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Wife likes Hockey

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O (my wife’s name is Olivia but I call her O) started to leave the fitness club when she remembered leaving her cell phone back at the locker room. It was late about midnight and she hoped there would still be someone around to let her back in. As she tapped on the door the ladies attendant opened up and asked “what did you forget?”

“I forgot my cell phone in the locker room, is it still open to get back there?”

The attendant thought for a second and then told her how there was a bit of a back way seen as the front doors had already been locked up.

“if you hear people back there it is just some of the hockey players finishing up practice, they usually hit the bar for some beers after practice before they shower up, quite the training ethic huh?” the attendant commented.

O took off down the back hallways trying to remember the directions. It became like a bit of a dim lit maze as she worked around the backway. After being convinced she was lost she heard the sound of rowdy voices and knew it was the hockey guys. It would probably be a good idea to stay away from where they are. It could be a bit awkward. Finally O came into the women’s locker room through a door she always thought was just a closet door. She found her cell phone, of course right where she left it and checked to see if she missed any calls. Nope. Now just to try and find her way back the way she came.

Again the hallways looked the same and in the dark she was sure she missed a turn. After a few minutes she saw some light and figured she had made it out. Instead as she rounded the corner she saw the light coming in through a misty window. She squinted trying to see if she could make out her location when she saw some movement. She quickly realized she was looking into the men’s locker room and there were the last of the Hockey guys showering up. There was only 3 left and they had music playing and were guzzling some beers between taking showers. She was mesmerized at walking into this mirror and watched them hidden behind the windows and the shadows. The guys were young and obviously in great shape despite the post practice beers. She took notice of one in particular whose large long cock swayed as he strolled the locker room. She felt a little tingle between her legs and knew this was a little bit sexually exciting. O thought of if she would mention this spying episode to her husband or if it would probably be best to keep quiet. He always had a thing for seeing her with another guy and that would just fuel his fantasy fires. She watched them a bit more before she thought she better try and find her way out.

All of a sudden the world spun around and she felt herself weightless and her a bunch of shouting. “Look what I found spying in the Hall!” she heard being shouted.

A bunch of hoots and hollers followed as she realized she was being carried into the middle of the locker room she was just spying into. Her eyes were in shock to the bright light as she looked around and saw herself surrounded by now 4 guys all naked. She was very embarrassed and slightly stunned as they stood there waiting for her to say something. The guy who carried her in quickly grabbed her and started walking her to the shower. “Lets show her that turnabout is fair play” he shouted back to the other guys as he walked her right into the hot direct spray of the shower. “Aw man!” the guys all started laughing as they joined him in holding her under the water. She couldn’t see with the jolt of the water hitting her and she felt herself being smothered by their bodies in the water with her. She managed to step out of the shower long enough to clear her vision and see a wall of the guys in front of her. She then finally get her breathe enough to stutter out a few words. “I am sorry I was watching you guys, I, I , got lost, my cell phone , I am sorry” she continued to stammer.

“You like watching do you?” one of the guys questioned. “well so do we”. It was the guy she was watching with the large cock earlier. He walked up and before she even knew what he was doing he had her shirt pulled over her head and then had his hands on her hips pulling her wet pants down. She reacted fast trying to hold his arms but it was no use he pushed through her efforts with no problem and then she felt other hands on her holding her. Her shoes and everything were off her in a second, she felt her breasts open up to their eyes as the cool air hit her nipples making them hard and tight. She felt hands go to the nipples cupping them and giving them quick pinches which in turn created the hot tingle again in between her legs. Her ass was grabbed and massaged while she stood trying to keep her little thong still on. Things got quiet as all the guys stepped back to get a better look at her nice body. She felt their stares on her nice perky breasts and them staring at her legs and ass. O felt so open and vulnerable standing naked if front of the hungry eyes pinned on her. She could tell they wanted her and would have her, she was in their world and the thought instantly made her pussy get hot and wet like the shower mist circling around them. Just then one of the guys walked up and placed his hands on her shoulders not saying a word. She felt herself being pushed down and she obliged kneeling in front of him. His cock hung in front of her and she grasped it slightly and guided the head into her mouth. The unfamiliar feeling of another mans cock in her mouth seemed like a dream and she heard him moan and shake as she began sucking on his growing dick. It grew unbelievably fast and in just a couple seconds it reached to the ceiling as she bobbed her head up and down on it. She felt the circle of guys close around her and she felt her hands get grabbed and placed on two other cocks. She stroked them as she felt the guy she was sucking place his hands on the back of her head and force her deep on his cock. She gagged a bit and tried to pull back but he held her strong. She heard the other guys laugh and approval of the force. “Damn look at her sucking, she looks great, let me get her” the guys jockeyed for position and she all of a sudden felt another cock shoved in her face she tried to grasp it with her mouth. She tasted the salty precum and could feel the precum on the cocks in her out stretched arms. Hands reached down and grabbed her little tits and pulled them and caressed her nipples. She moaned through the thick shaft sliding out of her mouth. The guys continued to voice their approval of her work and again another big cock moved from her hand to replace the one from her mouth. She felt as he thrust his hips forcing the thick head to the back of her throat. With each hard thrust she felt her pussy ache and grow wetter. Just then she felt herself forced up to a stand and a pair of hands pulled her thong off revealing her dark little pussy stripe.

One of the guys grabbed her lifting her to a small wall running along the edge of the shower. He set her on it and pulled her hip to the edge of the wall and forced her legs wide open. He then slowly slid 2 fingers in her snatch and began slowly finger fucking her in front of everyone. She looked around and saw them all stroking their dicks while watching her pussy get finger banged. O closed her eyes and reached down and slowly started massaging her clit in nice tight circle rhythms. The guys all came in closer to get a better view of her playing with her pussy while getting fingered. The guy pulled out his fingers and showed how wet she was. “I cant wait to fuck her!” one of the guys shouted.

O continued to play with herself until she began to shake with an upcoming orgasm. The look of all those guys ready to take her was all it took. As soon as she settled she was pulled from the wall and the fighting began to who would slide in her first.

“Whoever as long as Tim isn’t first I don’t want her pussy wrecked before I get it” one guy voiced. O looked to see who Tim was and it was obvious as everyone looked to his swinging cock at least 2 inches bigger than the others biggest and fat and thick.

“That’s fine” Tim said “I’ll let you guys get her ready for me”

O felt herself being pushed down to the floor and her legs being spread open to everyone there. One of the guys dropped quickly guiding his cock into her pussy and it slid in and disappeared. The group once again filled in around her and she felt her legs being lifted up as he fucked her hard and deep. Once again hands and mouths found her hard nipples and she stroked hardening dicks waiting their turns to be next in her.

O finally voiced up that she didn’t want them to cum in her.

“That’s fine” the guy grunted as he pulled out and began shooting hot streams of cum all over her stomach. As soon as his orgasm subsided she felt the shifting of the next taking his place and her pussy slopped with the sound of wetness.

“She feels fucking great” he moaned as just a few pumps in he was already pulling out and stroking to another hot load on her.

“My turn, turnover!” Before she could oblige she was already being flipped over and felt hands grabbing her hips and pulling her little ass in the air. Just as she felt a big cock head pressing against her pussy lips Tim moved in with his monster right in front of her face. She gasped to see the size of it up close and paused just to stare. Tim didn’t want any waste of time and grabbed it and forced her head and mouth open on it. It took all she had to get her mouth over it and she felt again his hands forcing her down deeper than she knew she could go. She wrapped her hand around it to help stroke it and also keep her jaw from being dislocated. He forced his hips up and she felt his cock deep in her throat. Her pussy was being pounded from behind and she listened as she heard the guys urging each other on.

“She is taking it , man I didn’t think she could”.

“Just wait till she gets it in her pussy, she wont be able to walk for a week”

O pictured her pussy having to take this huge cock and she began to cum while playing with her clit again. She felt the guys balls bouncing off her hands and pussy as he continued to plow her.

“Oh, she is cumming again, fucking hot”

Just then she felt her pussy empty as he pulled out and shot a load all over the small of her back.

“All yours Tim”

“Get up here” He ordered.

O moved up and positioned herself over his thick stump of a cock and felt hands once again push her down on it. The guys lined up behind her to see it sink in. O stopped herself for a second. It filled every part of her and she needed time to get used to it. Just as she rested the group filled in around her and she felt hands on her ass pushing her down on this massive dick. She gasped as she took it all and the guys slapped her ass to see her take it.

“Lets see her ride that baby”

O set her feet to the ground and slowly squatted watching the thick cock slide up from her. Again hands reached down and pushed her back down on it. She felt him go balls deep as every bit was gone. Tim reached up and grabbed her tits. O started slowly fucking him as her ass was slapped and her tits pulled. It felt so good riding big long strokes. She began to feel her pussy tingle as she slowly felt her orgasm come on again.

“That’s right, baby, cum on this cock” Tim encouraged.

O let herself go, moaning as load as she could, her tits bounced up and down to match the long strokes on his thick cock. Her pussy lips clenched around him and she felt him stiffin in her. Tim’s body went ridgid as his dick and finally with a huge moan she felt his hot cum flood her deep in her pussy. She continued to fuck him as he shook form the intensity and pulled her down grinding her soft lips on his huge swollen balls. She could feel her juices mingle with his cum.

O looked around and feeling like she was awakening from a dream. She felt the hot cum all over her stomach and back and looked around seeing all the cocks she had in her mouth and pussy. She stood slowly walked over and picked up her clothes and a towel. The guys didn’t say anything just watched her as she left. O found her way back to the locker room and called me on her cell with the exact words “Honey, you wont believe this but you will love what I am going to tell you.” And she was right, by the time she got home my erection was bursting and as soon as I felt the cum in her still wet pussy I started oozing precum. I slowly slide my cock in her and the thought of all those guys having her caused me to cum in 1 second.

Since then we actually had Tim over for two nights of fun and we have masturbated numerous times to the memory of her hockey night

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