the guys all wanted to be first this time, So they came up with a free for all game in witch the winner was first. Then the rest of the guy had to go in the order they got out of the game in. It was only a few hours till the store closed but the field stayed open longer most the time. But for the next few hours every time I was out of sight of the customers there was one of the guy's there keeping me horny the whole time. Then came time to close the store and Mike and Chad where up in the store stocking shelf and setting up a air bed and some camera's. When I came in to the store area. Then Chad had me come over to the gun work counter where they have 2 bar stools. The he pulled down my panties and helped me on to the counter he then put each of my feet on a stool and so my pussy was still right at the edge of the counter he got between my legs and started eating me like a starved man and did not stop till I had cum all over his face 2 time. About that time tony came in and said there was only one guy left down on the field (Jeff a guy that been after the team to let him try out for team he was 34 and married ). Then that Cocky ass Tony told Chad ( be sure and get her good and wet so when I win her she I ready for this black snake).

We all headed to the field and Mike told me to go over and get in the judging platform witch is over the field. When I looked over Mike and Chad had Jeff over by a table talking to him then I saw Mike pointing at me and Jeff looking up My way with his mouth open like in shock. Then I felt so sluty there I was abut 20 feet way and 10 feet up in the air with no panties on and this guy a only new from saying hi to him in passing at the store. And had full view of my pussy.

Then the guys took the field Tony , Gray, Chad, and Jeff as Mike got a camera and came up to the judging stand. I ask him what was up with Jeff and he said (he wants to try out for the team so him and Chad told him how the girl friends and wife took turns being the prize. And how if he wanted to be on the team how his wife Lisa would have to get on board). He said he was sure she would do any thing the other ladies did. Then he handed me the mic and I told the guys to get to the four corners. Then Mike told them to tell them bout the prize as he taped me doing it. So I said on the pa how the guy's knew the rule the winner got to do me first and the guy's then got to go in the order they get hit in. As normal cocky Tony yells out at me how he's going to be in me first. Mike then blew the horn to start the game the firs one out was Chad then Gary then Tony so Jeff was the winner. As he walked over by the judging platform he looked up and me and said you all are just fucking with me right. You really ant the prize for winning the game are you. I looked him in the eye and said yes I am and them Mike unzipped my skirt and had me step out of it. Then we went down the steps to the gear table where he helped me out of my top and bra so I was nude.

Mike then patted me in the ass and said let all get up to the store where every thing is set up. I walked over to Jeff and pushed him mouth shut then I unzipped his fly reached in got hold of his cock and lead him up to the store area where Mike and Chad had the bed and camera set up.To my surprise when I reached in to his pants he was well hung and thick. For a white guy and I could feel precum leaking out of the it. As we got to the bed I turned and undid his pants and I sat on the bed as his pants fell. And just pulled him in to where I could get that cock in my mouth. He was hard as a rock in no time at all I looked up and told him to get his shirt off then he looked and seen all the guy's taking off there pant's and shirts. When he was pulling off his shirt he looked at Mike and said you were not making this shit up where you. To witch Mike said not one bit and hope your Lisa is up for it cause you need to bring her to the next practice. I looked up at Jeff and told him don't worry about that I will come help her out so she not going to have to take all the guys on as many time's as I did my first time. Then I laid back pulling him down on me and he did not need any more of a push then that he put his cock right in me. Then stated fucking me and was doing a good job even with all the guy's cheering him on. Why is it when you get a group of guy's watch some guy fuck a lady they seam to bring out the showmen in the guy. And Jeff did a good show and he made me cum in about 15 min. And he shoot off deep in me at same time. But the guy's would not let him lay back and enjoy it they wanted there turn. And Tony was up next and he is a hell of a showmen he stated with me in the same spot Jeff had fucked me in then got going good about after ten min, He had me get on my hands and knees so he could go doggy stile and telling me the hole time how he was going to go as deep as he could when he shot in me and did he felt like he was in to my womb. But he did have me cumming real good by the time he pulled out. Then came big dick Gary he got in front of me so I could suck him and he told Chad hell go and get behind her so we can hit both ends. and he did they where going good when Chad pulled out of my pussy and slide it in to my ass. He is only about 6 inch's so it did not hurt and her must had loved it cause no more then he got going good did he fill my ass full an pulled out. then Gary pulled out of my mouth and told me to turn around so he could have that pussy. I did as I was told and he was fucking me good and deep and had me cumming like crazy and I had cum running down my legs on to the bed .I was out of it I guess when he ask if he could put it in my ass(if he ask mike said he did and it was on the DVD)and it was clear as day to what I said on the DVD I said (GOD just stick that big black cock back in me any where). you all would love to see the look on my face on the DVD as he starts to stick that monster up my ass. and I took him a good 5 min to get it in me good but I could not take it all but what he had in me had me cumming so hard I was seeing stars.

After that it was a blur and I know form watching the DVD they all took one more turn on me each with me laying in a pool of cum on my back they all did there next load in to my pussy. then Mike and Jeff helped me to the shower area to clean up. When I got in to the shower Jeff got in with me he helped me stand up my legs where like rubber. As we cleaned up I ask him if he was sure Lisa was going to be ok with being part of the team slut unit. He said they had done a little swinging in past so the sex with others was ok but he was not sure she could take a fucking like I had just took. So I told him I will be here to help her any time she is the first prize.

As we talked his cock got hard and I let him fuck me up the ass as the water ran over us. When we got out to the main room in the store Tony and Gary had left. Mike and Chad had the place cleaned up Chad had got my skirt and bra and top from out by the field. I got dressed as the guys set up the time for the next practice . And I told them to make it on a Saturday night so the hole team could be here and I kissed Jeff and said you will have to bring Lisa for sure. Cause you seen how bad I was after 4 guy's I don't think I could do all 8 of you. then Mike took me home.

love Cindy (ilv44dd)

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