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Work Party

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Taking things to the limit is something I?m beginning to expect from my wife. We?ve been married 19 years and are having the best sex of our lives. We have had a few swinging opportunities in the past few years that have ranged from flirting and touching to full out sex. Recently, at a party for M?s work something happened that took me completely by surprise considering the crowd involved. The other women she works with are fun and friendly with just a bit of silly naughtiness. When these girls get together with alcohol, you never know what will happen. All of the husbands get along and we all enjoy when the girls get going.

At this particular party things certainly got going and went much further than I thought possible from this crowd. The early part of the evening went off well without any hitches or foreshadowing of how the night would end. There was plenty of drinking and variety of conversations abound. The discussions ranged from; kids, money, cars, sports, recreation and of course, sex. The majority of the sex talk was innocent and in good fun. It wasn?t until much later that the sex talk really got serious and intense.

M, my wife and three other women began to have a serious discussion about the merits and techniques of a good blow-job. They went at it for about twenty minutes with each giving their trade secrets about how to make a man cum from a blow-job. They shared thoughts and ideas about sucking, blowing, deep throating, biting, licking, ball sucking and finally the ultimate taboo for many women, swallowing. M was surprise to find out that she was the only one who is not fond of swallowing. One of the other girls is very quiet and seemingly coy with a hint of a naughty side. She of all would be the least likely to give a blow-job let alone be willing to swallow a load of hot salty semen. While in the heat of the conversation, she let it be known that she swallows quite regularly. M as well as the two other girls, just about fainted at this new revelation. Despite working together, you don?t really know each other as well as you thought.

As the conversation continued it became clear that talking was overrated and they needed to demonstrate their techniques. One of the girls went into the refrigerator and retrieved a carrot for each girl. At this point, the rest of the party, the four husbands and three other couples, became interested in their conversation. With a crowd around the girls continued to drink and show us all their abilities. The carrots worked well for starters. All four girls were able to take the simulated penises fairly deeply without much trouble especially with a crowd to show off for. Everyone decided to put their two cents into the debate with husbands sharing stories of their wives best blow-jobs. M has treated me to some pleasurable oral favors in our years together but I chose not to add to the talk. Someone went to the refrigerator once more and came out with a new challenge for each. A nice long burpless cucumber brought out the oohs and ahhs from the crowd. Another of the challengers took the cuke and began to bob her head up and down. Not to be outdone, wife # 3 took the vegetable and began to make it disappear taking a little more than half of it down her throat. Each girl gave the cucumber a visit to the back of their throat. The girls were the highlight as the party had moved into a tight circle around the cuke swallowers.

The party took a twist when one of the four husbands told the girls that he would volunteer to be the judge in a cock sucking contest. The girls laughed and he looked at his wife to see what she was thinking about the idea. M said she was game for a little competition and looked at her potential competitors. It was clear that he was enjoying his idea because the bulge in his pants was apparent. His wife challenged the others that they wouldn?t be able to do to her husband what they did to the carrot. It didn?t take but a moment for M to jump at the chance to show off. She went over to L, the wife of the brave volunteer and asked to prove what she could do. M headed over to the test subject spying the growing and rather large bulge and dropped to her knees. I was surprised that M would be willing to do this in front of her coworkers but not shocked that when faced with a challenge she takes it head on, pun intended. On her knees with her target at mouth level, M looked around at the circle that has formed around her. With the grin of a Cheshire cat M reached out and stroked the bulge in her targets pants. The husband unbuckled his belt and began to unbutton and unzip his pants but stopped short to look at his wife. She smiled and asked the rest of us if they should go through with it. Of course we all agreed that we would like to see the action actually take place even though I don?t think anyone in the room expected them to go through with it. Husband #1 unzipped his pants, pulled them down slightly and pulled out a stiff, large uncut penis. M?s jaw dropped when she saw the 9 or 10 inch member inches from her watering mouth. With a big smile M licked her lips and opened wide and proceeded to take the head of the cock into her mouth. Here was my wife on her knees surrounded by friends with one of the husbands? dicks in her mouth proving her oral talents. There was considerable cheering and hollering from circle encouraging M to take it all down her throat. M, never one to disappoint, started to work on swallowing all he had to give. Slowly more and more of his big, thick cock passed my wife?s lips and probed the back of her throat. She would come up for air and get right back to working it deeper and deeper. When there were just a few mere inches to go he grabbed M by the back of her head and shoved his cock all the way down. M?s eyes bulged in surprise but welcomed his cock down her throat. Both of them were moaning deeply as M released his member from her mouth. ?Oh my god! Oh my god! That was incredible!? was all he could say as M wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. As he was panting and raving about M?s blow -job, his dick was bobbing up and down slapping M in the chin. ?Does she have to stop?? he asked his wife. Her response was, ?Not if you don?t want her to.?

One of the other girls reminded him that this was a blow-job contest and they needed to have their turn on his cock before he can claim a winner. The next wife stepped up and took husband #1?s dick into her mouth and began bobbing up and down furiously. He grabbed the back of her head and was grunting as his cock was hitting the back of her throat. In between grunts he said, ?This is going to be hard, she can really suck a dick too!? M told wife 3 that she needed to show the subject her talents as well. Wife 3 tapped wife 2 on the shoulder and asked if she could have a turn. #2 begrudgingly pulled away and let #3 have a go. The rest of us were laughing, watching intently and getting more and more turned on. As wife 3 licked and sucked the subjects cock he began moaning and hollered, ?I?ve got to be the luckiest man alive!? M and wife 2 dropped to their knees along with #3 and started to take turns sucking on the lucky husbands throbbing member. That was all it took and he grabbed his cock pulled it out of the willing mouths and began to cum all over their waiting faces and open mouths.

When asked for a winner all the lucky husband could was grin and shout, ?ME!? Spent and thoroughly satisfied he dropped onto the couch with the biggest smile one has ever seen.

Wow! Wow! My dick is as hard as rock and I can?t wait to get M either home or upstairs in one of the bedrooms or into a bathroom for my own action.

Fortunately, I didn?t have to wait long for my turn. M and wife #2 began to give another show by kissing and fondling each other. Once again a circle formed around them as they became more and more involved and focused on each others? bodies. With the two women now naked and doing things to each other that guys only dream of seeing everyone was getting more anxious and starting to reach for the nearest partner available. I was pulled to my left by one of the wives, #3, that started everything with M. She took a swig of vodka from the bottle in her hand, put her mouth to mine and shared her shot with me. The liquid in my mouth was immediately followed by her hot and hungry tongue. We kissed passionately for what seemed like forever. Her hands began searching inside my pants and firmly grasped my raging cock. She had my pants down to my ankles in a flash and consumed my dick in one gulp. I looked around the room to see that everyone in the circle was participating in some sexual endeavor and not necessarily with their own partner. People were in varied states of undress and quickly losing more clothing by the minute. I looked down at the wife between my legs and watched her work feverishly on my cock trying to take my load in her mouth. Her mouth felt awesome but I didn?t want to give in to her right away. I eased her back off my dick and told her that I needed to get a little more involved and wanted to repay her marvelous blow job with some oral treat for her. We stopped for just a moment to observe the action that was heating up from a simmer to a full boil. And to think this started out as a simple work get together.

There was all kinds of oral action going on from everyone in the room. As of yet, nobody decided to leave the living room to go for private encounters. This made for a voyeurs dream to look around and see all this sex entering your memory bank through your eyes. To our left we watched wife 5 and husband 2 naked, kissing passionately and fondling each other with her hand wrapped around his cock stroking it with long slow strokes and he was two fingers deep into her apparently very wet pussy as she was thrusting to meet his hand. On the couch across from us, the blow job winning husband was back to life as part of a threesome with wife 4 and husband 5. Wife 4 was topless, on her knees sucking two cocks. Directly in front of us on the floor, M and wife 2 had turned around and were in a hot 69 with tongues and fingers probing dripping pussies.

I watched as wife 3 slowly and suggestively stripped her clothes off in front of me sensually touching her full, pert breasts and pulling on her diamond hard, erect nipples. She smoothly, teasingly let one hand glide down to her mini landing strip bush to stroke the outer lips of her pussy. As she stroked her mound she licked her lips and made contact with her clit with one finger. Her labia parted allowing me to see her inner lips and the exploring finger slid effortlessly into her willing pussy. Wife 3 gasped and whispered, ?I need your cock in me now.? I quickly removed the rest of my clothes, stepped over to the slut in front of me, lifted her up and slowly slid her down onto my hard-on. She began jumping up and down rapidly on my dick, grabbed the back of my neck, threw her head back and began screaming at the top of her lungs. Within minutes she got louder than before, if that was possible, and had a tremendous and violent orgasm. When she stopped and we moved to switch positions, I noticed that everyone else had stopped and was watching wife 3 do her thing. That was all she needed to really get into it. Apparently, wife 3 gets really turned on at the idea of other people watching her have sex. She quickly climbed off me dropped to her knees and cleaned all of her juices off my cock. Then she turned around on all fours and presented me with two rather intriguing targets. Being the gentleman that I am, I inquired as to which hole she would like filled. The response from #3 was, ?Give me a good fucking and make my pussy cum again then my tight ass is all yours!? Without hesitation I stepped up behind her and in one smooth resistance free stroke slammed my hardness all the way in her pussy.

I was totally lost in my own pleasure, trying to stay focused so as not to cum too quickly to realize that the dynamics in the room had changed. M was no longer in middle of the room with wife 2 who was now tangled up with two wives licking and fingering each other to multiple orgasms. M instead was busy with 3 other husbands acting like the true slut she lives to be. M was fulfilling a fantasy of being the center of attention and having all of her holes filled at the same time. By the time I noticed, she was sandwiched between husbands 3 and 4. M was riding husband 4?s large cock while husband 5 was working his member into her tight welcoming ass. At this point husband #1 had decided to rejoin the action and switched with husband 2 and was having his way with wife 5 with her legs over his shoulders and was pounding her like a jackhammer. Husband 2 was feeling left out so he stepped over to M and her threesome and proceeded to feed his wet, just out of another woman?s pussy, dick into her mouth to clean it off. Without missing beat, M took all he had to give and was in her glory having a cock in her mouth, pussy and ass all at the same time. It didn?t take very long for her to begin to shake and tremble uncontrollably with the tremors of an extremely powerful orgasm. Her muffled cries of enjoyment were still audible despite having a large cock in her mouth. Usually when she cums, M needs to have a few minutes to let her body calm down before continuing but these three men would have none of that and continued to fuck her so they too could cum. M was moaning with each thrust the husbands were giving her. They fucked her for steadily for a few minutes creating a rhythm with the two men alternately thrusting. Without warning, husband 5 broke the rhythm and began to seriously slam his cock into M?s ass, tensed up, and started groaning as he blew his load into M?s ass. After cumming, husband 5 pulled out of M and dropped onto the floor. M pulled # 2?s cock out of her mouth and begged #3 to keep going because she was close to cumming again. He replied, ?I can?t, I?m spent.? With that, # 2 who had been slapping M?s face with his cock walked around behind her and guided his dick into her not too tight back door and began pounding. It didn?t take much more for M to tremble and shake with another orgasm. She begged the two men to stop and let her catch her breath. Both husbands stopped for a moment until M let them know she was ready to go again. As soon as she said go, husband 2 started pounding M?s ass like nobody?s business and he too shot his load deep into M?s ass. Just like husband 5 before him, #2 pulled out and dropped to the floor exhausted. To my surprise the room stopped completely to watch M taking three guys at one time. Without warning husband #1 stepped up to the plate and slid his cock into M?s cum filled ass and fucked her with a vengeance until he quickly finished giving M yet another load. Husband 4 on the bottom lifted M from his cock laid her down onto the floor lifted her legs high in the air and aimed his large dick (#4 clearly had the largest cock in the room, 9 to 10 inches and thick) at M?s thoroughly used ass. M stopped him short and expressed concern that she was getting sore and wasn?t sure her ass could handle anything else let alone something that big. Husband 4 worked quickly to assure her that with all the cum in her ass she is lubed up plenty and her ass was so stretched and gaping open that he would have no problem fitting his cock into her. He also told her that he would stop if she couldn?t take it but he?d never fucked anyone in the ass before and knows that his wife would never let him do it to her. M never one to disappoint relented and got ready to get busy. Husband #4 slowly eased his monster into her waiting hole and soon found it not only waiting but more than willing to accept his girth and tremendous length. I watched M for signs of discomfort but found only a look of surprise and pleasure. # 4 used long slow strokes to fill her ass and soon was panting and grunting. He announced to everyone that he was going to cum and screamed like a warrior as he came filling M?s ass once more with cum. He pulled out with a loud, ?PLOP!? and stated that that was the best he?d ever had. M truly spent and exhausted laid on the floor trying to catch her breath and said to me, ?Aren?t you going to fuck wife 3 in the ass?? I looked at #3 who smiled and said after watching my wife she was so turned on that she couldn?t wait to have her ass fucked good and dropped on all fours. I obliged by first sliding my dick into her sloppy wet pussy and getting all lubed up. As I was poking wife 3 she looked over her shoulder and stated, ?I want you in my ass, NOW!? I pulled out of her pussy and eased the head of my hard cock into her supremely tight ass. Wife 3 kept moaning for more, faster, harder and I was only happy to give it to her. I began picking up speed and soon was slamming by dick into #3?s ass as hard and as deep as I could. She started screaming, ?Yes, yes, yes!?, and began bucking wildly causing me slip out. I flipped her over on her back, lifted her long legs over my shoulders and slid my cock back into her ass and fucked her until I was ready to cum. When I came I pulled out of her ass and came so hard that my cum flew all the way up over her head. We all laughed as wife 4 asked, ?Who?s going to clean that off my oriental rug??

Everyone without a word started to gather their clothes. Women grabbed theirs and went upstairs to a bedroom and the husbands began pulling on our pants. M hobbled her way back into the kitchen along with the other wives and went to the fridge for a well deserved beer. There started out with an awkward silence that quickly changed into the husbands all high-fiving each other knowing fully well that the chance of this happening again was slim to none. Me, I?m not to sure about that since M enjoys playing every once and awhile. Hopefully I?ll be back soon to tell you about our next exploits. Thanks for the time and patience with this long recanting of a wonderful evening, I hope I didn?t leave anything important out.

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