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Young Wife and Experimentation

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I was in the Air Force and met a girl on base. At the time I was 20 and she was 16 but her setp father approved us dating. I am still not sure who started flirting first but she was buxom and really cute and so we started going out. Sherri was very sexy and knew she was attractive. We began sexual playing on the second date and it kept going from there until we moved out together (again with her step father's approval).

She was exciting and really erotic and wanted to learn about everything which was great for me since I was a horny guy anyway. We used to sit on the couch or bed reading the Penhouse Forum and then she would ask if I had done something and then within a couple days we did it. She had never had anal sex and so that was about the first thing and she really got into have a vibrator in her ass and me in her pussy or any variation she could find.

One evening we were reading about several men for one woman and she started getting really hot, "Do you thnk we can try that?" she said and snuggled up to me. "Sure, if you want to, we can try anything." I told her. "Anyone you have in mind?" I asked her since I knew she liked a couple guys that were in the apartment complex we lived in. "No, not really," she said, "But there are some cute guys you work with." I looked at her. "Who in particular." I said as she was stroking my cock. "Well, John, Roy, David and Roger are good looking and I have seen them checking out my tits when I pick ou up from work." she said. Her 17th birthday was coming up and so I suggested that it be for her birthday. "Oh great, I can wear my birthday suit." she said and then her mouth was on my cock and we didn't talk anymore till the next morning.

Well, I asked the guys she mentioned to come over for a poker night the following Friday night and all but Roy could make it so I said okay and it was set for 8. Sherri was excited all week and almost insatable. I was of Friday and so we set up the apartment for the night to come and had the table set and the bedroom, which she intended on using all night. She put on her yellow thong and sheer yellow bikini top under and t shirt and jean shorts that were beyond thing highs, there was only the seam of the shorts between her legs and so if she moved the right way, and she always did, the seam was separating her shaved pussy nicely.

At 8 on the dot the guys showed up and Sherri met them at the door saying I was in the shower. I had already been ready but had stepped in to give her time to flirt and sow off a little. I came out and she was leaning over showing cleavage and bending over showing her pussy that was dripping wet. "Well guys, poker?" I said and Roger mumbled, "I like to poke her." and Sherri laughed and pretended to not have understood him as did the rest of us but it was obvious that we all did. We sat down and played a few hands and the guys kept watching Sherri move around, exposing her body as much as she could.

Finally she sat down at he table and said, "can I play?" and they guys all said "Yeah, sure." and so they dealt her in the next hand. She was good and started winning hands regularly and as we all drank everyone got a little more playful. Finally David said, "This could be more exciting." and Sherri said, "How?" "It could be strip poker." he said and everyone agreed. I look at Sherri and she smiled at me. "I think that would be great." she said and so the next hand, the bets were on article of clothing if you had the worst hand for the hand. So only the person that folded or had the worst hand lost an article of clothing. Sherri did great for three hands and the guys were slowly getting undressed and she made a big deal of their bodies coming into her view.

THen she lost the first hand and had to let go of something. Her shirt came off and the transparen bikini top did not hide her erect nipples and so we kept playing. A couple hands later she folded and even though she told me later she had 4 kings it was time to take off her clothes. Her shorts came off and she made a show of taking them off, turning her back and bending over slowly showing her wet pussy to us all. "Okay, next hand." she said as she sat down. Her thong and top came off the next two hands and so she said, "Well, I am naked and I still want to play, what can I put into the pot?" she said and no one said anything. "How about slips of paper Hun, saying what favor you will do if you do not take a hand or do well?" I said and she said "that sounds great!" She got up and got some paper and wrote various favors on them, "blow job" "titty feel" "titty sucking" and then "pussy insertion" "ass insertion" "all the way fuck" "swallow cum blow job" and others. Well the guys were all ready to play now with the ods on the table. Sherri tossed in "titty feel" first and lost and so all the guys got to massagge her tits for a couple min. That made her really hot and she was soaking wet. Next she bet, "titty sucking" and lost again. Now she was moaning as she paid up and another hand came. "Swallow cum blow job" was next and that was for all 4 of us. I did not think the game would last after we got that far and so we played. Sherri had a Full House she said later but again folded. "Well, guess it is time to pay up." she said in a cute little girl voice and she stood and walked to the bed room. "Come on guys, I pay up in here." and we all followed her. She sat on the edge of the bed and took David first suckin him slowly and deep throating his cock till he filled her throat and then Roger and then John. Last she sucked me of and the guys were now all around her and she laid on the bed, "Well, do I just go one from here or do you want me to keep losing at cards to get fucked?" she said and we all got on the bed around her and took a body part. Two were sucking her titties and kissing her and two of us working on her pussy and ass.

"Oh damn, someone just fuck me." she almost screamed and John sank his cock into her pussy and she sprayed his cock with an orgasm right off. He rode her a while and then filled her pussy. She reached out for David and almost yanked his cock off pulling him to her pussy and she too filled her cunt with his load. Sherri sat up, "I need two at one time, one in the ass and one the pussy." and so Roger and I did the honors and he slipped into her ass and I was in her pussy as she sucked the other two guys as much as she could. She was now going wild and was grabbing cocks as she needed them and she was frantic to have them over and over.

The guys were almost worn out from fucking her multiple times and she whispered, "Call more friends for me Hun, please?" she begged me. "Okay Hun, for your birthday." I said and called the base and got five more guys to come out. "Bring anyone else you may think of," I told Randall as he hung up knowing what was happening. Soon 10 men were at the door and they stripped off and Sheri attacked them as if she were starving. After all of them were almost worn out Sherri laid in bed and fell asleep. She said as she did, "If anyone still wants to fuck me go ahead." and so two guys did just that as she laid there worn out.

All left after the sun came up and I went in at noon and touched her face, dried cum all over and in her. She woke up, "Get me the forum." she said after kissing me. I got it and she said, "Will you do this now for me?" and I looked at the article. The husband fucked and ate his wife out after a gang bang. "I will do what you need Baby." I said and managed to slip a half hard cock into her pussy. She brought it back to life and I filled her with my last load and then she moved my face slowly to her pussy, "Eat me now for a long time." she said and I began tasting the men's cum in her pussy. She began going crazy again and had orgasm after orgasm. After about an hour she laid there limp and and said, "Wait till your birthday, I have a great surprise for you." and we slept. My birthday next time folks.

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