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after hours party

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We have been in the life style several years and A has developed a love for chocolate. A is maybe 5'3 185 lbs 38B perky tits and great nipples always hard. I was in a little bar, mot to many people in there sitting at the bar watchng some NCAA hoops. I started up a conversation with a younger black man watching the game. We noticed a larger white lady in the bar with a blk man. It was obvious she was married and meeting this guy in a discreet bar. She was flashing her guy and he was enjoying feeling her up good. We joked hard to watch hoops with that kind of action. My new buddy and I talking about how hot they were and how he enjoyed white ladies. Now my mind was going fast now about the possibilties. I told him i would be back late sat night for more hoops, said sat nights should be even better then a thursday night.

Sat evening I ask A if she wanted to dress sexy and go out and have some drinks, she said sure it had been a while. I made a few drinks before we even went out. We went to a few bars had few drinks and had A do some shots as well. A had a short skirt on garter nylons barely covered by the skirt and heels on as well. Loose top with matching sheer black bra and thong. Bars had been kind of boring and I made sure little bar was on way home from the last bar we would be at. I had not had much to drink since bar hopping so I said lets stop for a couple beers since it was end of the night. I told A that I had been in ths bar and was nice quiet place and I could watch some hoops. We stopped in the parking lot for a few minutes of hot kissing and I got her excited enough to take her bra off for me.

We walked into bar and purposely went to other side of bar from where my buddy from other night was sitting. He saw us and sent us a couple beers over. Lifting the beers in thanks. There was a white lady in a booth near us with a black man was getting very friendly she had his cock out rubbing him in the booth. I had my arm around A as we drank our free beer when my new buddy walked over. I thanked him for the beers and A asked if he was alone he said yes and she said well join us then. He introduced himself as Ty,I ordered shots for us, cheers as we did them.The usual compliments about her outfit and how sexy looking she was and what great legs she had. Few more shots and I could tell A was getting horny, saw her look at the other couple several times and it had been a while since we had included others in playing. I got very touchy with A to the point of playing with her tits under her top in front of Ty A excused herself to use bathroom and talked about the couple in the booth how hot they were. She had her tits out for him as she was enjoying his hard cock. A walked back and stood for a while between. I mentioned how nice her legs were and started to rub on my side. Ty figured it was time to take a chance, so he started to feel her other side as I was now rubbing up under her skirt and rubbing her ass. A said how nice that felt prompting Ty to do so as well. We were both rubbing A booty under her skirt few others now watching us. Ty odered double shots for us as we both got closer to A standing between us. It was time for me to use bathroom since A was comfortable now with Ty. When i was walking back I was surprised to see another black man sitting on my bar stool. I moved towards the back of the bar to watch for a few minutes. They both had their hands under her skirt rubbing her bar ass. They ordered another shot and after doing it, they moved closer could see Ty was also rubbing A thigh as well. I knew A was enjoying the attention and fgured time to join them. I walked up from behind and stood behind A and said not to get up and asked who A new friend was. He said he was James a good friend of Ty. I was standing behind A enjoying the show and was very obvious they were excited. Being unusually warm they both had shorts on. I said to A how much you had an effect on them. A turned and leaned against Ty rubbing her ass on his crothced and said damn thats nice. James stood up moved closer to A as she was in between the three of us grinding on Ty. Ty now had his hands under A top playing with her hard nipples and james who not afraid to take what he wanted, leaned over and gave A a kiss. A respponded back with a passionate kiss. As they kissed A rwached down to feel his cock. By now it was getting pretty late and only the other couple in the bar. A reached under his shorts to free his massive cock. I wispered in A ear that we were all alone and to suck him, she dropped under the bar to get a better look. A looked back up and said how nice his cock was as she started sucking his BBC. Ty was not far behind with his cock out and slightly smaller but much thicker then James. A was sucking and sroking both cocks, when Bartender said the other couple had left and set the bottle of rum on the bar and watched the action. I asked if it was ok and he said yes he had locked the door and suggested they took A to the pool table. Helping A up from her knees Ty lifted her top offand James lowered her skirt, fingering her pussy and how wet she was. the bartender brought drinks for everyone. A was laid on pool table across the one end and asked James to go first, she wanted the thick cock for second. As James started fucking A, she motioned for me to come closer and said she wanted to suck me first. She knew it would not take long to get me off, watching all the action of the night. Ty and the bartender enjoyed her perky tits, pinching and pulling the nipples good. I let go with a nice load which A gulped down easily. She said she wanted to get Ty primed for her pussy while James fucked her good. A was having a hard time concetrating on Ty cock being fucked hard and deep and Ty and bartender teasing her tits. A begged James to please cum as she had cum twice already and she wanted to feel it explode in her pussy. James obliged, let his load go inside her pussy. Ty was out of her mouth and in her pussy, you could tell the had shared many ladies in the past. As Ty started to fuck A, you tell from her expressions she enjoyed his thickness in her. After 15-20 mins of good hard hitting, A said she wanted it doggy real bad. The bartender and I pulled a bench from a booth out and told her to kneel on it. I told bartender to lay down on his back as A straddle him and start sucking him as Ty hit her doggy. James and I took turns slapping her ass while Ty hit her good holding her hips steady as he did. Her booty was so red now, I moved up and kissed her back of her neck, telling her to take his black seed in her mouth, make me proud of her as she sucked. The kissing had gotten her so hot she just kept sucking as bartender said was going to cum. I told her to make me proud, dont spit any of it, as she went as deep as she could to getmost in the back of her throat. As he exploded, I gave him a high five for giving her a good load. We all cheering Ty along now as he was trying to hold his load back. Ty was teasing her as he said you ready now and would just keep hitting her pussy. Ty finally let it go and filled A pussy good dripping out as he finished.

We sipped part of a beer before gathering A outfit and thanked everyone for helping take care of her.

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